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🔸rockstar · #taejin

— vocalistas de famosas bandas de rock e inimigos mortais, esse é o status de jin e taehyung. ninguém sabe o que gerou a rivalidade, mas todos amam o drama. então nada seria mais perfeito do que colocar os dois num reality show.

bem-vindo ao mundo do rock!

formato: social media + drabbles
gênero: romance, drama, +18
avisos: cenas de violência, consumo inadequado de bebida alcoólica, sexting/nudes, possíveis cenas explícitas de sexo (dependerá do feedback)

obrigada pela preferência
e aproveite bem o show 😌
🔸Conheça Vante:

Kim Taehyung é o vocalista de Singularity, a maior banda de glam rock atual. Com um ar misterioso e até excêntrico, se tornou um ícone fashionista. E apaixonado também por fotografia, é uma grande influência em várias vertentes das artes.

{ #taejin }
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//taejinkook au//

Living with his brother for protection, jin, a rare baby fox with two soulmate marks, never thought he'd find the reasoning for his hiding.

His two mates.

Especially not on nsfw twitter.

#taejinkook #jinkook #kookjin #taejin #vjin #vkook #hiddenhybridau
☆side ships: namseok, yoonmin

☆ignore time stamps/hair colour

☆will contain nsfw...duh uwu

☆please quote only!

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Suddenly thinking of an AU where Taehyung loses his lover Jin to a car accident
He's devastated and loses all hope in life until he hears that Jins heart has been transplanted into Hoseok, the drunk driver who was the soul cause of his lover's death ...

#vhope #taejin
I'm feeling better and I'm going off to uni now bye
Taehyung hates Hoseok
He hates how the man took away the only person in the world he's ever loved
He hates how the man is still alive using HIS Jins heart but Jin is long gone

He hates how when he goes in to see Hoseok when he can finally have visitors, the man looks devastated
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Hanahaki desease AU

Jealousy is not pretty

Taehyung has always been possessive, he can’t help it, he likes Jin’s attention, recently he also can’t stop picking fights with Jungkook. What if Jk’s interested in Jin? What if Jin reciprocates? What if.. what if..

#Taejin #Jinkook
-Everything is the same except Hanahaki is real
-Don’t pay attention to time stamps or hair colors
-I don’t know anything about flowers and their meaning I’m just googling my way 🗿
-This is a soft au don’t ask for +18 in this one guys
What is this? A big Taejin account.
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taejin au. [ #taejin #vjin ]

taehyung is a little in love with a boy he met on twitter who he knows only as “nohface.” what he doesn’t know is that nohface and the man who is trying to put his flower shop out of business are the same person—kim seokjin.
💐 genres:
you’ve got mail au —
fluff, romance, rivalry, miscommunication, enemies-to-friends-to-lovers, mild mild angst

🌹 sideships:
jikook, midgame jinkook

🌸 QUOTE, don’t reply!
🌼don’t tag bts please c:
🌺all updates archived @
🌷 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕗𝕒𝕟𝕤
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taejin au where Taehyung is a dog trainer and Seokjin is a new actor who is allergic to dogs.
#taejin #vjin #taejinau
Title: Puppies, Love and more Puppies.
#taejin #vjin #taejinau
Characters 1/3:
•Kim Taehyung, 23
Dog Trainer

•Kim Seokjin, 25
#taejin #vjin #taejinau
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taejin au where Taehyung writes in his diary and his childhood friend, Seokjin, reads it.
#taejin #vjin #taejinau
Title: Dear Future Boyfr...DIARY! Dear Diary!
#taejin #vjin #taejinau
Characters 1/3:
•Kim Taehyung, 19
Sophomore, Fine Arts

•Kim Seokjin, 21
Senior, Culinary
#taejin #vjin #taejinau
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#Taejin au where Seokjin is a well known idol who is already in a beautiful relationship with Taehyung but barely they got time to spend together because of Seokjin's busy schedules. But one day there have been a rumor about Seokjin...
Kim Seokjin, 24, popular idol who's well known for his great vocals and beautiful visuals. Wealthy af too.
Kim Taehyung, 24 ,simple yet gorgeous man who runs a cafe near their house. Both males and females come to his cafe just to see him but they dont know who he's in relationship with.
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「*゚✲ฺ jikook text au ✲゚ฺ*」
jimin, dance student with a secret nsfw account; jungkook, also a dance major, finds the acc and develops a crush on the boy, but forgets it when he crushes on a boy in his class...

#bts #jikook #yoonseok #kookmin #sope #taejin #btsau #btstextau
tae and yoongi also have nsfw accounts
the boys' normal accounts
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