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"Mi dispiace che #Macron cerchi di strumentalizzare una questione interna del #Brasile e paesi amazzonici per un ritorno politico personale. Il tono sensazionalista con cui si riferisce all'#Amazzonia (di cui circolano foto false) non fa nulla per risolvere il problema"
"Il governo brasiliano rimane aperto a dialogo basato su dati oggettivi e rispetto reciproco. Suggerimento di #Macron di discutere le questioni amazzoniche al #G7 senza la partecipazione dei paesi della regione evoca una mentalità colonialista fuori luogo nel 21°secolo"
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#Macron scrive un post in cui, allarmato per gli incendi in #Amazzonia, osa scrivere “la nostra casa sta bruciando” e invita il #G7 a discuterne.
Arriva una valanga di bolsonaristi a insultarlo, a rispondergli che non è casa sua e di farsi i fatti suoi. (/1)
(—>) Molti lo apostrofano come comunista, imperialista, satanista. C’è chi minaccia di invadere la Guyana francese e chi sfotte con le foto di Notre Dame in fiamme, dicendo “è casa tua che sta bruciando”. Sembra di vedere i leghisti e i grillini. (/2)
(—>) Eccolo, il sovranismo all’opera: ultranazionalismo rancoroso, odio per la collaborazione internazionale, rifiuto di assumersi impegni in comune, “a casa mia faccio quello che voglio”. Anche devastare le foreste o smontare il Colosseo, se mi gira.
Bel mondo state costruendo.
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THREAD 1/8 #Macron’s warm welcome of #Putin in southern France this week may have looked surprising to those who have been protesting against the Kremlin in Moscow in recent weeks. But Macron has his own agenda, explains @baunov.…
2/8 The West has got used to protests in Moscow fizzling out, and so far, the protests are at a regional level. In any case, after 20 years at the helm, Putin and his government are the only authorities the international arena knows.
3/8 What Europe definitely doesn’t want to see in its giant neighbor is a loss of control. So its approach is to remind #Russia of its obligation to uphold civil rights by reminding it of its European identity & mission, hence Macron’s comments that Russia is a European country.
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Pure intellectual dishonesty.

There's no standards to compare the democratic levels between a regime that has obliterated permanently (and still does) its citizens freedoms and rights with #France, a Nation that is driven by liberal values and norms. #Russia #Macron #Putin
Difficult but key the bridge set by #EmmanuelMacron towards #VladimirPutin vis a vis #Ukraine. “There is a real opportunity to put an end to the conflict that has been going on for five years,” Macron said at the start of talks with Russian President.…
Pivotal for Europe's defence and security dimensions, the discussion that will cover the termination of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (#INF) and disarmament, during President's #Macron and President #Putin talks in #France. #Russia 📰▶️…
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Women allowed to drive the month good Prince takes over. Not a peep from feminists.

Love Prince Mohammad bin Salman.
#G202018 #MohammadbinSalman #Putin Argentina

Is MBS backdoor to Russia?—Alliance against NWO?
Who's in Venezuela? Blackops or Russia?🤷🏽‍♀️

All these countries have been under cabal control.

The world is changing.


