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Writing a literature review can be overwhelming...

These tools will help you with each review part: from keyword selection to reporting 🪡

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #phdvoice #phd #phdchat #litreview #OpenScience #litreview
1. Formulate your query

Formulate your search strings in a transparent, easy-to-understand, and scalable way at

It shows a visual representation of your search string and converts it to fit any database of your choice Image
2. Explore the whole research domain

Already have a seminal article and want to dig further?

Use to build a comprehensive knowledge graph specific to your domain

Simply insert an article's url and enjoy the structured and comprehensive outcome Image
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Thought leaders within the anti-woke discourse space make the analytical mistake of attributing broad social changes underway in Western society to a small group of people they call "wokes", spreading something they call "wokism."

They are wrong, and I can explain why.

This misattribution can be lucrative - those who do not like these social changes need a scapegoat to blame - and they will like, follow, and subscribe to those who provide those scapegoats.

This has meant that people are arguing past the root cause of these changes.

These changes are best explained through cohort effects. People who came of age in a relatively safe world of material abundance will privilege the *quality* of life over the quantity of life.

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An economist did an experiment by emailing ~2000 police agencies asking for help filing a complaint. He randomized the “sender’s” name to signal race/ethnicity and sex. Overall RR 67%; agencies less likely to respond to emails signed w/Black or Hispanic names.
#AcademicTwitter ImageImageImageImage
Read the full study here:…
Randomly assigned first and last names of the fictitious citizens: ImageImage
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Its always difficult to take the first step, its always challenging to dive into a new domain. Happy that all the hard works brought the fruit eventually. Read our work from @RajeshPandeyLab @IGIBSocial @AcSIR_India on #singlecell #multiomics
The story highlights how important it is to understand the effect of #SARSCoV2 even after recovered from #COVID19 and how strength of #MachineLearning can be used for developing #disease #Biomarkers
This was indeed a challenging task, both on #Biology and #Bioinformatics front, but learnt a lot apart from the science part of it, especially #teamwork and #timemanagement.
#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #phdlife
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I recently made a crash course for our @UNOSCCJ grad students on building a professional website. I'm sharing it here in hopes that others might find it helpful.

Creating a Professional Website…
I used @wowchemy and had a lot of help from other resources made available by, e.g., @dsquintana, @xieyihui, @georgecushen, @apreshill, and @stevenvmiller.
The clearest benefit to creating and maintaining an academic website is that it enables you to make your research and/or teaching materials more accessible.
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Discovering how to use reference management software is a key research skill and will save you time.

Here are 3 reasons why you should start learning now ↓

#PhDLife #PhdChat #AcademicTwitter #OpenScience
@PhDfriendSana @OpenAcademics @yourPhDpal
1. Saves you time.

Organisation on autopilot by creating:
- tags
- folders
- star favourite papers for quick access
- organize by author/topic/project/date/journal etc.

Never worry about losing a paper again.
2. Automatic citation generation.

Construct bibliographies and cite your sources using the citation style you've chosen (e.g. APA, Harvard, MLA, IEEE, Vancouver).

Ensuring consistency compared to manual referencing.
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Research students - if you love writing, you can use your writing skills in these areas to work part-time and earn too.

A 🪡

Just to give you a heads up-- Technically, anyone can work in these areas as a writer.

@OpenAcademics @ThePhDPlace #AcademicTwitter #SciComm #phdchat
1️⃣ Professional Note-taker: In universities, if you sign up as a note-taker. You will be required to attend classes for students who would have requested a note-taker for various reasons. So, if you have good speed in taking notes then working as a note-taker is for you.
The fascinating part of being a note-taker is that you get to attend lectures on different topics.

Fact: The word “amanuensis” (in Latin) means a servant from the hand. An amanuensis is someone good at taking notes when someone else is speaking.
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Hey, if you're trying to figure out how to keep up with THE LITERATURE in your field in a way other than doomscrolling twitter, I have a great tech tip for you! #AcWri #AcademicTwitter

🧵A thread:
You can follow journals in your field in a few different ways:

-social media
- email notifications
- RSS!!!

