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THE POKER AND POLITICS REVIEW OF "FALL OF THE CABAL" It's time for the redpilling to begin! #fallofthecabal #QAnon #Bartcop #ShirleyManson #PatriotHQ
1. We open by being told this documentary is super awesome and double plus amazing and if it doesn't redpill me I'm pretty much a lost cause.
2. We are then instructed to "Do our own research" so we can verify the truth of the video's claims. I'm sure this video will hold up under scrutiny and they are only saying this to strengthen their case.
3. There's going to be a shocking twist at the end. I can hardly wait for the surprise ending that they have now already spoiled for me.
4. With all that being said it's time to finally get this show on the road. It's Part 1, It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I feel fine.)
5. We're told that one of the greatest events in the history of the world is unfolding and the world is crumbling before our very eyes yet most people don't know about this. This all sounds terrible, when do we get to that "Greatest event" part? That sounded hopeful.
6. We're then told about the Cabal and their evil plot and how it'll be exposed and this will be super amazing good. This would is so happy that we're finally going to tear down the Global Satanic Pedovore Ring. This is her moment!
7. The Cabal's been doing this stuff in secret for so long and they are so good at it that almost nobody caught onto them, except our narrator who is now going to explain to us how she got redpilled. I wonder if she ran into a pelvic floor doctor in Hollywood.
8. She suspected the California forest fires were not natural because trees didn't burn down when houses did, that cars were flipped in the fires, and that trees burned from the inside out. The first one is explained here.…
9. The cars were flipped by "Fire tornadoes" that seem like something out of a horror movie.…
10. And trees burning internally is something that can happen from lightning strikes or other odd things where some sort of fire gets inside the tree and burns it from the inside out.…
11. And we go right into the anti-vaxx as she talks about mercury and how we inject kids with it in our vaccines. Thimerosal hasn't been in childhood vaccines in nearly 2 decades. Hope she brings up 'aborted fetuses' in out vaccines next.
12. She claims Chemtrails have been proven true and that the world's governments call them 'geoengineering aerosols' which is a lie. Chemtrails are the crap we see in the sky when planes fly by. 'geoengineering aerosols' are a proposed solution to Climate Change.
13. It's only a proposal and not a real thing anyone has ever done. Conspiracy theorists like the narrator have taken this proposal and conflated it with the Chemtrails they see and now claim to be validated. They are not.
14. I gotta say this woman's "Lie Per Minute" rate is the stuff of legends. Hope you're all ready for a 1,000 tweet thread because holy smokes every time she talks she lies.
15. She's now claims we've actually done the anti-global warming spraying, which we haven't and then complains about how Chemtrails are poisoning us. This is pathological.
16. She's now complaining about if you don't opt out of organ donation once you're declared 'brain dead' the state has a right to cut your body open and take your organs. We can debate the morality of "opt in" or "opt out" organ donation but I don't see the big deal.
17. Oh wow, it's the Nazis. Since the first organ transplant didn't happen till 1954, I'm not thinking the Nazis were using organ donors the way she's inferring they did. Unless the Ice Nazis were forcing people to give up their kidneys.
18. This is such a jarring and weird video cause the narrator jumps from one subject to the next without anything connecting them. This is a Gish Gallop on Steroids. I'll call it the QAnon Quickstep.
19. She then claims Pope Francis said there is no hell. The Vatican denied this. He also said Satan is real, which is a standard thing for the Pope to say.…
20. "Vatican art and design offends me!" nonsense. She brings up the debunked idea that the Vatican owns a telescope named Lucifer.…
21. Now she's complaining about the Pope making the sign of the devil. Such hand gestures are far from universal and one time he did this it was to say "I love you"
22. 9-11! Let's see if she can stay on topic for 5 minutes. Claims that the plane that crashed in PA left no debris or bodies when the scattered shards of the plane were so spread out 9-11 truthers said it was proof it was shot down.
23. Thinks it's impossible the planes could have sliced into the WTC because a bird strike can damage a plane. This is total nonsense. Then complains that the 9-11 hijackers didn't have enough training to be able to pull off the attacks.
24. It took her 34 seconds to debunk 9-11 and she's moved on to Crisis Actors. This is a nearly 3 hour long series and she doesn't give anything any time to breathe. It's this frantic, disjointed rush to bombard the viewer with information overload.
25. She's just trying to find something, anything, you'll agree with so she can plant a seed of doubt in your mind. It's a buffet of insanity and you have unlimited options.
26. "Crisis Actor Mason Wells" is trotted out. I know Snopes is universally hated by conspiracy people because they provide evidence and that proves they are Soros funded monsters, but here's the Snopes debunk of this.…
27. Up next is Julia Monaco. So odd that the Cabal run media points these things out. Funny how they out their own Crisis Actors this way.…
28. She then sees some bodies laying on the ground that appear to be cloth dolls and is able to declare them false flags and that case is closed. Great detective work there!
29. "Disney hid dildos and swastikas in shows" which again, the kids never see this stuff, only people looking to be outraged would find these things. It's not good that the artists did them, but they were not doing it in service to Moloch.
30. "Late term abortion is bad!" It also doesn't exist except for cases where the baby will be born dead or die shortly after birth, or the mother will die if they have the kid.
31. "Let's have a look at the migrant caravan." Good lord this is the weirdest video. We've gone fro 9-11 to Crisis Actors to abortion to immigration in no time flat. I hope she's got photos of people holding up money and yelling "Thank you Soros!"
32. "They walked to fast to be able to get here for the mid-term elections!" She reverses what happened and blames the migrants for making themselves a campaign issue when the GOP were the ones who did this. This is insane gaslighting.
33. "Foreskin injections" and then she shouts "What's next, drinking babies blood?!" Which sounds like a lead-in to a horrible truth we're going to find out about in about an hour. She then says she'll give us 5 more redpilling moments before stopping.
34. She does warn that she could "Go on forever." Which would be great, who wouldn't want this to be a 3 hour series of non sequiturs that would make your brain try escape your skull via your nose?
