This thread is meant to highlight the relationships that these people have with one another in order to paint a clearer picture of our current situation.
2)Frank Giustra is a Canadian businessman who is heavy into the mining and finance world. He's also the founder of Lionsgate Entertainment.
3) Among other things, Frank runs the Radcliffe Foundation which donates large amounts to Clinton initiatives, charities, aid and disaster relief. It also runs the Elpida Project, which funds and facilitates mass migration into Europe.

The Elpida Project has an interesting logo.
4) In September of 2016, Justin Trudeau said this of Giustra;

"...Canadian business leaders like Frank Giustra have done amazing work to make it easier for vulnerable migrants to find a place to live."
5) Giustra is happy to return flattering compliments to our Little Potato.
6) Giustra also happens to sit on the board of the Clinton Foundation.

I find this picture to be incredibly creepy.
7) Giustra and Clinton are very close. In 2007, they created the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, which claims to bring "...entrepreneurial solutions to global poverty."
8) It's no surprise, then, that Bill and Frank have been travelling around the world doing business deals together. When they talk about 'Pay-To-Play', they're talking about this. The Globe and Mail details how they extract money and business deals.

9) It's also no surprise that there have been questions raised about the legitimacy of their organization. 72% of the funding went to salaries and administration costs in 2013. 78% in 2014. I'm sure it's totally fine though.

10) Giustra also sits on the board for the International Crisis Group along with a couple of other familiar names.
11) Giustra's shady business dealings don't end there. Bill used his political influence to help Frank gain access to Kazakhstan's large uranium resources, Frank's company secured huge contracts, Frank makes a $145M donation to the Clinton Foundation.
12) Giustra then sells UrAsia to Uranium One for $3.7B two years after the deal that Bill helped him make. We'll revisit Uranium One later.

13) Before we move on, here's a picture of Giustra and Michael Avenatti, just to give you a better idea as to who this guy associates with.
14) Let's meet John Podesta. He was the White House Chief of Staff under Clinton, Councelor to Obama, and ran Hillary's 2016 election campaign.
15) John gained attention after the DNC hack (still being wrongfully blamed on the Russians) when his name came up several times in some very strange emails. The term 'pizzagate' was coined in 2016 with Podesta at the heart of the discussion surrounding code words and pedophilia.
16) Here is a decent New York Times article with a bit about the dodgy dealings of John and his brother Tony.

17) It should come as no surprise that The Podesta (lobbying) Group received over $100K monthly from the Saudi regime. Talk about some dirty business dealings...
18) In one of the hacked emails, an invitation is sent from John from Marina Abramović for a spirit cooking dinner party, which is deeply occultic and disturbing.

