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Ted Lasso is right. "Be curious. Not judgmental."

Curiosity is the foundation of academic endeavor. Judgment cannot come before inquiry--preanalytic vision happens, but shutting down inquiry before even questioning isn't intellectual. (Thread)

#lawtwitter #AcademicChatter
If we're dealing with arguments, why isn't the persuasiveness of the argument (or validation if empirics are the method) the sole determinant? Why would one care who it is?
It's one thing if it is a character reference. A character reference requires knowing the character of the person making the reference. If you don't know me, me saying X is a good person means nothing.

But an academic argument doesn't rely on character.
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Embarking on the PhD Journey? ✨
Congratulations & here are my top tips for beginners - a 🧵

As a 4th year PhD student, I am sharing the top tips, which I received as a beginner, to help you navigate this rewarding yet demanding experience.

#PhDBeginnerTips #academicchatter Image
1️⃣Keep a #ResearchJournal

A PhD is a whirlwind of ideas, experiments, and discoveries. A dedicated journal to document everything will be an invaluable resource throughout your journey.

➡️Check out my upcoming tweets on how to maintain a research journal Image
2️⃣Have an Unofficial Board of Mentors:

In addition to your guide or doctoral committee, cultivate a network of trusted individuals who can advpice & support you.

➡️This amazing advice is from my mentor & friend @Maddie_Chera, & I have 6 people on my "board" now!😁

#mentoring Image
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ChatGPT but for research papers?

Humata is an AI research assistant where you can ask a question about any file and automatically get the answer.

I gave it go with my Nature Cell Biology publication:
First, I asked it for the main results of the paper.

It pretty much summarised the abstract and some of the results in a more digestible way. So far, so good. Image
Then I asked it to identify the gap in literature and research question.

Whilst the gap in literature was accurate, the RQ was simply a re-write of the literature gap. The research question is most definitely more complex and detailed than that which was pulled out by Humata. Image
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@NotionHQ has introduced a new exciting feature, Notion AI, which can help you (1) improve existing content, (2) summarise content or (3) write new content.

Here are 5 ways you can use Notion AI to improve your academic writing:
1. Improve existing content

With text you have already written, you have the option to make some modifications to that section. Here, I've asked Notion AI to make the text longer, which has added some detail and formatted the initial paragraph to enhance it academically. ImageImage
It is important to note, there are no references here so far. So, I asked Notion AI to provide me with references for this section of text.

It provided me with references, albeit, not formatted correctly. Image
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We are screwed. This is producing people unable to think critically, do the research, synthesize material or write analytically themselves, while normalizing cheating & faking. It will have far-reaching deleterious consequences. #AcademicChatter…
Even including scaffolding, showing library research, class discussion, formal oral presentation, etc won't be sufficient if a student wants to cheat to produce content. All this is crippling originality, the ability to read, think & analyze for themselves, do the actual legwork.
What’s happening in education is all related to this issue of wider usage & consequences for all sectors:
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Horrific to see the volume of bad 'research' articles published not only by predatory journals, but the fake publications being generated w AI help. I'm seeing even more applicants with questionable publications in obscure journals as CV padding.😒 Assess wisely! #AcademicChatter
Academics, students, researchers who create rapid publications with poor/fake research will inflate their CVs & h-index through dishonest means. Their work will get cited & used, creating disastrous ripple effects. Imagine your doc treating you based on such shoddy 'research'.😡
All faculty & scholars should be very wary of what they read & give credence to. Don't believe everything having a DOI number to be credible. Assess critically.
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It sucks when your science is rejected from top journals

It sucks more when your results are high impact but the editor couldnt see it

Helping publish >250 papers in 5yrs, I found that the addition of 1 sentence reduces desk rejects at top journals

Learn how🧵
1/ If the editor isn’t in your field, they likely don’t know the “so what” behind your work.

Meaning they likely don’t know why it is being done and why they should care.

But how do we fix that?

For this we need to add ONE sentence in two key places: the INTRO and ABSTRACT

1. Notice the movement of the scope of this INTRO (darkest color = broadest scope)

-> the scope is broadest at the beginning and narrows as you go down.

EXCEPT for the last sentence, which is back to the broadest scope.