35. "AIDS, SARS, Ebola, and ZIKA are patented." No they are not. She screams they are 'man made diseases!' and we get one of her endless reaction shots. These are getting tiresome.…
36. "Your phone and computer are recording your conversations." If this was true it would be an impossible amount of data for people to go over and serve no use to anyone. Also this is a fantasy.
37. Monsanto and Bayer are bad people. Corporations are bad, thanks insane lady, welcome to the Resistance.
38. HILLARY'S E-MAILS!!! Everybody drink!!!
39. "Why did Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize?! What was all that about?!" Thanks for the cutting edge conspiracy info lady. Up next she'll tell us about his evil Secret Service code name "Renegade".
40. So now after those 10 minutes of flailing around and lying she's finally going to get to the point of all this, or so I've been led to believe. Let's go, it's redpill time!
41. "What do all the stories I talked about before have in common? The mainstream media didn't cover any of it!" She says after having used the MSM for all her information. I seem to remember most of the things she brought up getting a lot of attention.
42. And now we're getting her sob story about how she resented Trump during the campaign and after he took office but in the end she had to admit the dark truth we all don't want to accept. Orange Man Good.
43. "Wikileaks is noble and good." Oh boy, we're going right to Pizzagate aren't we? Nope we get a sharp U-Turn and suddenly the 2016 election is re-written as "Wikileaks exposed Clinton's corruption and paved the way for Trump to win election." Which is not even close to true.
44. Seth Rich gave Wikileaks the info needed to get Trump the win. Guessing Hillary's going to have him killed in the next 30 seconds or so.
45. "He was found dead with two bullets in his back." and then we get gunfire to sell it. Is the next shot going to be Seth Rich in his American Flag outfit? I'd say it's a -130 favorite. It's only a small favorite cause this video is so frenetic I half expect a pivot to 5G.
46. No flag outfit just yet. Instead we get this really subtle graphic. No implication there, no siree Bob.
47. It's Q Time (Air horns!) And we're told we're gonna 'find out' who killed Seth Rich in a little while (I'm guessing it's the evil red lady).
48. That was Part 1. Part 1 was terrible. It had no flow and was a train wreck of a narrative that went nowhere and finally ended with her accepting Trump and then bringing up Q.
49. She lied about everything, she devoted 34 seconds to 9-11. This was really dumb. Seriously, just the absolute worst. I'm gonna start a Patreon next week and you all have to subscribe to the $100 level for making me watch this.
50. I'll be back for Part 2 in a bit. Shirley Placeholder here.
51. Part 2 and we're going down the Rabbit Hole. I'd have thought Seth Rich and 9-11 Trutherism would have been enough, but no, there's always more to dig into.
52. We get a Q origin story that claims that a post was made on 4Chan on 10/28/17 and that it 'contained nothing but codes' and we get a tight shot of QDrop 1 with all the text kept off screen.
53. There is being mistaken and there is lying, and by showing us only this part of the QDrop and claiming it was 'only code' she's lying. This is really scummy, but then again these people have no good way to defend QDrop 1 so it's just a question of how you lie about it.
54. She'll 'get into the identity of Q' later on, but for now we get a really lazy timeline of Q moving to 8Chan and growing a following.
55. She gives away the game right away by declaring "We the QAnons" so we've gone from impartial observer to WWG1WGA fanatic in the span of a few minutes. We then get a list of slogans of Q along with a horrible sound effect of typing.
56. "Some QDrops are long, others are short." Good lord this is talking to us like we're in pre-school. She brings up the Q-Clock, which Q has never endorsed and many big QPromoters (Praying Medic, Joe M) are dismissive of, if not outright hostile to it.
57. She acts like Q made the Q-Clock, which he didn't she then talks about the QMap, which Q also didn't make. She credits the maker of the QMap and then highlights that the Nazis run the pentagon. (Operation Paperclip nonsense)
58. "Q is not a cult" Oh really? That's news to me. She explains that Q only gives them questions that they must do research on to find the (predetermined) answers and that's how they find the truth.
59. "The 1% rule our world!" Welcome to the resistance yet again narrator lady. I have a feeling you're going to somehow screw this up and blame a fantasy 1% instead of the real 1%.
60. "A Secret group we call the Illuminati, or the Cabal." Wow that is a really interesting turn. Not even bothering with "Deep State" the merging of the Illuminati to QAnon grows by the day.
61. "Us bluepilled sheep have no idea the world is engaged in this war. Q tells us about this, but we have to do the research to understand it." she then says "Like nerds" in the weirdest tone, like being QAnon is OK, but being a nerd is still something she's struggling with.
62. THE FED!!! We're told that the Fed killed JFK and Lincoln, which would be a real surprise to Lincoln since the Fed didn't exist in his day.
63. Lincoln's use of non-gold backed money was done to fund the Civil War. JFK's attack on the fed was an EO that transitioned the President's power over silver certificates to the Sec. of the Treasury. For these acts The Fed had both men killed. (Via time travel in Abe's case.)
64. The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers secretly rule the world. It's about time somebody called out the Rockefellers. They've been skating for far to long in Conspiracy world.
65. TITANIC TRUTHER!!! That's right, The Fed that didn't exist yet killed it's enemies to make itself exist, it is The Terminator of Conspiracy Theories.
66. She then declares that "Congress was bypassed" and that The Fed was created "Illegally, unconstitutionally" and that "Not many people are aware of it." a cartoon showing an Executive Order voiding the Constitution is shown.
67. The reality is The Fed passed through Congress and was signed into law by President Wilson as per the rules of the Constitution. The 'controversy' over vote over The Fed is usually one that the bill was 'snuck through' when many Senators were not in the Senate.
68. The low vote total happened because the bill was voted on near Christmas and so many Senators found somebody who opposed them and agreed to both leave early and cancel each other's votes out. 11 "Ayes" and 12 "Nays" left early and the bill creating The Fed passed. 43-25.
69. "What I said before of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers ruling the world before? JK, the Rothschilds rule the world outright!" They've backed both sides in every war since Napoleon. That would be news to the Union and Confederacy. Also Hitler. He'd be a bit surprised.
