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Wanted to share all the articles I've written on the COVID vaccines in one place. When I have time I want to make a page on for common vaccine FAQs, but... med school is keeping me busy, so for now, a twitter thread will do.

#SciComm #ScienceUpFirst
1. Step-by-step, hand-animated review of the Pfizer vaccine data (safety and efficacy):…
2. What mRNA is, and why the mRNA vaccines won't edit your genome:…
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1/35 In 2017, the tax-exempt Koch Foundation and Koch Institute donated over $2 million to conservative media outlets, including $980,000 to the Daily Caller Foundation, the tax-exempt entity that underwrites Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller.…
2/35 Now, why would the Koch brothers be spending money on that? Probably for the same reason the far more reclusive billionaire Robert Mercer invested in Breitbart.…
3/35 With the rise of movements defending specific groups a la FDR and LBJ: labor, civil rights, consumer, environmental, and women’s movements, too much power had slipped into the hands of people who made excessive demands (fairness) of government and corporations.
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After many months of planning and hard work by so many (incl. @hmkyale @Dianaberrent @wade_schulz @CharleszYaleMed @Aaronmring @DaisySMassey @JeffGehlhausen), today, we are launching our research study to understand how vaccination may help improve #longcovid. 🧵 (1/n)

Pls RT🙏🏼
This study will examine how vaccines might improve the symptoms of #LongCovid. We are recruiting people with long covid (PCR+, Ab+, T-test+, or COVID diagnosed by medical doctor) who live in Connecticut, >18 years old, and have not received vaccines yet but are planning to. (2/n)
To participate in this study, you will be asked to complete 4 online surveys and provide blood and saliva 3 times at sites in New Haven Connecticut. If you are interested in participating, please email (3/n)
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Today, on #TheMisplacedMenagerie -

We report the exotic (for #India) apple #snail, #Pomacea diffusa, also known as the spike topped apple snail, from the #Mumbai region, as part of our ongoing studies on #urbanwildlife, and the #ecology of introduced species, in #India, Mumbai.
The study was officially published in the 'ELA Journal of Forestry and Wildlife' - a peer reviewed #science journal, which is also the official journal of the #Maharashtra State #Forest Department.

Link to paper:…

#sciencetwitter #TwitterNatureCommunity
Spiked Topped Apple Snails in #Mumbai (and other parts of #India) are the direct result of the #aquarium trade - either as accidental, or deliberate releases from home aquaria.

#InvasiveSpecies #sciencetwitter #ecology #naturalhistory #urbanwildlife
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1/14 I know 2020 we had big problems so some less pressing ones went unnoticed. This one must be addressed. EPA scientists found a toxic chemical damaging fetal hearts. In Feb of 2020, the White House edited the report on that chemical.
3/14 After scientists submitted the final risk report in Dec of 2020 the report received a considerable edit.
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My comment about this: in the days after the pause was announced, we saw a lot of women scientists who are not medical or public health professionals saying things like, “The chances are low, the pill has blood clots risk too, calm down.”

It was very bad #scicomm.
1. The type of clot was different than the kind from the pill.
2. Y’all quoted bad statistics, including AMAB in your risk assessment.
3. This is what happens when you start dispensing medical advice and have no expertise.
4. Dismissing anxiety doesn’t alleviate it.
I know that people are going to debate Dr. Wen’s take on this. That’s fine.

But what’s deeply troubling here, fellow feminists, is how you didn’t stop to consider a third option: that AFAB folks should get *priority* for vaccines that had lower risk for us as a group.
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Word “racism” silenced, actively, by #MedEd #MedTwitter #healthcare#professionalism” & “communication” labels

Saying “racism” offends or “hurts feelings” > actual #BLM deaths

If #professionalism itself is racist -makes sense that word suppressed
What @ayshakhoury experienced pushes out & silences many

If the editors of @JAMA_current resist hearing word “structural racism” then they certainly are not publishing papers using that word

