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Most recents (24)… a superb article with many many learning points..#neurotwitter #MedTwitter #AcademicTwitter #scicomm
key points in the review article "Localization in focal epilepsy"👇
Cortical zones defined in presurgical evaluation
This is such a fantastic Summary of semiological signs by symptomatogenic zone on mesial and lateral structures. DLPFC, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex; SMA, supplementary motor area.
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Academic ableism is so wildly pervasive it is built into everything in the academy. And yet, once again, I've been asked to a meeting to describe its direct impacts and offer solutions. Ones that I know admin will not take. 1/5
Please stop asking disabled students/staff/faculty what is ableist. Everything is ableist. You could look at any uni policy and it would be correct to assume it's ableist. I shouldn't need to point them all out. That means you're not really looking. 2/5
I'm tired of meeting admin at the negotiation table with recommendations, notes, presentations, and data. Just to be told that this is just a discussion so they can understand better. 3/5
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Dear @NIHDirector and @NIH,

I'm really worried we're going to lose a huge number of highly-trained scientists, especially women, due to extreme strain from juggling full-time jobs and massive increases in childcare responsibilities due to the pandemic.

A thread
NIH has kept a hard line on NOT allowing reduced effort for PIs or trainees on NIH funding. This policy is NOT inclusive of women, many of whom have substantial care responsibilities.
So what are we hoping will happen?

1. Kids with scientist parents are neglected
2. Scientist mothers multi-task to the point of massive burn-out and psychosocial stress.
3. Scientist mothers quit work - taking years/decades of their training and future brilliant ideas with them.
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Oooh yes! A ripe topical topic for #AcademicTwitter.

Is having classes on the Monday, Tuesday before Thanksgiving break just stupid or extremely stupid?

It's been my standard procedure for a decade to announce on day 1 of fall semester that there will be no class that week.
It took me just two years of teaching in the US to realize the utter futility and even low key cruelty of scheduling classes on those two days. So many students are so far from home and so strapped for cash. Even the "best" students will often take those days off.
All universities in the US should give the entire Thanksgiving week off and eliminate the entirely pointless two days of classes, which neither the average professor nor the average student is very keen on. And see THE lowest attendance of the year. With good reason.
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🧵So excited to announce the *winners* of the inaugural @GirlSecurity_/@Journal_IS Essay Contest! 🎉

Congrats to all the winners & runners-up, and thank you to all of our talented participants!

The future of security studies is in good hands!!!

@womenalsoknow #AcademicTwitter
And a HUGE *thanks* to all who made this initiative a success - the amazing teams at @GirlSecurity_ & @Journal_IS, volunteer judges, and most importantly, each participant who shared their inspirational & creative research with us all! It was a true joy to engage with your work.
Special shout out to Lauren Bean Buitta, @rmjsinger, Carly Demetre, @Erin_Conn17, El Nicklin, @Omer_Kaufman, Sebastian Rosato, and the entire @GirlSecurity_ & @Journal_IS community.

Collaborating with GS has been a privilege, and Lauren is a true leader who I’d follow anywhere.
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We are live tweeting from the #GetCleanThinking event.

Today we are joined by @BenFranta, @schipper_lisa of @ClimDevJournal, @climateincolour & @LifeEarthEnvLSK.
.@LifeEarthEnvLSK is proving insights on publishing trends in climate research.

By 2014 the top 5 countries publishing climate research were:

- US
- China
- UK
- Australia
- Germany

What are the changes between 1979 and now?

- 90 papers in 1979
- 170k papers in 2020

And a much much diverse mix of fields.
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This #AntiBullyingWeek let’s talk about bullying in academia. We know it happens. Many of us have witnessed it or been targeted directly. Here’s a thread I’ll add to with things you may not know. Feel free to join in and ask for or offer help
#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
When I started researching academic bullying I assumed most victims would be young and junior in universities and bullies would be older and senior. While this can be the case it’s possible for anyone working or studying in academia to be a victim or a bully. #AntiBullyingWeek
For example, many people in senior roles are bullied in academia but they may struggle to be given support, are often blamed or shamed for “allowing” abuse to happen, and may feel trapped by their career status, opportunities and personal responsibilities. #AntiBullyingWeek
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This tweet taking off is a reminder if something supports your world view you’ll like and use it when you should be engaging critical skills. Here are academics enthusiastically sharing a small Twitter poll as a survey. Try sharing useful and nuanced research - tumbleweed 😢
Also if you’re going to share a poll or anything else your first job is to cite the original. This is basic research practice and it did not happen here as @InductiveStep and others rightly pointed out.
How can we do better when sharing research on academic life?
- use robust research (there’s lots of it)
- cite and link to it
- check against other research
- critique and question
- synthesise research and share
- put it into practice
- tell others how it worked out for you
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Today’s #ResearchTip is all of us should be able to be open and critical about the problems inherent in academia. Being pressured to say nothing in order to keep your job, get funding, or hold senior roles is a massive 🚩
#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #HigherEd #MedEd
If you’re in an organisation where you’re being bullied then you understandably may worry about speaking out and may need help to do so while keeping yourself safe The same cannot be said at organisational level where silence allows abuse to thrive
Research councils, professional associations, university management and charities/groups supporting students and staff often use “staying neutral” to really mean “not getting involved with damaging situations requiring urgent attention (that we also may have a role in)”.
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Fam. Let's chat. I'm in another convo about what counts as disabled representation. Here's what does not count: "I'm secret disabled for secret reasons but I work @VICENews so Vice gets to claim me as having disabled representation."
The above is some bullshit. Do you know why?