19) Spirit cooking involves blending blood, breast milk, and semen together as part of the ceremony.
20) I'm guessing he went...
21) Some of the artwork that John and Tony are into. These people are SICK!!!
22) John was also the butt of Trump's ridicule with the "smocking gun" Tweets. Smocking is an actual thing lol.
23) Would you be surprised that John Podesta is involved with Uranium One?
24) Meet Ian Telfer, a British-born Canadian businessman and mining mogul. He's the founder of Uranium One.
25) Telfer has made some noteworthy donations.
26) He's also made a few others. As outlined in the New Yorker and others, his family foundation sent $2.35M to the Clinton Foundation. I'm sure it was just a donation and DEFINITELY NOT a thank-you for helping facilitate the sale of U1 to the Russians.
27) Here's a great NY Times article that talks about the U1 deal, the players involved and how they all ended up with incredible windfalls after the Clintons used their political influence to facilitate the sale of uranium production to the Russians.
28) It's no secret what the Clintons have been up to. Almost daily, another layer of the onion is peeled away and we get a new sense of how deep and widespread their corruption went.
29) We also "officially" found out that Bill Clinton has taken at least 26 trips on board The Lolita Express to Jeffrey Epstein's Little St. James Island, often without his security detail. Note that Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker are also named in one example.
30) There is an interesting connection to Epstein that has surfaced recently. Although there's no evidence to suggest that those named in Epstein's infamous black book had gone to the island. But it does seem they may have been involved in insider trading.
31) It's now come out that Edgar Bronfman Sr. Was one of the names in the black book. google.ca/amp/s/beta.was…
32) Meet the Bronfmans; one of Canada's wealthiest and influential families.
33) The Bronfmans got their fortune from bootlegging back during prohibition.
34) They are the owners of Seagram's, which is a massive parent company whose subsidiaries have included all kinds of beverage CO's (alc & non), Universal Studios, PolyGram, 25% of DuPont, 32% of Conoco, etc. BIG TIME!
35) The Bronfman name has been fairly unknown to most people in Canada, but they have been behind the scenes in Canada for about a century. In addition to owning a massive amount of companies, they are especially the shadow government of Canada. Their sphere of influence is HUGE!
36) Information on their involvement in drug trafficking is more difficult to find.
37) The Bronfmans have been heavily involved with the Liberal Party of Canada for many decades. Stephen Bronfman is (or was until recently) the main party campaign fundraiser.
38) Their name has also come up in the Paradise Papers. Another name that came up was the Kolbers (another family connected to Liberal fundraising). Justin Trudeau quickly defended his good friend, Stephen, against allegations of tax evasion.
39) The Bronfman name has been surfacing again among headlines because of Edgar's daughters Clare and Sara and their involvement in NXIVM, the sex cult.
40) Meet Clare Bronfman; trainer, recruiter and fundraiser for NXIVM. Part heiress to the Seagram fortune, she moved to NY after meeting Keith Raniere so that she could focus all her time on the cult with her sister. She's now facing prison time. google.ca/amp/s/www.nyti…
41) The founder of NXIVM, Keith Raniere, is facing life in prison for extortion, racketeering, money laundering, and sex trafficking. It's likely that more will come out about NXIVM as these scandals unfold. Allison Mack from Smallville was also involved. rollingstone.com/culture/cultur…
42) Meet Sara Bronfman; also facing prison time with her involvement in NXIVM. It appears as though these two sisters have landed sweetheart deals, though.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-2…
43) During the course of the investigation, it became apparent that NXIVM had been sending illegal campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton's election campaign. rollingstone.com/culture/cultur…
44) Sara is married to a Libyan national named Basit Igtet; an entrepreneur and businessman who was also part of the transition council (de facto government) after the civil war. He seems to be VERY well connected politically & associates with Muslim Brotherhood officials.
45) It seems as though his list of close political allies is endless. He also seems to be directly linked to the main terror suspect in the Benghazi attack that killed a US embassador. Igtet apparently tried to block his extradition to the US. frankreport.com/2017/09/13/lib…
46) Sara Bronfman and Basit Igtet appear to be involved with two charity groups in particular; one an American chamber of commerce, and the other a Canadian one.
47) SNC-LAVALIN has been at the heart of a major controversy in Canadian politics this year. The Canadian construction firm was caught up in bribery, money laundering, fraud, and corruption.
48) SNC-LAVALIN paid for prostitutes and private security for the son of Moammar Gadhafi as he travelled to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. They literally got caught with the receipts! google.ca/amp/s/national…
49) On an interesting note, the CEO of SNC-Lavalin's wife appears to be a director of Claridge Inc., which is the investment firm owned by none other than Stephen Bronfman. It appears as though they're leaving the country. buffalochronicle.com/2019/03/26/snc…
