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1/7 PROPAGANDA 101: What is a FALSE FLAG

This term has been popping up a lot after the surfacing of the Murehwa video, I shall NOT comment on the video itself but will explain why people are using that term and how it fits into the PROPAGANDA HANDBOOK. We all know that...
2/7 ... PROPAGANDA is just misleading information to promote a POLITICAL cause. It is a known FACT that #ZanuPF is viewed by some people as a party that is involved in abductions and political violence. BUT what happens if #ZanuPF does not abduct anyone or get involved...
3/7 ... in political violence especially towards the elections? If #ZanuPF is not doing it then content has to be created by those who wish to benefit from the PROPAGANDA. This is where FALSE FLAGS come in. A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of...
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EVERYONE KNOWS that @ZECzim is POOR at DATA ANALYSIS. PROOF is the 2018 election results which had to change twice because of poor data analysis. @ZECzim's own data threatened to collapse the 2018 election results...
2/7... except that elections are based on FACTS NOT FIGURES and the discrepancies identified by the opposition were too few to change the FACT that @edmnangagwa had won. The duplicates found on the voters roll by @pacheduzw after the 2018 elections were an ominous...
3/7 ... sign that data analysis was poor @ZECzim. LOGIC will tell you that in Maths and Science it's garbage in, garbage out. It's common cause that the source document i.e. the voters roll was obviously tainted by the time of delimitation took place because of poor...
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1/12 Of Sanctions and "Regime Repression"

I was having a conversation with a fellow political analyst about Sanctions and my question was why #Zimbabwe was on a Sanctions list and Saudi Arabia or Uganda was NOT. The wily old fox smiled and asked me...
2/12 ... a basic question "What are the objectives of Sanctions". I replied "To make the people suffer by destroying their economy so that they can revolt against their government". He then asks the killer question "Do you think the US wants a revolt in Saudi Arabia...
3/12 ... and Uganda which are US strategic partners in their respective regions?"."NO" was my sheepish answer. He then went on to add why the US Sanctions regime was the best tool for #Zimbabwe "We have already agreed that as educated as #Zimbabweans are they don't like..
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1/3 Who is Mavis Gumbo?
⭐️ Jorum Gumbo's sister. Jorum led the Zim Airways scandal which had expensive offices at 1426 Gletwyn, Harare. Mavis' House.

⭐️ Mavis worked with Cuthbert Dube in the PSMAS scandal!

@VoteMavisGumbo @BitiTendai @zanupf_patriots @CCCZimbabwe @JMafume ImageImageImage
⭐️ Mavis Gumbo looted PSMAS by getting untaxed benefits which incurred a ZIMRA bill of US$1,2 million later to be settled by PSMAS at a time the institution was failing to pay salaries or settle medical aid claims! @GeorgeCharamba2 was a board member during this period
⭐️ For turning a blind eye to the looting by Cuthbert Dube and his team which included Mavis Gumbo, Board Members were paid ridiculous board fees. @GeorgeCharamba2 was pocketing an avg of US$57,000 per year in Board fees when PSMAS was failing to settle medical aid claims
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1] Some bit of context to this....

First challenge is that some of us have always been opposed to the rule of ZanuPF, while some of them are opposed to the rule of Mnangagwa.

The fear is that, we may he pursing different types of "change"!

2] Second challenge is...

They want to exonerate their association with ZanuPF misrule for all their adult life by reminding us that "MDC supported the coup" in 2017.

In doing so, they expose their hidden anger, towards citizens & the MDC, for "aiding their fall from grace."
3] Politically, the coup became bigger than MDC.

Citizens wanted the albatross, RG gone, by means necessary or unnecessary.

