Imperfectly Perfect Love #Thread
"I haven't written for a while, I'm not even sure I can piece words together to form beautiful sentences that would appeal to you the reader, but I do have a story, a really beautiful story...." I paused. Would that make for a good intro? Was something missing? As I pondered, my
thoughts were interrupted by a light knock on the bedroom door, and the sight of a bearded light-skinned face peeping
"Hey Teddy Bear, you up yet?" Chuks said, as he came in.
"No, you light-skinned bearded Ogre, I'm still fast asleep" I replied.
"Light-skinned bearded Ogre? Damn! that's some deep comhear attack, I'm hurt"
"awwwn, my coochipoochibooboo" I said as I reached up to pinch his cheek.
"coochi-what? come here and àtone for thy sins" He said amidst chuckles, he never got to finish that sentence
as I planted a kiss. He held me in his arms, looked me in the eyes and said.
"My Queen, I'll love you & you only till my dying day" Tears welled up in my eyes, not of hurt, but of joy, of satisfaction, of gratitude. Five years of marriage and everyday we fell in love with each
other over & over again.
"And for you my King, my love is unconditional" I replied.
"So my Lady, what say you, we go have breakfast?" He asked. Yeah, part of his many good attributes was that he could cook, I mean he was an excellent cook and truth be told I always looked forward
to his meals, in fact we had a cooking roaster.
"aha, lead the way my love" I said
"No me lady, ladies first, you know I'm a gentleman"
"For your mind ooo, okay" I knew where this was headed, he most definitely would comment about my backside.
"kaiya! kawasakibumbaybumbum!" Chuks exclaimed- I knew it.
"Arrrgh! you're still a light-skinned bearded Ogre!" I retorted as I ran downstairs to the kitchen.
After breakfast, we cleaned the kitchen, had some bathroom pleasure, dressed and got ready to go supervise our various
money-making businesses.
"Teddy bear, drive safe & if you must answer the phone.."
"I know, park and answer... Roger that Daddy"
"I was actually gonna say, use the handsfree" Chuks said, while making the tongue-out gesture.
"OMG! did you just give me ela? well done well done" I clapped.
"No na, oya no vex, park and answer the call"
"I'll do my own back, just bribe me" I answered
"Sorry na, okay I know how to pacify you"- Chuks.
"Oshey, the pacifier, oga muscle" I clapped.
"hahahaha, Dammy oooo, razz somebody" He laughed. I always loved to he him laugh, it made me feel relaxed, safe to say his laugh was therapeutic. I looked at him all dressed in jeans, a T-shirt, boots & a cap. Damn! he always looked good, to think I almost lost him at some point.
"Anyway, be a good boy, don't snub babes that wink, smile or greet you, please be civil with them...come hug & kiss Mommy before you go"
Alright, you may be thinking, that's some perfect-fairytale-happily-ever-after-bullshit type of relationship, well, everyone's got their
opinions based on individual perception, reasoning and experience. Chuks didn't fall from heaven, with full options or factory fitted everything, No! he was a man with flaws and imperfections, perhaps I should take you down memory lane to before we got married.
After my first degree in Nigeria, I went to the U.K. to do a second degree, then Masters. Well living abroad wasn't something I wanted, so I had made plans to come back to Nigeria to setup a business immediately after getting my M.Sc.

The day had finally come,
I was back in Nigeria, I stepped out of the arrival hall and was greeted by the heat from the scorching sun.
"Madam, where are your people?" the porter asked as he wheeled the trolley. Truth was I had no idea where they were.
"Car hire Ma, with AC." An elderly man said.
For a moment I was confused as I wasn't sure what to do, someone was supposed to pick me up, the thing was I didn't know how to identify the person, I turned around in confusion because I wasn’t sure whether to wait or just use a cab.
“Hello Miss Damilola” I heard my name and
turned round to see who knew me, well he did look familiar, I just couldn’t place where and when I had seen the face.
"Yes, Hello, who are you and how may I help you?” I queried. I wasn’t sure if I sounded rude or not because at that moment all I really wanted to do was go home.
Your Dad, Captain Boye asked me to come pick you up.” He replied.
“My Dad sent you? Who are you?” I asked. Was that rude too? I think not, what with stories about kidnappers, one had to be sure, the issue was how was I to confirm if my Dad had sent him, the dude wasn’t even
paying attention, he was punching his phone.
“Hello Sir…yes Sir…she’s right here, okay Sir. Here your Dad” He said as he handed the phone to me, so the dude was calling my Dad the while I saw him punching the phone, why didn’t I even think of that?
“Hello Daddy, the eagle has landed…hahahaha…I’m fine Daddy…yes…yes…okay….alright Dad, see you soon, love you” I handed the phone back to him.
“You guys wait here while I go get the car from the park” He said.
He brought the car, I settled the porter and we were on our way
home. I missed the sights and sounds of Lagos, from the mad drivers to the crazy riders, from the hawkers to the numerous uniformed personnel, Lagos was indeed unique. We drove in silence, save the music coming from the car stereo. It seemed like the fellow driving me wasn’t a
talker, talking about the fellow, I stole another glance at him, he looked way too good and refined to be a driver, perhaps he was one of Dad’s I.T. experts ‘cause he dressed like them.
“Would you like me to get you something to eat?” He asked. Free food? I wasn’t one to turn
down free food, never! But I was turning down this one, just this once.
“Oh yes…I’m sorry, I mean no, thank you” I muttered. That’s what happens when the valve of brain to mouth is faulty.
We finally got home, home sweet home, nothing had changed, Agnes was still the maid, Okon
was still the gateman, our next house neighbors were still the lousy, noisy, nosy Edo people they were years ago when I left.
I inhaled and exhaled “ahhhh” the sweet smell of home, indeed nothing had changed, well except for the dude that came to pick me from the airport, I
still didn’t want to believe he was a driver, there was no way he could be the driver, there was no way he could be the driver, I mean he looked way too refined for that, anyway I intended to confirm from Dad. One would expect that after my journey I would take about a week to
get some rest before being in physical contact with the outside world, but no, Dad & Mom were at different parts of the world working and even though I was used to living without them around, this house was way too big to live alone. The very next day
I was up and about, getting prepared to step out. I needed to go see Chichi my childhood friend so we could discuss steps to take as regards starting a business here, she was the best person I could always run to for business ideas and advice.

