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What's ironic about this is that it shows that the libs fundamentally don't understand

wait for it

game theory
Things that are currently up in the air

-- who Warren is going to endorse
-- how long Biden is going to stick around
-- how hard Pete is willing to cheat
Things that aren't

-- which candidate will beat Trump
-- which candidate has the best platform
-- which candidate is the most trusted
-- which candidate listens to activists
-- which candidate would win a fair primary
-- which candidate is in any way meaningfully anti-war
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Here’s a little story for all y’all who are #NeverBernie and why it’s so important to get every Iowan with a loud mouth (and any sense about the real danger Bernie poses to the future) to their caucus location...

Picture it: Iowa City, Jan 19, 2004. It was cold and snowy; wind blowing across the barren corn fields... there had been days of a winter weather advisory making staying home in one’s jammies sound far preferable than going to a caucus.
I was lucky to have an immigrant husband at the time, so we wouldn’t need a babysitter for our then 3 year old, since only I could vote. So I drove my very pregnant self from our rented house in the country to the high school in neighbouring Solon, IA (pop 1,393 in 2004).

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If Dems nominate Bernie, which definition will you argue for 9 months?
1) “Avocating government ownership of the means of production & distribution of goods”
2) Marx; “The stage following capitalism in the transition of society to communism”
#IACaucus #NeverBernie
Why would Dems nominate a candidate dumb enough to embrace a negative label?? Does Trump say ”Yes, I’m Fascist?”

NBC/WSJ poll, 2/2/2020:
Capitalism: 52% positive, 18% negative (+34)
Socialism: 19% positive, 53% negative (-34)…
.#IACaucus #NeverBernie
Notice how the GOP is not showing you these (yet). Instead they attack Biden. Why??

“As a Socialist, I want to see a radical redistribution of wealth & power in this country.”
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*sigh* we're going to thread again. Several guys have tried to do this to me as well, but I get the impression it happens to women of color a hell of a lot more, so we're going to thread about BernieBro harassment.
Now, last time I shared a problematic tweet I redacted the tweeter's ID because I felt they deserved a bit of protection. In this case ... this dude is trying to silence a black woman because she has a voice. So he does not deserve my protection. Be decent but ... whatevs.
The obvious issue with this is what I've already stated. It is wrong to try to silence people or intimidate *anyone* simply because their political views differ from yours. If they were encouraging violence or economic repercussions then okay, but the OP is not doing that.
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“The End Of Bernie Sanders” PART 1: #ITrustBernie to continue to allow his supporters to spread lies with their campaign of #misinformation lead by @ninaturner & @briebriejoy! (Bring it #Berniebros) welcome to the #BernieIsOverParty #NeverBernie
“The End Of Bernie Sanders” PART 2: #ITrustBernie to absolutely nothing 4 the #blackcommunity! @BernieSanders is the Rachel Dolezal of #civilrights when it come 2 #black issues he talks about Class not race! Last time I checked it was my skin that white people fear not my pockets
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Bernie offers a revolution. Well, we don't want his damned inept, self-serving revolution of a 60's hedonist. A man who left when people were challenging the system, to hide in lily-white Vermont. Bernie did nothing & now is on a Trumpian journey fantasy journey.#NeverBernie
And the alt-left sheeple convinced so many that he is a life long fighter when he was channeling Rip Van Winkle in comfort of Vermont. Living the life of the standard-issue white hedonist of that time and pretending that they effing cared.
Revolutions, such as Bernie's rely on a hero's journey for their leader. Bernie's crew had little to work with except one picture--Bernie demonstration in college-- to paint him as a life long civil rights warrior, a total lie. Vermont white comfort was not the epicenter.
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Seems it's time for America to realize that the progressive left is also fully backed by Mother Russia and @BernieSanders is a #Warmonger.
Hillary Clinton advised us Trump was Putin's puppet, which has been proven.…
She also believed someone else was under their control, Presidential candidate @TulsiGabbard.

Who does she team up with as V.P.?

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You kids pushing these nutty conspiracies about me would have been better off focusing on one or two "smoking guns"

People might have taken you seriously.

But since you've got a million petty things: who I've had a picture taken with, my ex-husband's clients, things my candidates did 10 years after I worked for them, how I'm the REAL racist/anti-semite, and dozens of half-truths, ignorant takes and straight up fakes...

It's clear to anyone with a brain you're throwing everything you can dream up at the wall to see what sticks.

All it means is that you can't refute my arguments so you're desperate to discredit me any way you can.

