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Jun 2, 2020 15 tweets 14 min read
1] The continued corroboration of state institutions & the #Mwonzora led faction of the MDC-T is quite exposing.

On a day where the #PeoplesAdvocate @adv_fulcrum is appearing in court & Parly is resuming, with news of recalls of MDC-A MPs, Harare is on lockdown during lockdown.
2] How can you deny the regime's underhand in this issue when #Mwonzora et al, are finding it easy to by-pass all roadblocks from Harare to Humanikwa?

Which essential service are they offering?

No wait, anything that is anti-Chamisa is actually an essential service in Zimbabwe.
3] The big question would then be why ZanuPF would be more comfortable with #Mwonzora as Leader of the Opposition?

If he is #mature, does it then follow that maturity was lacking in the #Opposition and equally so in #ZanuPF that the State wants to utilize #Mwonzora's maturity?
4] Why would #ZanuPF prefer #Mwonzora to #Chamisa?

Why would ZanuPF prefer an Opposition Leader who according to his own estimations, can easily get 4+million votes in a Presidential election?

How would this comfort them unless ofcourse its the epitome of his political madness?
5] But he's why Zanu prefers the Mwonzora led MDC.

Its electorally ineffective.

During the formative years of the GNU, Mugabe said: "..problem with the Opposition is that they want what they do not deserve.."

That's the Zanu mentality.
They've now found a useful Opposition.
6] Efforts to silence Chamisa have been consistent.

They dangled the #ChamisaAmmendment1, of creating a lofty #LeaderOfOpposition position for him.

Then the #ChamisaAmmendment2 of raising the Presidential age limit to 52 (Mwonzora's exact age then).

Agenda remains the same.
7] So instead of silencing #Chamisa through positions or inviting him to join government, they have moved into his home turf.

Their own version of "if you can't beat them join them".

They want to recreate the #Opposition in their own image.

A submissive & electorally weak one.
8] But am i being fair in saying #Mwonzora et al are electorally ineffective?

Well, #Mwonzora last won any sort of election in 2008!

#Khupe had less votes than spoiled ones in 2018!

#Mudzuri & #Komichi are appointees.

Its a group of the #unelectable buoyed by court positions.
9] You can compare a team of #Mwonzora, #Khupe, #Komichi, #Mudzuri with that of #Chamisa, #Welshman, #Kore & #Biti.

Which one gives #ZanuPF electoral headaches?

African wisdom says,kana uchida kuona muroyi rova chidhoma.

Why would #ManU accept transfer advice from #Liverpool?
10] How long did it take for #Komichi to say ED is nolonger #illegitimate?

How long did it take for #Mwonzora
to receive ZBC coverage?

How are they being an effective #Opposition?

Well, that's the mature Opposition which knows its place, according to #Zanu's handbook.
11] Spare a thought for #Mwonzora.

He is now banking on court cases to have control over #MPs.

Is that sustainable?

Are those people accepting your #Leadership or they are fearing your #vindictiveness?

Why did they reject VP #Khupe in 2017/18?

Why would they accept her now?
12] I was laughing at #Mwonzora's argument that the PPFA money belongs to the #MDC-T & not #MDC-A.

If the argument is the #MDC-A was an electoral coalition of 7 individual parties, how much money belongs to each 1 of them?

Why does the money now belong to 1 of them & not all 7?
13] Are you aware that #Nyikadzino, SG of the #MDC-T that took #Misihairabwi to Parly has been writing to #AdvMudenda who is ignoring him?

#MaKhupe is crossing political floors with MPs.

Other #MPs are recalled for joining a "nonexsting #MDC-A party".

Explain that.
I'll wait!
14] Its political madness galore.

#Mwonzora is winning court cases he would rather politically loose.

He is getting political capital from quarters who have other motives.

But he has sunk his head too deep to care.

He has choose a crocodile as a mode of transport.


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Jun 23
1] Dear @ProfJNMoyo, in the spirit of engagement, I share my individual reaction to your mischief, deliberately misrepresented as a legal/intellectual argument.