70. "They financed Hitler, and the Nazis." I'm sure Hitler would have been thrilled to know he was bankrolled by Jews. I'm sure those Jews would have been thrilled with Hitler. This is where you get into the Joe M Galaxy Brained "We don't know the truth of the Holocaust" stuff.
71. You'll see lunatics claiming the Rothschilds aren't "Real Jews" because they have to invent this meta narrative where the Rothschilds (Who they have hated due to antisemitism for forever) were cool with the Holocaust because they were not really Jews anyhow.
72. Even with the Rothschilds having dealt with antisemitic hatred for centuries, it was all a long con for them to install a viciously antisemitic leader of a nation who could then kill Jews to generate sympathy for them and get the ball rolling for Israel and Global Banking.
73. In short this is the sort of mental gymnastics these people will engage in so that they can hate all the people they hate and have it (sorta) make sense to them.
74. She tells us that the Rothschilds used IBM and Zyklon B to help commit the Holocaust. She really went there. I swear I didn't get to that part before I wrote all the stuff above this. These people are so twisted it's truly awe inspiring.
75. Gaddafi, Saddam, and Assad are the good guys, two of whom fought the good fight Vs the Rothschild empire and lost. Come on Assad, you can do it!
76. We're told the Rothschilds have yet more dirt on them but we'll leave that for later because this lady hates staying on a subject for anymore than 5 minutes and is constantly jumping from topic to topic.
77. The Rothschild rule literally everything, but somehow they don't control everything, we're onto the Rockefellers and how the hell they have anything is beyond me. Can't wait for the narrator to explain this.
78. Ah the Rockefellers control the schools and thus get to indoctrinate us with their Illuminati Propaganda. This seems less something the Rockefellers own and more like something the Rothschilds outsource. Also the Rockefellers own oil and drug companies, so bully for them.
79. The Rockefellers also run the FDA and the vaccines. Evil vaccines that are promoted by Bill Gates. This is Hatred Bingo and this lady is going for a cover-all.
80. "Vaccines cause autism." No, no they don't, but of course she was going to say that.
81. Even Obama got a flu shot to tell us it was safe. You know who else was in on it? Elvis! 72 Seconds is weeping right now.
82. FLUORIDE IN THE WATER!!!! We're going full John Birch Society here. God I hope part 5 is "Joe McCarthy, Patriot." and how the Media got it all wrong and he was honestly hunting the commies.
83. Dentists and Doctors are shills for Big Fluoride and have never, not once, looked into if fluoride was good for you or if it's poison. The conspiracy is so big everyone is in on it.
84. GMOs and Monstano and now we're getting into Eugenics and the Nazis. She then tells us that the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are in fact NOT the most powerful families in the world, but she's going to get into it because she hates staying on topic.
85. Also the idea that there could be a more powerful family than the Rothschilds after her description of them makes no sense. They rule the world and the Rockefellers (And Bill Gates) get the crumbs. The Rothschilds are worth 500 billion according to her.
86. Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates each have about a hundred billion. The fictional Rothschilds have 5 times the wealth of either Bezos or Gates and yet are supplanted by others? What do these people own? Alien civilizations?
87. She can't tell us who the real power is because she's gotta go after George Soros. Of course Soros has to take his licks here. I bet she calls him a Nazi collaborator.
88. George Soros funded NAMBLA. Can't say I've heard that one before. Neither has my google searches. She then claims Pedobear is the logo for NAMBLA when that was a Chan joke.
89. Digging around I see that people are mad at Soros for funding LGBTQ+ organizations, so why not claim he's funding NAMBLA and go all-in on the slander?
90. Soros is funding Antifa and they are evil. She asks why Antifa have a Nazi flag, when it's a lame photoshop of a National Front Neo-Nazi flag.
91. Black Lives Matter "Pretends to be left wing" but does nothing but violently riot (That's not racist at all).
92. Well she didn't call Soros a Nazi so I lose that one. That's the end of Part 2. I'm gonna do Part 3 also tonight because Part 2 was weak.
93. Shirley Placeholder here.
94. Part 3 the Alien Invasion. Oh wow, are we cutting the breaks and going right to crazy town or is this about illegal immigrants and/or "Globalists"?
95. Immigrants. Darn I wanted to get into the Greys and the Draco. The narrator says that at first she was buying into the caravan as being an honest human rights issue, but once she saw too many photos of women and children she knew she was being duped.
96. That's right when you see women and children the media are scamming you. If she'd seen a bunch of hopelessly tired guys marching day and night she'd have bought in, but this, this is media corruption.
97. I'm guessing she's never going to bring up the FOX News/GOP spin on the caravan as a disease ridden, MS13 filled army of American Destroying Evil that proved we needed a wall and we needed a wall ASAP!
98. I am expecting her to get to the right wing narrative that the caravan was funded by Soros, because that fits her agenda.
99. The photos "Didn't add up" and she repeats her insane claim that the caravan had to walk 45 miles a day. This is only because she has some crazy idea that the caravan had to make it here by election day for some reason.
100. The people in the caravan are too clean and well fed to be a real bunch of refugees fleeing war torn cities. This is the Crisis Actor Caravan! Our narrator knows what poverty looks like, and this ain't it chief.
101. She's really getting angry about the "45 miles a day in flip flops!" narrative that she's made for herself. She's now claiming they were bused to the border and only got out every so often for media photos.
102. The buses were offered by Mexico but then quickly retracted.…
103. We then see people being paid to join the caravan. This was really people already in the caravan being given money to help with the trip. She credits QAnon with catching these people getting paid off.
104. She then claims that the Crisis Actors in the caravan who got starring gigs got wristbands to indicate they mattered. This was Mexico ID'ing the immigrants as they entered the country.…
105. After mockingly showing a bunch of wristband wearing folks, she then shows us some people who got photographed while not wearing them. This contradicts her narrative.
107. She then gets really smug and mocks an immigrant woman named Miara Meza and claims she and her children faked being hit by tear gas. She is wrong as always.…
108. Imagine being such a jerk that you would mock somebody for faking being hit with tear gas without doing any research to prove you were right? That's something I'd be really careful about being right on before I said anything.
