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1) Sincere thanks to the people of #Liverpool & @LivUniIPH & @lpoolcouncil for important insights into open-access rapid testing for those without #COVID19 symptoms. Useful when led by local #PublicHealth teams giving testing more value than tests alone:…
2) Don’t assume everyone has a smartphone or can afford to isolate. People with fewer financial or digital resources were less likely to get tested and more likely to get #COVID19. Take tests to people not people to tests. Support isolation properly.…
3) Accuracy is one part of test utility, timing is another. Use the 1-2 days sooner result from lateral flow vs PCR to maximise 1/time to % appropriate action (quick isolation). Then PCR and viral sequence positives. Testing orchestra > 1 test instrument…
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1/9… no uncontrolled outbreaks from 10 events at same time as large outbreaks around other venues without extra control measures of #EventsResearchProgramme: more on that from #Liverpool papers later; public health × event team × audience partnership is key
2/9… rapid testing is wasted unless done just before the event and results checked reliably (not reading a text message at the gate). Big gap between test and event = big loss in end-to-end sensitivity. Testing is more than a test
3/9… Rapid tracing of test positive ticket holders and their friends, asking them not to attend event, and automatic cancellation of tickets is important in outbreak control - #EventsResearchProgramme identified many practical areas for improvement
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Why is #singing being treated as uniquely dangerous by @DCMSArts @DCMS? Even with comprehensive risk management guidance by @MakingMusic_UK? Views from @profbuchan of #Liverpool pilots & @BarbaraEifler too
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Wow! Big news!!

With this operation, #Encrochat #Sky #MPC & other encrypted networks being infiltrated, does this mean the end of #Drugs #Corruption #OrganisedCrime ?🤔


It's a brilliant operation BUT may have unintended consequences

A #Thread
I got sucked into doing some amateur study of the economy of drug trafficking because of brilliant TV shows.

When you study the numbers, understand the geo-politics, social, criminal & financial elements behind the global industry... you realise just how powerful it really is!🎬
If you trace the industry from;
- Areas of production
- Transit routes
- End Markets

Then look at the money flows;
-Peso exchange
-Hawala networks
-Trade based money laundering

Then the operational groups🧐

It's mind blowing in scale & influence @InSightCrime 🤯
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The Road to Kill the Bill
Standing up for our rights to protest:
With only weeks to go before the House of Commons hears its third reading on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021, the importance and timing of this book couldn’t be more vital.
Through the remarkable true-life story of Joe Boyd, environmental campaigner from #Liverpool who joined the anti-fracking frontlines across Northern England from 2013, we gain a fresh perspective and clear, substantial evidence of a war on protest rights.
In David and Goliath style, Joe took this fight to the High Court in 2017 and Court of Appeal, London, in 2019, to defeat the richest man in Britain at the time, Sir Jim Ratcliffe.…
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The Road to Kill the Bill

Newly-published book by environmental campaigner Joseph Boyd shares compelling insights, research and evidence of state agents working through campaign groups to eradicate protest rights in the UK.
The Road to Kill the Bill
Standing up for our rights to protest: Boyd, Joseph:
With only weeks to go before the House of Commons hears its third reading on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021, the importance and timing of this book
couldn’t be more vital. Through the remarkable true-life story of Joe Boyd, environmental campaigner from #Liverpool who joined the anti-fracking frontlines across Northern England from 2013, we gain a fresh perspective and clear, substantial evidence of a war on #protest rights.
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"Plans for the elitist, money-grabbing league were unveiled Sunday night, triggering universal condemnation and galvanizing #fans against the 12 owners who proposed the tone-deaf breakaway."… #johnhenry #LIVERPOOL #Boston
1/ "The #SuperLeague collapsed under the weight of its own greed less than 48 hours after it was introduced, & Henry posted an apology video hours later in which he said, “The project put forward was never going to stand without the support of the fans....'"
2/ '...No one ever thought differently in #England. Over these 48 hours you were very clear that it would not stand. We heard you. I heard you.'”
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⚽️ | Diepte contrazijde

Liverpool maakte gisteren een prachtige openingstreffer tegen Leeds United. Bij deze goal zie je duidelijke afspraken terugkomen die Liverpool heeft tijdens het aanvallen.

Een analyse van deze afspraken.


🏁 | Begin situatie

Alle aanvallers staan in het centrum of in de half-space, terwijl de backs het veld breed houden. De middenvelders ondersteunen de twee CV’s.

Hierdoor ontstaat er ruimte op het middenveld. In die ruimte duikt Jota op.

