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I woke up this am & made some coffees I told my husband he needs to try this new coffee- it’s great. Using Bernie logic, that means I invented coffee. That’s how asinine & desperate not only Sanders campaign is but also his supporters #neverbernie
His base is clueless & knows nothing about politics or government. Bernie never caught my radar until I started hearing the “establishment” mantra. First thought? Wait? He’s been in politics his whole life? How is he not establishment? #neverBernie
So right off the bat, I’m like, this is just like trumps campaign. Playing off the ignorance of the electorate. So I started looking into Bernie. First stop- see I don’t rely on newspaper opinion pieces #neverbernie
& im like- holy shit, this guy has done nothing, like literally nothing. So maybe that’s just what happens- maybe congresspeople only manage to write & pass few pieces of legislation. Then I’m angry- wtf are we paying these ppl for #neverbernie
But when I started looking at ppl who had been in the congress for the same amount of time as Bernie- that wasn’t the case. I won’t bore you with lists & lists of legislation passed, but if you care & have the time - look up ted Kennedy’s record #neverbernie
Now Kennedy is obviously “establishment” right? That means he’s an enemy of Bernie’s revolution- they want action for the ppl- not corporations- right? Well Kennedy was in the congress for the same amount as Bernie. #neverbernie
I believe Kennedy wrote 126 pieces of legislation & got them passed. Bernie has 3. 2 of them were naming post offices. Kennedy the evil establishment man wrote The Americans with Disabilities Act, The DREAM act & several several more. #neverbernie
So now I’m really confused. So establishment is bad, but somehow Bernie who’s never held a job outside politics isn’t establishment & he has written & passed zero progressive legislation & that’s good but....#neverbernie
Establishment like Kennedy or Clinton who’ve written & passed numerous pieces of legislation that help every American every day are “evil” So im left thinking- “oh they just don’t know” so I try to tell them.....#neverbernie
But I get in response “Bernie tried, he wasn’t listened to” ok. I’ll get back to that. Why are your so-called “establishment” politicians bad? “They take $ from PACS & corporations” -ok but they also have passed meaningful legislation......#neverbernie
How can you just ignore the accomplishments of say Kennedy, or Clinton or Biden or Obama or more recently Booker, Harris, Warren, Gillibrand, Klobuchar? The last 2 ladies have been quite extraordinary in the congress- look it up #neverbernie
Crickets is the response. These ppl literally don’t care that legislation that all of us use every day, benefit from every day were written, researched & fought for by ppl they claim could never earn their vote #neverbernie
So in other words- Bernie supporters have no principles- much like trump supporters. They like the guy- they’re going to tow the campaign lie & that’s it, because they both say things their respective bases want to hear #neverbernie
So back to Bernie “pushing” I keep hearing “pushing” as an accomplishment. Bernie Sanders has been a sitting congressman for 30 yrs. Hes been earning $174,000 TAXPAYER dollars for 30 yrs. The job of a congressperson is to #neverbernie
1) represent their district in the congress 2) write & pass legislation that benefits their district or state. 3) serve on committees serving federal programs. That’s their job. Do you see “pushing” anywhere? .....#neverbernie
It’s a hard work writing a bill & getting it passed. You have to know the budget. You have to know the need & the need needs to outweigh the cost. You have to know how to write & YOU HAVE TO GET SUPPORT to get it passed. You have to sell it. #neverbernie
You have to know the issue inside & out & you have to be damn sure your i’s are dotted & t’s are crossed, because once a law is passed, only another law can overturn it, so yes congresspeople who do this certainly earn their salaries #neverbernie
So I get the arguement, “he wrote legislation & he couldn’t get it passed because everyone hates him because their establishment & he’s not” ok that would be valid- but it’s not true- he hasn’t. Now sometimes they say “but he was the amendment king”#neverbern
That’s true, he has passed more roll call amendments than any other. But do you know what those are? Roll call votes are when the legislation is on the floor for a vote- each senator or house member votes either “yay or “nay” #neverbernie
Now you e heard the term “pork” Bills that end up stuff with expenses & items not originally in the legislation. They can take a good piece of legislation & turn into garbage by adding this crap to it. Sometimes it’s good #neverbernie
