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Whoa... Rashida Tlaib's brother caught bragging about Muslim domination over Canada. If that doesn't call your attention to Islamic entryism into our precious Canada then you're living under a rock people. Wake up 🇨🇦🍁!!!
Thanks again @Valerie24190901! Great work as always. 🤩
Vote #PPC2019& the People's Party of Canada. The ONLY Party who stands firmly against Islamic Entryism &the Liberal's fancified-agenda-driven term "Multiculturalism". The #PPC believes in Canada's strengths. A unified🇨🇦 embracing different backgrounds but uniting as
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Why Do We Keep Voting For Them?!

1) The colloquial definition of insanity is, 'repeating the same action again and again while expecting different results'. That seems to be what Canadians have been doing for decades.
2) For far too long, we have been under the illusion that there's an actual difference in the direction in which these two parties claim to be taking us. Like a sailboat tacking into the wind, such are we, being played from side to side, ever sailing towards Globalism.
3)The SNC-LAVALIN scandal goes beyond just the Liberal Party. Both the Liberals and the Conservatives are deeply involved in the scandal and cover up. It has spanned several Red and Blue governments.…
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Trudeau did in fact change the rules to stop @MaximeBernier from participating in the debate.
Here's an article that states he was good to go if he met 90% of his riding requirements. He not only did that, he surpassed the Conservatives in doing so.…
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The Dystopian Scheerleader Translator:

300% tariff in dairy - free trade

Supporting an Oshawa GM bailout in the HoC - opposing subsidies

Calling the president of our closest ally divisive - friendly neighborly relations
2/ Pandering to the Bloc Quebecois for votes - Max is fRum QuebEC

Supporting Pierre Trudeau's socialist marketing boards in Quebec - free trade

Cutting corporate taxes while subsidizing failing businesses while not cutting individual rates - creating a positive econ environment
3/ Posing with radicalized Imams who have authored books on how and why to beat your wife with a stick - fighting Islamophobia

Supporting risking 20% of our economy to keep dairy cartel votes - strategic free trade
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Something To Think About... 🍁

1/4) "I'm voting Conservative because we HAVE to get Trudeau out of office!"

I hear this "argument" many times a day. But wait a minute. In order to subscribe to that, one would have to BELIEVE that the CPC offers something better. But do they?
2/4)What exactly makes the CPC different? Both parties support:
❌UN Agenda 2030🇺🇳
❌Globalist policies
❌Some form of a carbon tax
❌Jessica Yaniv
❌Higher taxes
❌Current equalization structure
❌CANZUK (open borders)
❌Current provincial trade barriers
❌Political Islam
3/4) The very thought of ridding Canada of Trudeau and replacing him with Scheer is a fallacy. There is virtually NO difference between the two. In order to FIX the problems we have, we need the People's Party of Canada because they actually have an opposing platform. #PPC2019 🇨🇦
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#PPC2019 #TrudeaMustGo #WWG1WGA #WakeUp #cdnpoli @RCMP @99freemind @StefanMolyneux


1) Here's a Google executive who blew the whistle on how its algorithms are designed to influence political opinions in favour of the left.
2) Here's Senator Ted Cruz getting testimony from a psychologist (a Democrat who voted for Hillary) on how Google influenced MILLIONS of votes. Skip to 5:30 in the video.
3) Here's a screenshot from the "Our People" section of the website for Canada 2020, a politically left-wing Canadian think tank.
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The UN - Death & Destruction
Did you know...
After Haitians lost 220k citizens due to a major earthquake in 2010, the UN moved in & played a role in the worst cholera outbreak of modern times that killed almost 10,000 people.…
In typical UN-Style, they denied responsibility for years. In 2016, they were forced to admit it due to a non-UN investigation. Not a single person was charged. Not a soul. For nearly 10k deaths & well over 800k people becoming gravely ill.
Even today.…
U.N. Brought Cholera to Haiti. Now It Is Fumbling Its Effort to Atone.…
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This thread is meant to highlight the relationships that these people have with one another in order to paint a clearer picture of our current situation.
2)Frank Giustra is a Canadian businessman who is heavy into the mining and finance world. He's also the founder of Lionsgate Entertainment.
3) Among other things, Frank runs the Radcliffe Foundation which donates large amounts to Clinton initiatives, charities, aid and disaster relief. It also runs the Elpida Project, which funds and facilitates mass migration into Europe.