#liverpool Image
🧐 | Afspraken

Als Jota de bal heeft, zien we de afspraken van Liverpool. Deze heeft betrekking op de speler op de vleugel:

Als er iemand op het middenveld de bal vrij heeft en opkijkt, MOET je diep gaan lopen.

Alexander-Arnold gaat diep op het moment dat Jota opkijkt. Image
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Es oficial: la Super League ha nacido. 12 clubes se cortaron solos de la UEFA y decidieron crear su propia liga, entre semana, para competirle a la Champions. A la UEFA/FIFA no les gustó nada. Y esto recién comienza...

Para que tengan una especie de índice, el hilo será dividido así:

📍Explicación y formato del torneo
📍 Implicaciones financieras (importante)
📍 Implicaciones deportivas
📍 ¿Se puede parar esto?

Vamos a ello.

La #SuperLeague estará compuesta por:
🇮🇹 #Milan - #Juventus - #Inter
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #ManUtd - #Liverpool - #ManCity - #Chelsea - #Arsenal - #Tottenham
🇪🇸 #Barcelona - #AtléticoMadrid - #RealMadrid

Desde 🇩🇪 y 🇫🇷 se negaron.

(@brfootball) Image
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[THREAD] Su #RealLiverpool, anticipazione e qualche slide che rimarrà fuori, per ragioni di spazio, dall'analisi che sto scrivendo per calciotactics di @grecben
La prima grande notte di #Vinicius, ma non solo
#Zidane ancora una volta ha preparato benissimo la partita colpendo il #Liverpool nei punti fragili
A essere attaccato benissimo è stato lo spazio dietro #TAA con #Vinicius che ha banchettato
Qui il #RealMadrid si difende basso ma il brasiliano è pronto al contropiede
#TAA prova a pressare #Casemiro che però lucidamente serve #Vinicius che si crea lo spazio per girarsi su #Fabinho
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Al netto delle assenze, forzate, in difesa, questa sono gli uomini che danno più garanzie al momento
#RealMadridLiverpool #RMALIV #ChampionsLeague #UCL
Un'uscita del #RealMadrid da stare male, da stare male veramente
Perfetta in ogni singolo tocco di ogni giocatore #RealMadridLiverpool #RMALIV #ChampionsLeague #UCL
#Vinicius sta trovando spazi interessanti alle spalle di #AlexanderArnold quando si alza
#RealLiverpool #RMALIV #ChampionsLeague #UCL
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What went through David #Cameron’s head? Was it just a giant dollar sign, or did the former prime minister think #lobbying was his remaining calling in life?
Cameron’s work for disgraced banker Lex #Greensill tarnishes a legacy already darkened by misjudgments over #Brexit
& #austerity. We thought he was hiding in a shed in #Oxfordshire. In fact, in early 2020, he was camping with #Greensill and Crown Prince Mohammed bin #Salman in Saudi Arabia.
Then he was texting chancellor Rishi #Sunak to ask for #Greensill’s now collapsed financial group to get more #coronavirus support.
Former prime ministers earn enough for speeches to banks; they should not have to speak for them too.
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Michael Davitt, refugee, physically disadvantaged, revolutionary, agrarian agitator, parliamentarian, journalist, author and servant of his people was born #OnThisDay 175 years ago in Sraide, #Mayo

@davittmuseum @visitmayo @mayotourism @MayoTrails @MayoDotIE #GlobalIrishNation
2) Davitt was born during the #GreatFamine into a family of #Irish speaking tenant farmers who were evicted from their land when he was just 4 years old

3) Landless, Davitt’s family were now economic refugees and opted to leave their home first to #Liverpool and then onwards to Haslingden a cotton milling town in #Lancashire
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This is the biggest story in World #Sport at the moment

The way the narrative is starting to play out is so reminiscent of the #Trump election - It's a scary template!

Regulated media V's Unregulated Media competing to tell the story 🤯#Boxing #Tribal…
For any #boxing / #sport fan with no previous knowledge of these characters, we should be sceptical of simplistic caricatures that are served up by Online Fans OR stenographers masquerading as journalists!

There's a lot of sh*t out there! 🤳💻

Research & Critical thinking! 🤔
If we accept the @panorama programme #boxingandthemob then we have a situation whereby #OrganisedCrime has not only infiltrated BUT is dominating a Global/Professional Sport!

If that's the case, what's to stop these forces taking over #Football OR other major Sport next?

