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If u take 2 ambien the twitter app can turn into. A spooky haunted house on your phone###o
this was really hard to tweet thank god I persevered
using 50% of my weekly perseverance budget on the ambien tweet
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Someone wrote this on A Walgreens Brick as A message, they did it knowing I would see it. .

Jesus = Santa
Santa = Satan
Satan = Jesus
Jesus = Freeing Everyone from Hell
Fallen Angels/Nephilim, The Fallen will rise.

…”And Hell Followed with him”
The photo above with the Pentagram, numbers, Crown & THE SAME SYMBOL that’s on the JFKs Neck & The Garden Sign—Used as A signature, meaning I know exactly who wrote the WRITING ON THE WALL.

The Monsters in the video I’m retweeting, it shows “the devil” (Hell Boy) fighting
The worst evil this world has ever seen …


Men In Black 3, J has to JUMP OFF A BUILDING in order to time travel back to where he from ..

Agent #J Agent #F Agent #K

My Birthday is 10-11-1987, The TWIN Towers went down
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@ANice24675304 So what You’re saying is, you would rather see all who have done those evil acts you listed be ‘Unforgiven’? Which I then would have made them not sing (flip on all other evil in the world) & continue Making everyone’s lives hell even worse than what everyone’s gone through?
@ANice24675304 You too would choose & Accept being ‘Unforgiven’ for what you have done in your life?

“When bad does good”?
How/#WHY do you think MANY evil beings chose to do good for humanity?
Just because you Don’t see it or hear about it, does not mean it hasn’t happened. ImageImageImageImage
@ANice24675304 Show me someone innocent in this world …

Where does that question come from?
- A heart of Stone?
- A Heart of Flesh ?

What is A #ROOT ?
If you NEVER forget the #WHY, Care about the #Why Along with the #ROOT, you begin to show mercy for those who-
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Hawaii —Home of the Samoans
McLovin’ ..

#RED & #BLUE BELTS (Political False Reality world) Of Truth ImageImage
The writing about the past were never about the past, it was always about the future/now/these times we’re all living in.

Time Travel is Fun.

The future took all the data needed back to the past as far back as they could & preserved the truth of what the future held ImageImage
So that each generation could do everything that needed to be done in time to counter evil, the light would pass down the information from generation to generation to those trustworthy ..
which is the exact same thing that’s been done with wrestling & mostly every other layer
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#TRUTH ✔️ It —See for yourself.
#PEPE 🛹 s & Is/has been all along, hidden in plain sight right in front of everyone but everyone thought they knew who is who …
Kinda A little bit funny if you REALLY think about it.

Saving Private RYAN .
Only God could bring down the 1 eyed monster ..

#JackassForever !
The 1 eyes monster in Jackass blows it’s load all over the people, don’t believe me? Go watch the opening skit for yourself, quite hilarious!
8=D class
Resident 44 = D class !
44 = 8=D
44 = The 1 Eyes Monster !!!

Eight Equals Dick !
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10 things I love about $ASTS @AST_SpaceMobile culture is they have flexibility/simplicity/resiliency built into their DNA. @AbelAvellan

1. Look at the choice to use @Rakuten #O-RAN from the start. This lets @AST_SpaceMobile source from multiple suppliers using off the shelf components.

2. #OpenRAN allows their array to have total flexibility in frequencies and beam patterns while allowing forward compatibility while in orbit.

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Stay Tuned, Stay Focused …

If you want to stay distracted by what’s happening within the storm, that’s your call you are choosing to make with your own FREE WILL ! …

I have important matters to attend too at this very moment, HEALING & Comfort ...

What’s happening Image
Out in the world, nothing is real …
All staged, All Planned/coordinated as it’s happening for A reason ..
All (Both “sides”) pointing into #1Direction for the world to know/see, the choice is yours & yours alone …


#Repent.✍️ Image
Do dates & Timing Matter?

How about #Smackdown, Does the SMACK Matter?

Did you know, in the beginning when NOT EVEN VK was posting about Wrestling, none of it really mattered, very few cared .. So many talked shit to me but as soon as VK mentions something it all of A sudden
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Skateboarding Is Key ..
Love Is Key ..
God Is Key ..

3 Of A King = 1 #Stone that is #Sour at the way the world treats each other …

The Children of God, Nothing Else Matters.

