My husband Dr Saif Ullah MD, Pulmonary and critical care consultant in USA (who was in process of joining PKLI before CJ Saqib Nisar victimized this state of the art institution) on resignation of Dr Amir Yaar khan”This resignation of Dr Amer Yaar khan is very demoralizing for :1
the rest of foreign trained, highly skilled Pakistani physicians and surgeons. This is going to produce a Dominos affect, expect more resignations to come as Dr Amir hired a lot of foreign consultants who will now resign and leave the country. I personally covered PKLI hospital:2
and participated in interviews to hire ICU registrars, MOs, HOs as a Pulmonary/Critial care/Internal Medicine consultant for couple of weeks on locum. I was so happy to feel the enthusiasm and energy in the atmosphere that it filled me with immense optimism. I noticed REVERSE :3
REVERSE BRAIN DRAIN and met so many, young, brilliant foreign and local trained Pakistani consultant who either had joined or were planning to join the institution like me. The direction in which things were heading was so promising that I thought InshaAllah Pakistan will be:4
getting its first ever state of the art multi disciplinary center of excellence way better than shaukat khanum and comparable to top world hospitals. I met several Physicians, nurses and technicians who resigned SKMH and Shifa international, Islamabad to help build this program:5
I know many of the top leadership of PKLI on personal and professional levels including Managing director Amir Yar Khan MD with multiple administrative and teaching experiences from USA (AIMC), AMD Jehangir Abbas, MRCP, FRCP, Consultant Endocrine UK (AIMC), then AMD Ahmed Awab:6
MD, FACCP with 6 specialization, hexa board certified( Internal Medicine, Pulmonary medicine, Interventional Pulmonology, Sleep medicine, Critical care neurology USA (KEMC), Faisal Dar leading hepatic transplant surgeon trained from UK(AIMC) and had no doubts about their :7
dedication to this cause. In March 2018 they interviewed me and others like me purely on merit basis who had experiences in related fields and wanted to come back to Pakistan including Dr Muhammad Mujtaba (AIMC) MD transplant nephrologist and Transplant Director, University of :8
Texas Galveston USA and we both decided to join them in 2019 on bare minimum salaries with restrictions on our private practices outside PKLI, in order to serve our country and join back our families. These fine men sacrificed there lifestyles, compensations and family time to :9
built an asset for Pakistan.They were so much dedicated to their cause that most of them used to stay late in the hospital just to build this program with as much perfection as humanly possible in Pakistan.Finally their hardwork paid off & on 25 December 2017 this institution:10
took it’s first baby step and before it can even start running successfully Suo moto was taken and things slowed down. These individuals were developing PKLI into a world class facility. This was ONLY BECAUSE THEY HAD AUTONOMY, they did their own hiring and firing on merits :11
(they did fire incompetent people too). There was no bureaucratic involvement by punjab government in hospital operations ,which helped them develop this institution’s protocols on the guidelines of The Joint Commission, that are followed throughout the world especially in the:12
west.Once Ex CJ Saquib Nisar stepped in we lost everything. I think we as a nation are still not ready to develop institutions due to our own puny political differences and low self esteems. In my personally belief I think Ex CJ Saqib Nisar inflicted an immense damage to this:13
nation by systematically sabotaging this project. I still remember when he was crunching down on PKLI.....all political rivals, local Pakistani physician consultants with conflict of interests (Not all of them) and some media outlets, without any meaningful insight of this :14
program,out poured their professional n political hatred and made every possible effort to destabilize this facilty which was being built for the very benefit of their own children, parents, spouses, brothers and sisters especially those who can’t afford this costly treatment:15
How unfortunate we as a nation are by shooting in our own foot. Had PKLI been allowed to progress at the same pace it would have saved innumerable precious lives and trained new bread of physicians in Pakistan through PKLI hospital and university respectively. Now the future :16
of this institution is uncertain especially with current government policies. If these are not addressed and rectified in timely fashion then this institution would be a total failure in its true spirit. In that case PKLI is destined to be another Sheikh zayed hospital Lahore :17
which will struggle to survive as a transplant center and would be converted into another mediocre government hospital . I strongly recommend to give the full autonomy back to the physicians and keep politics and bureaucracy out of it. Doing politics at the cost of human life :18
Is shameful. After humiliating these fine individuals, thanks to former CJP, current government , biased media segments and some of our own colleagues with professional rivalry, now these highly skilled foreign trained Pakistani professionals will think twice before returning :19
to Pakistan. God bless Pakistan. As a nation we need to evolve and grow out of the cesspool of hate. This is a classic example how Hate, jealousy and personal gains damaged the country and deprived the nation of its basic health rights. God bless Saquib Nisar former CJP.... :20
Some people think he is a hero, but in this case who he actually is, history will tell. #PKLI #SaqibNisar #DrAmerYaarKhan :21

