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💣Bannon’s Mission💣

📌Putin/Trump/Bannon’s Far Right Populist Movement (TOC fascism) are actively waging war on Pope Francis/Catholic Church & Western Liberal Democracy

📌Evil versus Good
📌Stephen K. Bannon is back. He’s making the rounds in the United States and abroad, talking about uniting “the Judeo-Christian West” in a clear call for violence against the Islamic world.

📌Today Trump responds to Bannon’s call for violence against the Islamic world:

📌New concerns Trump administration may be laying legal groundwork for military action against Iran

📌📌Bannon’s return should raise concerns. It became clear during his time in the Trump campaign and then the administration that the former head of Breitbart was a key player in the mainstreaming of the alt-right in the United States.
📌Bannon’s reemergence is tied to the global spread of the far right in the United States and Europe.

📌And Bannon is using a racist version of the history of the Middle Ages to justify and legitimize his vision for nationalist imperialism.
To understand Bannon & the threat posed by his reemergence, we need to get to know the dangerous Russian ideologue who has inspired him:

Aleksandr Dugin, a man once called “The Most Dangerous Philosopher in the World” for his influence on world politics.
A Russian political analyst and modern fascist, Dugin has written dozens of books laying out his political philosophy.

His Eurasianist ideology is grounded in a fundamentalist religious nationalism that seeks to ...
📌📌Create a Christian empire that unites Europe and Asia in a quest to restore a “traditionalism” rooted in conservative Orthodox Christian values and white supremacy.
📌Dugin idealizes a fictional version of the Middle Ages, one that stands in stark contrast to the modern world and liberalism, which he rejects.

📌To Dugin, Christian imperialism is an ideal political form that secures racial purity.
📌📌Dugin looks to Rome as the empire to which Eurasia needs to return
Dugin believes the Roman Empire and its medieval European successor are the best models for combating liberal modernity.

His view of the Roman Empire and medieval Europe exalts the triumphs of monolithic white, Christian nationalism.
📌The problem? Dugin’s viewpoint is a historical fabrication.

📌Both the Roman Empire and Middle Ages Europe were, in fact, extremely diverse — racially and otherwise — because both included cultures beyond the limited scope of Western Europe.
It is becoming quite clear the far Right TOC Fascists are into revisionist history making, ostensibly to suit the false narratives they spin in the dark corners of the Internet.

📌Bolsonaro Takes Aim at Brazil’s History

📌Right-wing leader has made it his mission to rewrite country’s past
📌A vital component of Dugin’s rejection of modernity is an embrace of conservative Orthodox Christianity and, with it, sharp anti-Semitism.

📌But this too is ahistoric.
Dugin, Bannon & other R-wing fundamentalists use the racist dog-whistle term “Judeo-Christian,” which seems to indicate shared religious values, but through supersessionism, it erases differences and eliminates Judaism by appropriating it for Christianity.
📌In his embrace of a staunch Orthodox desire for conservative piety and devotion, Dugin also turns to the Middle Ages.

📌He looks to Christian empire, led by monks, as way to usher in the apocalypse, or the Last Judgment.
📌This explains why Bannon bought a monastery funded by DHI:

📌Bannon is collaborating with conservative Catholic organization Dignitatis Humanae Institute to develop an alt-right compound in the foothills around Rome.
“An empire needs monasticism as much as a church.” In Dugin/Bannon’s view, the Middle Ages are the high point of this type of religiosity, a time when there was a unified Christianity under an all-encompassing church.
📌But that never actually happened, and believing that it did buys into myths constructed from bad history.
Harnwell’s group took over the 800-year-old Trisulti monastery where the compound will be based. Conservative U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke is also involved in the endeavor.
“Trisulti will be the home of a number of projects that underscore the fact that man is made in the image and likeness of God, & that recognition of the imago Dei is the cornerstone of the Judeo-Christian foundations of Western Civilization,” per Harnwell.
📌📌In summary, Dugin believes that “the alternative to the notion & ideals of liberalism is ‘returning to the Middle Ages.’”

Ergo the war is Western Liberal Democracy vs TOC fascism wrapped in the Cross & the Sword: this enter the Evangelicals & CNP

The office or power of the keys “is the peculiar church power which Christ has given to His church on earth to forgive the sins of penitent sinners, but to retain the sins of the impenitent as long as they do not repent.”
The power of the sword is the rightful use of forces by those in authority to protect the just and to punish the unjust.


📌📌The Inquisition is infamous for the severity of its tortures and its persecution of Jews and Muslims.
‼️What is the schism between Evangelicals & the Catholic Church?