109. The narrator can't let this go and mockingly says "I hope she was paid good, but her story sucks." This is the "Patriots know no color!" Attitude of QAnon, openly mocking immigrants and their plight and claiming it's all lies.
110. She whines about how the media's coverage of the caravan was 'bias and flawed'. No mention of FOX News yet, also no mention of Soros, shocking that. More "QAnon saw how fake your fake caravan was guys!" and more photos of fakery. Hope she does the moon landing.
111. She is REALLY angry about the flip flops. The flip flops are to Fall of the Cabal, what Katy Perry was to Out of Shadows. Here's a photo of Katy Perry in sandals to really drive everyone crazy.
112. "This refugee had an iPhone! Proof it's all a lie!" This is so tiresome. It's the whole "You're not poor till you meet my definition of poor!" You gotta be wearing rags and covered in dirt and sores before I accept your poorness!
113. She's just repeating the same talking points while pointing out people who are "Too clean" or "Nice Hair" or whatever. After whining some more about media lies she tells us that to learn the truth about the world you have to listen to Q and "Do the research."
114. Which in this case means nitpicking photographs of starving people to convince yourself they are lying. It means starting with a outcome in mind (Proving the caravan is a stunt by the Illuminati to hurt Trump) and then working to find evidence to prove your case.
116. "Soros funds NAMBLA, Antifa and Black Lives Matter" with a handy photo to remind us that BLM is an evil bunch of monsters. QAnon movies don't engage in subtly.
117. "Soros invested 33 million in the Ferguson riots alone." I'd love to see ant documentation of that. Like to see somebody get Soros on the record about his quarter billion dollar rioting fund.
118. In reality the Open Society Foundation gave money to groups and if you manage to lump anyone and everyone who could have been a part of the protests that were connected to Soros you get $33 million dollars of funding.…
119. Because OSF has funded Black Lives Matter, this means if BLM ever had a riot break out, it's a Soros funded riot. He's actively promoting violence while hiding in the shadows. Things don't get out of hand now and then during protests.
120. "Soros promised everyone involved in the protests 15 dollars an hour." Black Lives Matter are now Crisis Actors/Paid protesters. Why didn't she show us QDrops 1 and 2 that talked about this kind of thing?
121. Back to how fake the caravan is. Then she tells us that Antifa rioted while chanting "George Soros where's our money!" when if you watch the clip is Antifa jokingly singing about Soros not paying them. Sarcasm is lost on QAnon.
122. Even the comments section here doesn't get the joke.
123. Soros is trying to divide us says the woman who mocks immigrants. Now it's time to back to QAnon because it's been a few minutes so she needs a topic shift.
124. She then tells us all about how Q talks of a better world, a united world without wars or other evils, and then we're told that we have to accept that Donald Trump is the man who will get us to that better world.
125. She's very angry that the media makes Trump out to be a terrible person and now she wants to give us some facts. Peace with DPRK* (*= A photo op with Kim Jung-Un), the roaring Trump economy! (Oh dear, ohhhh dear!) Lower drug prices! The Trump Train is rolling!
126. "He created the biggest tax cut ever for all social classes." Not true in the slightest.…
127. Now we're getting into the lies about Trump cracking down on Child Trafficking. @WMerthon has covered these lies well.
128. After a bunch of stats and complaints she tells us that "Trump made January Human Trafficking Awareness month" which I knew was a lie before I even looked it up. These people have absolutely no shame.
129. "He made people aware of MS-13 a violent gang responsible for killing and raping many American citizens." Preach that unity! QAnon doesn't divide people by color or nationality! It's all solidarity in QAnon Where We (Who Are White) Go One, We (Who Are White) Go All.
130. "Trump fights the pointless Drug War" Thanks Donald. "He keeps pleading for a wall." He had full control of Congress for 2 years, if he'd wanted a wall all he had to do was buy off a few Red State Dems to not filibuster it and he'd have gotten it. He didn't care.
131. "The media keeps twisting his words to make it sound like all immigrants aren't welcome." I know it will come as a shock to her that Trump just used COVID-19 as an excuse to try to end all immigration to America, maybe that'll be in the follow up series.
132. "Bill and Hillary Clinton wanted a Wall and so did Obama, but now Trump wants a wall and it's all hypocrites!" That hoary old chestnut. She then complains about "Fake News" and then we topic shift back to human trafficking.
133. The Global Satanic Pedovore Ring!
134. We get all the awful images of kids tied up. One has a kid laying on a bed with a naked guy in the background and we're told the child is about to be raped by the graphics because these sorts of video are all outrage porn designed to sicken and offend.
135. She talks about how "This part of my presentation makes people look away, and I wish I could look away too." No you don't, you're a ghoul who enjoys this kind of stuff while claiming you're all about saving the kids.
136. We're told that we have to keep watching because we're the only hope these kids have. Isn't QTeam going to do something? I thought we need only sit back and "Enjoy the show". Maybe this is one of those things where if this video gets enough views Q will arrest Hillary.
137. She then claims that everyone's in on it and if we think this is all a conspiracy theory we're about to be hit with Conspiracy FACTS in part 4!
138. Shirley Placeholder photo here.
139. Part 4 "Everyone's a pedophile" That sounds about right for a QAnon supporter.
140. We get a re-telling of the New Life Children's Refuge case that opens with a lie that the children we smuggled out of Haiti. They were stopped at the border and the people transporting them were arrested.
141. If anything this goes to show how a centuries old international human trafficking cartel would be impossible to sustain. One screw up like this and it's a national news story.
142. Laura Silsby is then then called a "Convicted child trafficker" which is not true, she was convicted of "Arranging irregular travel" and sentenced to time served. The narrator is very confused by Silsby working for Amber Alert cause that's a good thing and Silsby is bad.
143. This is QAnon in a nutshell, good people are good, bad people are bad, everyone is one note and boring, there is no nuance to anything.
144. Her New Life Refuge group was a "cover" for her to smuggle kids out of Haiti. Silsby is declared to be a 'close friend' of Hillary Clinton, which is a lie.