I emphasize that this is my INDIVIDUAL thoughts, that shouldn't be linked to any structure nor party. 🤣

A thread....
2] Firstly, Iet me express how much I was absolutely impressed by your audacity to quote our constitution, to justify your temper tantrum.

Clearly, there's no limit to the frightening lengths you're willing to go, when your sense of superiority & self importance, is disregarded
3] Fortunately for citizens, unlike the pre-2017 era, when you had the luxury to influence state institutions against (perceived) opponents & opposition to your interests, thoughts & unholy desires, you now find yourself mostly whispering in the wind.

It's a bit of a relief.
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Jun 20
1] Seems like debates over the structuring of CCC, just won't go away.

At face value, these conversations are political manure, that will certainly help grow our democracy.

Politically also, these conversations reinforces the position of CCC as the ultimate alternative.
2] Writing an article attached below, I did opinion that it would be naivety of the highest order, for CCC to behave, and for its supporters to equally demand that it behaves, as if Zimbabwe is a normal democracy.

Doing so, will only lead to its demise .

3] #PoliticalIdeology

I always laugh when I read that CCC has no political #Ideology.

By definition, an #ideology is a set #ideas; #beliefs; #values; and #opinions, providing #actionplans, for #public #policy making.

These spell out the party's overal #political #action.
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Jun 8
1] Over the last couple of days, one of the most dominant topics on the blue-streets, has been the Ian Smith story

After all is said and done, what the proponents of the "Smith was better" narrative are simply expressing, is absolute disillusionment with ZanuPF's disastrous rule
2] If ZanuPF's leaders were self-respecting, they would use this debate to self introspect.

When you're a "liberation" movement, and you govern people who think you're worse than a colonial government, it means you've betrayed the liberation agenda itself.

Sit back & reflect.
3] Being combative & accusing those expressing that sentiment, of suffering from a colonial hangover, or being proponents of "a regime change agenda" is a useless, overplayed card.

Equally, claiming that those sentiments are an indictment on Chamisa, is foolishness on steroids.
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Jun 7
1] 'Mukoma' knows all too well, that this claim of political parties being "equal partners" is political blasphemy.

It's only in church, before Christ, where humans are "equal".

Institutions, by whatever benchmark, can't be "equal", more so, those competing for popular support.
2] Mukoma knows that this very understanding of a hierarchical order was the reason why the "MDC-A agreement" which he's passionate about, allocated seats in 2017/18, unequally.

That placement, was advised by electoral weight, and what each party brought to the proverbial table.
3] Mukoma, also claimed that he had taken over the MDC-A Leadership, by virtue of being MDC-T Leader, as the latter was the "biggest party in the ALLIANCE".

By so doing, mukoma actually permanently relegated the rest of the "ALLIANCE partners", to playing "second fiddle".
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Jun 4
1] I see that some citizens in the yellow movement couldn't resist this nonsensical invitation to draw comparisons between Dr Tsvangirai and Adv Chamisa.

The tragic part being that some even began ridiculing Dr Tsvangirai, as an expression of trust in Adv Chamisa's leadership.
2] Firstly, the G40's (many of whom didn't go to war), equally had no respect for Dr Tsvangirai whatsoever, over exaggerated 'fundamental political differences'.

For them, vitro towards Dr MRT made them feel militant & gave then a sense of belonging, in the 'liberation party'
3] Secondly, it's quite patronizing, for ex & current ZanuPF leaders, to say 'Tsvangirai had courage'.

What they actually mean is that he withstood their name calling, torture & murder, electoral theft, among other actions against him.

Saying this is anything but admiration.
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May 31
1] @CCCZimbabwe continue to do unorthodox politics.

Many would recall that the citizens movement has since done away with 'VIP tents' practice, a seemingly harmless old system, which sadly carries with it, far-reaching yet strong hidden meanings. Image
2] Though not admittedly unique to us as a nation, the divide between the elected (bosses) and the electors (povho) has continously been allowed to widen.

Usually citing security concern (at times conviniently), the elected seldom use services used by those who elected them.
3] Most times, the irony of it is that the poor state of some of the services, are a direct consequence of their (the elected) inability to govern.

Frustratingly, some amongst the affected, are at the forefront of rationalizing these nonsensical practices/behaviors.
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