50) SNC has avoided federal prosecution in Canada because of a Deferred Prosecution Agreement, essentially a plea bargain. Justin Trudeau's office was caught putting continuous pressure on then Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould to apply the DPA. google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.…
51) Just a quick note on Benghazi and then back to SNC. This is a whole separate rabbit hole on its own, but Hillary avoided MAJOR prosecution after how she and her State Department handled the issue and the events leading up to it. politico.com/blogs/under-th…
52) Back to Justin Trudeau. He was accused of pressuring and threatening AG Wilson-Raybould and then fired her from her cabinet position when she fought back. He then had his MP's cover up the investigation. google.ca/amp/s/www.thep…
53) The obviousness of the level of corruption at the highest levels of government is shocking. The willingness to push the UN agendas forward is very apparent. Trudeau has been integral to that throughout his political career and its not a secret. m.huffingtonpost.ca/news/justin-tr…
54) One could do a hundred posts in a thread on the lies and corruption of Little Potato. But he does have many connections at the UN, including Peter Danglish.
55) Meet Peter Danglish; founder of Street Kids Int'l, and UN official in charge of aid and charities. He's also a convinced child molester.
56) Trudeau has a few savoy friends... Chris Ingvaldson was a former roommate and colleague of Justin. Ingvaldson was caught disturbing and possessing child pornography. Trudeau apparently encouraged him to run as a Liberal MP.
57) Then, of course, there's Ben Levin; former Deputy Minister of Education for the Liberal Party. He played a role in shaping what our children learn and get exposed to at school. He was charged with making and distributing child porn. Here he is at a Pride parade with Trudeau.
58) It would certainly seem that Trudeau is connected to and involved in a LOT of incredibly worrying people and circumstances. But then the apple may not fall far from the tree. MK-Ultra victim Cathy O'Brien named Pierre Trudeau as one of her abusers. givethekidsguns.wordpress.com/2015/12/27/can…
59) Up until a few years ago, the emblem on the cover of the financial reports for the Trudeau Foundation was the same FBI recognized "boy lover" symbol that was on Giustra's foundation.
60) In addition to that, Trudeau has repeatedly expressed his admiration for Communism. He was very sad when Castro died (his real father?) and made it known.
61) He also made it very clear what he thinks about Communist China.
62) It would appear that the choice is clear for the upcoming October 21st election... Or would it?
63) What colour of UN controlled Communist dictatorship (Agenda 2030) would you like? Red or Blue?
The choice is ours! More of the same? Or something new?
64) I've been turning this over in my head since posting this and have been coming back to the same thought. There has to be more to this. I KNOW there is because there are so many more names. I decided to consult another reference. 2007 edition, 620pg.
65) Of the people we've now connected, the only names mentioned are Clinton and Bronfman. Let's take a look at these.
66) Referenced on p.62 & p. 229 are Bill Clinton and Pamela Harriman. She married Averell Harriman, who was 79 at that time. He's an entire rabbit hole on his own. Pam funded Clinton's '92 Presidential campaign. He gave her an ambassadorship in France. therake.com/stories/icons/…
67) The Harrimans are an old-money family and they've had many shady dealings, more notably the Brown Brothers Harriman bank where George HW Bush's father, Prescott, was involved with helping them bankroll Hitler's war machine. google.ca/amp/s/amp.theg…
68) There are several references to the Clinton family and the Taft, Russell, and Collins families being intertwined.
Some more on Bill and his buddies. It's pretty clear now that they're all into Baal and Moloch.
70) There was actually a fair amount in Bloodlines of the Illuminati on the Bronfmans being Satanists, Cabalists, and drug traffickers.
71) @TrueQanuck11 recently put out an incredibly well researched thread about different angles of the same connections. The same names keep popping up over and over. I HIGHLY recommend going down these rabbit holes!🐇 Thank you True Qanuck. 🙏
72) Amazing Polly @99freemind has released an AMAZING video that covers the Q connections to many of these people. This video is a MUST WATCH!!! I highly recommend following Amazing Polly on YouTube if you don't already. Her research is dynamite!
73) Here's another very interesting photo that has been brought to my attention. Gerald Butts and John Podesta seem to be in mutual terms as well.
74) An article from 2009 details how Podesta spoke in Canada in 2009. That is likely when the two met, but that's unknown. Butts was running the World Wildlife Fund at the time. The article goes on about how the Government is the answer to global warming. reuters.com/article/canada…
75) Of course, that's not where we stop looking, either. It's amazing what one can find if they look! Here's an interesting link to these individuals: the hacked DNC emails!
76) This was a pretty interesting find! Let's see whose names we recognize and learn some new names! 😀
77) Meet Huma Abedine. Wife of disgraced congressman and convicted sex offender, Anthony Weiner, Huma has been involved with Hillary's campaign and staffing for over 10 years. And yes, she does always look this pleasant to be around.
78) Interestingly, five members of Congress wrote to the State Department Inspector General which alleging that her mother, father, and brother were all intimately connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. Don't worry, the Washington Post, Pelosi and McCain debunked that KEK!!! 🤡🌎