145. We are then told about the weird case of Jorge Puello. The narrator acts like Hillary appointed him as the lawyer for Silsby when it appears he just showed up as a lawyer to work for them. He was a scam artist and a fraud and ICE (Under Obama) arrested him.
146. She then says he was 'arrested and convicted for leading a human trafficking ring that included women and children.' Which is funny because before we were told when "Women and children" are brought up and photographed it's an appeal to emotion and an evil MSM trick.
147. And Obama isn't given credit for the conviction because that would defeat the narrative. "Wikileaks gave us this information" she says without showing us anything. We're told we're going to stick with Haiti for a bit before moving on. What a change in narrative!
148. Oxfam now gets beaten up "There were orgies with prostitutes. Some of them were under aged, in other words children!" Never use 5 words when you can use 50. We're then told that the Clinton family scammed Haiti for millions to pay for Chelsea Clinton's wedding.
149. This evidence free claim is another offshoot of "Pizzagate" where people took conversations from the Podesta E-mails and inferred whatever negative things they could. One of the people pushing this narrative was Biceps Guy From Judicial Watch, so you know it's legit.
150. "When Trump called Haiti a s***hole he was right." and she then spins this as Trump offering biting commentary on the corruption in Haiti by the Red Cross and the Clinton Foundation instead of Trump being a racist.
151. We then get a Clinton Body Count lie about Klaus Eberwein. Trigger Warning for QAnon I am using Snopes because they use facts and evidence.…
152. The Clinton's killed Monica Petersen. I should have known that was coming. She went to Haiti to investigate sex workers and trafficking. She had some facebook posts that she didn't write that said negative things about Hillary Clinton, so of course she was killed by Hillary.
153. Dean Lorich's turn to be murdered by the Clintons. You would think with all this clear cut evidence of mass murder that Q would have no problem arresting the Clintons, yet they remain free to this day.…
154. "Let's topic shift!" the narrator announces, cause that's what she loves to do. "Symbolism will be their downfall!" Oh God this is the pedo swirl.
155. Yup, pedo swirl. This document doesn't have a FBI document number so it's validity is debated. Beyond that swirls are a universal part of art so claiming all swirls = Pedos is such a leap in logic it makes my head spin.
156. Then the narrator gets all angry and talks about how these logos are in 'plain sight' because the monsters all around us never thought we would see them. This lady has never been to Vigilant Citizen's website. They've been screaming about symbols for forever.
157. She now trashes Amber Alert (the hell?) and explains that the groups that claim to protect children are the ones that use pedophile logos. In this case the heart logo is bad.
158. She then condemns a group for changing their logo. You would think a company finding out that people think their logo is a signal to pedophiles and changing it to reassure them they are not cool with pedophiles would be good. WRONG!
159. This is the Symbolism Game. Once you reveal yourself you're evil forever. You can only fall, you can never be redeemed. You also can never build up credit to prevent a fall. Have 5 different logos for 100 years and be a pillar in the community is fine. One bad logo = Moloch.
160. You can never win. QAnon and all the rest of these people wait only for your mask to slip so they can pounce on you as a Satanic Child Butcher.
161. What's really insane about this is PCTA is a hiking group. The A in the first logo was a mountain. This is a message board talking about it. They didn't even do business with kids.…
162. "I'm not saying these groups are all pedophile groups." Yes you are. Now Justin Trudeau is a pedophile cause of a pedo triangle. Don't ever make any logos. Logo = Pedophile. Also this Canadian charity are monsters.
163. More slander of people who do charity work and are tied to the Clintons and Truduea. "I'm sure this is just coincidence." she mockingly suggests while showing us a MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE QDrop.
164. Christopher Ingvaldson was a guy Justin Trudeau was a room-mate of and he got busted for child porn. So clearly Trudeau is a monster. She then says Peter Dalglish was "Caught in the act" in Nepal, which is a lie. She also lies that he is Trudeau's "Best friend".
165. Pedophile logo! She's now slowly figuring out that pedophiles work to put themselves in situations where they can hang out around kids. This isn't news.
166. Now Child Protective Services is going to get it.
It's the Nancy Schaefer report and conspiracy to silence her. We then whip-saw back to Trudeau "And his interesting best friends!" Why did we shift to this and then ignore it? Why can't you stay on topic!
187. Ben Levin gets name dropped as a Trudeau Best Friend and pedophile. This bombshell discovery happened in 2013. She then brings up Jian Ghomeshi's arrest but fails to explain it had nothing to do with children and that he was acquitted of the charges.
188. She scolds Trudeau for his bad friends and now we topic shift to Pedo symbols and Hollywood, because of course we're going to do that. Time for scary swirls and other nonsense.
189. She's now re-using the stuff from part 1 to show us the dildos. This video is nearly 3 hours long and she still feels the need to pad the run time on each segment. I'm guessing she's trying to hit a 12 minute sweet spot for optimal monetization.
190. "Walt Disney, freemason." and then we're asked why are children exposed to Illuminati symbols. Somebody needs to explain to me the science of putting these symbols in the background of cartoons and what it is supposed to do. It's an evil that is never explained.
191. "They show kids the all seeing eye!" Yes...And?! Why does that matter? What does looking at an all seeing eye do to a child? How does it impact them? What's the goal of showing it to them?
192. And guess what they see the all seeing eye every time they get their allowance. When is Trump going to save the children from indoctrination for mowing the lawn or brushing their teeth?
193. "Why do people use hearts as a logo for things they want us to feel warmth and joy about?!"
194. Whining about James Gunn's crummy tweets from ages ago. We get a somber piano playing in the background here to let us know these tweets are evil and bad and we need to take Gunn's evil seriously.
195. We're then told about scumbags at Nickelodeon and Brian Peck getting 16 months in jail and then going back to work in Hollywood. He hasn't gotten a job since 2015 and the 'work' he's gotten is truly the stuff of legend.
196. Bill Cosby. What the hell? He never went after any kids, but hey, he's evil so let's go after him too. Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein. Now we're just going after everyone.
