The mother of all immigration threads with Verifiable facts covering:
1/ 🚨There is no border crossing crisis🚨
Unauthorized Immigrant Total Dips to Lowest Level in a Decade
The decline is due almost entirely to a sharp decrease in the number of Mexicans entering the country without authorization.
Figures from @pewresearch
2/There were 10.7 million unauthorized immigrants living in the U.S. in 2016, down from a peak of 12.2 million in 2007.
42% of these immigrants who have been in the country for over 5 years live in household with US CITIZEN CHILDREN.
3/ Total apprehensions in the southern border are at 20 year low.
From 1.5M in the 90's to less than 320000 in 2017. keep in mind border patrol has more sensors and technology at the border than ever before covering more territory. Source CBP…
4/Now, here are the unauthorized immigrant population by world region:
Asia and South America compared to Mexico
There are bad apples in every segment of this society. Criminals come in all shapes and colors. some undocumented immigrants commit crimes.
1.6% are felons.
8% of Americans are felons.
How increase in immigrant population affects crime
6/ Deporting 11 million undocumented people would be an almost $8 trillion hit to the economy over the next 14 years. Legalizing them could boost GDP by almost $2 trillion in that same time period.
That is 1% GDP growth.
@lenagroeger from @ProPublica
7/ once and for all:
1- if you are undocumented you do not qualify for welfare.
2- legal immigrants need years to qualify for social benefits while they start paying into them from day one
Many people keep asking if there is an immigration detention quota.
I will answer it in this thread showing some wording wizardry ICE uses to maintain a certain number of people locked up at all times:
Thread immigration detention quotas:
9/The current budget for detention is a little north of $3 billion (was $2 Billion then DHS asked for more)
A large portion of it goes to For-Profit contractors ( private Prisons)
10/ ICE uses contractual provisions that obligate it to pay for a minimum number of immigration detention beds at specific facilities, referred to in contracts as “𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐮𝐦𝐬.” It requires payment to private contractors whether beds are filled or not.
11/Ice is under pressure to keep this minimums filled protecting the bottom line of private companies t͟h͟u͟s͟ ͟i͟n͟c͟e͟n͟t͟i͟v͟i͟z͟e͟ ͟t͟h͟e͟ ͟i͟m͟p͟r͟i͟s͟o͟n͟m͟e͟n͟t͟ ͟o͟f͟ ͟i͟m͟m͟i͟g͟r͟a͟n͟t͟s͟.͟ Field offices get calls from DC giving them shit for not utilizing all the beds.
12/Congress includes the national bed quota in annual appropriation bills. detention quotas are written into the DHS Appropriations Act, which states, “... funding made available under this heading shall maintain a level of not less than 34,000 detention beds." Detention45000 now
13/Actually @CongCulberson wanted to change "maintain with "fill" to maintain the minimum numbers of beds filled as a statutory requirement. Basically Mandatory Minimums are quotas because ICE is pressured to fill the minimum beds we pay for. Keeping for profit prisons profitable
14/ICE (ERO) has 24 field offices nationwide. 12 have guaranteed minimums:
Pt Isabel
El paso
Otay mesa
15/ICE gets a discount on each person detained above the guaranteed minimum called tiered pricing. The more they funnel to For Profit prisons the less they pay.
ICE acts like that a grocery store chain, keeping the shelves stocked up at the private prisons first NO MATTER WHAT!
16/Here is a list of the for profit prisons:
Asset Protection Security Servs
Doyon Government group
Ahtna Technical services
Akima global Services
Corrections Corp of America
Akal Security
The Geo group where deputy director of ICE quit and got a gig there last year in sunny FL
17/These companies donated heavily to the GOP including Trump's campaign. They have bankrolled sessions for years. They donated to trumps inaugural campaign.
Profits require supply and demand. You do the math.
18/ lets talk immigration children labor
HHS has placed over 150,000 minors with "Family members or sponsors" since 2010.
They used to fingerprint "sponsors" and require an FBI background check.
Not anymore.
Let me walk you thru your freedom breakfast:
19/Chicken-egg farms LOVE cheap labor.
They have a hard time finding Bubba-John willing to work in a very toxic environment that sounds like this:
90+ degrees inside a chicken shit infested steel box full of hundreds of thousands of chicken ( some dead) & at times freezing temp.
20/These farms also prefer to pay wages of next to nothing.
Solution? South border.
To stay legally in the clear, they hire "contractors" who supply them with the labor they need. These contractors have other contractors ( likely a brother or a cousin) chilling in Guatemala.
21/That cousin rounds up a bunch of teenagers, promises them guaranteed crossing into America and work, in let's say Kentucky or Ohio.
The catch: they need to pay him $10-15K once they get to their new freedom jobs. They are smuggled across the border easily using tunnels (Wall)
22/Now, some of these kids make it to the farms, start working and get 80% of their pay taken out by the local shitty cousin contracted by the freedom chicken farm. That money goes straight to the smuggler. They get the difference until the 10-15K is paid under death threats.
23/For the teens who get caught by any of our Border enforcement Gestapo (caught by the non corrupt agents) rest assured not all is lost. They get transferred to private prison industry for a while to get those pockets filled first ( $170-$700) each, per day, paid for by you & I
24/The local shitty cousin sends other contracted people to pose as sponsors for more minors, get them out of Dan Ragsdale's hotel ( former ICE deputy director now working for profitable private prisons) and gets them to the farms.

more coming twitter limits at 25!
25/These kids live in trailers stacked on top of each other, in unsanitary conditions with zero access to healthcare. There are no workplace injury remedies. Injuries and sickness are just too common. They still work because if they dont, smugglers hurt their families back home.
