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You are weak if in order to maintain your self preservation, you align yourself with the ills of society as perpetuated by the worst of souls. You may think you are protecting yourself in the interim, but you are reinforcing evil & hurting generations. ⛱ #FixSociety
My logistics assistant told how young boys take to the highway at wee hours of the morning, sometimes in the afternoon and in the evening to cause trouble & rob people across Lagos (Mile 12 especially) yet elders in the area watch & encourage this by urging them on.
I saw a video of a young boy displaying the body parts of a burnt police officer during one of the riots in a SW state & none of the adults around cautioned him. They watched and even made a video. Online amoral griots curse on their elders & get likes & retweets for this.
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The @PoliceNG are citizens too. They are victims of the system & must be given an opportunity to present a memoranda on the oppression of the system. We must get to the bottom of the lubricants of the culture of impunity within the Police Institution. Fair is Fair. #EndSARS
Nothing justifies the impunity of the Police but consider the analysis of 2019-2020 budget which clearly ignores training and equipment procurement for the @PoliceNG. N399 Billion is to be spent on recurrent expenses (i.e. payroll) but only N599m on training & paltry N20m...
...on teaching aids (together 0.1% of the recurrent expenses). Of the N16Billion for capital expenditure, only N3.3billion is for security equipment and compared with N10billion for construction before the economic cost of the aftermath of the #EndSARs protest.
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I was just speaking with one of my mentors (name withheld lest I distract a few) when I mentioned the growing trend with the uneducated literates. Epictetus it was that said “It is impossible for people to learn what they believe and think they already know.”
Can we ever learn a lot enough to be so saturated that we can’t take in any new ideas especially with the changing times? Is it wise to be locked into a belief in this age and hope to connect to the new generation to whom the world belongs?
I have studied the psychopathology of scaremongering based on agendas even from 2000 when I was deep in the trenches of building supercomputers in an ignorant and fearful society. In 2000- Y2K was the plague that was projected as the harbinger of the apocalypse.
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Nigeria is the only country where a hardworking investor sleeps rich and wakes up poor because of unconscionable policies of politicians in position of power. People saddled with the responsibility to create enabling environment become impediments to progress. #FixSociety
They will always fool those incapable of self thought that they are making these inhumane laws to protect the municipality but this is as fallacious as saying the rule of law must be subjugated for national security. The wise know what lies beneath. Weaponization of poverty!
Unfortunately for those who think they will remain in power for good, becoming "an impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way!” #OccupyLagos #OtogeLagos #FixSociety #EndImpunity #HumanityFirst
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This was predicted earlier and it is playing out like a script. This is a proof of the state Government’s disconnect from reality. You should know the state of dysfunctionality of the Unit you are giving ambiguous power to enforce unconscionable laws. #EndImpunity #FixSociety 🚨
We implore the CP @PoliceNG_lagos to wade in before all Hell breaks loose. They will soon be arresting people they believe must have patronized Okada riders by breaking into homes. This must be addressed immediately.
Police officers acting under the guise of the State Governor’s (@jidesanwoolu) orders are abusing their powers and violating the rights of the people. This may not end well. @ElkanaBala @AcpIshaku
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I’ve been waiting to see an outrage. They have ruined the future of the youth & dependents and it is time to take the winds off the sail of those who’s labored. But the village of unemployed, underemployed and casual workers can’t understand the implication of this! #FixSociety
It is understandable that those with the energy to fight have no jobs. Those on the job can not fight lest they lose that which they have over an issue they believe they have no control over. Our legislators are rubber stamps & will approve whatever inanity the Executive push.
A prodigal admin that lack accountability and care for humanity declare, after fleecing our collective patrimony, that the next agenda is to pounce on Pensions and the people say Amen?!
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Thank you for your objectivity Distinguished sir. This however raises a whole lot of questions as to the essence of having a Supreme Court if not for its unique role of being the interpreter of the constitution & other laws in the country EQUITABLY! #FixSociety 🚨
We must not forget that a Supreme Court as constituted as ours in recent time, that mainly seek technicalities to favor certain agenda is denigrating our constitutional democracy & ruins the value, development and healthy functioning cum preservation of our democracy.
Are we saying that INEC couldn’t have been called to order or made to present what is lacking for justice to be served and seen to be served even when the total number of votes is more than total accredited voters at the election? Is this Justice, Fairness and Equity?! 🤔
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I’ve been pondering on the impact of huge corporate layoffs on society at large. It is deeper than most can see from their end. For us doing altruistic social work, we feel the impact more. When 2000 immigration officers were laid off, we knew something must be done. #FixSociety
A few felt protests may do the trick but we at @SIAF_NG believes there are better ways to engage. We succeeded at least with 888 being reinstated and today they are 3years on the job instead of adding to the number of the unemployed in the society. #FixSociety
I know a few startups had to lay off about 400 staff of not more and many other organizations including banks have done so in the thousands. The impact of this on society was never considered and I will share a few concerns at least from our perspective. #FixSociety
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I will educate further on the #RiseAsOne Campaign. Pay attention. The rulers of now need a reality check. The Revolution is imminent. You can’t mortgage the future of our youth and grandstand. My children and yours MUST never inherit this madness. #FixSociety
You shouldn’t need to be convinced that our Govt operates without limit, grandstanding with the rights to arrest, torture & kill anyone, anywhere with no warrants, no objective trial in violation of due process. Police have been militarized & armed forces have lost their purpose.
We the people are being perceived as the enemy and treated as same by all Govt agencies. When you create a group they tag you terrorist just to justify their violation of your rights. IPOB & Shiites experience are fresh in our minds, it could be you tomorrow. #RiseAsOne
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I don’t do training or masterclass. There is a reason why. Training is a continuous process and it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a workshop. What Nigerians need is reorientation. People need to know the meaning of life and what living entails besides running to Canada.
The dearth of taking responsibility is what makes most prefer Ölórunsògö (all that glitters that requires no other input) to Surulérè (progressive climb to fulfillment in faith & hardwork). If we all run away from Nigeria, who will build the country? 🤔
After a hard day’s work, you got home to find that the whole house was flooded, will you shut the door and take refuge in your neighbor’s house or start bailing water from where you stand? Certainly if you do the needful, water will always find its level. #FixSociety
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The intellectually indolent sons of perdition have finally given up digging for dirt but have clung unto the rhetoric “he campaigned for Jonathan” I’m I not a citizen with the inalienable right to choose who leads my generation? Is this a crime? How does this taint one? 🤔
Aren’t you glad I’m not part of the intellectually bereft who hailed the Trojan horse of a phantasmagoric Change and now had to watch thousands of innocent souls perish based on their political illiteracy and aversion to history? 🤔
I understand there is no coming to consciousness without pain. But can’t U suffer from the consequences of your choice without projecting your personal failure unto others to punish? Unlike others I have moved on & chosen a path, why can’t u do the same? Why seek to discredit? 🤔
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