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1] The key thing to read from this cryptic tweet is that there's a #Leadership vacuum in the so called #MDC of #Tsvangirai

Knowing too well that some #MDC-T supporters feel very strongly against her, the intention is to politically pronounce that #Khupe is a transitional Leader.
2] It's hilarious for EM, who accepted an appointment outside #Congress, to lecture #MDC-T supporters on #Khupe's #2014Congress #legitimacy

Defeats the whole purpose of the new argument

Why does it matter now?

Had the powers of #Congress #legitimacy been lost to him all long?
3] Back to the cryptic tweet..

EM is making political notification to MDC-T supporters, that MaKhupe should be accommodated for the duration of the EOC preparations.

Politically,it cannot happen.

There is no judgement that can erase the political realities of the past 2 years.
4] It's easy to accuse people of promoting personality politics, as if you can remove people & their personalities in political activities.

It is not lost to #MDC supporters that #MaKhupe had her own outfit in 2018 which #campaigned (& lost) against #MPs she now supposedly leads
5] It is not lost to #MDC supporters, regardless of how pragmatic one choose to be, that #MaKhupe went on to endorse Pres ED in #POLAD & even infamously said "i will always support him".

How does she now lead people who are politically & morally against her political decisions?
6] It defies political logic, forcing #MDC supporters to embrace #Khupe's #Presidency even if its for 3 seconds.

She is not even an enemy.

She is simply a #Leader of a separate political entity & cannot involve herself with the #Leadership & political capital of the #MDC-A
7] There's characters are involving themselves in a political mess.

It is not only EM attempting to abuse both #MaKhupe & the #SCJudgement.

Even #Mwonzora & #Komichi are campaigning for the converted big post.

Ofcourse that's democracy.

But therein lies the next headache..
8] Reality is, this has nothing to do with #DrMRT

The more they mention him, the more they embarrass themselves.

The involvement of state security doesn't help matters.

Nor the deployment of some characters here on twitter.

But anyways, Happy Birthday Baba Shero


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Sep 5
1. Ultimately, there's little one can do to dissuade people who have been budgeting for a post-election barrage towards Nelson Chamisa.

There is nothing that happened in the past election suggesting blame should be shoulded by Chamisa due to his acts of omission or commission.
2. The fact that CCC survived long enough as an authentic alternative after everything that happened since 2018 is a worthy success story

Any narrative ignoring that ZanuPF unsuccessfully strategized against being consted in this election isn't worth any attention nor reaction
3. It takes a special form of intellectual dishonesty to suggest that Chamisa ran a presidential, one man band, electoral campaign.

Even after a scandalous delimitation, voter suppression, & fear harvesting, CCC went on to outperform its political predecessor, the 2018 MDC-A.
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Aug 22
1. What a time to be alive

Firstly, may I propose that we pause a little bit, reflect, & just acknowledge the documented & unknown efforts that ensured citizens have a strong alternative, going into this election

For me, that alone is a beautiful success story worth celebrating

2. Citizens, we have gone from a time where there was a real threat of going into this election with either a weak or nonexistent alternative.

What Nelson was able to do together with colleagues, on the backdrop of genuine support from citizens of this country, kept hope alive. Image
3. Many feared Zanupf had done just about enough to permanently mute strong resistance to ED's reelection agenda

That we talk of an institution that has successfully offered alternative candidates everywhere and kept the change agenda alive is a story for the history books.
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Aug 21
1. These optics of senior citizens attending CCC rallies tell a beautiful story.

This is the very generation that lived during colonial rule; witnessed & participated in the liberation struggle; & potentially supported ZanuPF

They've seen it all yet are investing in change. Image
2. ZanuPF's campaign is hinged on liberation rhetoric, where criminals self-characterize as custodians of the liberation cause, which they've long betrayed

Disappointingly, it's a message that resonates with some youths who've been brainwashed
Yet some of our grandparents refuse Image
3. Disappointingly, some youths & citizens in their 50s argue that a 45 year old Chamisa is "too young to lead."

Yet there are senior citizens again, who've trust in Chamisa's individual capacity, and that of his generation of new leaders, to rightfully lead 🇿🇼 into the future. Image
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Aug 19
1. After watching a few ZanuPF rallies, particularly those addressed by ED, I fully appreciate why ZanuPF has no electoral blueprint for this election.

Beyond rhetoric, propaganda & praising each other through totems, these gerontocrates have no development agenda nor planning.

2. It's a tragedy of monumental proportions that we go into an election where the incumbent is offering history.

How do you march thousands of citizens all over the country so that you can share war tales, 43 years into independence, as the sole reason why you must be elected?
3. History may very well document & remember that ED's 2023 election campaign was dominated by chicken inn & bread.

It's certainly impossible to remember Mnangagwa campaign for anything else, beyond bussed crowds and free meals

The insensitivity of such a culture is regrettable
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Aug 19
1. Let me talk to you...

Had personally resolved not to comment on those circulating pictures below until I read the attached comment, allegedly attributed to Ricky Fire.

If you carefully read that explanation attributed to Ricky, you'll correctly characterise him as a victim.

2. The context provided by Ricky exposes how these associations go deeper than freedom of association

ZanuPF is their means to an end

They're supporting themselves for the sake of the immediate benefits associated with ZanuPF, ED's sons, & the music producers they've captured.
3. This has been ZanuPF's modus operandi where they impoverish citizens and then start throwing freebies to buy loyalty and support but, most importantly, sustain dependence.

Many are suffering from Stockholm syndrome, where hostages develop a psychological bond with captors.
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Aug 1
1. #RememberingAugust1st2018

On Aug 1 2018, demonstrators took to the streets against a delay in announcing election results.

The riot police & the army responded viciously, resulting in destruction of property, the death of six unarmed civilians, and about 35 recorded injuries Image
2. These civilians [including none participants in the demos] lost their lives

1. Gavin D Charles (25 years)
2. Brian Zhuwawo (26 years)
3. Ishmael Kumire (41 years)
4. Silvia Maphosa (53 years)
5. Challenge Tauro (20 years)
6. Jealous Chikandira (21 years)

[pictures warning]

3. Due to widespread condemnation of these heinous acts, Mr Mnangagwa's government sought to pin the blame on Chamisa and the MDC-A party.

Mr Mnangagwa's gov accused the party and individuals mentioned in the warrant below, of possession of firearms & involvement in the shooting Image
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