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Periode. ✍

Why is it so hard to see?
Why is it ao hard for ones to Understand?

The fathers & mothers out there may understand what it's like to be PROTECTIVE over the ones you love ..
People take it as being "Scolded" the way I interact, when it's truly ne being A mirror
Image & PROTECTING the ones I love!

"A Fathers #LOVE for his Children knows no bounds" ..

I have tought others how to change diapers, now it's time for others to do exactly that.. I must protect the ones I love because little to no one else will. To many caught up in their own
Little worlds not caring that good men & women are crying out for help, being somewhat ignored All because ones refuse to BE STILL or they need attention posting about all the stupid distractions taking place in the world today..
All these distraction created so little to none
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#A (#Adinfinitum ) 😍🔥

தெலுங்கு லையும் அப்போ அப்போ மாஸ், மசாலா எல்லாம் தவிர்த்து Experimental, science fiction னு புதுசா டிரை பன்றானுங்க 😍👍

சரி... கதைக்கு வருவோம், பழச எல்லாம் மறந்து ஒரு ஹூரோ, Hospital ல டிரிட்மென்ட் பாத்து வர நர்ஸவே கல்யாணம் பன்னிட்டு ஜாலியா இருக்கானா .... Image
அதான் இல்ல......

அடிக்கடி அவனுக்கு ஒரு கனவு வந்து டிஸ்டர்ப் பன்னிட்டே இருக்க,

ஒரு பக்கம் சின்ன சின்ன குழந்தைகள் எல்லாம் கடத்திட்டு வில்லன் இருக்க,

கனவு டிஸ்டர்ப் பன்றத நினைச்சு நினைச்சு டிப்ரேஷன் மோட் லியே ஹூரோ சுத்திட்டு இருக்க,

வில்லன் ஹூரோவோட குழந்தை யவே கடத்த..... Image
அந்த குழந்தை ய காப்பாத்துற முயற்சி ல ஹீரோ இறங்க..

அப்ரம் என்னாச்சு?
வில்லன் யாரு ?
குழந்தை ய ஏன் கடத்துறான் ?
ஹூரோவுக்கு வந்த கனவு என்ன ?

எல்லாத்தையும் படத்த பாத்து தெரிஞ்சுகோக்க 😍✌️

கோ கஞ்சிரபளம், ASS ஆத்ரேயா க்கு அப்பறம் சாட்டிஸ்பை பன்ன ஒரு தெலுங்கு படம் ...வொர்த்து 😍🔥🔥 Image
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Here, we're going to thread the key #pitmad rules/guidelines, but please visit for full details. #PitMad is a pitch party on Twitter where writers tweet a 280-character pitch for their completed, polished, unpublished manuscripts.
Every unagented writer is welcome to pitch. All genres/categories are welcomed. All nationalities are welcomed.

#PitMad occurs quarterly. It will run from 8am ET to 8pm ET today, June 3.

Do NOT tag agents/editors in your pitches. Don't tag us unless you have a question.
Agents and editors make requests by liking/favoriting (❤️) the tweeted pitch. #pitmad

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#A different kind of people thrive a lot when they are pushed into a disadvantaged position.

The fear mode button on their keypad has long been deactivated.

They are fearless.

They are go getters

Hebrews 11:33 MSG
Through acts of faith, they toppled kingdoms, made justice
work, took the promises for themselves. They were protected from lions,
Hebrews 11:34 fires, and sword thrusts, turned disadvantage to advantage, won battles, routed alien armies.

Joseph turned his disadvantage to advantage. In prison, he did not sit sulking, he was busy
interpreting dreams.

Jephthah too did not sit down sulking when he was abruptly thrown out of his father's house through no fault of his.

He lost his inheritance.
Lost his heritage, but never lost his identity.

He was a man of valour.
Even in the land where he ran to, he did
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Read more about the new threat
(1) The new plans would:

Allow private companies like Deloitte to sit on boards that make decisions about how to spend NHS money.

Introduce the American model into our NHS where unaccountable decision making bodies prioritise profit margins
and making savings over caring for people's health. This model is likely to lead to cuts and closures of #NHS hospitals and #A&E.
Push more people to go private as cuts are made.
Patients have already been promised greater rights to choose private treatment and have it paid for by the #NHS.

