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1/ I fight #antisemitism on a daily basis however,for the 1st time,a campaigner against antisemitism blocked me on Twitter. I was accused of not having "accepted that Pamela Geller is a propagator of anti-Muslim hate" and referred to me as someone who "denies and defends hatred".
2/ Claims about Pamela Geller "Denying genocide" and that "Geller denies the truth of the Bosnian genocide" were also made (after I had been blocked).
I have since conducted some research and this thread offers a response including some questions to such accusations and claims.
3/ The aim of this #MegaThread is to highlight a):
Use of the terms "anti-Muslim hate/bigot" or "Islamophobia" to smear anyone who criticises Islam (i.e. radical Islam,Islamist Antisemitism)
4/ The other aim of this #MegaThread is to highlight b):
The fact that the legal term of "genocide"(i.e. what constitutes genocide with regards to mass killings and atrocities) is disputed by Jewish and non-Jewish scholars,
e.g in Bosnia, and is an ongoing debate.
5/ Let it be clear, I am not saying I agree with everything that Pamela Geller says but I defend her right to free speech.
Free speech is the right to disagree which often means offend.
6/ There is a fundamental difference in expressing criticism of Islam or any other religion or idea and an exchange of physical force.
The line of demarcation between freedom of speech and freedom of action is established by the ban on the initiation of physical force.
7/ There are many prominent people within or allied with the Jewish community who express similar views to Pamela Geller. It's possible to share some of Geller's views without being labelled an 'anti-Muslim bigot'.
For e.g. Geller criticises Islamic Totalitarianism & Shariah law.
8/ Disagreeing with someone doesn't mean you are intolerant if you accept that they are entitled to have a different non-violent opinion.This is free speech. I have close relatives who are Muslim. I may disagree with some of their views.I don't hate them.
9/ It is not hate speech to criticise Islam(as an ideology) with regard to its lack of individual rights and Islamist Antisemitism.
I criticise all ideologies that reject the concept of individual rights. I call out the brutal rights-violating socialist regimes in Venezuela,Cuba.
10/ I side with Human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali(@Ayaan) and her critical view of Islamist anti-Semitism.
11/ Anti-Defamation League (ADL) which labeled Pam Geller 'anti-Muslim bigot' actually sided with her in opposing construction of a mosque near the site of the 9/11 attack in NYC.
Are the ADL 'anti-Muslim bigots'?Should they be blocked?I don't think so
12/ Simon Wiesenthal Center(@simonwiesenthal) opposed construction of a mosque near the site of the 9/11 attack in NYC.
See:jewishweek.timesofisrael.com/wiesenthal-cen… via @NYJewishWeek
Are they 'anti-Muslim bigots'? Should they be condemned and blocked?I don't think so.
13/ My findings reveal organisations and people in positions of power(many with an anti-Israel/anti-Jew stance) that smear and wrongly blacklist prominent Jews and other Pro-Israel supporters and their organisations for 'anti-Muslim hate'.
See following examples.
14/ Hope-Not-Hate org blacklist prominent US Jews & Pro-Israel supporters for "Islamophobia".
Were Hope-Not-Hate a right-wing org blacklisting Jews there would be outrage.
"Islamophobia" is an anti-concept designed to silence any criticism of Islam.
15/ Hope-Not-Hate activist Julie Ward MEP authored a report calling for EU action to fight racism yet spreads hate against Jews/Israelis/#Israel.

Shouldn't Ward be blocked/called out for her anti-Israel activism/Jew hate?
16/ Here is Hope-Not-Hate activist Julie Ward(pink top,white dress)alongside people chanting,"from the river to the sea,Palestine will be free"-a rejection of Israel's right to exist & is a call for the destruction of Israel.
See: via @YouTube
17/ Worth mentioning is that Hope-Not-Hate org targeted and (wrongly) accused pro-Israel activist Sharon Klaff(@sdklaff).


I wonder to what extent the charity Hope-Not-Hate is anti-Israel/anti-Jew?