Ironically, they wont admit to have played different roles in ensuring that there wouldnt be a change of government through the ballot in Zimbabwe.
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Dear Everyone,
1/24 There's been spirited debate in these streets & elsewhere, sparked by @glenmpani's intervention on Zimbabwe's triple crisis of political parties, arising from the DEPOLITICISATION of the public sphere since the Nov 2017 military coup!
2/24 Unfortunately but understandably, some vested interests took @glenmpani's intervention & my rejoinder to it, as an attack & opposition to @mdczimbabwe & @nelsonchamisa. Yet what's been seen as OPPOSITION is in fact FRUSTRATION & what's been seen as an ATTACK is a CHALLENGE!
3/24 Arguably, most Zimbabweans see the MDC-A as the most promising way forward. Yet as the the dynamics of 2023 become real with little preparedness to see on the ground; FRUSTRATION is dominating many private and public discussions, because the election is due within 23 months!
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1/24 This is a trenchant observation @glenmpani, as it aptly & criticallly captures the current Zimbabwean political dilemma: a nation trapped between a rock & a hard place, in a Gramscian Interregnum, unable to move forward because the old is neither dying nor birthing the new!
2/24 Although your observation is based on the state of political parties, from a critical unpacking of the prevailing balance of forces in Zimbabwe and in the region; the writing is on the wall that political parties are withering away, and nascent coalitions are replacing them!
3/24 The dilemma of those who are finding it challenging to be ZanuPF or MDC or Independent, has a context; given that there is no political party in Zimbabwe today with a discernible and coherent ideology or policy programme that's commensurate with the demands of the moment!
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1/17 It's outrageous & unfortunate that some quarters are alleging, with no proof, that @zimlive got the Mohadi audios from a #ZanuPF faction linked to the #CIO or #MID. The allegation is aimed at discrediting @zimlive. It's a bizarre case of shooting the messenger!
2/17 The bizarre claim is that, so as not to be duped by a ZanuPF faction as happened in the 2017 coup, the opposition shouldn't be excited about @zimlive's historic exposé of Mohadi's salacious phone-chats with women, one married, which led to his resignation as Vice President!
3/17 The claim is bizarre not only because its peddlers purport to know @zimlive's sources of the Mohadi audios, but also because they seek to appropriate and own @zimlive; as part of their political agenda, whatever that agenda is, in Zim's current toxic & treacherous politics!
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1] It's hilariously sad, how @DMwonzora & crew, do not realize that they are winning battles they would rather loose.

With every hit targeted at @nelsonchamisa, endorsed & celebrated by #ZanuPF, the #MDC-T is promoting the narrative that they are a ZanuPF front.
2] How does Dr TK, who publicly fought MT because of the MDC-A coalition, suddenly become Acting Pres of the MDC-T & defacto Pres of some MDC-A coalition?

How does she become leader of a anti-ZanuPF coalition yet be the godmother of a Zanu aligned opposition coalition, #POLAD?
3] That @nelsonchamisa is publicly recognized as the Leader of the Opposition @mdczimbabwe party is a local, regional & international reality that cannot be wished away.

Any pretence & actions to the contrary, only serve to expose the self-styled Constitutionalists.
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1] So what is the endgame for the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter movement?

Without turning the Zimbabwean struggle into some intellectual & academic discourse...I've been wondering where we are headed..

more so as some quarters are being accused of hijacking the movement!

Who owns it?

It would seem like there is a section that feels the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter movement should eventually culminate into some submission by #ZanuPF, leading to a Inclusive National Dialogue, outside the POLAD nonsense which even ZanuPF doesn't take seriously.

This is more accommodating. So much so, that it can even be abused.

Anyways, another section of citizens are flabbergasted by corruption scandals & are using the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter movement to draw gov's attention to this vice.

Is it effective?
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1] #ZanuPF has always been dangerous...

now it is reckless!

actually, the party is now dangerously reckless.

this scorched-earth policy of attacking everything and anyone who says things they do not wish to hear is as unfortunate as it is sickening.

#ZimbabweanLivesMatter Image
2] The role of the church has never been to be an extension of any political party.

The church is the moral compass of a community.

Politicians go to church...The church doesn't come to politicians.

this distinction should be respected & preserved.

#ZimbabaweanLivesMatter Image
3] It is in this regard that the unwarranted attacks on the #ZimbabweCatholicBishopsConference, primarily the tribal singling out of Archbishop Ndlovhu should be condemned in no uncertain terms.

That vintage Mutsvangwa style of eloquent stupidity stinks.

#ZimbabweanLivesMatter Image
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1/18 Some here believe they've uncovered a "secret letter" that @PatrickZhuwao & I sent to @MYANC on 5 July 2020. For Christ's sake, the letter was made public by Zhuwao. There're reasons why it was shared. It's best to uncover them before jumping into conclusions!
2/18 It's sad & most unfortunate that in Zim, public discourse is invariably poisoned by a negative focus on persons over issues or ideas. Any public duscourse that seeks to box targeted or hated individuals into a thoughtless culdesac is absurd, crass & unhelpful!
3/18 Our letter is only a problem statement as an invitation to @MYANC to have a conversation on the crisis in Zim; given SA's critical role in Zim politics. The letter has talking points with no solutions. It was intended to kickstart, not to end the conversation!
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1] @ProfJNMoyo & @PatrickZhuwao wrote to the @MYANC seeking the latter's help in saving @ZANUPF_Official which they christened "the liberation movement".