Open the door to more cronyism - yet more contracts would be given to 'government pals like 'Serco, as we’ve seen in the pandemic, but without any competition -
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Whoever made #DualStackLite/#DSlite, made it #RFC6333:


Also I think that #ISPs should be mandated to provide real, #DualStack internet access, since #CGNAT bricks #VPNs and thus is being weaponized for #censorship.…
So I've to help a #RemoeWorking colleage to not only get their #ISP to migrate them to #DualStack instead of that #DSlite/#CGNAT bs, but also migrate a company #VPN to Dual-Stack...
Because @deutschetelekom, @vodafone_de, @o2de and all the #MVNO|s in #Germany don't Providence Prosper #DualStack on mobile, and at best do #NAT64 or #CGNAT on #RFC1918 address spaces but sometimes even do #IPv6-only or even #NAT66!
And they #WontFix thar even for #B2B customers.
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Começando a listagem de tweets recuperados para a arroba EduardoBraga_AM. Sumiram desde a nossa última checagem 3 tweets.
O tweet com id 1324381174668681217 de 2020-11-05 16:00:52 que falava sobre:
Mais um passo do Congresso para enfrentar o maior desafio do país nesse momento: frear o desemprego e gerar mais oportunidades de trabalho 🤝

#TôComAmérico #AméricoVereador #Democratas #podeconfiar #A...
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Náhody se jeví jako vzor. Ale to je přece dost logické. Život je jako řeka. Btw, umíte predikovat pohyb tekoucí vody?…
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Then do you also support spreading pornographic images of fake woman created use A.I, specifically G.A.N?
How are you not creating zombies or woman objectifying lusty mysogonist ,who have fetishes for hindu Icons/roleModels??…
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#Movies in last 3days - இந்த மூணு நாள்ள மட்டும் இது வரை 4படம் பாத்திருக்கேன். இரண்டு புதுசு, இரண்டு பழசு. எல்லாமே நம்ம பசங்க திரட் போட்டது தான். ஆனா எல்லாமே செம படம்.
#CUSoon - Fahad Fazil நடிச்சு போன வாரம் பிரைம்ல வந்த படம். simple story. ஆனா மொபைல் அன்ட் லேப்டாப், Pc camera Image
இதுலையே எடுத்த படம். படம் முழுக்க முழுக்க அதுல மட்டுமே எடுத்தது. அருமையான முயற்சி. அதுக்கு தகுந்த திரைக்கதை. செம படம். எல்லாரும் கண்டிப்பா பாருங்க. பிரைம்ல இருக்கு. மலையாள படம். தமிழ் டப் இல்ல
2வது படம்
#HIT - தெலுங்கு படம். ஹீரோக்கு Psychic பிரச்சினை. அவர் யார் சொல்றதையும் Image
கேக்க மாட்டாரு. ஆனா investigationல புலி. இது போர் அடிச்ச விஷயம்னாலும். படத்தோட திரைக்கதை நல்ல விருவிருப்பு. அவ்வளவு ஃபாஸ்ட்டா மூவ் பண்றாங்க. அதே மாதிரி இப்ப வர Investigation moviesல மேக்ஸிமம் forensic பத்தி அதிகமா பேசுறாங்க. இது இன்னும் பழைய மாதிரி இல்ல‌. எவ்வளவோ போலிஷ்
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1.#A ZIMBABWEAN POLITICAL LOGJAM:AN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM;May I walk u through th Zimbabwean Social,Economic&Political Problem&provide its SOLUTION.Zimbabwe needs Political Change t achieve both Social&Economic Transformation towards Prosperity.THE CHANGE AGENT S ABSENT CURRENTLY.
2.Zimbabweans across the Tribal differences,were United by the Liberation War.ZANU&ZAPU lead this struggle to fruition in 1980 Independence.There was URGENT NEED to Unite these these two forces to achieve Social&Economic Prosperity,but it FAILED.ZPF was the Elephant in the room.
3.ZPF gradually navigated from a Socialist perspective to a Capitalist Mode,thereby pleasing its former Colonisers.The Gutsaruzhinji in both Zanu&merged 1987 Zapu disappeared in 1990 ESAP.People like MRT sought to rekindle&revive the ZPF Original Vision of Gutsaruzhinji.
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#Customer Service Officer?
d fol training threads on my timeline since March, 2020 will really help u RESET.
#Customer Care Skills
#Who is an Entrepreneur?
#How To Be An Entrepreneur
#Goal Setting Strategies