#wellhellzbellz #CrownPrince #India

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Il suffit d'ajouter "macronienne" à un mot pour lui faire perdre sa signification
Ainsi la justice macronienne n'est pas la justice et l'écologie macronienne n'est pas l'écologie
C'est incompréhensible sans la 3ème édition du dictionnaire de la novlangue macronienne que voici ⬇️
Aides sociales = prestations pour fainéants @Jolou80519809
Arabie Saoudite = mine d’or
Argent = alpha et oméga
Avenir = fin du monde
Bâtir = Détruire le pays par la base ex. #ViolencesPolicières contre les #GiletsJaunes @prisederisque75
Bâtisseur = #Vinci
Bérégovoy = #DeRugy
Canicule = opportunité
Canidé = Castaner
Capitalisme = Religion d’état @prisederisque75
Castors = nos soutiens @freedomliberta
#CETA = obligation
Champagne = boisson de base (sauf pour #DeRugy et sa femme)
Champs-Elysées = Champ de Mars (à Rome)
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14. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
Wrong US policies in the Middle East. Sanctions against Iran. Sanctions used by the USA as a war weapon🤨👇🏼
1. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world? 🤨👇🏼…
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@AnneV @BeePrinsloo Hey @adamlevine @bprinsloo happy shared anniversary birthday a little early. Epstein scandal who knew?? So are Victoria secret models products of Epstein types and agencies? #naomicampbell…
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo The Epstein Victoria secret Pipeline… so when Anne v became a liability due to my civil lawsuit they replaced her with behati in 2012. Killer models eh?
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo Anne v literally coded a pizza picture in her hand when Adam was served with the lawsuit. Hindsight is 20/20.
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Sustained French diplomacy on Iran JCPoA to de-escalate
-discussed with Trump on D-Day + Jul1 call and today
-spoke to Rouhani Jun 25+Jul6
His diplo adviser Emmanuel Bonne was in Iran June 19, going back tmrw, Wednesday
+ministerial and E3 contacts
Next deadline: July 15
Noteworthy how Iranians choosing to publicize visit by Macron’s diplo adviser Bonne. Iranian journos reporting Bonne told Shamkhani he doesnt come as mediator, not carrying a message from US+that Shamkhani said Iran’s reduction of commitments irreversible. Photos from IRNA/ISNA.
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2. "Frenchness is disappearing and being replaced by a kind #balkanization of enclaves not communicating with one another.... this is not a good recipe." Giulio Meotti

#Migration #France
3. "It can no longer be denied that a momentous and hazardous transformation is taking place. I'm mourning the passing of #France as a distinct country, or at least as the Western, Judeo-Christian nation it had hitherto been." Michel Gurfinkiel

#Migration #Europe
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🇪🇺🗳️ Quelques commentaires sur les résultats de ces élections européennes en France et dans les grands pays européens. #EUelections2019
🇪🇺🗳️🇫🇷 On commence par la France. Le @RNational_off en tête, c’est évidemment un succès pour #LePen qui, parallèlement à #Macron, avait installé ce duel dans les médias mais aussi dans l’opinion.
🇪🇺🗳️🇫🇷 Le RN a bénéficié de la très grande solidité de son électorat : 78% des électeurs de @MLP_officiel au premier tour de la présidentielle de 2017 ont voté pour la liste @RNational_off.
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Other developments to look out for tonight, apart from UK #EuropeanElection results and the #Brexit implications: /1
Germany: Angela Merkel’s CDU party bracing itself for losses while coalition partner Social Democrats fear a beating. If this materialises, could the German gov collapse? The two parties have a meeting scheduled tomorrow morning /2
Also in Germany, watch the results of far right AfD. Have they peaked? We at BBC not reporting exit polls /3
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#Breaking: Just in - Self improvised Explosive device exploded in the French city of #Lyon in #France leaving at least 6 people injured, Witness says i saw screws nails and bolts flying everywhere. - Developing story...
#Update: Just in - Pictures of the scene at the French city of #Lyon when a alleged Self improvised Explosive device exploded with screws nails and bolts, leaving 6 people injured. #France
#Update: Just in - The explosion took place around 17h30 one hour ago, at the "rue Victor-Hugo" street in the french city of #Lyon when a Self improvised Explosive device exploded. #France
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@_aLFRe_ @derbeHotline @TajanaGudenus 1. Why do I have a problem?
I'm in Germany.
But would not rule out intelligence services being involved in the #Strache-Video.
@cicero_online mentions #Mossad (Israeli secret service) - I'm not certain.
German #BND - I would not rule out!
@_aLFRe_ @derbeHotline @TajanaGudenus @cicero_online 2. #Boehmermann (GER comedian): Knew about #Strache-Leak in April 2019, but I think this is too big for him.
"Zentrum für Politische Schönheit" (#ZPS from #Ruch, is a far left leaning outfit engaged in "political happenings") may be involved. I also posted names.
@_aLFRe_ @derbeHotline @TajanaGudenus @cicero_online 3. My take: The #Strache-Video
- was planned for a long time
- planning includes befriending & gaining the trust of #Gudenus
- Gudenus introduced the "fake billionaire" to #Strache
- the #villa had to be set up (cameras & more): Ask re owner, who rented it out?
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#FRANCE: Today's #Acte27 by the #GiletsJaunes in the French capital of #Paris has just started in the 26th week in a row against the neo-liberal politic from #Macron