@DrAlethaMaybank @RheaBoydMD @FutureDocs @TIME #BlackintheIvory #MedTwitter @bmj_latest
Journal gatekeeping: men
Behavior gatekeeping: women/HR

#accountability only for white men
-> we miss “Amy Cooper” in #academia, #HR, #professionalism #compliance…

@DrAlethaMaybank @RheaBoydMD @FutureDocs @TIME #BlackintheIvory #MedTwitter @bmj_latest
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The only feelings to center on are those of black community
Wrong use of this quote during the week of #DerekChauvinTrial

Some people “feel” things if a white male faces accountability
Amy Cooper’s feelings: call cops
Racism & racism lite has always focused on “feelings” #BLM
When @ayshakhoury or @uche_blackstock were authentic in their feelings: ended careers

Black female physician #DrSusanMoore having “knowledge” or a “voice”
while DYING
made others
*feel* “intimidated.”

This is part of a known pattern for WOC
#BLM #BlackintheIvory
This is a repeating pattern of “feelings” used against tellers of uncomfortable truths that #MLK described in the letter from the Birmingham jail.

Seeking order > justice or overpolicing are all to protect only certain “feelings” of “security” while those like #adamtoledo die.
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#MedTwitter influencers show hypocrisy (advice vs actions on masks). Agree:

“unpleasant comments are ‘the nature of social media’ and holding public figures accountable is critical when they are setting an example for their ‘millions of followers.’”…
#tweetiatrician have even gotten death threats for pro-#vaccine #SciComm - most #MedTwitter influencers did nothing to protect vs these personal safety threats to #clinician & #doctor colleagues

@ZDoggMD & @DrToddWo did step up to help @NicoleB_MD…
Compare above to Dr. Mike:
when medical influencers are “caught”

adds to public perception:
“doctors cannot be trusted”

“Another fan posted on Reddit: ‘I know it's your life and you can do what you want, but you have chosen to be a public figure.’”…
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I'm understandably still receiving Qs from concerned & worried people about the clotting events observed in #AstraZeneca #CovidVaccine (& J&J recently in the US).
So here's a 🧵 of resources from some people I respect & trust to speak on the topic ⤵️ #COVIDー19 #scicomm #science
Dr. @MPaiMD shared an important thread as a blot clot doctor on the #astrazenecavaccine clotting events and the risk/benefit of taking #CovidVaccine vs. Dying from #COVID19:
.@MPaiMD & @SabiVM wrote a very well scientifically balanced piece covering the risks involved (very rare although serious) w/ the clotting events. Every single thing we do & every medicine/treatment we take involves risk. BUT context is impt. #scicomm…
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1/ #COVIDisAirborne, a 🧵

We have seen multiple public health officials, epidemiologists, doctors, politicos, and school officials just blow off airborne transmission of COVID-19, because they really don't understand what this means.

2/ Infectious virus is in the smallest particles that float for a long time — INDOORS primarily. Floating particles — let's call those AEROSOLS — can get inhaled when you get very close to someone. OR farther away.

Incredible information resources:

3/ So as IAQ expert @Poppendieck has been gallantly tweeting, #DropletsDrop. Yeah, you can get hit by a "ballistic" drop from a sneeze in your mouth. It's *possible*

Way more likely to inhale "airborne" microscopic particles emitted while talking.

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I'm reflecting a lot on Aristotle's 3 appeals for effective rhetoric.

In part b/c of the news about the very rare & atypical clots after AstraZeneca & now Janssen J&J vaccination... but also just with how we talk about the science of the pandemic in general.

#SciComm 🧵 | 1/13
I know many argue rhetoric - or persuasive communication - has no place in science, and I agree my goal is never to persuade but to inform.

But we always have to make our arguments "appealing", even those based on facts.

To catch attention, & make em relatable/memorable.