@threadreaderapp "COMPILE"
#Creating a Productivity Journal
#Entrepreneural Motivation.
#Think Business Not Jobs.
#Effective Communications for Entrepreneurs.
#Debts, Investments or Consumption.
#How to be indispensable @ work.
#A Basic Introduction To Customer Care.
#Entrepreneur Quotes
#What is Sales?
#Dynamics of Sales.
#30 Ways to become a successful Entrepreneur
#Entrepreneurs...Post COVID-19
#Niche Marketing.
#Tunnel Vision In Marketing.

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My latest book...A burst of short prayers.

Coming soon to a bookstore near you.

Here is a Summary of the book..

#A Short Burst of Prayers: A Review by Oladapo Ajibua

The book, A Short Burst of Prayers, is both EXPOSITORY and PRACTICAL in style and content. It is another gift ImageImage
inspired by the Holy Spirit through the anointed servant of God,
Pastor-Oluwatosin Olunuga

The book begins by divulging the power of a vibrant personal prayer life as exemplified by the life of Jesus Christ during his ministry on earth and goes on to dwell on the unlocking of
God’s power through practical and conscious praiseful thanksgiving.

Right from the Introduction and Prologue, the book engages the mind attentively. How strange that as Christians, we continually fail God in the school of Thanksgiving? Also, how come we often fail to emulate
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#A word of wisdom to today's churches

"On Prayer... Charles Spurgeon wrote...

“If a church is to be what it ought to be for the purposes of God, we must train it in the holy art of prayer. Churches without prayer-meetings are grievously common. Even if there were only one
such, it would be one to weep over. In many churches the prayer-meeting is only the skeleton of a gathering: the form is kept up, but the people do not come. There is no interest, no power, in connection with the meeting. Oh, my brothers, let it not be so with you! Do train the
people to continually meet together for prayer. Rouse them to incessant supplication. There is a holy art in it. Study to show yourselves approved by the prayerfulness of your people. If you pray yourself, you will want them to pray with you; and when they begin to pray with you.
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1. Next 21 tweets on #Sikh tradition's relationship with different languages & scripts in Indic core & extended MidEast/Mongol/Tibet/E.Asian family.

What were the cultural undercurrents of the first Sikh movement towards Indicization?

What derailed this?

What about the future?
2. #Sikh Guru Angad ji pioneered the re-introduction of Indic script in Punjab. Rolled back imposition of modified-Arabic script.

#Gurmukhi is derived from Sharada script of #Kashmiri Hindus. Related to far flung Tocharian script. Is only surviving member of that script-family.
3. #Sindhis, Hindus from #NWFP & Hinglaaj (present-day #Balochistan), + today's #Kashmiri Hindus' Indic scripts have lost currency. Most now use modified-Arabic script.

These groups should consider adopting #Gurmukhi as script for their languages as they reclaim their identity.
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#Covid19 #Patients who need blood for #Plasma_therapy may contact the following(these persons ,being recovered from Covid-19,are ready to donate their plasma)

1) For #A+ blood :
03334599345 ,03324635437,03214881499,03405044744, 03404198871 ,03334599345 ,03012226886 :1
03012226866,03354917428/03354917426, 03224233416, 03244786111

2) For #B+ Blood :
03237408916 ,03224173786, 03367044081, 03376207548 , 03055310811 , 03153932935 , 03360822050 , 03422854012 , 03137822547 , 03328794032 ,03051819120 , 03043066366