Why? Example of a scientific int...
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If youre a disabled student trying to choose a graduate program from those you were accepted to, here are some things I should have asked or negotiated in my acceptance 1/7
1. Housing. Ask upfront for accessible campus housing. If you can negotiate at all, tell your program you can't consider relocation without stable, affordable, accessible housing. 2/7
2. Ask current grad students about public transport. Does it exist? Is it accessible? How will you get to/from campus? How will you get everyday goods like groceries etc.? 3/7
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One year teaching jobs make no sense to me. As soon as your new hire comes to campus, they are on the job market thinking about whats next. They never get to just be in the moment, to be with their students, to be with their research. 1/3
What are tenured faculty doing with their tenure? Bc it sure doesnt seem like tenure has led to any meaningful advancements in workers rights. Im tired of being told that i can "be political once I get tenure." 2/3
I wont wait to promote ethical terms of employment. Pretending exploitation away bc you dont have stability is senseless. We should all be fighting for better labor practices. 3/3 #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
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After having talked to students and several professors, here’s my 2-pence on writing a good email to a professor asking about a PhD position:
1. Generic emails containing grammar errors and typos are the biggest red flags. (1/n) @PhDVoice #AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics
2. Don’t mess up the gender; it’s safer to start the email with “Dear Prof./Dr. Last Name, to avoid any confusion. (2/n)
3. Start by introducing yourself- your name, current designation, and why you’re writing the email. The introduction shouldn’t be more than 2 lines. (3/n)
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ChatGPT currently hallucinates fake references. Here is my secret on how to use it to get 100% accurate references. 🧵

@MushtaqBilalPhD #AcademicChatter
Install a chrome plugin called "WebChatGPT." There is a secret use of this chrome plugin that most people don't know about.
After installing the extension, open ChatGPT, you'll now see a button to turn on "web access." Turn this on and enable "10 results."

However, the secret part is in the next slide:
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Exceptional academic writing is best done with a system.

To achieve outstanding publication and citation success.

Here are my 7 secret publishing strategies to get 28k citations in 15 years ↓

@academicvoices @PhDVoice @PhD_Genie
#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #phdlife
1. Use incremental studies for high-impact, low-effort publications

• Focus on niche areas with less competition.
• Develop expertise in a specific area or methodology.
• Use your unique perspective or resources.

Scan the recent Future Work to find your next increments.
2. Decide where to publish without wasting time & effort

• Research the impact factor & reputation of target journals.
• Align your research topic with the journal's scope.
• Consider open-access options for increased visibility.

Create a ranked list of your target journals
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Academic writing is hard!

But the more you read, the more you realise that the most prolific academic writers use the same sentences again & again.

Here are 40 sentence templates to write better & faster manuscripts:

[thread] ⬇️

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
❓What are sentence templates?

Sentence templates are repeatable sentence structures you can adapt to fit your own research.

They're like the scaffolding for your sentence.

Using them lets you focus on your message rather than worrying how to say it.

Here are some examples:

• Despite extensive research on [topic], much is still to be learned about [specific aspect].
• With [trend], it is crucial to [objective].
• While previous studies have focused on [aspect], this paper examines [new aspect].
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All the horrible things I have thought and done during my #PhD that I was absolutely sure nobody else was thinking or doing

(but which, actually, they all absolutely were)

#phdlife #phdchat #phdtips #academicchatter #academictwitter @ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie
🗯️ They're going to figure out that I'm not actually capable of doing this work

🗯️ I have no idea what I'm doing

🗯️ I don't think I'm ever going to figure out how to plan and structure this thesis
🗯️ I don't even get the most basic theories in my field that everyone else seems to be quoting off the top of their heads

🗯️ I've honestly never heard of Foucault / Bourdieu / Irigaray / Donna Haraway until right now (theories we 'should' all know in feminist/gender studies)
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The more I read recommendation letters, the less I want to rely on them.

Many people will disagree with me. But I will still say that:

#AcademicChatter #phdlife #research Image
1. Recommendation letters promote elitism.
“You are not from a famous advisor’s group..? Sorry, you don’t belong here.”

2. When poorly written, a recommendation letter devaluates the candidate.
“This student has such a dull reference… It’s clearly not for us.”
3. Recommendation letters is a way to indirectly control and even intimidate students and postdocs.
“You don’t want to spend 15 hours a day on your research? But then how can I write a good recommendation letter for you?”
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Unpopular opinion: There isn't actually anything you HAVE TO DO in your #PhD or #research>>>


#phdlife #phdchat #phdtip #academictwitter #academicchatter
Yeah, yeah, I know all the agency vs structure people are going to crawl up my arsehole now and get very angry.

But what about privilege?!
But what about systemic oppressions?