197. Now it's time to support Corey Feldman and to celebrate anyone who calls out Hollywood for being evil. This Includes Brad Pitt and Robert Downey Jr. Who I doubt will be on Trump's Christmas card list.
198. Now we're having Mel Gibson step up as a character witness in an attack on the Illuminati in Hollywood. I don't think that's really a good idea. Mel kind of gives the game away that it's not really the "Illuminati" who are the bad guys here.
199. It's really hilarious that this part of the series was "look at all these terrible people who Hollywood gave 2nd chances to. Boo Hollywood Boo! Oh look Mel Gibson the raging anti-Semite Hollywood gave a second chance to. Yay Mel Yay!"
200. The normally frenetic pace of the video slows to a crawl. Guessing she needs to get to a certain run time for this section. Graphics that would normally come and go in the blink of an eye now linger for far longer. This stays on screen for 20 seconds.
201. Another 20 seconds to read this one.
202. We get 23 seconds for this one before we get a cut to one of her stupid reaction shots. She shouts over the somber piano that had been playing this whole time "COULD THIS BE TRUE?! Eating babies?! Drinking their blood?!"
203. "Will this have a happy ending? Oh yes." She says ominously as we head over to part 5 which sounds like it's gonna be all Adrenochrome all day and I can't wait to laugh at how stupid it is.
204. Part 5 later today. Shirley Placeholder photo here.
205. Part 5. The part that made a woman have a nervous breakdown and demand Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and John Podesta be taken out to save the babies. For as much fun as I have debunking these videos. The underlying evil is very scary.
206. The people making this stuff are out to get some money and attention and they really don't care who they hurt to do so. Thankfully the woman who was driven to a nervous breakdown was unlikely to be a threat to attack anyone.
207. Sadly these videos reach so many people that sooner or later they will find somebody that can do something to "Save the babies." With all that said let's get down to business. Part 5 "Children Art, and Pizza."
208. This is going to be all the classic hits. I can already hear the narrator's smug voice dripping with contempt as she talks about everything that was already covered in "Out Of Shadows".
209. The narrator is outraged over an ad from the 1980's. One could suggest that our moral standards changing and finding this kind of ad offensive now is a sign that we're fighting the Cabal's programming. Of course that would defeat her narrative so she'll never say it.
210. Now this is clearly an outrage! The nerve! Unless you dig around on the internet and find out this is a store in Ecuador and it's clearly one of those things that's lost in translation. This is how these people operate. Find something that looks bad and freak out.
211. Never look for context, never try to figure out why the clearly horrible thing isn't as bad as it seems. This sort of thing wouldn't be on the internet if outrage merchants like the film maker here didn't post them on-line to scream about them.
212. Now she's screaming about a colleges and newspapers talking about pedophilia. She declares "The New York Times said pedophilia isn't a crime, it's a disorder." No that was an Op-Ed by Margo Kaplan. She tried to explain you can be a pedophile but not act on the desire.
213. Again nuance is something that doesn't exist in this world. Any attempt to understand or learn about something is trying to condone or justify it.
214. We then go to a Cosmo article about a girl who has a sexual relationship with her father and the narrator portrays this as the magazine and the woman saying this was a good thing.
215. The article is full of the anguish and conflicting thoughts the girl has about dealing with Genetic Sexual Attraction and she ended up getting therapy and ending all contact with her father. It's really messed up.
216. Of course the narrator is never going to give you the full context of the story. She's gotta outrage you and move on to the next way to offend and horrify you. I'm barely 80 seconds into this section and she's already told 5 lies.
217. And we haven't even gotten into Pizzagate yet. She feels the need to get you really good and furious before moving you onto the main subject.
218. She now tells us that age of consent laws will have to be lowered to allow the pedophiles to get what they want. Since this hasn't happens I guess the Cabal lost. We're then told that RBG wanted to lower the age of consent to 12. This is a lie.…
219. But even if she did want to do this, she couldn't. It's so weird that the Satanists who rule us can never get what they want. It's almost as if they don't exist and this whole thing is outrage porn for grifters to scare people with.
220. Now we're dinging Patricia Hewett for wanting the age of consent lowered to 14. She apologized and said the letter was written with her being 'naive' about the issue. Again one sees society react in disgust and things the Satanists aren't winning.
221. "Theresea May said Pedophiles should be allowed to adopt children." an obvious lie. I love lies like this. The PM of the UK says something that would be totally disqualifying but only people who make these videos hear it.…
222. We're told this plot to allow pedophiles to have sex with kids is clearly so important because of 1 English politician writing 1 letter years ago that it is obviously the main objective of the Cabal's plan for what they want from their world conquest.
223. We then get a bunch of filler of "abusing kids is bad." We're 3 minutes into a 20 minute section of video and we have yet to get to the main topic. Instead we've got lies about everything to stores in a mall to RBG. I hope Pizzagate gets more than 34 seconds.
224. Now she's repeating the stuff from the previous section about pedo triangles and symbols while telling us we're being conditioned to accept this sick stuff. This is the big lie of the Illuminati. They are always just about to strike. The evil is always creeping closer.
225. It is the reverse of QAnon where Trump's just about to arrest the bad guys all the time. Here the bad guys are going to flip the switch and make you accept the horrible evil they want normalized. Well maybe not you, but everyone else will be cool with it.
226. One day Lady Gaga and Katy Perry will release a duet and suddenly everyone will be OK with cannibalism, child abuse, Satanism, and every other evil this world has ever known. Just you wait, any day now! Any...Day...Now!
227. After a bunch of whining about this stuff we're now skipping "Out of Shadows" and going right to "Pedogate 2020" by bringing up the band Sex Stains and their evil triangle swirl. "This is where it gets interesting." the narrator says. Oh thank goodness for that.
228. And we finally get to Pizzagate. Took us 4:21 of the video to finally get us there. So we've spent 20% of the "Pizzagate" section talking about "Not Pizzagate". Sounds like a good use of time.