Good Morning ! …- Image
Key Stone


Key Stone

C Before D

D*C Shoes, I road/was sponsored by D*C shoes when this photo was taken .. I was on Tour at the time, putting on shows for the youth being A good role model. All while being A Father/Step Father to 2 Boys & Playing baseball. Image


.@taylorswift13, No scooters allowed ..
Forgiven but I will never forget …-

#T ime #O f #Y ear #Machine

I tried showing all of this so long ago, none of it mattered.. ImageImage
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. @PrienKarin zu neuen Quarantäneregeln: “Wenn Sie mich fragen, ob ich möchte, dass infizierte Personen vor die Klasse treten, dann möchte ich an dieser Stelle sagen: nein, das möchte ich natürlich nicht“ #kmk informiert #twlz über #teachingwithomicron
#KMK-Präsidentin @PrienKarin: „Zentral ist, dass das Präsenzlernen auch unter dem Eindruck von Omikron höchste Priorität hat. Die Bildungschancen von Kindern und Jugendlichen sollen weitesgehend sichergestellt werden.“ #O-Ton von PK der Kultusminister von gerade eben #twlz
„… und psychosoziale Folgeschäden verhindert bzw. erkannt werden können“ @PrienKarin zu #Omikron
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Black Hole Son

The Beginning & The End
Alpha & Omega
The End (IS) NOW .
Up is down, Heaven is what?

Down is up, Hell is What?

Left is Right?
Right is Left?

How is it Kennedy is an evil bloodline if him & Trump come from the same bloodline tree?

Wanna know the truth if you haven’t already figured it out?

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#o --> oh me, oh my ...

U sure do seem to appear to be havin' some * $lite * // slight technical difficulties (he he he😆🤓😉)

Here, a Tweet of helping hand(s)

A '#' ( hash-tsg |or| pound-sign ) is used in 'computer-talk' kind of like a "name tag" that a human would wear
But totally d'accord it may to be if ye did not know some || any part of /\ that🙂

Cuz, ya know ... haha who can * know * everything???

But alas,

The '#' name-tag of computer-talk {or perhaps .better. 'coding lang($)'} can be a very helpful & useful tool
Huh, wait ... Look up there /\

Did u 2 C that odd '$'???

Huh, may be perhaps that should've

...should have...
...should of...
...oh!, 4get that $ hit!...

Haha cuz who needz $$$$$
When a lil $$ may suffice

But only $ ,
... well ... that could kill
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#Olympics Athletes. #Tokyo2020 is held under a #stateofemergency . #COVID19 infections are TRIPLING and #DeltaVariant is becoming DOMINANT. Hosting the Games during a pandemic is deemed as an 'affront to humanity'. DON'T BE A PART OF IT.
#オリンピック 選手の皆さん。 #東京2020#緊急事態宣言 下で開催されます。#新型コロナ の感染は3倍に広がっており #デルタ変異株 が優勢株となるのは必至です。パンデミックの最中に大会を開催することは「人類への冒涜」とみなされます。その一端を担わないでください。
🇧🇬 #Токио2020 се провежда в условията на #извънредно положение . Инфекциите с #COVID19 се увеличават с три пъти, а #DeltaVariant става доминиращ. Провеждането на Игрите по време на пандемия се счита за "оскърбление за човечеството". НЕ БЪДЕТЕ ЧАСТ ОТ ТОВА.
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Pequeño hilo sobre cosas importantes

A veces el mercado juega a engañarnos. Hace de trilero. Nos oculta la información agitando cotizaciones.
Manipula rentabilidades para que nos pensemos dos veces si merece la pena o no.
¿Valdrá la pena comprar X si sólo da un 2.5%?
¿No lleva la empresa estancada demasiado tiempo? ¿No habrá gato encerrado?

El mercado hace su trabajo y nosotros debemos hacer el nuestro.
Lanzo ejemplo: Entre 1994 y 2006, Realty Income #O, aumentó el dividendo a un ritmo del 3.7% anual. ¿Tiramos cohetes? Desde luego que no.
Sin embargo, el yield medio durante esos 12 años se situó en el 7,5%. Ya parece que nos gusta más. El precio de la acción, durante esa década y pico fluctuó mucho, y llegó a perder un 30% entre el 97 y el año 2000. Sin duda, chungo de digerir.
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O que os pessimistas e o fã clube covid +imprensa não esperavam, era essa magnifica postura e destreza de retórica de Paulo Guedes. O óculos do cara, já te chama de analfabeto e te faz esquecer a tabuada.
Diz uma frase em tom de ameaça:
"Nós vamos surpreender o mundo "
O diploma de Chicago fala alto em Pequim, Tóquio tem terremotos intermitentes, a Bovespa explode e o dólar, no mesmo instante perde o valor, ou diminui.
Assim, a exportação cresce, o agronegócio que serve como resposta internacional, deslancha, e o país resiste. Esse cara
merece um Oscar.
E ainda me aparece uns débeis querendo dizer que economia está dissociado de vida.
Parabéns Paulo Guedes , cérebro economico do governo mais efetivo e contundente que eu já vi nos meus 41 anos.
Sergio Junior Image
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#Covid19 #Patients who need blood for #Plasma_therapy may contact the following(these persons ,being recovered from Covid-19,are ready to donate their plasma)