18/ According to @MaajidNawaz,Hope-Not-Hate org "witch-hunted & libelled" as 'anti-Muslim' reform-Muslim Koran scholar Dr Tawfik Hamid(@THamid2018).
Should Dr Hamid be condemned,blocked,banned for his views? I don't think so.
See tweet:
19/ @TheConWom writer Karen Harradine is critical of Hope-Not-Hate org including its use of the term 'islamophobia'.

See:"Hope Not Hate – stuck in a quagmire of Leftie groupthink" conservativewoman.co.uk/hope-not-hate-…

Should Karen be condemned,blocked,banned for her view? I don't think so.
20/ @TheConWom author Karen Harradine wrote, "Where HNH do falter is in their insistence on using the made-up word ‘Islamophobia’,designed to shut down debate and scare citizens into silencing their concerns about the misogyny,anti-Semitism and anti-west ideology of Islamism."
21/ Mark Levin(@marklevinshow),US Radio talk-show host, is blacklisted by HOPE-NOT-HATE org on their islamophobia-hub website for critising the Muslim Brotherhood.
Should Levin be condemned,blocked & banned from the UK for his views? I don't think so.
22/ Campaign Against Antisemitism(@antisemitism) criticises Hope-Not-Hate org for blacklisting those who fight Islamist extremism (i.e. Melanie Phillips(@MelanieLatest), accusing them of "anti-Muslim hatred and prejudice”/“new face of the far-right.”
23/ Author & columnist Melanie Phillips(@MelanieLatest) has been called a “bigot” for arguing that the term ‘Islamophobia’ is “a fiction to shut down debate”.
See: jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/melanie-philli…
Should Melanie be condemned,blocked,banned for her view? I don't think so. I agree with her.
24/ Author,@spectator's Associate Editor Douglas Murray(@DouglasKMurray) described 'Islamophobia' as a “nonsense term”.
Should he be condemned and blacklisted on an 'Islamophobia' website at Georgetown University for his views?
I don't think so.
25/ Georgetown University blacklists people who support Israel/the Jewish community,for 'Islamophobia' e.g.@BorisJohnson,@DouglasKMurray,@MaajidNawaz,@TarekFatah,@TulsiGabbard,@tedcruz,@DanielPipes,@FredFleitz ,@benshapiro,@billmaher,@horowitz39,@Ayaan
@BorisJohnson @DouglasKMurray @MaajidNawaz @TarekFatah @TulsiGabbard @tedcruz @DanielPipes @FredFleitz @benshapiro @billmaher @horowitz39 @Ayaan 26/ Commentator Ben Shapiro(@benshapiro) is blacklisted on Georgetown University's 'Islamophobia' website for "making derogatory, generalizing & inflammatory comments about Muslims".
Should Shapiro be banned from the UK for his views?
I don't think so.
27/ Objectivists Elan Journo(@elanjourno) and Steve Simpson(@ssfreespeech) from the @AynRandInst criticise the term 'Islamophobia'.
Should they be condemned,blocked and banned from the UK?
I don't think so. I agree with their critique.
28/ Professor Gerald M. Steinberg's NGO Monitor is smeared as "extreme right-wing group with close ties to..notoriously Islamophobic individuals and organizations"
Should @GeraldNGOM @NGOmonitor) be condemned,blocked/banned from UK?
I don't think so.
29/ Brooke Goldstein(@GoldsteinBrooke),Executive Director of the Lawfare Project(@LawfareProject) is smeared and blacklisted by Council on American–Islamic Relations(CAIR) 'Islamophobic organisations' website.
30/ Brooke Goldstein's message is smeared as being 'anti-Muslim' by anti-Israel website Electronic Intifada.
Should Brooke Goldstein(@GoldsteinBrooke) be condemned,blocked/banned from UK for her views?
I don't think so.
31/ CAIR smears @clarionproject as being 'Islamophobic'.
Brooke Goldstein(@GoldsteinBrooke) responds,"What qualifies as being 'Islamophobic' is raising awareness about Islamist terrorism and advocating for the human rights of Muslim women."
