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#taekookau in which Kim Taehyung signs himself up for a dating agency, hoping to find the perfect boyfriend. Instead, he finds Jeon Jungkook, the ambitious, strict CEO, whose heart has gone cold ages ago. (+) Image
(+) Their interactions are initially rough and full of tension, but as the two begin to open up to each other, they realize that love or feelings don't stay hidden for long.
💜 Prologue 💜

Somewhere in the heart of Seoul, there was a lavish, decadent restaurant with a spacious area and large glass windows. The rich and prominent society often visited the place to have business meetings or romantic dates with their companies.
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🔞canon a/b/o au where taejin spend months mutually pining and silently thirsting over each other.. until sj's heat turns everything topsy-turvy

#taejin #taejinau ImageImage
sj grinds his teeth as another wave of arousal hits his body, bringing with it a flood of sexual frustration so intense that he feels like weeping. of course his heat wouldn’t have been this bad if he had just accepted th’s offer to help him.

/no strings attached/, of course.
it was the no strings attached part that made sj hesitate in taking up the alpha’s offer.

he wishes there was an online tutorial he could follow - a step by step guide on how to tell your oblivious alpha bandmate that you’re in love with him and want to have his babies.
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♕ demon’s guardian angels ♕

after a threat to harm the crown prince’s younger brother, jin, the angels send their high generals, tae and jungkook to protect the demon prince. they just didn’t expect sj to be such a handful.

#taejinkook #jinkook #kookjin #taejin #vjin #vkook Image

•side ships: namseok, yoonmin

•ignore time stamps/hair colour

•will contain: angst, violence, nsfw(?)

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#jikook #jikookau where jeon jungkook, the cliché bad boy on campus, ends up in a dating scandal with straight As student park jimin just because they are wearing matching clothes

yes this is me trying to get out of writer's block 🦆
should I continue this?
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🐺taejinkook au🦇

human jin soon realises the world is a lot more mysterious after finding out he was imprinted by werewolf jungkook and vampire taehyung.. make it worse? the two also happen to be enemies

#taejinkook #jinkook #kookjin #taejin #vjin #midnightbiteau Image
•love triangle to poly

•side ships: sope, minjoon

•ignore time stamps/hair colour

•will contain: nsfw, angst

•please QUOTE only!

🌙 ImageImage
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Commission 81 🔞

Title: Sugar Addiction

Visual+Epilogue I'm following tweets.…

#taejin #bottomjin #omegajin #toptaehyung #alphataehyung #boobmilk ImageImage
Because I had a little more to gush about Jinnie with milk-full of tits and Tae's love for them, here are some slices of life that take place after the story.

Warning: NSFW because of tits and crotch.
Starting with where we left off, Tae had these crotchless panties and pasties in his Amazon cart since forever.

He can just the bend the omega and creep his fingers under the shorts, pressing them thru the open lace until Jinnie is moaning and squirting over the kitchen island. ImageImage
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Taejin au 🎂

Seokjin and Taehyung get their cake orders mixed up and they’re both amused and concerned at what the others cake has written on it.

#taejinau #taejin ImageImageImageImage
Gonna start this now 😊 just a few reminders:
- please don’t reply and break the thread
- this is all fictional
- updates may be slow because I’m still a student
- ignore time stamps and hair colours
- crack au! Please don’t take anything too seriously
The main characters ImageImage
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at the demon ball sneak peak:

general taehyung + this fit

#taejinkook #taejin #vjin #jinkook #kookjin #blacklustau ImageImageImageImage
@strwbrrymilkjin I hope they’re simp worthy 😔🙏💕
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194 ImageImage

195 ImageImage
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131 ImageImage

132 ImageImage
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✧Black Dust✧

fae and demons have learnt to live civilly on earth despite their rooted hatred. but when jin, a fairy, finds out his uni neighbours are high demons, he must resist falling into their hands no matter how tempting

#taejinkook #jinkook #kookjin #taejin #vjin #vkook Image
•enemies to lovers

•side ships: sope, minjoon

•ignore time stamps/hair colour

•will contain: nsfw, angst

•please QUOTE only!


• 20 (human years)
• fairy
• literature major (second year)
• orphan, attended uni due to a donor
• friends with yoongi and hoseok Image
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BEAUTY • #TaeJinAU || Art student Kim Taehyung never expected helping out a friend would land him a modeling career. Overwhelmed by this new fame he finds comfort in his new mentor, Kim Seokjin who is known for being the most handsome man in Korea, & quite possibly the world. Image
Things to Remember:
▫️This is all fiction!
▫️Don’t pay attention to time stamps or follower count.
▫️Quote don’t reply!
▫️Interact with me! It motivates me to keep writing & I love hearing your thoughts!
Potential Warnings for this AU:
⚠️ NSFW Content.
⚠️ Issues with body image.
⚠️ Mentions of eating disorders.
⚠️ Bullying.
❗️These things will all be marked so you are able to skip them if you aren’t comfortable with reading them.
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Hanahaki desease AU

Jealousy is not pretty

Taehyung has always been possessive, he can’t help it, he likes Jin’s attention, recently he also can’t stop picking fights with Jungkook. What if Jk’s interested in Jin? What if Jin reciprocates? What if.. what if..

#Taejin #Jinkook
-Everything is the same except Hanahaki is real
-Don’t pay attention to time stamps or hair colors
-I don’t know anything about flowers and their meaning I’m just googling my way 🗿
-This is a soft au don’t ask for +18 in this one guys
What is this? A big Taejin account.
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taejin au. [ #taejin #vjin ]

taehyung is a little in love with a boy he met on twitter who he knows only as “nohface.” what he doesn’t know is that nohface and the man who is trying to put his flower shop out of business are the same person—kim seokjin.
💐 genres:
you’ve got mail au —
fluff, romance, rivalry, miscommunication, enemies-to-friends-to-lovers, mild mild angst

🌹 sideships:
jikook, midgame jinkook

🌸 QUOTE, don’t reply!
🌼don’t tag bts please c:
🌺all updates archived @
🌷 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕗𝕒𝕟𝕤
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taejin au where Taehyung is a dog trainer and Seokjin is a new actor who is allergic to dogs.
#taejin #vjin #taejinau
Title: Puppies, Love and more Puppies.
#taejin #vjin #taejinau
Characters 1/3:
•Kim Taehyung, 23
Dog Trainer

•Kim Seokjin, 25
#taejin #vjin #taejinau
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taejin au where Taehyung writes in his diary and his childhood friend, Seokjin, reads it.
#taejin #vjin #taejinau
Title: Dear Future Boyfr...DIARY! Dear Diary!
#taejin #vjin #taejinau
Characters 1/3:
•Kim Taehyung, 19
Sophomore, Fine Arts

•Kim Seokjin, 21
Senior, Culinary
#taejin #vjin #taejinau
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#Taejin au where Seokjin is a well known idol who is already in a beautiful relationship with Taehyung but barely they got time to spend together because of Seokjin's busy schedules. But one day there have been a rumor about Seokjin...
Kim Seokjin, 24, popular idol who's well known for his great vocals and beautiful visuals. Wealthy af too.
Kim Taehyung, 24 ,simple yet gorgeous man who runs a cafe near their house. Both males and females come to his cafe just to see him but they dont know who he's in relationship with.
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