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1/ The Impeachment Process:
Some Democrats have been using the excuse that Senate Republicans & especially Mitch McConnell would not vote to impeach as a reason not to begin a House Impeachment Inquiry.
This is just flat out wrong & here is why ...
2/ First, an Impeachment Inquiry is not a vote in the House to Impeach.
It is an official investigation into the conduct of the Trump regime.
How can you decide if all of his offenses rise to the level of Impeachment if you have not conducted a proper investigation?
3/ The Trump's have already obviously committed many impeachable offenses in plain sight, such as Trump's flagrant violation of the US Constitution Emoluments Clause he has violated every day since day 1.
4/ The most important point is duty.
It is the US House of Representatives duty to follow the US Constitution & their oath of office.
They can not read the redacted Mueller report & have witness with their own eyes & ears the corruption, abuse of power & treason and not impeach.
5/ But what is Impeachment?
Impeachment by the US House us analogous to a grand jury indictment, instructing the Senate to conduct a trial.
6/ But it is up to the US House to conduct the investigation & present the evidence, in very public detail to the US Senate, to make their best case for an Impeachment conviction.
7/ But if the US House sends a very detailed indictment via Impeachment to the US Senate, and Mitch McConnell chooses to ignore all of the evidence & hold a mockery of a trial, to shuck his duty as a sworn member of the US Senate, despite a mountain of evidence ...
8/ ... then let the voters decide in 2020 whether their Republican Senators represent them, or whether they are traitors allied with Vladimir Putin & Donald Trump & no longer loyal to the United States, our Constitution, our laws & the people who they are supposed to serve.
9/ But even more important is what is impeachable?
"High Crimes & Misdemeanors" does not mean felonies.
The "High" refers to high office, not the level of criminality.
10/ Benjamin Franklin made it very clear that a President who had "rendered himself obnoxious" would warrant impeachment.
Donald Trump, who like a mafia boss has his capo's commit the Crimes or use illegal messaging apps to destroy evidence is exactly this
11/ Alexander Hamilton made it clear that violating the public trust was impeachable.
12/ It's extremely clear that impeachable offenses need not be indictable crimes.
Thus the House of Representatives MUST DO THEIR FUCKING JOB, conduct an Impeachment investigation & vote to send articles of impeachment to the US Senate.
13/ If the United States Senate chooses to conduct a sham trial & ignore all the evidence, and every single one of the articles of impeachment, they will do it publicly, with the entire country watching and knowing how serious a betrayal of our Republic & the people it is.
14/ Dear US House, DO YOUR JOB!
Fulfill the oath you took to uphold the US Constitution & to protect it from all foes, both domestic & foreign.
Authoritarian regimes have risen from democracies since the birth of democracy.
You either protect it, or you lose it
No second chances
15/ It is time for you to do your duty.
It is time for you to fulfill the oath you took to protect our US Constitution & our Republic
16/ If we don't use impeachment for such an egregious abuse of power as this obviously already is, we tell the founders there was no point in even writing it, that we are ok with an authoritarian stealing our Republic.
17/ But most important impeachment fact is that Mitch McConnell would NOT preside over the Impeachment trial of Don Trump in the US Senate

Per Article 1 Section 3 Clause 6 of the US Constitution,
Chief Justice John Roberts will preside over Trump's trial
18/ If House Speaker Pelosi & Democrat leaders are going to wait until Trump shoots someone on 5th Avenue before they begin an impeachment investigation, our Republic is likely doomed.
19/ Democrats should demand that Barr make the Mueller Report 100% public with zero redactions within one week.
If the crimes committed by Trump are so serious that Barr refuses full public disclosure, an impeachment investigation should commence immediately after the 1 week.
20/ Have you ever had that moment when you stood up to a bully, just stuck your chin out expecting to get clobbered, and surprisingly the bully cowered & backed down.
This is that moment for America, land of the free & the brave.
The United States Constitution stands behind us.
Dharma, what else need be said.
Congress, do the next right thing.
21/ Judd Legum's excellent thread on why many of the claims that an impeachment inquiry is bad for Dems is really just Republican propaganda.
(Please DM me if you find other great Impeachment threads to add to this list)
22/ Nancy Pelosi needs to be replaced as Speaker of the House.
My vote is for Katie Porter.
But there are dozens who are capable of taking on Trump & his flagrant criminal behavior & constant violations of the US Constitution.
Nancy does not want the job.
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