32/ Georgetown University blacklist the Clarion Project(@clarionproject),smear it as "an organization that advances anti-Muslim content".
The Clarion Project's mission: "Challenging radical Islam, promoting human rights."
What's wrong with that?
33/ The Clarion Project(@clarionproject) is condemned as "connected to anti-Islamic and 'pro-Israel' political factions" by Right Web (website dedicated to "Tracking militarists’ efforts to influence U.S. foreign policy")

34/ Clarion Project(@clarionproject) challenges radical Islam & other ideologies & promotes human rights. However, the Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) blacklists CP as an 'extremist' 'Anti-Muslim hate group' on their 'fighting hate' website.
See: splcenter.org/fighting-hate/…
35/ Author & @spectator's Associate Editor Douglas Murray(@DouglasKMurray) exposes the Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) for blacklisting people for simply criticising/opposing 'Islamic extremism'.
See: 'The SPLC Gets Its Comeuppence' mosaicmagazine.com/picks/politics… via @mosaicmag
36/ Elliot Miller(@Elliotmiller94),Director of Political Affairs,Israeli Consulate in LA,is smeared as "Anti-Muslim" & ‘Islamophobic' by Electronic Intifada & Middle East Monitor for criticising radical Islam.


37/ Hillel Neuer(@HillelNeuer) Executive Director of @UNWatch is smeared as having "a long history of spreading Islamophobia" and for "hate speech" by anti-Israel activist Liam Meisner at McGill University's McGill Daily.
& see:militarist-monitor.org/profile/hillel…
38/ Law professor Alan Dershowitz(@AlanDersh)is condemned for serving on the board of "Anti-Muslim Gatestone Institute".
Should Dershowitz be blocked & banned from the UK for working with the @GatestoneInst?
I don't think so
39/ Jeffrey Goldberg(@JeffreyGoldberg) Editor in Chief,The Atlantic(@TheAtlantic) is described as "anti-Muslim" by anti-Israel website Electronic Intifada.
Should Jeffrey Goldberg be condemned,blocked & banned entry to the UK?
I don't think so.
40/ David Collier(@mishtal),investigator against antisemitism,is smeared by Electronic Intifada as a "racist blogger" & someone who echoes "the typical racist language of hard-right Islamophobes".
Should he be blocked for his views?
I don't think so.
41/ Rod Liddle, journalist and an associate editor of The Spectator(@spectator) stated “There‘s obviously no such thing as Islamophobia"
Does that make Rod Liddle an "anti-muslim bigot" / an "islamophobe"?
I don't think so.
42/ Charles M. Kupperman(former US National Security Adviser) was condemned by CAIR for serving on the board of the Center for Security Policy which they regard as "an anti-Muslim hate group".
Should Kupperman be banned from the UK?
I don't think so.
43/ Philanthropist Nina Rosenwald(@ninarosenwald) founder of Gatestone Institute(@GatestoneInst) is smeared as “Sugar Mama of Anti-Muslim Hate” by anti-Israel activist Max Blumenthal.
Should Rosenwald be blocked & banned from the UK?
I don't think so.
44/ Council on American-Islamic Relations(CAIR)'Islamophobia report 2019'/'Top Funders of Islamophobic Activity' blacklists Jewish/pro-Israel orgs:@CAMERAorg,@TheJewishAdvct,@LawfareProject,@MEMRIReports,@GatestoneInst,@horowitz39,@JewishCommFund,@ACLJ See:islamophobia.org/images/Islamop…
45/ Bradley Martin,Deputy Editor at the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research(@CIJR)says,"CAIR seeks to bully critics of radical Islamism into submission by conflating anti-Muslim bigotry with any legitimate concerns about Islamist extremism”.
46/ Worth noting, the Council on American-Islamic Relations(CAIR) is anti-Israel.
See: jpost.com/Diaspora/Penns…

"CAIR incites,funds,and does much more vis-à-vis terrorism" -See: nationalreview.com/2014/11/cair-t…
47/ Should the Jewish/pro-Israel organisations and associated people blacklisted by Council on American-Islamic Relations(CAIR)be condemned/blocked/banned from UK? I don't think so.