Okay but hear me out first...
Apart from things like, say, breathing, there are few things that we inherently HAVE TO DO

Whenever we say we *have* to do something, it is actually a choice we are making about what we prioritise + value more

I'm not saying this is easy
or that the choices are equally weighted
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🔬🚀 Are we slowing down on groundbreaking scientific discoveries and technological innovations? 😱 A recent study in @Nature analyzed millions of scientific papers and patents and found that disruptive work has become less common since 1945. 🤔 Why is this happening?
Researchers are calling for a rethink on how we conduct scientific research. 💡 Do you think this slowdown is a cause for concern or just a natural progression? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
To learn more, read this paper written by @michae1park, @russellfunk, and Erin Leahey:

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Father and Assistant Professor Arno Solin on stage today at @CSAalto speaking about the challenges of balancing the responsibilities of fatherhood and a career in academia. How does one manage time and priorities to find fulfilment in both? @arnosolin @AaltoUniversity @FCAI_fi Arno Solin dressed in a whi...
‘I don’t think I’ve ever been to a talk about this topic within #academia and it’s wonderful that we have places to share these experiences, although I don’t have clear-cut answers.’
‘This is how I would usually present myself in an academic talk. I won’t be doing that today.’ A slide from a presentation...
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I asked AI what folk wisdom to help academics.
It came up with these meaningful and hillarious answers:

@OpenAcademics #AcademicChatter
@OpenAcademics "Deadlines come and go, but don't forget to take time to smell the roses."

Good advice in general. Too often do we forget that what matters is experience – in a century we will all be dead and our struggles rendered meaningless.

Enjoy life while it lasts.
@OpenAcademics "The greatest lessons in life come not from what you know, but from what you don't know"

Spoken like a true pirate Captain. Stepping out of the comfort zone when we get the chance - speak publically, teach a course we don't fully understand – all that, is food for courage.
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And to my colleagues? The ones calling me "crazy" or "not believable" ? I will be writing about you next.

I mean, if I feel like it.

I don't know if I feel like it. I have not decided yet.

I have two other books with @HarperCollins before I get around to writing abt you
There's no way in hell I'm going to interrupt my current memoir to suddenly pay attention to some standard abuse that we disabled faculty (and students and staff) receive all the time. Abuse so standard? I already wrote about version of it

No, the memoir will not be about you.
What do I mean by "I already wrote about version of [standard abuse of disabled ppl inside higher ed]" ?

Here's "Some Husbands I Work With." It appears in @epiphanylit and these are tags & content warnings : #EmilyDickinson #SpousalHires #Censorship #Disabled #AcademicChatter Photo of a piece of paper w...
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Academic Writing is a skill all on it’s own. And it can be a hard one to master.

Luckily there are now AI tools that can teach you how to be a better academic writer.

Here are 3 ways Paperpal helped me:


#academia #phdlife #phdchat #science #AcademicChatter #phdvoice
Paperpal is an AI tool that has been trained on millions of academic research papers.

It understands how manuscripts are written and supports over 1300 subject areas.

Paperpal can give grammar and language suggestions that actually improve your manuscript while you write.
And I love using the MS word plug in it to write my manuscript !

As a non-native English speaker I'd say my English is pretty good, but sometimes finding the right word or synonym to get my point across can be a hassle. And I'm never 1 to pass up ways to improve my writing!
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Say goodbye to high #ArticleProcessingCharges!

Here is the ultimate guide to publishing your next paper for FREE: 🧵👇

#AcademicTwitter #openaccess #postdoc
@PostdocVoice @OpenAcademics @StoriesImg
@ThePhDPlace #phdlife #phd
1. DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals - 1) Go to 2) Search for journals 3) Apply filter "Without: APCs"

After finding a journal, check if they're indexed or not.

I was surprised by the number and quality of articles I saw on DOAJ.
2. University Agreements: Your University may have an agreement with specific scientific journals to publish articles for FREE or at a reduced cost.

Check your University's website for details. @UofT, for example, has 100% waivers with 8 publishers:…
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Presenting a paper at an academic conference can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you make a great impression! 📈💻

A thread 🧵

#AcademicConference #PresentationTips #phdlife @PhDVoice @Phd_Reality
1. Know your audience: Tailor your presentation to the specific conference and attendees. 🤝#KnowYourAudience
Practice, practice, practice: Rehearse your presentation multiple times to become comfortable with the material. 💪 #PracticeMakesPerfect
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BREAKING: Ron DeSantis just held a press conference in Sarasota, Florida w/ Christopher Rufo, the engineer of the right wing panic over #criticalracetheory & newly appointed Trustee at @NewCollegeofFL...
DeSantis claims that "the dominant view of higher ed is to impose ideological conformity & political activism" rather than providing a foundation for students to think for themselves.

DeSantis: dominant view is manifested in #DEI & #CRT & constitute a drain on resources...
DeSantis claims:
-requiring diversity statements is akin to taking a political oath.
-Professors that vow to treat everyone the same are punished.
-a lot of money is spent on #DEI in higher ed despite schools reporting less than 1% of budget spent on diversity initiatives.
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