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If you care about any of the following:
#Fairness and #Integrity
#Honesty in #HigherEd
#Liverpool and #Wellbeing
Can you please RT?
It pains me to have to tweet the following about the University where I have spent 18 largely happy years. I am still an honorary professor there and I want it to remain an honour.
What is happening at the University of Liverpool is not normal and it threatens not just the 47 academics who are threatened with the sack. What is at stake is even bigger. I explain why below. Please RT to ask management to reconsider.
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Some time ago In #Liverpool we set up a stall & we were issuing donated items for homeless people..A young man was offered a tent ,he explained he had one & could we send it round to the back of the shops opposite to a guy without any shelter ? Many people passing..were directing
us to other homeless people .We covered as many people as we could find .When we went low on supplies, Many people came through the Mersey tunnel armed with more vital items to donate.. not one item was wasted extras went to go to the Whitechapel center in Liverpool x
At the time I was too choked to say a proper Thank you to all wonderful caring people who donated.They know who they are & this act of caring & kindness has never been forgotten by myself nor the Homeless people who benefited clean clothes hot food & a new tent they now call home
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I try to carry in the boot of my car,, Tents, sleeping bags, duvets gloves, socks, torch ,books ..anything I think a homeless person can use .. There is usually plenty of opportunities to pass on clean stuff to a homeless person ...

Please do the same x
A young man had arrived in my local town from #Liverpool normally sleeping behind St Georges hall .. When speaking to him he explained ..So many shops were closed he had to move on .. Luckily, I had a tent & duvet with me , 3 weeks later, I spotted his tent behind the shops
I stopped to pass in a hot drink, food bedding ect . I knocked.The tent felt heavy but it was empty . I had unzipped a corner of the tent & peeped in my heart in my mouth , it was empty except for bags, Perhaps he went for a walk ? I am Returning tomorrow see if he is ok ?
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The BMJ, London, UK
politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science
When good science is suppressed by the medical-political complex, people die

#Politicians and #governments are suppressing #science.
They do so in the public interest, they say, to
accelerate availability of diagnostics and treatments.
They do so to support #innovation, to bring products
to market at unprecedented speed.
Both of these reasons are partly plausible;
the greatest deceptions are founded in a grain of truth. But the underlying behaviour is troubling.
#Science is being suppressed for #political and #financial gain. #Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale, and it is harmful to #public health.
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No ha sido tan movido como un mercado invernal habitual, pero nos ha dejado movimientos muy interesantes. Hoy es el #DeadLineDay, uno de mis días favoritos del año, por lo que voy a hacer un hilo con los fichajes más destacados en este mercado.

Spoiler alert: Es algo largo.
🎯Joakim Maehle. Del Genk a la Atalanta.

Los 11 millones que costó el danés, ya parecen pocos. Su llegada ha sido suficiente para que la Dea finalizase las cesiones de Mojica, Piccini y Depaoli.

Aprovecha cada minuto. Suplente de lujo para Hateboer y Gosens.
Luka Jovic. De Real Madrid al Eintracht.

Sin oportunidades ni la confianza de Zidane, el serbio ha vuelto a casa. Con Hütter sabe que tendrá que ganarse el puesto, pero de momento es un suplente de lujo: 3 goles en 4 partidos saliendo desde el banco. Reviviendo.
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📆 𝗧𝗮𝗹 𝗱𝗶́𝗮 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗼 𝗵𝗼𝘆 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

⚔️ #LFC 2️⃣-0️⃣ United
⚽ VVD y Mo Salah

📝 Ese día el Liverpool daba un golpe en la mesa y se dirigía hacia el título con aquella jugada de @Alissonbecker y @MoSalah

📣 Y ese día en Anfield comenzó a, sonar... "And now you're gonna believe us..." 🎶

🚀⚽️ El primer gol fue de nuestro @VirgilvDijk que dijo que es su gol preferido desde que está en el Liverpool
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Looking forward to what should be an interesting discussion as to whether, and how, our cities can bounce back from the #Coronavirus pandemic #PolicyExchange
First, Chair @TrevorPTweets announces the relaunch of the #LiveableLondon project, which seeks to explore how #London can address the challenges it faces both post-#Coronavirus & post-#Brexit #PolicyExchange
Prof Ed Glaeser opens his tall by saying that “the age of the city is not over” and that London’s “best days could well be in front of it” #PolicyExchange
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Bienvenidos a la cobertura del partido de este día, desde Anfield ya nos preparamos para el #ClásicoInglés: @LFC vs @ManUtd

@LFC @ManUtd Hoy no nos puede hacer falta nadie, con la fe intacta y el apoyo siempre. ¿Desde dónde nos seguirás?

Los horarios para el silbatazo inicial. #LIVMUN


Shaqiri es titular, Matip no se pudo recuperar y Hendo aparece en la central.

¿Opiniones? #LIVMUN Image
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