We were out and on our way, then I
noticed my too-refined-to-be-a-driver driver was about to take a route other than the one I knew.
“Please what’s your name? and why do you want to take that route?” I asked?
“Dave,To avoid traffic” He answered.
“Sorry, but please use the normal route, there isn’t usually traffic there at this time” I said feeling like a boss, turned out my judgment was inaccurate, in fact we spent three and a half hours more time than we would have spent if we had followed Dave’s route. I was too
stubborn to admit I knew nothing about Lagos traffic and detours to avoid them, it took three more faulty traffic decisions from me to acknowledge the fact that I should never question Dave’s traffic avoidance system.
We finally got to Chichi’s place, she was outside already
waiting for me, the moment I stepped out from the car, she almost knocked me over as she ran to hug me.
“DAMMMMY!” she screamed.
“Chichi chikito of life, I’ve missed you ehnn” I said
“I know right, you’re looking good, turn round, turn round let me see, see your curves ooo”
She said, while turning me around, yeah she was a crazy one.
“Which curves, abeg leave curves jare”
“Sly! You just came back to Naija and you already have boyfriend ehnn, you didn’t think it good to tell me” She said, pointing at Dave in the car.
“No no, he’s not, he’s my…”
I made the driving gesture, ‘cause I still couldn’t bring myself to refer to him as “Diver”
“Bros, I greet ooo” Chichi bent to greet Dave, Dave smiled back & waved at her back. I was in awe ‘cause I had never seen him smile, I mean I didn’t think he knew how to smile.
“Babe, did you say he’s your driver?” Chichi whispered in my ears
“errr…something like that” I replied.
“NA wa oo, this fine bobo, give me his number na since you don’t want”
“Chichi so you haven’t changed, anyway I don’t even know anything about him apart from his name” I said
“Collect the number na, you want to keep him here till night?” Chichi asked
“Oh that’s true, I didn’t think about that”
“How will you think, when you left your sense abroad, do and meet me inside”

I exchanged numbers with Dave and let him go so he could attend to other personal
business rather than waste his time waiting for me.
Chichi and I rather than plan and strategize just got lost in gossip, there was nothing or no one we didn’t talk about. Both of us had taken the decision to stay away from relationships for a while and that was because
we both had been through hell in our previous relationships, for me, the decision included staying away from sex and I must say that was a very difficult thing to do, but I managed while Chichi on the other hand had found a way to satisfy her urge, she had become a heartbreaker,
once she got what she wanted from a guy, she tossed him aside and continued living like he never existed, too bad I couldn’t be like that.
“It’s already dark & we haven’t discussed what brought me here” I said.
“Like you didn’t enjoy the gossip session, so what do you have in mind?” Chichi asked
“Nothing, that’s why I came to you” I answered.
“Dammy, need an honest opinion?”
“No, I came all the way here for a false opinion abi”
“Hehehe, Dammy get a job first, gain experience so you can have stuff to add to your CV, also you can earn money from work while you start the business on the side, just in case it fails, you’ll have something to cushion the effect.”
“Work? Where do I start looking?” I asked.
“I was right when I said you left your senses abroad, your Dad has companies, can’t you talk to him?”

There was no way I would go to Chichi with an issue and not leave with a solution, she was my guardian angel, I had never thought about what she suggested, it all made a lot of
sense. I spoke to my Dad over the phone when I got home. His reply-
My baby, you have no idea how excited I am, now I’m very certain you’ve grown” I could sense excitement in his voice. It turned out there was a vacancy for the departmental head of human resources at one of his
companies in Lagos. An interview was organized, not that it was necessary, it was just protocol. And that was how I got my first job, it was indeed a challenging experience for me. Dave was still the one who drove me around and we barely talked, all we did was greet each other,
then each one to his own business.
One day my ex who had been disturbing me with talks about how he missed me and how he hoped we could start afresh requested we met and discussed. I got tired of his talks and decided to pay him a visit at his house so I could talk some sense
into him, I told Chichi, she thought it was a terrible idea, but she wasn’t in my shoes so I didn’t expect her to understand. Dave drove me to his place, I told him I wasn’t staying long. My ex welcomed me, then started explaining and apologizing for the past while I just sat
there sipping the drink he offered and waiting for him to finish talking so I could hit him hard with words he never expected. I just suddenly began to feel dizzy & horny at the same time- weird right? I tried to stand up but collapsed back into the chair, one look at my ex and
the evil smile on his face told me I had been drugged. He stood up and came to me and whispered.
“Let me take a bath, we’re ‘bout to have fun baby” He laughed, then turned up the volume of the music player before leaving, so screaming wasn’t even an option, I tried to stand up
again, but couldn’t, legs were wobbly, I began to regret not listening to Chichi, I thought of who I could contact to save me immediately- Dave! With shaky hands I sent a text
“Sav me drug weak rape music” was what I sent & silently prayed he would understand, I tried to call him
Read the rest of the story here:…
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