#YellowVests chanting: "Paris stands up ..."
Members of the #GiletsJaunes outside Bayer-Monsanto plant in #Peyrehorade for #Acte27

#ActeXXVII #YellowVests
#Paris: Departure of #GiletsJaunes procession from La Défense, the beginning of today's #Acte27

#YellowVests #ActeXXVII
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9. Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia,Germany
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1. Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia,Germany🤨👇🏼…
2. Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia,Germany🤨👇🏼…
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Ich lasse das Skandalinterview vom Böhmermännchen mal dort starten, wo seine übelsten Frechheiten beginnen:

Warum er ein dummes ist sagen einem alleine diese Worte:
"... ein 32-jähriger Bundeskanzler ist nicht normal ... "
"... ein 38-jähriger auch nicht ... ein 40-jähriger vielleicht, aber dann muss der schon das Kaliber eines Macron haben ..."
Wie bitte? Eines #Macron? Der #Linksfaschist, der nicht mal mehr von 25% der Franzosen unterstützt wird?
Ein Macron, der in den Umfragewerten zur Europawahl hinter Le Pen zurückgefallen ist? Ein Macron, gegen den seine eigenen Leute seit Monaten demonstrieren und die er dafür rücksichtslos verprügeln lässt?
Dieser Macron? Nein, Danke.
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#Acte26 in #Rouen the #CRS well equipped as always #GiletsJaunes #Macron #ActeXXVI #YellowVests
#Biarritz #Acte26 The #GiletsJaunes gather in Biarritz this Saturday protesting against the holding of the #G7 summit. #ActeXXVI #Yellowvests #France #Macron
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En direct avec @Thinker_View.



@Thinker_View Pour moi, l'armée française doit disposer de contingents pour que nous puissions être les meilleurs sur le terrain des guerres numériques. #JLMThinkerview
@Thinker_View Le monde est sous tension. La course aux armements de nouvelle génération est très avancée. Cette course a lieu pour partie dans l'espace. #JLMThinkerview
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Grosse ambiance de travail aujourd'hui puisque je décide de me lancer parallèlement dans la série à succès Game of Thrones que finalement peu de gens connaissent. Je vous ferai part de mes réactions au fur et à mesure.
Ha ben super tout le monde est découpé en deux, bonne ambiance.
Ned Stark il faudrait qu'il apprenne à faire un peu plus confiance aux gens et à ouvrir son coeur à l'inconnu parce que là à force de couper des têtes, son image va en prendre un coup.
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The #GiletsJaunes call on all of #France to converge on #Paris to make the #1May a memorable day in the history of this movement

#Revolution #YellowVests #MacronDemission #Macron

#Paris is getting ready for a joyful day of peaceful & harmonic #LabourDay celebrations

ℹ 🔜This morning, 11 people were arrested by the Police forces do to secure measures

#YellowVests #GiletsJaunes #1erMai #1May #1May2019
So #Antifa today is the 1st of May, so again time to prove that your proverbial stupidity & destructiveness is not a rumor

Here is the starter kit for new antifas

#1Mai #1May #1May2019 #Paris
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New state of escalation in #France

Yesterday night, #Macron' #regime forces used for the first time attack dogs against #GiletsJaunes during a night walk in #Cambrai/#Acte24

The Prefect of Paris declared the use of attack dogs for #ActeXXIV

Another footage from the incidents during #GiletsJaunes night walk in #Cambrai as #Macron's #regime forces attacked the #YellowVests without any logical reason

#ActeXXIV #Acte24 #France #PoliceBrutality #Castaner #MacronDemission
The #ChampsElysées, which are located in the sector banned for manifestations, on April 27 in the morning, the arrival of the tanks of the gendarmerie. They positioned themselves at the level of the Arc de Triomphe

#GiletsJaunes #Acte24 #Paris #YellowVests #ActeXXIV
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#Libia 3 (mission impossible)

#Airports have become vital strategic assets for the many militias vying for #Libya’s vast natural resources.…
#Trump would be better off listening to his own military commanders, who understand that #Haftar cannot so easily take control of all of #Libya militarily.…
President #Trump’s support of a #Libyan warlord is a big mistake…
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