Probably you already do.

But let's stay with the discomfort and go deep.
Companies all over the USA, including media companies, including NYC publishers, including academia, are actively and deliberately and with the complicity of disabled people -- ouch it hurts, I know -- hiding disabled demographics.
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Hopefully my suggestions help #PhD students and others working on the Discussion section of scientific manuscripts. Happy writing!

#AcademicTwitter #writingtips #WritingHacks #gradschool #phdchat @AcademicChatter Image
I'm so glad people found this helpful! 🙂

Follow me for more tips in the coming weeks on scientific presentations, grant writing, and more 👍
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I've realized it's been a long Twitter silence, so I'll revive my feed a little bit. Want to share a few insights related to looking for a new job in this thread. #AcademicTwitter #jobs #industry
1. Having a work permit is a huge help and influences how often one gets invited for an interview
2. Having at least a couple of years' experience is a HUGE help in getting invited to an interview.
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1/n - As a grad student/fellow for 5 years, the experience isn’t a whole lot. However, permit me to share a few tips/lessons I have learned in grad school for the benefit of intending grad student.

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #phdlife #phd #msc #gradlife #graduateschool
2/n - You should not underestimate the importance of reading and studying. There’s always something new in your field. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to be aware of advancements in your field. It will help you look forward to “what’s next” in the field.
3/n - Before you’re in grad school (I’d put this up there too), do a great deal of research into your choice of mentor. That mentor will play a great role in shaping what kind of researcher/student you become. Trust me, you want to watch the kind of shoulders you stand on.
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7 #SciComm Frequently Asked Questions answered in this thread 👇
1. What is SciComm? Why do I need to know about it?
Sci in #Scicomm stands for #science and Comm for #communication. #Scicomm is the easy-to-understand delivery of #scientific results to the layman. It equips people & lawmakers with #ScienceLiteracy to make conscious decisions.
2. What are the types of #SciComm?

"Outward-facing” & “inward-facing." Outward-facing SciComm educates people on underappreciated aspects of science. Inward-facing SciComm is used by scientists to communicate with each other. Explore these types:
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#thread A year ago today, at the age of 45, I received my ADHD diagnosis (inattentive, with sub-threshold hyperactive symptoms). The breakup of my marriage, burnout and the pandemic messing up with coping and masking mechanisms developed over a lifetime of living with an
undiagnosed disability meant that I was feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, lost and lonely. And above all so very full of shame for my inability to cope, which I saw as the unmistakable evidence of character flaws and limitations to my capabilities that I had taken great pains to
Keep hidden. How, you ask? By working every minute of the day and night, harming relationships and my own physical and mental health. By pushing me to ‘make up’ for my lack of focus and organisation. I’m not going to lie: the diagnosis was life changing but also hard to come to
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#BookTwitter #AcademicTwitter reviewing @CarissaVeliz’s book Privacy is Power: This is the book you should be giving your family, friends, colleagues for Xmas. Why? 1. I devoured it in half a day bcs it’s so compelling. 2. Bcs we all need it to wake up. A 🧵on best quotes (I) ImageImage
1. v informative book that should be compulsory reading in all courses on Intro to Law & Tech. I'd definitely recommend it. 2. Excellent description of status quo, esp re data sharing problems & surveillance and how we got there. 3. Bold policy solutions
Most interesting parts: 4. Protecting one’s privacy is not about protecting wrongdoing or secrets. 5. “Privacy is not only about you. It’s as collective as it is personal.” Image
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Dear Scholarship Hopefuls! I felt like sharing this to encourage someone who is expecting a breakthrough that your dreams are valid, keep at it.

After many rejections, I landed 3 prestigious scholarship offers!