Most times it’s just holding the bill hostage & just gives members of the opposing party the talking points to denigrate it or an excuse for not voting for it or to use as an example of why congress can’t stay on budget #neverbernie
So yes, Bernie is the king or saying “I’ll only vote for this bill if we add this ......” now I’m sure some of those were good things he was adding. But that leads to the question - you’re the roll-call ammendment king #neverbernie
Why didn’t you just write your own legislation to begin with? Also when a bill passes that Bernie added an amendment to- he & supporters then take credit for the whole bill #neverbernie
Now again- you can look all this up on Don’t take my word for it. Now we get on the subject of donations. Bernie is only a politician because the NRA put him there. #neverbernie
Bernie was elected to the US Senate in 1990. His opponent Peter Smith was in favor of the Assault Weapons Ban. Bernie was not. The NRA & it’s money & influence took to Vermont to make sure Smith was not elected. #neverbernie
Now, the NRA never endorsed Bernie- if they did he knew his democratic base wouldn’t support him. But the NRA did put a lot of money into making sure Smith DIDNT get elected, by smearing him, ads saying he was gonna take your guns #neverbernie
Bernie of course sat by & let it happen. Now if Bernie is such a progressive anti-establishment anti- special interest in politics- why didn’t he come forward? Why didn’t he put the good of the nation above his career? #neverbernie
Bernie won’t talk about it to this day. This is the start. There are situations after situations of Bernie doing exactly this- railing in public about special interests & then taking their money & influence behind closed doors #neverbernie
Now I can’t list them all, because I’m just a wife & mom & I have laundry to do & Sunday dinner to make- but they’re there If you care to find them. I’ll end with the latest example #neverbernie
Bernie recently introduced a bill (admittingly Bernie has been more active writing bills since 2016 when he got called out- DOESNT erase the past 30 of not doing so though) called the STOPBEZOS Act (i didn’t capitalize it) #neverbernie
He did. Anyway the bill was a bunch of the usual- Amazon is a monster- doesn’t pay its ppl etc etc etc. you can decide for yourself if you like the bill or not. The bill did not pass, but Amazon does pay its workers $15/hr #neverbernie
Bernie takes credit for the pay raise. Even though his bill didn’t pass. Amazon says it did so because of the minimum wage laws passed in several states that raised the wage to $15/hr. Amazon operates all the country. #never Ernie
So it’s much easier & cost saving for Amazon to streamline instead of various wages etc. Now Bernie takes credit for this. But the states with $15/hr minimum wage were put in place by the voters & the state legislation. #neverbernie
So Bernie had nothing to do with that. But it is worth noting that Bernie takes credit for the minimum wage hike in several states- but his own states minimum wage is $10.78 🤷🏼‍♀️ #neverbernie
Anywho.... the same time Bernie was railing about Amazon & Bezos- remember the name of the bill was STOPBEZOS Act. He was selling HIS book on Amazon 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ oh Bernie. So Bernie is a con & a grifter. #neverbernie
Yeah he’s a cool old guy, he summons birds & I like his laugh. Listen, Bernie’s doing Bernie. Good for him, I don’t care how many houses he has, I don’t care what his wife does, I don’t even care that his foundation was shut down #neverbernie
I care about the damage he’s doing to the Democratic Party. Oh! Almost forgot Bernie is the chair of the Democratic outreach committee in the senate- imagine that? The guy who does everything in his power to dismantle ....#neverbernie
The party is in charge of outreach in the senate- ok back to the point. He’s keeping actual good senators & house members from doing good for the American ppl with his lies & slander. Why? I just proved he’s not who he says he is #neverbernie
So why? Ego? Or is there something more nefarious? I don’t know. But I know this guy sat on his ass for 30 yrs & did nothing until a woman showed up to run for President. You do with that what you will #NEVERBERNIE
One last point. If Bernie becomes POTUS he can’t just instill his policies. That’s not how it works. They have to go through Congress. He’s have to have a congressperson write the bill, take it vote. If he could never do this #neverbernie
As a sitting member of Congress for 30 yrs- what in God’s green earth makes you think he’ll be able to do as president? #neverbernie
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