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I’m old enough to remember when @BernieSanders supporters were booing @RepMarciaFudge “A black woman” while in the middle of talking about #gayrights #civilrights & #FreedomOfReligion at the DNC! Which is why I’m #neverbernie this is what #WhiteSupremacy looks like
Many @HillaryClinton rallies were empty due to shit like this! @BernieSanders supporters showed up in troves attacking & harassing Hillary’s supporters as they walked in 😭 This Beautiful #Blackman stood in the way & gave free hugs to her supporters! #neverbernie
@BernieSanders supporters threw over $1000 worth of cash at @HillaryClinton car as she was on her way to a fundraiser. I will never support this man #NeverBernie
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At this pivotal point in US history, I am a single-issue voter. I want the candidate who hates Putin as much as I do, who will bring the fight to Russia—not just the meddling IC apparatus, but the corrupt oligarchs & the transnational mob that is a cancer on democracy.

1/ It’s not enough to defeat, indict & imprison Donald Trump & his associates. The nefarious forces that installed him & pulled his puppet strings must also be destroyed.

I don’t want a president who will “move forward,” as Obama did with Bush & Cheney. I DEMAND accountability.
2/ Bernie has lovely progressive ideas—free healthcare! free college! tax Wall Street!—but no way to implement or pay for them. He makes promises he can’t keep, all the while tacitly accepting Russian aid. As in 2016, he is a chaos candidate. #NeverBernie
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@nitehowl55 @albyselkie @neeratanden @HillaryClinton @AOC I'm still pissed about Hillarycare. Sanders' apologists erase her heroic efforts while pretending that he was always the one and only champion of UHC.
Bernie has been "Bernie or Bust" his whole damn life, and most Berners wouldn't know UHC if it bit them in the ass.
@nitehowl55 @albyselkie @neeratanden @HillaryClinton @AOC Bernie didn't just hold a press conference to tell people that the Little Lady couldn't possibly understand health care and she was oh so wrong:
Bernie, in doing so, was piling on to an already tremendous dog pile (after waiting, of course, to see which way the wind was blowing)
@nitehowl55 @albyselkie @neeratanden @HillaryClinton @AOC Bernie was dancing on the grave of Hillarycare, basking in the warmth of the funeral pyre, only and always for his own glorification.
And now they're taking credit for the work that she did.
Completely predicatable and thoroughly despicable.
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Okay so #Techies we need to start posting lists (quarterly? monthly? Of the TOP TEN #GOP ( now #BMP see #POC) donors by amount of each of the House seats we are challenging. A woman did it in 2016?18 but got Trolled off. DONT DO IT IF YOU DONT ENCTYPT EVERYTHING Maddow can’t.
GOT THAT? I don’t know how to do it efficiently enough to produce these lists. Can @CREWcrew do this @RWPUSA .. Find a finder. Can a #ThinkProgress person be hired ... and BYW GovHowardDean (#Russian RIS Agent #Bernies Händler better not still be on or with DNC #NeverBernie
.@TrueFactsStated you sent me #Manforts $300,000 payment to #Rorabacher in 2013 for #HapsburgVisit .. they visited #SenGrassley too ITS IN EXHIBITS from #Mueller Motion to Revoke House Arrest #MANFORT now in #ECRIS DATABASE As are #Cohen #Flynn #Epstein #GeorgeNADER ?? @ICIJorg
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I woke up this am & made some coffees I told my husband he needs to try this new coffee- it’s great. Using Bernie logic, that means I invented coffee. That’s how asinine & desperate not only Sanders campaign is but also his supporters #neverbernie
His base is clueless & knows nothing about politics or government. Bernie never caught my radar until I started hearing the “establishment” mantra. First thought? Wait? He’s been in politics his whole life? How is he not establishment? #neverBernie
So right off the bat, I’m like, this is just like trumps campaign. Playing off the ignorance of the electorate. So I started looking into Bernie. First stop- see I don’t rely on newspaper opinion pieces #neverbernie
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When the revelation is so big you can’t formulate a coherent sentence, but still can’t work the periscope.
Sup @Comey 🕶
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You got that right.. but gotta get all the rest of his #FOICK TOO. eg #FraternalOrderofICK and @FBI @FBIWFO @Europol are working on that SEE ALL reports from @ICIJorg AND @OCCRP ALSO all #Brexiters trying to hide in #UK
REMEMBER they created #HedgeFunds
@FBI @FBIWFO @Europol @ICIJorg @OCCRP Got that @MoveOn @votevets @IndivisibleTeam @emilyslist @VictoryFund GIVE MONEY ONLY TO @dccc @dscc The DNC has been severely compromised by #FakeDEMS led by #Bernie2020 and Comrade #GovHowardDean .. ALL #Progressives are Putin backed bots. #BeAmericanStrong #VoteBlue2020
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So, @BernieSanders attacking @CAPAction is exactly what one expected in 2016. But in 2018 the man who would be king attacking CAP and @neeratanden is more than bad optics, it is terrible politics, and aggressively personal.