229. "More about which in a bit" WHAT?! YOU ARE STILL STALLING?! ARGH!!! Oh now she's going after the owner of Comet Ping Pong. Fine, I'll allow it, but only begrudgingly.
230. "His instagram is sexual and I hate it!" Good to see we're walking on the well trod ground of "Out of Shadows" and "Pedogate 2020." She screams about nude art on the walls and asks how is it OK to be on the walls. I'm guessing she's lying cause that's all she does.
231. "He dated David Brock." Media Matters For America and George Soros. He's a bad man who wants to censor conservative thought. "He's tied to the Podesta brothers!" She says with no evidence for the claim and now it's on to them.
232. "Podesta art" we see some art and then the narrator scolding says "Fascinating." because we are supposed to be sickened and offended by all of this stuff and think the worst of these people.
233. After we get a long display of the art we get a picture of a woman kneeling before a toilet and the narrator saying "I don't know about you, but this makes me sick as a dog!" Because that's the whole point of this. Gotta get you outraged and this art is offensive!
234. The more she studied this the more she knew it had to be true. She doesn't have witnesses, victims, or any evidence, she has creepy art and that's enough for her! We're now finally getting to the heart of Pizzagate at the 10 minute mark of a 20 minute video.
235. Half this section has been building up to finally getting to the other half. It goes to show you how little evidence they have to support their case that "Out of Shadows" took 2/3rds of the movie to bring Liz and Pizzagate into it and here this lady is stalling like crazy.
236. She calls Alefantis a "Sick perv" and that his power has to be from something more than pizza. It turns out Alefantis is a Rothschild! This is a fringe QAnon theory that leads to people yelling about photos being photoshopped on the threads I saw.
237. This whole theory is both dependent on speculation and crazy dot connecting, and the fact that this branch of the Rothschild family tree waited generations for James to rise up and claim his rightful place as a dude who runs a pizza joint and knows some politicians.
238. "Why do the Podesta E-mails contain so many pizza related words like hot dogs." Pizza is related to hot dogs? On what planet? Much as shapes and swirls are bad, food is also very bad.
239. The "Pizza for an hour" e-mail. Let's see if our narrator goes crazy like Liz did.
240. Nope. Total silence, just plays the e-mails and then says that once you decode the e-mails you'll become shocked. This 'code' makes no sense. If I order a cheese pizza I get a child girl? If I order pasta and a hot dog I get a boy boy? Why is there a code word for semen?
241. "Hillary deleted her e-mails to cover up Pizzagate." That's a new spin for the deleted E-mails. I'll give it that.
242. The Hot Dog E-mail. Which is really dumb as I've already explained here.
243. She then posts this insanely fake e-mail that has Hillary say "If you're gonna eat children and drink their blood be more careful." This is such a fraud and she's acting like it's legit and screeching about it.
244. Either the narrator is an idiot or they think their audience is idiots. Everything about this 'e-mail' is so over the top stupid nobody with any common sense would buy into it. It's pure outrage porn designed to enrage people.
245. We then get a 'hacked web page' of Comet Ping Pong that tells us about their "Secret Evil Pizzas". And screaming about comments on Instagram. "What the hell is going on here?" The narrator shouts, playing dumb.
246. "At this point in my research I experienced cognitive dissonance." Not for the first or last time I am sure.
247. Now we're getting the "I didn't want to believe it! The evil was so overpowering I wanted to reject it with all my heart, alas, the evidence was clear! I had no choice but to be redpilled!" Speech.
248. John of God gets brought up and tied to Bill Clinton as the sob story continues. She laments that Justin Trudeau seemed like such a good guy, it sucks that he's a monster.
249. She does this whole thing where she ties all sorts of people and charges to Bill Clinton and pretends that "This doesn't prove anything." When she knows the ending of the story is her breaking down and admitting it's all true and people watching cheering her redpilling.
250. Oh she's gonna deny us the full redpilling. Instead we're getting into the pool in the Podesta Art. Part 6 is about the Vanderbilt pool? That seems...Odd.
251. This was a weird section because it did the whole pizzagate thing and it was terrible, it accused everyone of abusing and killing children, but the lack of Adrenochrome (Which she keeps hinting at) was odd.
252. These videos feel like they build up for a big payoff and then don't payoff and lead you to the next section. In a way it's a lot like Q. The promise of something big always around the corner.
253. Back tomorrow for more. Here's Shirley.
254. My copy of "Fall of the Cabal" freaked out on me so I got a new copy and when I was getting back to my current spot in the video I hit the end section of part 1 and I noticed she did the same act she did at the end of part 5.
255. The end of Part 1 was "I gave Donald Trump an honest chance to impress me and even with all my reservations I had to accept he was a good man doing a good job." and the end of part 5 was "I wanted to reject all the evidence Bill Clinton killed and ate children but..."
256. And so we're on to part 6, "Major Media Manipulation" Since this is starting with the Vanderbilt pool I'm thinking we're in for 10 minutes of wild flailing before moving from Anderson Cooper to the media being "Fake News"
257. She claims one of the kids in the "Podesta Art" is a young Anderson Cooper which makes no sense because how would the artist know this. Back to the Podesta E-mails about kids coming over for a swim and how that "Looks bad".
258. The "infamous Podesta emails." she says. They are only infamous because creeps like you have made up insane conspiracy theories about them. "The mundane Podesta E-mails." "The boring Podesta E-mails." is more like it.
259. Of course we get the shot of him in the flood water when it's not as deep where his camera man is. The narrator sneers and says "Maybe he's a bit of a drama queen." which isn't code for anything.
260. She gets angry about the Fake News editing an interview with Putin and claiming Trump raped a 13 year old. He was accused of that and the lawsuit was withdrawn.
261. "The media has been silent when it turned out Bill Clinton was the one hanging out with Epstein, not Trump!" Pretty sure I've seen that get coverage, also Trump and Epstein were pals, you can't change that reality.
262. "Trumps words about MS-13 being animals were totally twisted." No they were not. Trump was rambling and called everyone animals at first and the right wing spin was "He was saying that about MS-13!" afterwards.