If anyone is worthy of condemnation it should be anti-Israel CAIR.
48/ The Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) has a website smearing/blacklisting Jewish/pro-Israel orgs & people lumping them together the KKK and other racists accusing them of 'islamophobia'.
See:splcenter.org/fighting-hate/… and see:splcenter.org/hatewatch
and: splcenter.org/hate-map
49/ Jeremy Tedesco (@AllianceDefends) says the Southern Poverty Law Center "has expanded the definition of ‘hate’ to now include people & groups who merely disagree with the SPLC’s far-left agenda."
See:"The violent consequences of being branded ‘hateful’"spiked-online.com/2019/09/06/the…
50/ Georgetown University's 'The Bridge Initiative' website states its aim is "to inform the general public about Islamophobia".
'The Bridge Initiative' blacklists and smears Jewish/pro-Israel orgs/people accusing them of 'islamophobia'.
See: bridge.georgetown.edu/research-publi…
51/ Socialist Worker author Nick Clark smears @Emma_A_Webb,for working at 'deeply Islamophobic' Henry Jackson Society(@HJS_Org) when it focuses on Islamist terror networks,Islamist extremism,radicalisation,counter-extremism policy in education.
52/ Worth noting, Socialist Worker is an anti-capitalist weekly newspaper published by the Socialist Workers Party, often seen at anti-Israel demonstrations.
See: david-collier.com/islamic-war-lo… via @mishtal
53/ I also refer to The Socialist Workers Party anti-Israel pamphlet highlighted by Community Security Trust(CST)
54/ Emma Webb(@Emma_A_Webb),Director @FIDE_Civitas,says,"I don't think we need a definition of 'islamophobia'" because legislation already exists to deal with discrimination based on religion.
Is that 'islamophobic'? No.

See: Defining 'Islamophobia'
55/ Emma Webb(@Emma_A_Webb),Director @FIDE_Civitas,argues,"Islamophobia accusations must not be allowed to be used as a weapon & a shield by those who would otherwise be challenged for their views."
Does that make her an 'anti-Muslim bigot'?I don't think so
56/ Journalist, broadcaster and author Melanie Phillips(@MelanieLatest) writes,"Lumping reasonable people together with racists and other bigots is in danger of turning anti-hate groups into a veritable hate industry themselves."
I agree.
See: melaniephillips.com/anti-hate-grou…
57/ My findings reveal that CAIR,SPLC,Hope-Not-Hate and Georgetown University's 'The Bridge Initiative' (the organisations and/or the people associated to them) all appear to show, directly or indirectly, bias against Jews/#Israel and/or those who support them.
58/ Online publications Electronic intifada, Middle East Monitor,Middle East Eye,Socialist Worker,lobelog,thenation,Rightweb,Militarist Monitor,Mondoweiss also appear to show bias against Jews/#Israel and/or those who support them.
59/ Mondoweiss website (which promotes 'Holocaust Cartoon Contest' Finalist & anti-Israel Carlos Latuff cartoons) blacklists Jews/pro-Israel orgs for e.g.@AIPAC as "Anti-Muslim Ideologues","right-wing Islamophobes",for "Anti-Muslim bigotry".
I disagree
60/ What is shocking is the real hate and racism by anti-Israel activists,for e.g.the smears and deplatforming of guest speaker Dr @YaronBrook at Exeter University because he is Jewish,from Israel,is pro-Israel & is pro-free speech.
Is Dr Brook an 'anti-muslim bigot'?No he isn't!
61/ Take note,when Dr @YaronBrook was attacked,anti-Israel activist Richard McNeil-Willson,who was completing a British Research Council taxpayer-funded PhD at the University of Exeter,used Twitter to smear Dr Brook & accuse the Jewish State of Israel of 'genocide'.
See tweets.
62/ Dave Rubin(@RubinReport) says,"Antifa & allies on the left are attempting to silence good people",smearing him & anyone defending free speech/Western liberal values as "neo-nazi,fascist,bigot & racist".Rubin grew up with holocaust survivors.