The constant admonishments we get from many mainstream Democrats, as well as a hypocritical boatload from the hard left, to those of us who remain sceptical of Sanders and his motives, have never rang more hollow.

Unity is not a divided highway, it's a two way street, and Sanders and company have never even pulled onto the pavement.

In light of all the injustice, the actual corruption and abuses of power that emanate from the centre of Trumpland, it's a telling strategy to employ.

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Bernie & FOX/Trump TV plan the “all Dems are socialists” rollout:
1) Bernie will embrace the Socialist label & imply all Dems are socialists.
2) FOX/Trump TV will use those video clips 24/7 in 2020 to paint any Dem nominee as a socialist.
3) Trump wins.…
WAKE UP @TomPerez! You spent a lot of time working on rejecting debates on FOX to stay on message, and now Bernie is upstaging you. On April 15th, he is set to have a "Bash Dems Town Hall" interview on FOX. Dems need to dump this self centered, decrepit old demagogue.
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad you nominated Bernie so I can have 4 more years?
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Matthew gave up his wallet after only being hit one time.
What followed was a torturous ride through hell, to be tied to a fence, beaten, terrorized and maimed by two men filled with hate.
Robbery as a motive was exhausted early.
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When Bernie announced in 2015, I had a ton of friends and colleagues join his campaign. My whole team from Kay Hagan went to Bernie, along with other Democratic organizers I really respect.
It made me very cautious about what I said as I grew increasingly concerned about what Bernie was doing. I tried to be scrupulously honest and fair in my criticisms, the way I would want them to be. I think it made my writing stronger.
Out of respect for my friends and colleagues on the Bernie campaign, I refrained from saying "Bernie Bro" - they considered it a pejorative, and it wasn't hard to get my points across without it. I did a search, I used it maybe six times before this month.
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Since y’all are here for it here’s another spoiler alert🚨: Bernie isn’t running to be POTUS, he’s running to shit on all the *real* Democrats who are running to be POTUS so that by the time 11/2020 rolls around you hate/distrust all of them & stay home or vote 3rd party instead.
Bernie’s polling is atrocious and he knows it, so don’t think for one second that he’s jumping into this race with intentions of becoming the nominee of a party he STILL refuses to fucking join. He’s only here to throw premeditated shit at the walls, just like he was in 2016.
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🥀A T H 🍩L🍩G I 🌊A L
🥀🍩L I T I 🌊S :

on the


#FBR #Resistance #NeverBernie
🥀 A R T 🍩 N E :

The End of History
and the Last Hippie
Anyone who has spent time on the internet over the past few years will have noticed the sharp rise in vitriolic "centrism" in the discourse, a significant deviation from the left/right, liberal/conservative paradigm of the past several decades.
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#VettingBernie video –
Russia, 1988 – Bernie gets naked with his Soviet Socialist comrades. Do we really want an avowed socialist, bloated-ego octogenarian hijacking the Democrat label to run for POTUS? #NeverBernie
#VettingBernie 1985 – “A handful of people in the US are whipping up Cold War hysteria, making us hate Russians.We’re spending billions on military.Why can’t we take some of that money to pay for thousands of US children to go to the Soviet Union?”- Bernie…
Tad Devine worked with Manafort in Ukraine for a few years just before starting on Bernie’s campaign. Both reported to Putin thru indicted GRU agent Kilimnik. Devine has testified to Mueller. Is this how he knows Manafort lied?…
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In the linked thread, we explored networks of accounts amplifying the #Bernie2020 hashtag by looking solely at interactions between mutual retweeters (accounts that RT'd one another's tweets containing the hashtag). Let's apply this to a couple other hashtags.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
First up: #OpMayflower (dataset from October 2018, hashtag has been pushed a few times). This is a far more extreme case of the mutual retweeting seen in the #Bernie2020 set - every account that received retweets is also a major node in the network.
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