We can debate the role of rhetoric in science communication later, but for now, the three appeals are:

✨LOGOS - logic
✨PATHOS - emotion
✨ETHOS - character/credibility

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I would say that society is at fault. The government was not behind Jenny McCarthy, Oprah, Dr. Oz, etc.
#vaccine #VaccinesSaveLives #VaccinesWork #MedTwitter #ScienceTwitter
What the government DID do wrong: “#security” & espionage via vaccines Frankenstein monster unleashed on Muslims

If the US government does do things like this it’s not a “#conspiracy

...all while what led to #CapitolRiots was brewing 🤦🏻‍♀️

If Prius-driving Whole Foods-consuming suburbanites would STOP #misinformation #disinformation to #trauma ridden #refugee populations


the jobs of minority & Muslim doctors would not be so hard

This is lack of *societal* control
of the most privileged
who HARM
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I thought very hard about how to use the precious time and attention a few hundred people gave me in my keynote this morning. I have heard countless #scicomm talks, but relatively little about #sensemaking, and I wanted to unite the two. A thread with highlights of my talk: 🧵
1. Although we have wildly disparate disciplinary perspectives, professional roles, and lived experiences, I know everyone who attends a #scicomm lecture shares one thing: constraints. Limited time, training, resources, or emotional bandwidth for doing the work.
2. If we are in search of #scicomm efficiencies, our best step is to examine foundational beliefs. What are the core principles and strategies that drive all your tactics? Let's start there - even (perhaps especially) seasoned veterans benefit from revisiting our assumptions.
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In light of the Boston police Union leader child abuse, this is very plausible, even probable. I have 2x, on behalf of someone else, reported, via Title IX - the woman or gay man was not feeling safe enuf to report. Yes, there is blowback when one reports. But we can’t be silent.
I am a mandated reporter as a #pediatrician. I *must* report for my patients or face legal consequences. Am same for staff, students, trainees. But in #EmergencyMedicine who do I call if a child may be unsafe at home? Sometimes, cops. Are cops safe?…
I have seen #mentalhealth and entire life paths destroyed by abusers preying on children like: This happened to too many people I know. I have seen institutions intimidate, mislabel, bury stories of the victims. (Some predators wait until 18th birthday.)…
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Had a fun time talking about #leadership in #STEM (at any stage of career), #BlackExcellence #WomenInSTEM #DEI #DiversityandInclusion to a range of students and faculty at @tennesseetech. Thanks for the invitation @JosephCSlater. Look forward to building further on this.
Talked about ways to take on community level leadership roles to develop skills in acquiring funding, managing a budget, team building, managing people, executing.

Know what you are good at and balance the rest with your team. Don’t try to be it all.
Particularly on #Twitter, being overt about terms like #bias or #BLM or #racism can result in blowback. That does not mean what you said was wrong rather others may have insecurity or have work to do. Manage your energy as an advocate. Avoid burnout.

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Vacinas de VLPs são uma tecnologia interessantíssima!

Elas estão nas vacinas do HPV, Hepatite B e, agora, contra a COVID-19!

Explico mais neste fio feito em colaboração com @lorenacschaves e com o lab do @CienciaeSocied1!

Ilustrações feitas no @proteinimaging

VLPs, ou partículas semelhantes a vírus, são partículas geralmente ocas feitas de uma ou mais proteínas de um vírus, sem material genético.
VLPs são produzidas em células geneticamente modificadas de levedura, bactérias, insetos e até de plantas!

Por exemplo, as vacinas de HPV são produzidas em células de levedura ou insetos - Gardasil® e Cervarix®, respectivamente.
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I always hesitate to amplify something I disagree with, but this flavor of messaging is extremely counterproductive. We're talking about cerebral venous sinus thrombosis specifically; claiming an apples-to-apples comparison to less serious VTE like DVT only erodes public trust.
Does the incidence of CSVT after J&J vaccine still seem much, much lower than the incidence of CSVT in women taking OCPs? Yes: 1 in 1,000,000 vs 1 in ~37,000.…
I know of no reliable evidence with which to estimate the risk of CSVT with COVID. This is the largest analysis I've found this morning, which described... 8 patients with CSVT.…
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In the last few years I have become increasingly outspoken to the detriment of certain professional relationships & at some reputational risk - in particular holding fellow so-called “model minority” accountable on harm

we as a society MUST stop killing & harming ppl
There are 1001 ways to avoid difficult, uncomfortable change.