Roman Catholics & evangelicals, two Christian groups that have had overlapping political priorities in the past, find their agendas diverging in the era of President Trump and Pope Francis.
📌Tensions between the two faith traditions are hardly new. As fierce adversaries, they once cast doubt on each other's legitimacy as heirs to the church of Jesus Christ.

📌Ah, the Pope supports WLD whereas the Evangelicals support RW TOC fascists.
📌The 1994 alliance, however, is again coming under strain, in part over their different reactions to the Trump administration's policy priorities.

📌Some prominent Catholic leaders worry the country is becoming increasingly divided.
"America has lost her way," said Archbishop José Gomez, whose Los Angeles archdiocese is the largest in the country. "We no longer know who we are or what our national purpose is," he said, in a commencement address at the Catholic University of America.

📌For the Catholic Church, the welfare of immigrants has risen as a concern.

📌In his commencement address, Gomez spoke of the need for "a new narrative that will define us and hold us together as one people with a common purpose."
📌📌During Supreme Court arguments over Trump's proposed travel ban, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops filed a brief in opposition to the ban, calling it "repugnant to the Catholic faith."
📌📌”The Pope has become sort of the anti-Trump,"
📌📌”The Pope has become this rallying figure for ‘traumatized liberals’ who are looking for some kind of figure of existential world historical significance who can counteract what they see as the ugliness of the current administration." Worthen says.
📌📌A report that Francis told a sexual abuse survivor who is gay that "God made you like this and loves you like this" further highlighted the growing Catholic-evangelical split.
📌New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, one of the more conservative U.S. Catholic leaders, responded approvingly to the pope's reported comments, saying, "Jesus would have said that."
📌But Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a leading evangelical intellectual, suggested that the pope was misguided if he said what he was reported as saying.
📌At the heart we see a power struggle between The Catholic Church (WLD) & The Evangelicals (TOC fascism).

👉🏼Ergo a battle is being waged as to which version of the Christian Faith is the “Legitimate” heir to the church of Jesus Christ.
📌Which explains the core reason of Bannon’s hatred of Pope Francis.

📌Steve Bannon ‘told Italy’s populist leader:

📌’Pope Francis is the enemy’

📌Trump’s ex-strategist advised Matteo Salvini ‘to target pontiff’s stance on plight of refugees’
📌Of course immigrants are the weaponized pawns in this existential battle between TOC vs WLD.
April 13, 2019 Bannon declares war on the Pope & ostensibly the Catholic Church.

Two days later, April 15, 2019 Notre Dame burns after 900 years of existence.

Notre Dame the crown jewel of France & Catholicism.


📌President Macron has long been a target of the far - right populists.

📌Remember MacronLeaks happened on the eve of his election vs far R candidate LeOen, which was perpetrated by Putin/Bannon/Trump’s propagandist Jack Posobiec & Assange via WikiLeaks.
📌Recently France & Macron has suffered violent & horrific clashes perpetrated by the “Gilets Jaune” protests.

📌RU Active Measure = “Gilets Jaune” protests.
📌Yellow Vests Protests

📌Russia didn’t trigger the Gilets Jaunes.

📌But Putin and the far right want to see Paris burn and Europe weakened and divided, so they jumped at the chance to contaminate and manipulate them
On April 15th Macron had intended to kickstart a new chapter in his presidency with a series of policy announcements based on a major voter listening exercise launched in response to the "yellow vest" revolt.

It was postponed as Notre Dame burned.
Also announced April 15, 2019:

📌Mueller Report Will Be Released Thursday, Justice Dept. Says

Of course early April 15, 2019 the RW media machine goes into overdrive spinning:

RW propaganda: ISIS (RU) are plotting to recreate the Paris terror attacks as they plan a fresh wave of carnage across Europe and the Middle East.

Google: “Giuliani” “Kerik” “Erik Prince”
📌RW media machine goes into overdrive spining many false conspiracy theories blaming Muslims for torching Notre Dame Cathedral across the Internet.

Why the false flag? Again?

Muslim vs Christianity narrative is being spun by FauxNews
Which brings us back to today’s announcement:

👉🏼New concerns Trump administration may be laying legal groundwork for military action against Iran

👉🏼Christianity v Muslims = apocalyptic war, which is another narrative spun by the RW.


The far R TOC fascists want to trigger a religious war between Islam & the Muslim Faith vs WLD Christianity & the final battle the Evangelicals vs the Catholic Church.

📌In summary, Putin/Bannon/Dugin believe that the alternative to the ideals of liberalism is ‘returning to the religious wars & inquisitions of the Middle Ages— the age of the cross and sword.

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