We're going to talk about RSS, which stands for Real Simple Syndication.
RSS is old technology, but it still works really well with sites that publish continuous updates. News sites, for example, often have RSS feeds because they're always publishing new articles. So are academic journal article publishers.
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Today's @FletcherRussia Eurasia Club luncheon series is led by @shakirov2036, Visiting Scholar @FletcherSchool and a researcher focusing on international cyber policy and arms control issues. #AcademicTwitter
"Since 2014, Ukraine was testing ground for cyber warfare and included multiple forms of attacks. Prominent was the 2015-2016 attack on power grids. This was among a small selection of attacks that disrupted physical systems in Western Ukraine,": @shakirov2036 #RussiaUkraineWar
"In Russia, there was no discussion of cyber security consequences if a war starts. Ukraine faced various attacks including viper attacks, and multiple government websites were defaced. This attack impacted provision of financial & govt services to public,": @shakirov2036
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My textbook with Kosuke Imai (@Harvard) is finally out!

Assuming no prior knowledge of statistics or coding and only minimal knowledge of math, DSS teaches the fundamentals of survey research, predictive models, and causal inference + how to analyze real-world data with R.

🧵.. Image
1/n: DSS is meant for complete beginners, regardless of whether they are in high school, in graduate school, or out of school altogether. #rstats #surveys #prediction #causality

Want to see for yourself? The first chapter is free here:

Book outline: Image
2/n: We wrote DSS so that anyone could learn the skills we teach by following along with the exercises in the book on their own computer, without the help of an instructor. (Everything needed is either in the book or on the book's website.) #rstats #surveys #prediction #causality Image
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Dearest Students,

I don't want to hear a single word of complaint from you EVER, about ANYTHING.

#AcademicChatter ImageImageImageImage
As annoying, frustrating, and genuinely demoralising as this is for me, I think it's important to ask why this is happening.

There was a real clamour from students for face-to-face teaching after 18 months of lock-down, zoom teaching, but they just aren't showing up.
The fact that they're paying a lot of money doesn't seem to be a concern.

Let's say students get a generous 15 hours of taught content per week.
x12 weeks
x2 semesters
= 360 hours.

With fees at about £9250, that's about £25 per hour of taught content.
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this thread sums up #academia so well. i hated so much of it, but kept telling myself the 10 % i love (the research) made up for the 90 % of shit the majority of the time.

i delayed leaving because of that 10 %.

#AcademicTwitter #phdchat #ucuRISING
leaving required a sort of mourning (appreciate this sounds dramatic); i was losing my identity as an academic

my skills and knowledge are so specialised who would even want me anyway?

why would i even want to lose what i have? i have academic freedom after all!!
then my planned redundancy went ahead even though we were eligible for furlough. my next plans (to go to Sweden) fell through because of the plague.

there were no jobs. i stopped being an academic by force. i thought i'd be miserable.
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I'm on some kind of list & ppl are kindly warning me about this & telling me I might want to go private.

But I don't care that I'm on the list?

Actually I don't know what it means to be on the list? but in general I don't care
Am I being willfully obtuse about this?

I highly doubt the right wing conservatives will come for me given I wrote the essay "Why I Own a Gun" & published in Tin House
Lurker: omg Cy you're a gun owner

Yes, I am. In a similar way to how Leslie Marmon Silko is a gun owner. If you want to read the essay I will send it to you gratis
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Would it be helpful to sighted people everywhere for me to show my work as I commission The Braille Copy Center to Braille #BorgDiem ? Maybe it would.

Okay, I'll do it.

First I'm calling them. 1-800-987-1231. #MakeItAccessible #FromTheStart
On the phone with The Braille Copy Center:

Hi, it's Cy again. I'm playing a game called #BorgDiem and need estimate on 28 page Word doc of 227 words into Braille. How much for multiple copies?
The Braille Copy Center:

There's a one-time set up fee. Kinda unknown bc we are manually formatting the document. Prolly around $70. Then for each additional copy, it's only about $10/copy.

Me: So I could make 5 copies to start & then order add'l ones as needed?

BCC: Yeah
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Used my energy for the day visiting the nearest @ucu @aberdeen_ucu picket line with Dr Blinky in support of their ongoing #Strikes 👊🏻💪🏻

Sadly #royalmailstrikes had packed up by the time i was on my way back so i couldn't say hello👋🏻

#Solidarity #StrongerTogether #JoinAUnion 3 people, one man and 2 wom...
Got too excited seeing people, this 1 hour at a picket has been the most socialising and energetic thing ive done in 20 months. Already feeling the effects, but so nice to see folk and show solidarity to the first #union i ever joined (even though im no longer a member)
The work unions do benefit all of us. Employers want your labour, workers want to have a life outside of work.

If you like your holiday pay, sick pay, parental leave, maximum work hours, minimum wage, pensions, safety at work etc, then you support unions.
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Dont fall for divisive tactics painting #academia as an ivory tower job.

