The intellectually indolent sons of perdition have finally given up digging for dirt but have clung unto the rhetoric “he campaigned for Jonathan” I’m I not a citizen with the inalienable right to choose who leads my generation? Is this a crime? How does this taint one? 🤔
Aren’t you glad I’m not part of the intellectually bereft who hailed the Trojan horse of a phantasmagoric Change and now had to watch thousands of innocent souls perish based on their political illiteracy and aversion to history? 🤔
I understand there is no coming to consciousness without pain. But can’t U suffer from the consequences of your choice without projecting your personal failure unto others to punish? Unlike others I have moved on & chosen a path, why can’t u do the same? Why seek to discredit? 🤔
I’m well aware that people will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul but this is ridiculous! I’m however comforted because I know one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.
If your evil deeds are being revealed or you are suffering from chronic intimidation, you need not being that to my TL. Seek deliverance and ask for divine intervention. I will not seek your agreement, I’m in no need for your admiration, validation or acknowledgment.
I refuse to justify myself to gain your understanding neither will I bend myself in multiple ways just so you can approve of me. Expecting me to offer explanation to feed your comfort in return for likes & retweets is a chronic sign of mental illness. #SeekHelp #MentalHealth
Stop being someone else’s commercial idiot. Stand for something and live for something that will benefit generations to come. Your thoughts run your life. Stop the self genocidal attitude that only make you a reproach to society. #FixSociety #ConquerYourselfFirst

• • •

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Feb 19
I once told of one of my old bosses who felt my diligence & conscientiousness weren’t sincere. From his experience no one can demonstrate excellence without wanting something back. I wasn’t even 20 then. He did all he could to frustrate me or catch me off guard. #BeingSEGA 🤓
Unfortunately for him, I was never on guard. That was my authentic self and I kept things truthful so I don’t ever have to remember anything. That was my Industrial attachment year. Fast forward, after graduation, he ended up asking me to take up managing the firm. #StayTrue
At this time there’re several offers competing for my attention. I took the most challenging one & went on to build the most advanced media firm in Africa as at the time. Thanks to Distinguished @opebanwo whose belief in the younger generation, paved way for the magic to happen.
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Feb 19
Those seeking instant breaks should realize the difference between riches and wealth. Stumbling on money doesn’t make you rich neither will it suddenly open up opportunities for you in the circles of the rich. Influence goes with affluence. People will check your background. 💰
If you think driving big cars and throwing money around is what being wealthy is all about, you are just a hopeless Yahoo enthusiast.

The wealthy send their children to finishing school to learn the carriage and character of their status. Let the human billboards take note. ⛱
If you must succeed what you need is not just a pile of paper money but a cash flow & this comes either from investment in a business or in yourself. Have you found purpose? How much can you learn from what you enjoy doing passionately? Can others benefit from it enough to pay U?
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Feb 18
Bishop, I drum it into my children’s ears always that I’m only doing God’s work by raising them right, it‘s not an obligation for them to take care of me. If it were, God would have made me a Bush Rat that suckles on the teat of its ward. Since I’m human, He’ll take care of me.🚶🏾‍♂️
So I have managed my expectations, insured myself against the future and won’t be surprised. I took care of my parents and I will not want to put a burden on my children. All we have is the present. It pays to live passionately, dance in the rain, take trips & enjoy life.
The only Legacy we ideally owe the kids is EDUCATION & occasional wise counsel embedded in stories that’ll live on in their hearts when we are gone. As we raise kids that will live in the society, we must contribute to society for our children’s sakes. Leave a good name at least.
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Feb 18
“If an opinion contrary to your own makes you angry, that is a sign that you are subconsciously aware of having no good reason for thinking as you do.
If someone maintains that two and two equals five, or that Iceland is on the equator, you should feel pity rather than anger, unless you know so little of arithmetic or geography that his opinion shakes your own contrary conviction.
The most savage controversies are those about matters as to which there is no good evidence either way.

Persecution is used in theology, not in arithmetic, because in arithmetic, there is knowledge, but in theology, there is only opinion.
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Feb 5
Every time an opportunity presents itself for our youth to engage leaders in the society, they waste such opportunity with attitudes that justifies their relegation. Rather than aim to score a point or trend with rants and popular gossips, why not ask questions that matter? ⛱
The woke-culture styled belligerent and uncultured engagement of the left wing press with Trump is not a standard. They were doing this as a means of auditioning to be tapped for rattling/triggering the President. They know the reward in endorsement & book deals.
What would your gain be in Nigeria? A 3-4 hour feature on the Twitter trend table? And then what?

It may take years before you get this but I will say it all the same. Every time you speak or share your views, it is read and heard as though you’re speaking for your generation.
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Feb 5
There’re many Nigerians stuck abroad living in abject poverty & horrendous impecuniosity. Some of them were once professionals & mildly educated for self sustenance until the need to declare their insolvency. It even gets worse with the current pandemic induced hardship for most.
But this doesn’t excuse criminality in any clime.

Nigeria being a dystopian society, where the electorates are easily swayed by falsehood to the point of stampeding the worst of souls into public office, people stranded abroad often get unmerited awards from the ruining class.
This is why you’ll find a sitting Governor illegally Award Contract to stranded souls at the expense of the suffering masses in his state as part of his strings of failure in office.

It doesn’t take the study of psychology to find such worthless souls spread falsehood…
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