See min.2:
63/ Should all the pro-Israel/Jewish people mentioned in this #MegaThread be banned from the UK/blocked on Twitter for being classified as "islamophobes" / "anti-muslim bigots"?
I don't think so.
64/ #MegaThread Part B): Re the claims made about Pamela Geller "Denying genocide" and that "Geller denies the truth of the Bosnian genocide",I researched the Yugoslav Wars,as I had no in-depth knowledge about them. I cannot speak for Geller, she should be challenged on this.
65/ However,researching the Bosnian War 1992–1995,specifically the mass killings committed against Bosniaks,I discovered prominent people/orgs who dispute the term 'genocide' because they dispute the criteria applied to determine what constitutes 'genocide'.
66/ Example 1: Efraim Zuroff, Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, believes what happened at Srebrenica “is not the description or the definition of genocide."
says, "I think the decision to call it genocide was made for political reasons.”
See: b92.net/eng/news/polit…
67/ Example 2: Yehuda Bauer, a distinguished Israeli historian and scholar of the Holocaust, described Srebrenica as "an act of mass murder", but "not a genocide".
68/ Should Efraim Zuroff,including the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Yehuda Bauer be condemned, blocked from Twitter & banned from the UK because of their views?
69/ The Holocaust Remembrance Alliance(@TheIHRA) highlights the international legal definition of the crime of genocide, found in Article II of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.
See image.
Also see:holocaustremembrance.com/educational-ma…
70/ The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance(@TheIHRA) explains the terms "Holocaust", "genocide", "crimes against humanity" and "war crimes".
Worth reading.
See: holocaustremembrance.com/educational-ma…
71/ The IHRA states there is only one legal definition of genocide but many prominent scholars disagree with this definition & offer alternative definitions e.g.Irving Louis Horowitz,Helen Fein,Israel Charny,Leo Kuper,Barbara Harff...
See Defining Genocide:holocaustremembrance.com/educational-ma…
72/ Should the The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance(@TheIHRA) be condemned for acknowledging that many scholars dispute the term genocide and recognise that it is an ongoing debate?
I don't think so.
73/ One of the Holocaust scholars providing an alternative definition of genocide is historian Yehuda Bauer. Bauer disputes the term genocide being attributed to the mass killings of Bosniaks in Srebrenica referring to it as "an act of mass murder".
See: holocaustremembrance.com/educational-ma…
74/ Knowing atrocities were committed by all sides in the Yugoslav wars,including accusations of genocide by all sides, I researched how the term genocide was only decided upon by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia(ICTY) for atrocities against Bosniaks.
75/ "‘Genocide’ was also used by various parties to describe mass violence in the conflict in Croatia (1991–95) and in Kosovo (1998–99)...cases filed by both Croatia and Serbia against each other at the ICJ/‘Genocide in Kosovo’"-Christian Axboe Nielsen
76/ My research led me to International Law Scholar,Professor Francis A. Boyle who played a significant role in proceedings at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia(ICTY) & the International Court of Justice(ICJ) case 91, a.k.a 'the Bosnian Genocide case'.
77/ Francis A. Boyle was legal adviser & 'Bosnia’s General Agent with Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary Powers' to Bosnia-Herzegovinian President Alija Izetbegovic who he encouraged to claim genocide took place in Bosnia and that Serbia was responsible.
78/ Worth noting is Francis A. Boyle anti-Israel stance and his prior position as legal adviser to Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) whose goal was the violent destruction of #Israel.
See: canarymission.org/professor/Fran…
79/ In the book "Jewish State,Pariah Nation: Israel and the Dilemmas of Legitimacy" By Jerold S. Auerbach,
Francis A. Boyle is credited as the person behind the idea of Boycott,Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel.
See: forward.com/scribe/412643/…
80/ Of interest is that anti-Israel Francis A. Boyle has incorrectly accused Israel of genocide.