They want this "movement" of theirs saved from a military faction of ZanuPF which now controls it.

#ZimbabweanLivesMatter Image
2] "Former G40" kingpins, are convinced that only a demilitarized "liberation movement", holds the solution

their exact words are:

"We don't believe that there is an alternative political formation in Zimbabwe which can address this crisis"

#ZimbabweanLivesMatter Image
3] Basic comprehension skills will show that this is a spirited attempt at reclaiming control of #ZANUPF

One immediately remembers the Khupe cabal which is trying to resuscitate a dead MDC-T party.

Both conveniently think its for the benefit of Zimbos

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1] Those inside #ZanuPF are convinced that #PATRIOTISM is a synonym for their party name

Those who find themselves outside the #MDC also begin labelling themselves #PATRIOTIC.

It would seem like #PATRIOTISM has a relationship with party affiliations

Ofcourse that is nonsense.
2] But ofcourse ZanuPF ceased to represent the ethos of PATRIOTISM a long time ago.

Infact, the formation of the MDC in 1999 was the greatest form of PATRIOTISM.

The nation had been derailed from the NATIONAL AGENDA promoting formation of a MOVEMENT by different constituencies.
3] PATRIOTISM is the embodiment of NATIONAL pride.

In a normal #democracy, you readily put party differences aside and rally behind national institutions.

You rally behind a #PRESIDENT whom you respect as a product of national processes.

He symbolizes a country's #SOVEREIGNTY
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1] Going through a presser by #Mwonzora yesterday, can't help but laugh at how he has become a #pathological liar.

Infact, its clear that besides getting security, legal & material support from #ZanuPF, they are equally giving him free lessons on #propaganda.

It's a shame Image
2] #Mwonzora unashamedly claims there was a "peaceful & smooth handover & take over" .

He wants you to believe that the then occupants, i.e. #MDC-A officials "peaceful" handed over the HQ to MDC-T.

& then probably regained their consciousness & returned to reclaim it at night? Image
3] #Mwonzora falsely claims that they had nothing to do with the presence of security forces at MRT House.

Bizzarely, #Komichi claims the exact opposite, arguing that they invited them against marauding MDC-A who had petrol bombs.

He clearly says they actually invited them. Image
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1] Some ppl have been accused of using the "tired song" of ZanuPF's underhand or marriage of convenience with #Mwonzora et al.

It would seem like #ZanuPF has used the "kombayi tirove" tactic in the "kombai titore" hijacking of the MDC Headquarters.

#Mwonzora should be ashamed.
2] Things just don't add up, regardless of how open minded one chooses to be.

The courts surprisingly opened during the lockdown for the judgement.
#Komichi spectacularly came with a prepared acceptance speech.

Guessing a judgement & bringing a related speech are 2 diff things
3] Then came Parliament..

#AdvMudenda inexplicably chose #Mwonzora over #Hwende even before any ruling on the identity of the #MDC-A.

#MaKhupe has been allowed to cross the political floor, with her MPs, with #Nyikadzino being ignored by #Mudenda.

There is a logic to it all.
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1] The continued corroboration of state institutions & the #Mwonzora led faction of the MDC-T is quite exposing.

On a day where the #PeoplesAdvocate @adv_fulcrum is appearing in court & Parly is resuming, with news of recalls of MDC-A MPs, Harare is on lockdown during lockdown.
2] How can you deny the regime's underhand in this issue when #Mwonzora et al, are finding it easy to by-pass all roadblocks from Harare to Humanikwa?

Which essential service are they offering?

No wait, anything that is anti-Chamisa is actually an essential service in Zimbabwe.
3] The big question would then be why ZanuPF would be more comfortable with #Mwonzora as Leader of the Opposition?

If he is #mature, does it then follow that maturity was lacking in the #Opposition and equally so in #ZanuPF that the State wants to utilize #Mwonzora's maturity?
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1] The biggest beneficiary of the recall of #MDC_A MPs from Parliament is none other than @nelsonchamisa and his party.

This hopefully is a long awaited wake up call.
The first move is to stop the call for #Dialogue

#ZanuPF is only interested in consuming the opposition.
2] Its preposterous & embarrassing for die hard DM supporters to justify how he recalled 4 MPs for "joining MDC ALLIANCE" yet he maintains such a party doesn't exist.

How did they join a non existing party?
How do you fire people for joining an electoral pact you allegedly lead?
3] How do you justify that #DrKhupe who contested the last polls as MDC-T President has recalled representatives of a party that was equally on the ballot paper?