1) FSB BEA Scholarship - 2015 (for BSc), 2020 (for MSc) - Rejected
2) PTDF Master's Scholarship, 2020 - Rejected
3) Turkiye Scholarship, 2020 - Rejected
4) Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships - 2020 - Rejected
5) Mastercard Scholarship, AUB, 2020 & 2021 - Rejected 2/n
6) Mastercard Scholarship, Edinburgh, 2020 - Rejected.
7) Mastercard Scholarship, McGill University, 2020 - Rejected.
8) Mastercard Scholarship, UBC, 2020 - Rejected.
9) Mastercard Scholarship, UP, 2020 - Rejected.
10) New Zealand Government Scholarship 2020 - Rejected 3/n
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Top 10 accounts you wished you followed earlier in #AcademicTwitter to get free pearls of wisdom for your graduate school applications 👩🏻‍💻🧑‍💻

A thread 🧵

Retweet this to bless the Twitter fraternity 💪🏼🔄

Tweets about scholarships & immigration information from all across the world 🗺

My favourite tweet 🏆👇

Tweets about funding, fellowships, PhD tips, excellence in graduate school, research & more.

My fav tweet 🏆👇
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Reducing the need for accommodations should always be a goal of educators. It might prove impossible to completely remove the need for all accommodations, but there is A LOT more most of us can do, and Twitter is an easy place to start. (1/4)

#AcademicTwitter #HigherEd
If you're an instructor or staff member in #HigherEd or are significantly involved with students and their education, there are a number of hashtags you can follow to keep track of ways to be accessible, inclusive, and informed (please add more!): (2/4)
For universal design for learning, there's #UDL and #UDLHE. There's the #UDLChat, there's #LectureBreakers podcast.
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1/2 #indigenous academics have been talking about this for years. Many thanks 2 the individuals who lent their voices 2 this. @CIHR_IRSC you must take accountability. How many indigenous health research many millions did this person have influence over? This person..
2/2 Made and broke careers of many #indigenous and allied researchers and the currency used to attain this level of power was their “indigeneity” & “lived experience” which we now see was fabricated. How will so many be compensated for this injustice..this harm? #AcademicTwitter
Let’s use this as a teachable moment folks. This response statement holds several examples of “settler moves to innocence” what Tuck and Yang describe as strategies to absolve settlers from relieving themselves of…
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A letter to #AcademicTwitter: I am a Hmong American neuroscience PhD student who was recently nominated by my institution for the #HHMI Gilliam Fellowship. Today I was told by HHMI that I do not fit their eligibility criteria for "Racial/Ethnic Underrepresentation." 1/12
Background (pulled from the Fellowship website): "The goals of the Gilliam program are to ensure that students from groups historically excluded from and underrepresented in science are prepared to assume leadership roles in science and science education (...)" 2/12
This Fellowship requires two levels of nomination before you can even apply/compete. First your institution has to nominate you to HHMI, then HHMI has to determine you are, indeed, eligible. My institution nominated me. HHMI determined I was not underrepresented. 3/12
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Ok, I've spent a weekend putting together my academic website.

Here's a short summary of lessons learnt in case you are planning to set up your own academic website any time soon. #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter

2/ Github pages combined with Jekyll make it very easy to set up a neat, static website.
3/ @gaalcaras has put together "Academic" a neat Jekyll theme with a focus on simplicity, typography and flexibility.…
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THREAD: Did you know that a student filed a complaint against Hindu professors at @dartmouth just bc they were Hindu?

Didn’t hear about it? Our team investigated the biggest Hinduphobic scandal in Dartmouth’s history.

#Hinduphobia #AcademicTwitter…
1/ First and foremost, while we recognize that the details of the case are sensitive and centered around sexual harassment, this will not be the focus of the thread.

So, what happened?
2/ Maha Hasan Alshawi was a graduate student at Dartmouth College.

In February 2020, Alshawi met with Dartmouth’s Deputy Title IX Coordinator Gary Sund and Title IX Coordinator Kristi Clemens to report an alleged incident of sexual harassment.
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Head football coach + team physically threatened and harassed an engineering class & professor (my father-in-law) at the Colorado School of Mines last week. The coach interrupted class, shouted, blew a whistle, ordered athletes to remove students from the room @coschoolofmines 1/
The classroom was reserved for this engineering class this whole semester; the coach arbitrarily decided he wanted to use it at that time and used his athletes as muscle to physically threaten the class to leave **during the scheduled class time** 2/-
The coach's shouts, whistles, and orders to his athletes to remove students were so chaotic that one student fled. One athlete approached my father-in-law and shut the class projector. My FIL refused to leave & verbally warned them to stop many times before they left. 3/
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