79) This was an interesting find. Here's Huma and 16-time Grammy winner David Foster, who has been song writer, producer, and composer for some of the biggest names in music. I served him dinner at a billionaire's birthday one time. TOTAL ASSHOLE!
80) We briefly met Gerald Butts a moment ago. He's been very close friends for a number of years and is the is the brains behind Trudeau. He resigned amid the SNC-LAVALIN scandal breaking, but has come back to help the Liberals campaign.
81) Meet John Baird. Conservative Foreign Affairs Minister under Harper, Baird went on to be an advisor for Barrick Gold corp. See @TrueQanuck11's thread on #71 for more on Barrick Corp. He was also an advisor for Bennet Jones, a well connected law firm among this crowd.
82) Meet Matt Browne; globalist extraordinaire! He's worked with top leaders in a number of different organizations, including the UN and the WTO. He's also part of the Centre for American Progress, along with John Podesta. More interesting, though, is his status at Canada 2020.
83) Getting back to the DNC emails, doesn't it seem odd that a FORMER Secretary of State would be so interested in meeting with Baird?! But isn't it far more worrying that these people were ADAMANTLY working to get Trudeau and Hillary together?
84) There's that logo again. Canada 2020. But this was in 2014, before Trudeau was PM. Let's get this straight, Huma (Muslim Brotherhood) and Browne (MAJOR globalist) are arranging meetings with Baird (later Barrick, Bennet advisor), Butts and Trudeau. 🤔 What IS Canada 2020?
85) Canada 2020 is a Canadian based think tank founded in 2006 by a small group of government insiders, like this guy. Meet Tim Barber.
86) There are a few names, like McLellan that many will recognize. But then there are also some important reps from some big companies, too. Knowing what we now know, it seems a bit concerning that Google, Facebook, and others are involved.
87) It seems that a lot of journalists and political commentators are involved with and invited to these events. People like Liz Plank, from Vox.
88) People like Evan Solomon, who is well known from several of CBC's political shows, CTV's Question Period, Mclean's, and many others. It's a fair assumption that he's as 'inside' as it gets. Can we say, "controlling the narrative"? But wait, it gets better!
89) Ever heard of Ronan Farrow? He's the son of actress Mia Farrow (Rosemary's Baby) and Woody Allen. Mia was married to Frank Sinatra, briefly. Ronan seems to be a VERY well connected guy and has a pretty "impressive" resume.
90) Ronan has worked for the UN as a fundraiser, UNICEF as a spokesman, and in the office of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. He was also a special advisor to both Barry and Hillary.
91) Ronan also has been heavily involved in youth organizations in the middle east.
92) Ronan has also worked for some major media outlets. But there's something that caught my eye...
93) It appears as though he's written a few strange articles. Perhaps they wouldn't be all that strange for any other reporter or journalist, but given his DEEP connections, these articles are very puzzling. He's written exposé's on Weinstein, Cosby and Woody Allen!!!
94) It would seem that Ronan actually threw these men (including his own father) under the bus! But how could he be involved in the UN, the MSM, and the White House and not know what all has been going on?
95) But here we are, a group of elite Ottawa insiders, US political titans, UN globalists, social media giants, and MSM gremlins, all coming together to bring you.....
96) This crowd...
97) And these great people...
98) Birds of a feather sure do flock together!
99) Let's take a look at the sponsors for Canada 2020. Recognize any familiar corporations?
100) Now, how about the elephant in the room? What is Global Progress?
101) Global Progress appears to be somewhat of an umbrella organization, under which others like Canada 2020, Centre for American Progress, and others around the world operate. It seems to be where the rubber meets the road, if the rubber is the UN and the road is each Nation.
102) There seems to be a lot of this type of activity in Canada in terms of preparation on a Global scale... But what could that be? en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Unit…
103) Now who, in Canadian politics, has been speaking about this? google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.…
105) Is it not painfully clear by now?
106) There seems to be a recurring connection with Johnson & Johnson. Elizabeth "Libet" Ross Johnson was the heir to the company.
107) She was apparently connected to Epstein. This article has some interesting information.
"I found in a Citgroup court case that he was on the deed for 14 parcels of land for Elizabeth Ross Johnson, the Johnson & Johnson heiress."
108) In this fantastic video by Amazing Polly on YouTube (I highly recommend subscribing!), and @99freemind on Twitter, an interesting image appears.
109) It's yet another pedophile symbol on children's clothing. The add seems to be from Johnson & Johnson.
110) Is it just a coincidence that there is someone from J&J on the "Our People" section of the Canada 2020 website?
111) Canada 2020 seems to be the place where all the swamp creatures converge. Here's a great article from Mclean's that mentions nearly all of these names and how they're all very much connected. google.ca/amp/s/www.macl…
112) A thread I put together today highlighting some of these people, names, connections, and circumstances.
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