263. She complains about a photograph that spread on social media about a child mourning their lost parents in Syria. The media themselves exposed it as being an art project that got hi-jacked by anti-war protesters.…
264. "The kid was paid to lay there!" she lies. They were not making a fake anti-war photo, it was an art project that got manipulated into an anti-war protest. Now she's lying about the photo. "I don't know about you guys, but this is not OK!" she intones.
265. Now she lies about a "Fake rescue" by White Hats in Syria when it was them doing the "Mannequin Challenge" The replies to the post "Guys don't do the mannequin challenge cause people are going to accuse you of faking things." Which is what happened…
266. Now she's a Syrian Chemical Attack Truther. She did say earlier that Assad was fighting the Rothschild family so this does make sense. You know the powerful Rothschild family that has a dude making pizzas in DC.
267. "Crisis Actor: Syria" up next. These people live in the delusion that nobody caught this sort of easy to debunk crap for centuries till they got on the internet and figured everything out. It's unreal their arrogance.…
268. I swear these people imagine that nobody on earth could have seen through this obviously fake nonsense till they fired up their iPhone and discovered The Truth. This is why Q talks about how "The truth would put 99% of people in the hospital" to make his fans feel special.
269. They figured this stuff out when all the other morons in the world couldn't. Now she continues to carry Putin and Assad's water defending the chemical attacks by using Hassan Diab and his father as witnesses.…
270. The part about all this that is never talked about is that the West didn't invade Syria. There was no war. Why is she constantly whining about this when it didn't get the result the Illuminati wanted?
271. "I could go on for hours with examples of Fake News!" She shouts, without doing so and having only shown us stuff that she was lying about. There's plenty of mistakes and misrepresentations in the media, she hasn't shown us any intentional ones.
272. "I think this is enough for now." she says before quickly contradicting herself and saying "I'll give you 2 more to digest." So I guess these 2 were so important she just couldn't leave them out.
273. "Trump was right to mock a crippled reporter." that's a hell of a take. She tries to spin this that Trump had every right to dunk on the guy and the media got it wrong for calling Trump out for being a jerk.
274. "I even fell for the media's lies." She tells us while lying that Trump had made the same gestures while mocking other people. She shows us only still images of this instead of video, because she has no video and she knows she's lying.
275. "Russiagate was a lie." Sure thing.
276. "The media is the enemy. Trump is right to call them out on it." This is the very objective work of somebody seeking the truth. Remember this whole section was supposed to be about her finding out if Bill Clinton really was a rapist or not? Where did that narrative go?
278. I love that these folks put FOX News in these graphics. Very honest, totally on the level.
279. She brings up a man named Udo Ulfkotte and tells us he was a respected journalist who turned whistle blower and called out corruption in the media and then 'died of a heart attack'. So let's check this guy out. Oh dear...Ohhhh Dear.
280. "Media consolidation is bad." yeah thanks for the heads up. Good catch Patriot.
281. She's now listing everyone who backed Hillary and hilariously names Rupert Murdoch as being part of the media led Cabal that sought to install Hillary as President. How "Her e-mails" were a story for over a year is never explained.
282. We're told that censorship is dangerous to democracy from the same woman who wants the Podesta brothers arrested along with Janes Alefantis because she doesn't like the art they are into.
283. "Big tech censorship." She's whining about how Trump gets censored and Hillary doesn't. Didn't Trump win? Isn't he the President and gets to wield incredible power? Why hasn't any of this been fixed in these past 4 years?
284. "Soros funded groups" of course. God this is all so boring. We're playing all the classic hits. We're back to the caravan! Good lord, what is the point of any of this?
285. She then says "This is controlled opposition." No it isn't. You're getting the definition of Controlled Opposition totally wrong. Controlled Opposition is opposition made by the rulers to make the resisters think they are doing something, but really aren't.
286. Imagine a group that sat on the internet all day and posted memes about people they hated and about crimes they thought were being committed but never did anything. Who were told to not act out or seek results, but rather to meekly obey.
287. That they should "Trust the plan" and remain passive for years. That's would be the definition of Controlled Opposition.
288. "Censorship is dangerous. So called fact checkers are dangerous. Snopes is one of them!" Yeah you people hate having your lies pointed out so you claim that you're being politically targeted instead of admitting you're lying.
289. Digs into the personal life of the couple that started Snopes without trying to debunk their debunkings because she has nothing for any of that so character assassination is her best line of attack here.
290. "They have no lawyers or documents" The narrator howls. So you can show how they are lying right? You can give us an example of a debunk where there wrong on the facts? Nothing but yelling and a graphic? Got it.
291. She whines about "Key suspect in Pizzagate John Podesta." Getting a job writing for a paper about politics. Really a guy that was a big part of the last Presidential campaign got a gig writing about politics? Knock me over with a feather!
292. Anderson Cooper CIA agent. She then tells us that if the media wants to lie us into a war they will do so and we'll have no choice but to go along with it. That's why we've toppled Assad and are in the 5th year of US occupation of Syria.
293. Of course the real reason for us going to war is Oil or a Rothschild bank. That first reason is true, the second reason, not so much.
294. "If the media is lying about everything we have to dig into the stuff they won't cover, and I can think of nothing better than Pizzagate!" What?! How?! You covered Pizzagate in part 5! What are you doing?! STOP THIS MADNESS!!
295. Wow she's really doing this. Part 5 was "Pizzagate" and then a detour into "I hate the media" for Part 6 and now Part 7 is going to be "More Pizzagate" This is really insane.
296. This is the most slapdash, thrown together video ever. She's all over the map flailing to find anything that holds her interest, she got bored of Pizzagate so she went into Fake News for about 20 minutes before saying "Wait a minute, let's do more Pizzagate!"
297. The last Pizzagate section was mostly filler and ended with whining about Bill Clinton being a rapist and the Vanderbilt pool. The sad thing is even with all of that she covered all the facts of the incident so I have no idea what else she can get into.
298. All she has left is Adrenochrome. God I hope I get 20 minutes of Adrenochrome. That would be hilarious.
299. Pizzagate Part 2, Electric Boogaloo tonight. Here's Shirley.
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