The Elpida Project has an interesting logo.
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1. Put your partisanship aside. Most people who supported Andrew Scheer’s leadership bid, and his new ‘pragmatic centrist’ CPC did so because they THOUGHT he would reduce the cost of living. You’ve been lied to. @peoplespca #PPC2019
2. The uncomfortable truth is that Andrew’s plan will make life even MORE unaffordable and is in fact even WORSE than Trudeau’s plan in terms of how it impacts regular people.
3. Justin’s plan, bad as it is, at least returns SOMETHING to the taxpayer. Is it ‘revenue neutral’? Hell no! But at least some pennies on the dollar go back into your pocket.
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1)@peoplespca @MaximeBernier @99freemind @FPVaughanIII @LauraLynnTT @PaulMitchellPPC @SalimMansurLNC @TomTSEC

This is why I believe our policy on foreign affairs is the most important. Issues that fall under the UN Sustainable Development Agenda affecting Canada and Canadians:
Migrant pact & Refugee Pact
✅Paris Accord
Emissions targets, carbon tax, attack on oil&gas industry, pipelines and tankers.
✅New Urban Agenda
Property rights, Bike lanes, City Planning, Infrastructure, Urban Forest,Pack em &Stack em
✅Gun Rights
✅Justice System
Reduction in sentencing ie:pedophilia and beastiality.
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1. This will be a longer post of the greatest importance IMHO, so I am numbering them. I so enjoy sharing with the online PPC community the very real, and exciting truth of @MaximeBernier and the @peoplespca being the cure for many of Canada's leadership and governance problems.
2. But it has increasingly dawned on me that we must not just speak to each other on the issues - our time and effort needs to be more so directed at the eyes and ears of those who have not had the good fortune to understand what @MaximeBernier would do for Canadians as a leader.
3. So then how do we approach that challenge? I would suggest it is very easy to choose a message and/or video that clearly shows Max's and the PPC's integrity, principles, honesty, and their strong inclination to work towards the betterment of this country for all Canadians.
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@CanadianPatri15 @MaximeBernier @peoplespca @ethanerk @MarkFriesen08 @NicolaHanson9 @G_ozzy @LauraLynnTT @SupportersOfPPC @MusicFr53658595 @BBlue_Crab @DR_WDikshit @SPpc2019 @RaymondMDuchar1 @PPCVanKingsway @LaurieHoyda @bouchjr @boysha @Shemp_358 @AdelMaic @AHusamHussein @hodrob_rj @emlaughsallot88 @eastcoastcandau @stephencorrive5 If you follow a PPC'er & have liked my lists, add #PPC #PPC2019 #BernierNation #MadMax to your bio so you can be identified.

What I'm doing is randomly selecting a PPC follower, running thru their followers & if I don't follow them, I do + I copy and paste their name to my list.
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So.. tomorrow in #Ottawa, Maxime Bernier will headline a rally against the UN migration compact. The rally is hosted by a bunch of fringe far-right groups that promote anti-Islam, anti-Soros, & 'white genocide' conspiracy theories. Let's take a quick look: #cdnpoli #ppc
Organizer 1: CitizenGO Canada creates rightwing petitions. It currently has a petition calling on Trudeau to hold a referendum on signing the UN migrant compact, saying it is pushed by "Soros" and "globalist elites" to gain "global control." These are classic anti-semitic tropes.
Organizer 2: Canadian Coalition for Responsible Government. Total conspiracy theorists who hold anti-Soros events, say the UN compact is an "evil document" and a "plan" to move "massive amounts of migrants," share content from white supremacists Faith Goldy and Stefan Molyneux.
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The frustrating thing about these profiles about Maxime Bernier is that they completely downplay the way he is mobilizing a growing white nationalist constituency. He is not "teasing" or "sympathizing" with the alt-right, he is alt-right, full-stop. #cdnpoli
Here is Maxime Bernier giving a full interview to a 9/11 truther conspiracy theory youtube channel that supports neo-Nazi Faith Goldy. If you don't include this in your profile of him you are acting as his fucking PR agent #cdnpoli
Here is Maxime Bernier chatting with Ezra Levant about "ethnic nationalism." Maybe because they are both ETHNO-NATIONALISTS #cdnpoli
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