See:"Israel Is Committing Genocide" scoop.co.nz/stories/HL1002… (N.B.This article includes a cartoon by Holocaust cartoon contestant and anti-Israel activist Carlos Latuff).
81/ At The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal,Francis A. Boyle argued that the criteria & ruling on the term 'genocide' by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia/ICJ could also be applied to Israel's actions against Palestinians.
82/ It is important to note that Malaysia is anti-Israel,bans entry to Israelis to the country (a.k.a Jew-ban) and has been described by Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as "the most anti-Semitic country surveyed in Asia outside of the Middle East."
See: tabletmag.com/jewish-news-an…
83/ I believe Francis A. Boyle to be motivated by anti-Israel and anti-Jew hatred (He was legal adviser to Yaser Arafat, Norman Finkelstein is his friend..).

See Boyle's profile:canarymission.org/professor/Fran…

See video evidence of antisemitism:memri.org/tv/american-la…
84/ Francis A. Boyle analogized Israel to “genocidal Yugoslavia that collapsed as a State,lost its UN Membership, and no longer exists as a State for that very reason." ,“In fact,Israel has never been a state but just an army masquerading as a state"
85 / My findings reveal there was a proxy war going on between Iran and Israel during the Yugoslav Wars, specifically the Bosnian war.
See following evidence which suggest this.
86/ Iran supplied Bosnian Muslims with arms via planes supposed to carry Red Crescent humanitarian aid.
See article by Daniel Williams/Thomas W. Lippman/The Washington Post: tech.mit.edu/V115/N18/arms.…
87/ Iran used Red Crescent as cover for Revolutionary Guards 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina,sent to train jihadist forces and work with terrorist group Al-Qaeda.
See: iranwire.com/en/features/59…
88/ Israel exported arms to Bosnian Serbs during the Bosnian war. It is likely Israel knew Iran were arming Bosniaks & decided to counter Iran threat. Was Iran imitating Germany's Nazi efforts to instrumentalize Islam in the Balkans during the WW2?
89/ Important to note:
-Israel sees Iran as a major threat to its very existence.
-Jewish historical & economic ties between Israel & Serbia.
-Himmler's Bosnian Muslim SS Handzjar unit who killed 7,000 Serbian Jews in WW2.

90/ Did Boyle know Israel's support for Serbs in the Bosnian War.Was this a motivating factor for his siding w/ Bosniaks,pursuing 'genocide' term for Serb mass killings of Muslims?
A precedent so Israel's actions in defending itself against Palestinians could be labeled genocide?
91/ Israel is incorrectly accused of 'genocide' for its actions in Jenin,Gaza etc. Even when Israel and UNWatch debunk such claims the UN & the left wing press side with the anti-Israel propaganda.
See Haaretz:haaretz.com/1.4989793,
See Evening Standard:files.ethz.ch/isn/94533/2003…
92/ In The Institute for Research of Genocide Canada interview,Francis A.Boyle explains his interest in Bosnia(when working for the PLO)& how he urged President Izetbegovic to sue Yugoslavia via Int'l Court of Justice for violating genocide convention.
93/ Representing President Izetbegovic as Bosnia’s General Agent w/ Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary Powers,Francis Boyle's goal was to argue the term 'genocide' be accepted for atrocities committed by Bosnian Serbs against Bosniaks,perhaps to use a similar argument against Israel
94/ Francis A. Boyle reportedly proposed that the UN General Assembly establish an "International Criminal Tribunal for Israel" as a "subsidiary organ" under Article 22 of the UN Charter & encouraged Abbas to pursue a “legal intifada" against #Israel.
95/ In 'The Palestinians must sign nothing & let Israel collapse!' paper,Boyle asserted Israel was on the brink of collapse,urged Palestinians to avoid signing any peace treaties w/ Israel,so Israel would “meet the same fate as the genocidal Yugoslavia".
96/ An expert witness at Int'l Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia(ICTY) was Law Professor William Schabas.
Schabas criticises the "narrow definition of genocide in the 1948 Convention",refers to an "obstinate refusal to modify the definition".