Those who (I’m going to be frank) are lazy, selfish or lack sufficient ability or courage, will oppose change, often also mislabeling other people either as lazy “moochers” or aggressors.

#BLM #blacklivesmatter
A culture of civility only empowers the true aggressor. It allows silencing and mislabeling of anyone who speaks up regarding system level harm or interpersonal harm.…
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We live in an attention #economy & what #Tweetiatricians have known for decades (#Twitter started in 2006): importance of drawing attention to factual science-based information as compared to #misinformation & #disinformation, especially on #vaccines…
You have to be fast & prolific to play catch up to this. I have 77K tweets, a moderate sized band of 6K followers interested enough to tolerate my volume but use of hashtags allows reach across Twittersphere. Trending hashtags = better for riding a way for that attention economy
If is unclear if we are now so siloed that tweets are ineffective with anti-vaxx. But not all anti-vaxx are QAnon
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“QAnon is ...a self-sustaining environment of #disinformation & #misinformation...

.. QAnon hijacks the architecture of social media..

..By controlling acceptable forms of information, QAnon traps its members in a downward spiral of radicalization.”…
“As P.W. Singer and Emerson Brooking describe in.. book Likewar: The Weaponization of #SocialMedia, this phenomenon of “junk” or “fake news” is not new. In 2016, a similar, but related, conspiracy known as “Pizzagate” resulted in a shooting at a DC area pizza parlor.” #SoMe
Above is not limited to academic articles

There has been an increase in #antiAsianhate crimes
targeting of #GOTV by minorities
including this attempt to intimidate me for my GOTV, by armed right wing

There was the #Nashvillebombing (with QAnon beliefs)
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One of those times a #tweetiatrician
entered anti-vaxx space to speak truth to conspiracy

Claiming victim status & “witch hunt!”, Wakefield rallied support via anti-system/science distrust

-> loyal mob of supporters, now cyberbullies (yet who claim to be bullied) #medtwitter
Experience of past medical harm is not itself evidence every doctor is bullying you. As a woman & WOC, in/out of hospitals as a child, there is tons of trauma & medical sexism & racism I have experienced

yet all that is erased/denied by those using one lens vs intersectionality
#tweetiatrician online for decades fighting fear & fake news #MedTwitter

doctors beaten down, made caricature of evil, gotten death threats @NicoleB_MD @DrToddWo

@AmerAcadPeds needs to step up on supporting clinicians vs #cyberbullying

Of online doc-celebs only @ZDoggMD helped
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I have a range of writing & #communication styles

Outside the ED of hospitalist medicine, when I “talk like a man” - direct, unvarnished truths and or “taking up too much space”, there is pushback, affront. Others have noted men with same style as me are👍
In reality women can’t just email or communicate “like a man” for same results. Society *expects* different communication from women.

I’ve never been an exclamation point person but I use smiley faces

These studies + anecdotal experience:

“women don't negotiate for a very simple reason: they sense—correctly—that it will hurt them if they do... when women *do* negotiate... they end up worse off than if they’d kept their mouths shut”

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I state, highlight, mark up, not insinuate
Why is someone who likely does not menstruate a sudden expert on #womenshealth to identify a WOC seeking #data #quality & #integrity as the women?
"Respecting" social science = using respectable methods, not online surveys.
What you see in the tweet and the "study" is ego, defensiveness & flagrant Dunning-Kruger effect for #womenshealth, #menstrualhealth, #COVID19, #vaccine #research.

The best way to demonstrate the value of a field is to be consistent on #quality not…
Academic language on #online #survey #data:
"systematically assess carelessness in a crowdsourced sample" Denial that quick & dirty is poor #quality is an odd use of time & ineffective. One could better defend one's merit, by delivering #quality per best practices and standards.
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