26/Everyone in law enforcement KNOWS the Chicken/eggs cartel uses tens of thousands of these minors, every once in a while they raid them and guess who gets detained? the minors and any adult Carlos or Jose they find ( to send them back to the profitable detention system)
27/The circle of underage bodies, smuggling, Caught or not makes little difference because eventually HHS and @SecNielsen will hand them over to traffickers and the cycle keeps going.
I am not even going to bring up the ones who end up in the sexual abuse underground.
28/Americans consume 1 billion eggs a month.
Almost all are collected by migrant labor. Most likely undocumented, and trafficked.
This is just eggs and chicken, I'll tackle you salad and strawberry shortcake another time.
29/fact check me: google : Ohio Fresh Eggs-child exploitation
30/if whatever you are eating takes big shits and is messy to raise chances are these kids are getting it to your store-restaurant. The rest of the food chain RELIES on these kids.
Just before the elections. Geo Group ( largest private prison contractor) Donated $250K to Trump Super Pac. Then $250K for his inauguration
32/ As soon as trump won the election, their stock SOARED.
33/ two of Former Jeff Sessions Aides left to lobby for the private prison Industry. Ryan Robichaux @ryanrobichaux and David Stewart
34/ It costs almost $150 for @ICEgov to detain an immigrant per day. about 40,000 immigrants are in detention every day
35/Trump's DOJ ordered detention capacity to be increased to 80,000/day.
36/ We spend $5 MILLION a day detaining immigrants. Alternative Detention Methods available for between $.70 and $17 bucks a day.
37/Let's not forget @ICEgov deputy director under trump Daniel Ragsdale left for the private prison industry this year.
39/ When you spent the money already, you need prisoners to keep shareholders happy. Private detention facility network ladies and gentelmen
40/ Here is what we, taxpayers, get for $150 a day to detain a brown person
MAGA right?
41/The GEO GROUP allegedly forced more than 50,000 immigrants to work without pay or forFormer immigrant detainees are suing a detention center over paying them $1 a day for labor…
42/ past thread about the business of detention
44/ the business of immigration and how much we charge them just to try to become or remain legal
45/ economic impact of deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants:
I am not done. I have 100 more tweets coming .. mini immi wants a unicorn book read in bed brb
Trump using the argument of a murder by an undocumented immigrant to close the border is the same as someone using a vehicle to intentionally run over someone, so we must all burn our cars.
47/ Contractual obligation per year per private prison company. we pay that no matter what.
48/ Lets talk refugees and asylum seekers by the numbers:
49/ Refugees & Asylees by region-age-nationality
50/ apprehensions
51/ inadmissibility by origins
52/ Removal Factors
While the president Stupident is about to shut the gov down because he is not getting his stoopid wall ( it is just racism), remind your #maga friends that 50 new soon to be undocumented immigrants enter the country “legally” from your nearest international airport EVERY HOUR
54/Every year, over 600,000 travelers cross a border entry point LEGALLY with a short term Visa intending to never leave the United States, find employment and chill.

You do not hear much about it in the news because the majority are Europeans and ..ahem.... Canadians.
55/ As a matter a fact, Canadians overstay they visas at a rate of 3 to 1 compared to Mexicans.
these are 2015 numbers. 2016/17 are the same rates
56/👀👀🇨🇦 are naughty immigrants
57/ here is 2016
58/ lets get back to numbers and use Happy hour baby @SecNielsen own numbers.
Here are DHS numbers from October to Feb this year compared to last years... all in the negative.
This moron president should understand the basic of Supply/Demand.
59/ Total apprehensions of undocumented immigrants by year numbers ( CBP's own numbers to justify my prior tweet) lower right corner is the yearly total.
We don't need a fuk'n wall.
(2000-2006-2010-2017). these reports are ON CBP's website
60/ VISA OVERSTAYS ( people flying in and entering the country legally then overstaying their Visa limit) per DHS estimates In FY 2016 are 739,478 Double illegal crossings for the same year.
That is where the GAP is and it is a NATIONAL SECURITY issue.
61/Brown shirts ICETAPO
Hey @ICEgov here is YOUR OWN LIST of visa overstays numbers. It seems like you are working your way alphabetically by country of origins and stuck on B Brown. them Spaniard and Brits, hard to "locate" for ICE. They blend in.
62/ Auzies, french, germans...... too
63/ I saved the best for last.
Look at them Canadians beating Mexican overstays by a margin of 4 to 1.
64/all of these numbers are @DHSgov numbers. source…
check my shit
65/ How is a fook'ng wall going to help with anything? Most drugs and shenanigans come thru port of entries. Staffed and managed by the same people. Poorly run and in need of major upgrades.
Instead Trump wants an $18 billion Backdrop to use to brag on TV for his own ego. SMH
66/The drug trafficking happens mainly at entry points:…
Foreign visitor overstays by birth region
( overstays meaning their visa expired and they did not leave) look at that European bubble.
68/you never hear @FoxNews talk about the undocumented Brazilians, Chinese, or British
69/ I just wants to say I am wearing no pants right now because it is the 69th tweet.
Shoutout to @ManInTheHoody
resuming immigration thread
70/ lets talk about how much tax dollars we keep from undocumented immigrants, It is good business for states:
71/Did you know:
The quickest fastest easiest Government record identifier undocumented immigrants can get from the UNITED States is a Tax Payers ID ( in lieu of a social security number) Do you know why?
Because we need to collect taxes from you regardless of your status.
this thread got cut for some reason.. check timeline for 72 +.
I will end it at about 120. the juiciest stuff is about to come
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