The reality for many is similar struggles to any highly casualised sector

#UCURising #AcademicTwitter
Yes there are perks working in academia, and it can be a cushy job, but guess who hogs those?

Hint: the predominantly white abled upper middle class older guys
The kinda people who think they can relate cos they "did some teaching during my PhD too" (near verbatim words from ex @UniofBath VC to me when discussing casualisation in a meeting with her)
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🚨 Now, get simple explanations and answers from AI for any paper as you're reading it.

Introducing SciSpace Copilot! 🚀
➡️ Break down complicated text, formulas, and tables. ➡️ Get more context and plug knowledge with instant Q&As.

🧐What is Copilot?

Think of it as your own personal AI assistant.🤖

Want to comprehend a passage quickly? Just highlight it.⬇️

Need to understand a mathematical equation? Snip it.⬇️

3/n Snip to extract equations and formulas to get explanations
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Before Twitter collapses in on itself like a dying star - please remember that the DAC exists. Our website is linked in our bio. So what do we have/do? 1/6
We're a group of disabled academics, broadly defined. We're made up of disabled undergrads, grad students, staff, faculty, and community scholars. 2/6
Part of the job is outreach - boosting stuff about disability here on Twitter. We also host teaching resources and a blog on our website. Happy to retweet any content about disability in higher ed and to put out calls for papers/jobs/fellowships to our members. 3/6
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Here are some more resources + tools for research students.

A 🧵

@OpenAcademics @ThePhDPlace #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #phdchat #scicomm
1.FolderCase (@foldercase_com): You can manage your research in one place. (@downloadgenei): Automatically summarises research papers and produces blogs, articles, and reports faster.
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I have never seen so many anti-homework people in my life. I understand there should be some constraints around it and special cases but walking into a college campus with no preparation for how to manage your time, study on your own, organize, reflect,...🧵
is a disaster waiting to happen. Some of these students are the ones I teach and they are so lost that it breaks my heart. They are running underwater while some of their classmates run circles around them. Starting out behind the eight ball. #PurposefulProfessor #NoireSTEMinist
I feel that the main people saying this have never seen the other end and will blame the school and the professor when their "No having homework in high school kid" is failing out after their freshman year. 🧵#PurposefulProfessor
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Congratulations on the acceptance of your article. Think you are done? Not quite yet. You still need to proofread your paper before publication. What’s permitted and what’s not? A thread 🧵 #AcademicTwitter @PhDVoice @PhD_Genie #research #Academia
1. Minor edits ✅

Minor edits, e.g., to fix grammatical errors are permitted.
2. Fixing journal’s editing errors ✅

Making changes to fix the errors caused due to journal’s editing is also allowed.
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ANNOUNCEMENT🧵 from Three Essays Collective!

We've re-released, in Kindle edition globally & print editions in major foreign markets (via Amazon):

The Everyday Life of Hindu Nationalism: An Ethnographic Account

By Shubh Mathur

🛒:… Image
The Everyday Life of Hindu Nationalism: An Ethnographic Account

By Shubh Mathur

Tags: Culture, #Fascism, #Gujarat, Hinduism, #Hindutva, Islam, Justice, Muslims, #Nationalism

The Kindle edition in India is just ₹150!…
Some hardovers available at 600 too! #AcademicTwitter

Everyday Life of Hindu Nationalism: An Ethnographic Account
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I can confidently say that I wouldn't have my job as a professor without #AcademicTwitter.

The network of people sharing ideas and resources hugely shaped my research direction and pedagogy.

So before we say goodbye, I want to highlight the tweeps that changed how I think 1/
Math has never come easy to me, and I used to hate stats. But it *finally* clicked when @jonaslindeloev shared his blog about how everything in basic stats is just a linear model. Now I love teaching it! 2/…
Lots of folks also made online textbooks. My favorite is the team from @cogscimom and @CourseKata, for making a very intuitive and interactive book on introduction to Stats in R:
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The possible collapse of twitter has made me super sad and reflective about what this site has meant to me and how it shaped my work as a literacy researcher and educator and now as an early platform ceo.

i have 45 minutes and i'm about to tweet my guts out.
i was thinking of pitching like a "eulogy for twitter" to @TeenVogue but i'm gonna tweet first instead, unroll it later, and see what i can do with it.

this is off the dome first draft material, we'll see what themes come out. stay with me.
i want to think through how i've used twitter since i made my first account in 2008, how it impacted my teaching and research, what i wish this site could've been, the rise of the multiracial patriarchy whitelash, and ultimately how and why i founded @germnetwork this year
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