How do you tell people in Kuwadzana you fired @hwendec for joining "MDC-A" yet that's what was on the ballot?
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1/4 "How Mike Auret tried to stop Gukurahundi as Mugabe went on a rampage against Ndebeles"
By @DumisaniMuleya

This obituary by Dumisani Muleya on Auret who died on Good Friday is a must read. It dispels ZanuPF myths & lies about #gukurahundi!

2/4 "Edison Zvobgo secretly told (Cephas) Msipa after the (#ZanuPF Central Committee) meeting (held in Harare on 31 December 1982): the decision was simply that let's massacre Ndebeles".
3/4 "Mugabe, who had denounced the bishops after their unrelenting pressure as "sanctimonious prelates" and "foreign agents", had also indicated in one of their meetings that the Ndebeles were resisting his rule because they didn't want to be ruled by a Shona leader".
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1/8 "Private sector to setup testing, isolation facilities"
#Herald 26/3/20

Ordinarily this headline would inspire the nation. But no. Like command agriculture, it's not the private sector but only Sakunda; a corrupt fuel cartel that benefits only a few!…
2/8 The four health facilities identified are in low density suburbs & have limited bed capacity to cater only for a connected few. Sakunda say the initiative is national but are refurbishing three facilities in Harare & only one in Bulawayo. How about the other eight provinces?
3/8 What's disquieting about the initiative, triggered by a palpable fear of #COVID19 among the #ZanuPF elite, after the fatal treatment of Zororo Makamba at Wilkins Hospital, is the phoney claim that it's complementing govt; when its clear Mnangagwa's administration has no plan!
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1/21 #NovemberInFebruary
"For keen students of Zimbabwean history, this February is threatening to replace November as the month of momentous events!".
29 January 2020

Strangely but tellingly, some took this metaphoric tweet as a prediction of a military coup in February. Ok!
2/21 The words of the tweet speak for themselves, despite the misplaced but understandable attempts to squeeze blood out of them. Zimbabwe is at the crossroads. The country is pregnant with change. Something is afoot. But there's no telling what it is or when it will be born!
3/21 I used the November metaphor to capture & convey the gestalt of the moment. Besides its sacred Shona myths, November has historical significance in Zimbabwe as the month of momentous events. The pioneer column of Cecil John Rhodes moved on King Lobengula in November 1893!
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1/8 "Matabeleland Collective collapses over Gukurahundi"

The so-called #MatabelelandCollectve died on arrival because it was neither about Matabeleland nor a collective; but a scam to cover up Mnangagwa's #gukurahundi atrocities to escape accountability!…
2/8 If the collapsed #MatabelelandCollective was not a Mnangagwa scam, like #Polad is, it would have ensured that the bambazonke Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.2) Bill, 2019 includes extending the life of the National Peace & Reconciliation Commission (#NPRC) beyond 2023!
3/8 The 25 amendments in Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.2) Bill, 2019 bring back provisions sought by Mnangagwa, Patrick Chinamasa & Paul Mnangagwa in August 2012 but rejected by the ZanuPF politburo. Also on that day Mnangagwa rejected the #NPRC!…
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Functions of Money THREAD.
As you might have read already, the ED government has abolished the multicurrency regime and fast-tracked the reintroduction of the #ZimDollar. We will continue with our functions of money thread, but with brief responses to this new development.1
We are of the firm belief that policy debates, especially on important subjects like the national currency, should be conducted in an open, transparent and jargon-free manner. I challenge Hon Mthuli/Mangudya to do a lecture on currency reform at UZ, NUST of MSU.2
Today we are focusing on the key functions of money, namely medium of exchange, unit of account, store of value and standard of deferred payments. Anyone who has done 'O' level economics would know this stuff. 3
@GutuObert @buildzimbabwe @DrNkosana @drnmanyika @shumba327 @zimlive
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1]It's #PoeticJustice,that i write a thread on the shenanigans in the #MDCALLIANCE on April 1st,a day loosely known as #FoolsDay.Sometimes you get the impression that some in the MDC are political fools.Are they ready to be a gvt when they aren't ready to be a political party?
2] #ZanuPF didn't win the #CowdryPark by-election,the #MDC lost it.They have learnt nothing and forgot nothing.I once argued that whoever resisted having the #MDCExtraordinaryCongress last year is a political tactician.The disaster would have been spectacular.
3]What we saw was just #MDC factional battles.It boggles ones mind how the #Mwonzora guy, misogynistic #Ndhlovu managed embarrassing votes yet he was the "official candidate".What makes the "unofficial candidate" garner more votes yet defying a party directive?
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