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Jan 12, 8 tweets

@KelliAFord @HawleyMO Mike Pompeo has cause for regret. Donald freed Mullah Baradar, yet his peace “plan” has since failed. On our allies he bailed. Mike’s betrayal we’ll #NeverForget. 🌻 #Afghanistan
@HASCDemocrats @votevets
@starsandstripes 🥀 @VFWHQ

@KelliAFord @HawleyMO @HASCDemocrats @votevets @starsandstripes @VFWHQ Donald set up the mission to fail;
on our soldiers and allies he’d bail.
He envisioned a rout
by the time we pulled out.
Did he put up our interests for sale?
He freed Baradar from Pakistan:
the new leader of #Afghanistan.
@MoGov 🇺🇸

@KelliAFord @HawleyMO @HASCDemocrats @votevets @starsandstripes @VFWHQ @MoGov Yes, Pompeo pledged aid to the Kurds in a salvo of insincere words. Once they served him their use he conveyed Assad’s noose. If he thinks we forgot, it’s absurd. Honestly a famed reverend spoke. It surprised us: #PatRobertson woke!

@KelliAFord @HawleyMO @HASCDemocrats @votevets @starsandstripes @VFWHQ @MoGov That September #CampDavid invite
to the #Taliban, viewed in hindsight,
reveals newfound meaning
beyond Donald’s preening.
Per Pompeo: “the timing’s just right.”

@HouseForeign @SenateDems @jaketapper @whca @RepKinzinger @VCP_HQ @s_webber @JasonKander 🇺🇸

@KelliAFord @HawleyMO @HASCDemocrats @votevets @starsandstripes @VFWHQ @MoGov @HouseForeign @SenateDems @jaketapper @whca @RepKinzinger @VCP_HQ @s_webber @JasonKander First Pompeo met Taliban groups.
Then Trump started:
to pull out our troops.
“It must be Afghan-led”
Rex’s successor said.
One year later, and Kabul fell.
“Whoops.” 🤔
#TalibanTrump @MeidasTouch
@HASCDemocrats @SenateDems

@KelliAFord @HawleyMO @HASCDemocrats @votevets @starsandstripes @VFWHQ @MoGov @HouseForeign @SenateDems @jaketapper @whca @RepKinzinger @VCP_HQ @s_webber @JasonKander @MeidasTouch @StateDept Mike Pompeo was State’s #Badenov;
with his insincere daily improv
this “proud son” (of L.A.)
had since gone all the way as
#WorstDiplomat 🎖 since Molotov.
After 45 the troops pulled out, ’twas
ordained we would suffer a rout. 🥀

#TalibanTrump 🌻 #ShowMe

@KelliAFord @HawleyMO @HASCDemocrats @votevets @starsandstripes @VFWHQ @MoGov @HouseForeign @SenateDems @jaketapper @whca @RepKinzinger @VCP_HQ @s_webber @JasonKander @MeidasTouch @StateDept Over 800,000 lost lives …
Deeper your credibility dives.
You omit what Trump said
with “just” #200dead. 🤢
In this clip you can hear 45’s
deep delusion and willful neglect.
Untold millions of lives:
Donald wrecked. 👇🏼 3/20/20

@MGwin46 @NPR @SenateDems 🗽

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