• • •

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Jan 30, 2021
نیشنل بینک ،موجودہ حکومت کے دوستوں کی لوٹ مار
زبیر سومرو کو بغیر کسی اشتہار کے چیئرمین بورڈ NBPلگایا گیا
عارف عثمانی،اسد عمر کے دوست (جو نائیجیریا میں منی لانڈری کیس میں مبینہ طور پر ملوث)
تعلیمی قابلیت بھی صرف BA، کو بھی غلط طریقے سے اپوائنٹ کیا گیا
انکے 1ارب 84 کڑور FBR بار :1
بار سورس مانگ رہی پر عارف عثمانی کوئ ثبوت نہ دے سکے
زبیر سومرو اور عارف عثمانی نے بھاری تنخواہوں پر اپنے بے روزگار دوستوں کو 30-40 لاکھ روپے ماہانہ تنخواہوں پر بھرتی کیا
عارف عثمانی کے پاس انٹیگا اور باربوڈا" کی شہریت
جو جزیرہ FATF کے مطابق منی لانڈرنگ اور کرپشن کے لئے مشہور:2
Federal Government preferred a four-count charge of money laundering against Citibank Nigeria, its Managing Director, Arif Usmani and an employee of the bank before a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos :3
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Nov 23, 2020
حکومتی VVIP طیارہ ( PA-9834 ) دو دن سے عمان ، شام مین کھڑا رہا اور سعودی اہم ملاقات جو تمام دنیا کی شہہ سرخیان بنی، کے بعد واپس پاکستان روانہ !!
یہ نہائت ہی VVIP جہاز وہان دو دن کیوں رہا ؟؟
یہ جہاز کس کو لے کر گیا تھا ؟؟ ImageImage
Jordon *
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Jun 7, 2020
#Covid19 #Patients who need blood for #Plasma_therapy may contact the following(these persons ,being recovered from Covid-19,are ready to donate their plasma)

1) For #A+ blood :
03334599345 ,03324635437,03214881499,03405044744, 03404198871 ,03334599345 ,03012226886 :1
03012226866,03354917428/03354917426, 03224233416, 03244786111

2) For #B+ Blood :
03237408916 ,03224173786, 03367044081, 03376207548 , 03055310811 , 03153932935 , 03360822050 , 03422854012 , 03137822547 , 03328794032 ,03051819120 , 03043066366

3) For #O- blood* :
03014060483 :2
03224280633 , 03244786111

4) For #0+ blood* :
03315519033 , 03097902717 , 03054532257

5) For #A- blood*
03224664551 , 03066640094

6) For #B- blood*

Thanks to Dr Babar Butt(Associate Professor)
kindly donate your plasma if you have been coronavirus patient :3
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Apr 24, 2020
پاکستان کو کسی بھی ملک یا فائنینشل ادارےسے کرونا کے لئے کوی مالی امداد نہی ملی :نیازی صاحب

پاکستان کو IMF سے $1.39 ارب کی ایڈ مل گئئُ :سٹیٹ بینک آف پاکستان

چین $4 ملئن دے چکا بےتحاشہ equipment امداد کے ساتھ

امریکہ ایک ملئن ڈالر دے چکا اور مزید 8 ملئن:1…
China’s assistance to Pakistan so far includes ventilators
12,000 test kits
300,000 masks
10 thousand protective suits and
4 million dollars to build an isolation hospital.
Xinjiang government has also provided 50 thousand masks:2…
Turkey donates medical equipment to Pakistan

Special Turkish Airlines flight brought 20,000 masks, 50,000 protective suits and 100,000 face shields :3…
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Mar 31, 2020
قرض اتارو ملک سنوارو سکیم :
سٹیٹ بینک کی annual report 2001 کے ریفرینس کے ساتھ

حکومت پاکستان نے 1997 میں قرض اتارو ملک سنوارو سکیم شروع کی جس کی تین categories تھیں
قرض حسنہ اور
منافع پر قرض

قرض حسنہ اور منافع پر قرضہ بھی کم از کم دو سال کے لئے تھا :1
یہ سب پیسہ حکومت کے سٹیٹ بینک میں سنٹرل اکاؤنٹ میں جمع کیا گیا

اور donations کی مد میں جمع ہوئ رقم سے 1.7 بلین کا اندرونی قرضہ اتارا گیا

جس پر حکومت 17.2 فیصد مارک اپ دے رہی تھی جبکہ باقی 1.105 بلین فڈرل کنسولیڈیشن فنڈ میں جمع کرایا گیا :2
مارچ 1999 کو جو سٹیٹ بینک اور کمرشل بینکس کو قرض حسنہ اور منافع پر قرض جن کی دو سال کی maturity تھی ،
کی ادائیگیوں میں facilitate کرنے کے لئے کیا گیا . اس چارٹ میں آپ دیکھ سکتے ہیں NDRP , قرض اتارو ملک سنوارو سے کریڈٹرز کا قرضہ اتارا:3
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Mar 21, 2020
سڑکیں ہی بنائیں ، ہسپتال اور ہیلتھ کئر نہی بنائ :انصافی الیکشن پروپیگنڈا

ن دور میں ہیلتھ کا بجٹ بھی نیازی دور کے بجٹ سے زئادہ تھا

پنجاب میں صرف پبلک سیکٹر مین 1300 وینٹیلٹرز
خیبر پختون جہان فرشتوں کی حکومت کو ساتوان سال وہان صرف 150 وینٹیلٹرز پبلک اور پرائیوٹ سیکٹر دونون ملا:1
#Deliverance وہ جس کا دشمن بھی اعتراف کرے
دنیا کی جدید ترین مشینری ہمارے پاس ہے
کوئ ایسی مشین نہی جو PIC میں ہمارے پاس نہ ہو
RIC (حنیف عباسی صاحب کا initiative ) میں
ساٹھ ہزار پاکستانوں کا علاج ہوتا
ایک ہزار کئ angiography
اور 400 کی angioplasty
PIC میں 45000 کا علاج ماہانہ :2
پندرہ سو angiography
450 angioplasty
پنجاب بہت سیف صوبہ ہے اور ہیلتھ کے بہترین انتظامات ہین

اب زرا انصافی لیڈران KPK میں ہیلتھ کی تفصیلات بتانا پسند فرمائیں گے
BRT کا جو سفید ہاتھی وہ تو سب کے سامنے ہی ہے :3
Read 18 tweets

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