3) For #O- blood* :
03014060483 :2
03224280633 , 03244786111

4) For #0+ blood* :
03315519033 , 03097902717 , 03054532257

5) For #A- blood*
03224664551 , 03066640094

6) For #B- blood*

Thanks to Dr Babar Butt(Associate Professor)
kindly donate your plasma if you have been coronavirus patient :3
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Vamos con el #Hilo de #AntiFA, pero luego sale nota:
El #ANTIFA es un movimiento en los EEUU activista político de izquierda , antifascista y militante q comprende grupos activistas autónomos
Su objetivo: lograr sus planes políticos mediante el uso de la acción directa (violencia) en lugar de mediante la reforma de políticas. Tengan en cuenta los colores del #emblema
Los activistas participan en diversas tácticas de protesta, incluido el #activismodigital , el daño a la propiedad y la violencia física, y el acoso contra aquellos a quienes identifican como fascistas, racistas o de extrema derecha #AntiFA
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hi #poliscitwitter can any political theorists help me understand why Harvey Mansfield's "Manliness" is an academic text rather than, as it appears, a combination of some deeply homoerotic fan fiction and the kind of manifesto you usually find along with several bodies? Image
a few excerpts, for the uninitiated... 🧵
“Besides being weaker than men’s, women’s bodies are made to attract and to please men.” #scholarship #theory Image
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ثريد - "قوام الساعة الزجاجية لماذا عليك البحث عن الفتاة الاصغر؟"
لنبدأ مع قوام_لساعة الزجاجية ، "الأثداء الممتلئة" ما هو سر إنجذاب الرجل غريزيا لهم ؟ هل هذه التفضيلات ذات اصل بيلوجي للرجل ؟ هل عمر المرأة وصحتها له علاقة بتفضيلاتك؟ كثيرا ما تشاهد هذا الرسم البياني فماذا يعني؟
لابد انك لاحظت عزيزي الرجل انجذابك القوي للقوام بشكل الساعة الزجاجية أو (صدر ممتلئ / خصر صغير / حوض كبير) و لم تعرف ما هو سر اشتراك الغالبية الساحقة من الرجال في هذا الانجذاب الغريزي القوي...
للموضوع اساس بيولوجي مرتبط بغريزة البقاء و التناسل ، و هو مبرمج في عقل الرجل منذ مئات آلاف السنين... لكن كيف ؟ السلوك البشري مدفوع بعدة غرائز أساسية تختلف أولوياتها حسب درجة الأهمية..
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Analysis: #NYSE $A

Case 161 #Agilent Technologies Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#A 1/3
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: Upside #momentum has slowed and the break below #trendline support at 84.40 warns of further losses. The long term trend is firmly #bullish with good #support 78.00-74.60 and the daily #SMA 200 at 76.30.

A 2/3
Chart 2
Daily Chart : Buying a small amount at 82.20.

The #Strategy is printed on the image.

$A 3/3
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Thank You, #Pakistan is Trending in #China

Chinese people showing their gratitude towards Pakistan for all support & help country has offered in their time of need

At time when world has distanced itself from China due to coronavirus outbreak Pakistan has stood firm with China Image
Chinese people have taken to Twitter-like ‘Sina Weibo’ to express their gratitude for being partner in fight against deadly virus as hashtag ¿„ç½—æ–¯ 巴基斯坦# (#Thank you, Russia Pakistan#) has become an overnight hit in country.
One of the users has posted a cartoon of a panda, goat, and bear, depicting China, Pakistan, and Russia.
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مرات يقولون المريض دقات قلبه مو منتظمة او سريعة او بطيئة جدًا عنده #arrhythmia احد امراض القلب

ليش مهم نعرفه ؟ لأنه يؤدي الى زيادة الخطر في فشل القلب أو الموت المفاجىء❗

يلا تعالوا نفهم تفاصيل المرض في هذا الثريد ⬇✍🏻 Image
في البداية ايش العناوين الي راح يتم شرحها بهذه السلسلة :
0.ايش تعريف ال arrhythmia وايش انواعه؟
0.كيف يحدث الarrhythmia؟
0.ايش اسباب المرض؟🔸
0.ايش هي الRisk factor of arrhythmia
0.ايش اعراض المرض 💢
0.كيف ممكن نشخّصه ؟
0.ايش هدفنا من العلاج؟💊
0.ماهي الخطة العلاجية الدوائية والغير دوائية للمريض؟
0.كيف نقدر نمنع الarrhythmia ؟ 🚫
0.ايش هي الخطة العلاجية للمرأة الحامل ؟🤰🏻
0.الfollow up يعني المتابعة مع المريض هل الادوية ضبطت معه او لا هل صحته تحسنت او ازدادة سوء ؟ 👨🏻‍⚕
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2. Brice Taylor, a Presidential Sex Slave, abused by many Presidents, was programmed at Disneyland. Her disturbing account is here… . #Disney #AliceInWonderland #Alice #Disneyland #WaltDisney #IlluminatiSymbolism #HollywoodSymbols #Alice #MickeyMouse
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