97/ In addition to Schabas being cited in judgments of Int'l Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia,his position re Israel should be noted: Was appointed to a UN Gaza inquiry into war crimes but quit over anti-Israel bias claims/worked for the PLO.
98/ Paper 'Examining the ICTY to evaluate criticisms of anti­Serb bias' concluded,"institutional weaknesses & a lack of accountability within & outside the Tribunal have allowed the biases of individual actors to influence the outcome of proceedings".
99/ Francis A.Boyle certainly had motive for arguing the 'genocide' term be legally associated to mass killings against Bosniaks by the ICTY & ICJ,in order to seek to argue same criteria against Israel(out of his opposition to #Israel).Did Schabas share a similar ulterior motive?
100/ Worth noting:During the Yugoslav Wars,Croatian Defence Forces ran Dretelj camp where atrocities occurred against Bosnian Serbs and against Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks).
101/ Bosnian Serb forces ran Omarska Camp during the Yugoslav Wars,where atrocities occurred against Bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks) and against Croats.
See: balkaninsight.com/2018/08/06/bos…
102/ Bosniaks ran detention camps near Sarajevo where atrocities occurred against Serbs,but,"Few cases have been opened against Muslim officials since the war,fueling Serb accusations against the Sarajevo authorities of practicing selective justice."
103/ There is little information on atrocities committed during the Yugoslav Wars specifically by Bosnian gov't 7th Muslim Brigade/El Mudžahid,made up of foreign 'Mujahideen freedom fighters'.The Dayton accords ordered them out of the country. By leaving, they escaped justice.
104/ The foreign 'Mujahideen freedom fighters' who fought in the Bosnian 7th Muslim Brigade were in fact al-Qaida terrorists.
(N.B.Several 9/11 hijackers were trained/fought in Bosnia).
Listen to Richard Holbrooke,US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe:pbs.org/newshour/show/…
105/ I believe all parties committed atrocities/mass killings at some point during the Yugoslav Wars.
106/ It is important to note there are 42 countries (including China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Russia, USA) who are not ratified State Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court,and therefore do not recognise the Court's jurisdiction.
107/ There have been cases of U.N. appointed courts,tribunals,investigations and U.N.-authorised reports which have been proven to involve people who have shown prior bias against the countries under investigation. See following examples….
108/ For example, a report by U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia's written by former U.N. official Richard Falk incorrectly accused #Israel of apartheid.
See: unwatch.org/un-chief-rejec… via @UNWatch
109/ Anti-Israel legal activist was hired to write 2009 UNHRC fact-finding mission on Israel & war crimes(Goldstone report*) accusing Israel Defense Forces of war crimes/crimes against humanity.
Goldstone Report was refuted by Goldstone himself in 2011
110/ Col. Richard Kemp(@COLRICHARDKEMP) critised, accused the UN Human Rights Council of "handing a deliberately biased mandate to the commission,intended to defame Israel".
See: unwatch.org/col-richard-ke… via @UNWatch
Watch and decide for yourself.
111/ Worth reiterating is Law Professor William Schabas's appointment to lead a U.N. Gaza inquiry into potential war crimes. Schabas later quit over anti-Israel bias claims. Schabas had worked for the PLO/already accused Israel of war crimes.
112/ In 2018, the US left the UN Human Rights Council:The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, announced the decision, calling the council a "hypocritical and self-serving organisation" and a "cesspool of political bias".

113/ It is important to know why and how the term 'genocide' against Bosnians (Bosniaks) was proposed to and accepted by the Int'l Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)/ the Int'l Court of Justice(ICJ).
114/ In summary,my findings show many Scholars dispute the term'genocide'(it is an ongoing debate).There may also be political reasons why the term 'genocide' was used by the ICTY/ICJ/prosecution/witnesses to describe the mass killings committed against Bosniaks by Bosnian Serbs.
115/ I believe in a free society based on the concept of individual rights & free speech. I will continue to call out antisemitism,support the Jewish community & defend Israel's right to exist in English and Spanish.I will never ally with those who want the destruction of Israel.
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