1) For #A+ blood :
03334599345 ,03324635437,03214881499,03405044744, 03404198871 ,03334599345 ,03012226886 :1
03012226866,03354917428/03354917426, 03224233416, 03244786111

2) For #B+ Blood :
03237408916 ,03224173786, 03367044081, 03376207548 , 03055310811 , 03153932935 , 03360822050 , 03422854012 , 03137822547 , 03328794032 ,03051819120 , 03043066366

3) For #O- blood* :
03014060483 :2
03224280633 , 03244786111

4) For #0+ blood* :
03315519033 , 03097902717 , 03054532257

5) For #A- blood*
03224664551 , 03066640094

6) For #B- blood*

Thanks to Dr Babar Butt(Associate Professor)
kindly donate your plasma if you have been coronavirus patient :3
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hi #poliscitwitter can any political theorists help me understand why Harvey Mansfield's "Manliness" is an academic text rather than, as it appears, a combination of some deeply homoerotic fan fiction and the kind of manifesto you usually find along with several bodies? Image
a few excerpts, for the uninitiated... 🧵
“Besides being weaker than men’s, women’s bodies are made to attract and to please men.” #scholarship #theory Image
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Analysis: #NYSE $O

Case 296 #Realty_Income Corporation.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#O 1/4
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: Price peaked at an all time high of 84.92 and failed to reach the first objective of 89.12 - a violent #reversal ensued, smashing through the 10 year #trendline support but found #support on the .....

O 2/4
..... #SMA 200 and Fib. 0.618 at 39.78 and 38.02 respectively. Price has been unable to close above the confluence of the 10 year TL and #Fib. 0.382 at 55.79 and this is pressuring the downside.

O 3/4
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Normalmente, se reconhecemos habitando no outro, é porque certamente já se hospedou em nossa casa.
Talvez, por ironia do destino, ainda mora lá dentro, escondido no quartinho escuro, onde ninguém encontra.

O hábito de apontar no outro, características débeis
e os mais sórdidos defeitos, revela muito sobre nós, quanto mais intensidade aplico nisso, mais enfermo me torno.
De fato, ou realmente nos livramos desse mau e ficamos perito em identificá-lo, ou estamos enxergando o nosso próprio reflexo.
Quem sabe se, a arrogância não está
em nós, e estamos culpando o outro apenas para que possamos nos tornar a vítima ao invés do algoz?
Não seria um exercício de projeção?
Da mesma sorte acontece, quando vemos coisas boas, não estaríamos de fato projetando nossa imagem, nosso sentimento?
Muitas vezes, o ódio,
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Education Minister Stephen Lecce begins news conference , calls latest EQAO results “disappointing”. Lots to ask him about - yesterday he said it wasn’t teachers fault, it was liberal curriculum #o polo Image
Lecce says Ford gov is investing in a $200 million four year math strategy, starting this school year with $55 million #onpoli
“They brought in a new teaching method that demonstrably did not work” Education minister says moving away from Liberal’s Discovery Math teaching
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#DW #TimSabastien:'The fact is there was no intensive fire by #Hamas gunmen was there? And we know that bc by the evening your Army spokesman #JonathanConricus said"our troops have not taken any sustained direct fire"
So why are u misrepresenting your situation?'#GazaMassacre🇵🇸
#DW #TimSebastien: "Isn't it strange that #Hamas who you said declared its intentions to break through the border to kill #Israel-is & to destroy your country, it offered no sustained direct fire to secure those aims?"
#MichaelOren:"And your point?"
#GazaMassacre #ICC4Israel #BDS
#DW #TimSebastien:Your military spokesperson said several,that's not dozens?
#Oren:Last time there were 12 different protest points
DW:Again you're very diff. from your spokesperson?
Oren:Let's leave that aside
DW:I'm not leaving aside facts, do I leave aside facts?
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