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@seesthedanger @vanparks They are restarting now
@seesthedanger @vanparks . First Spkr - David Fine v. phone - Audio is not working #StanleyPark #ParksForAll #ParkBoard #vanpoli
@seesthedanger @vanparks . Spkr1 - David Fine v. phone - Audio is not working. Spkr 2? Audio #FAIL - What a joke #StanleyPark #ParksForAll #ParkBoard #vanpoli
@seesthedanger @vanparks Ok - . First Spkr - David Fine v. phone. Audio working now. #StanleyPark #ParksForAll #ParkBoard #vanpoli
@seesthedanger @vanparks Fine - Repr. himself, supports the motion tonight. Reminds PB of the petition to reopen ( now at close to 15k).

It's closed to many people. Some people love it that are cycling. People are concerned. How do emergency vehicles get through? Restaurants? Vanc Tourism, Van Seniors
@seesthedanger @vanparks Fine - Asking people to socially distance.

Um - Giesbrecht just left the meeting. WTF
@seesthedanger @vanparks Fine: Listen to the Room - this is important to many people. Let everyone enjoy this magnificent place, not just the able bodied.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Giesbrecht returns. So nice of you to rejoin the meeting.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 2 - "Lisa C.": Reps HUB - opposes. Charitable not for profit, mission to get more people cycling. Motion is irresponsible. Returning car traffic when people are distancing. Staff are going to launch traffic management plan. Changes intent of motion passed last week.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 2 - "Lisa C." - Heard a lot of negative things onling about cyclists. We're your neighbours, 1700 have signed up in 2 days compared to the other petition that has been longer. Looking to do consultations to reduce traffic in the park.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 2 - "Lisa C." notes many people and media talking about this on the other side. There's a bus. No ban on cars. Feel it's not equitable to have cars on the road. Notes 350K people biking in the park (same that Demers noted)
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 2 - "Lisa C."- Notes Climate Action plan.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Dumont: Any questions for Lisa C? No.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 3 - Barbara - Supports motion to reopen. Concerns that various people with vested interests in keeping 1 lane closed. Speaks to mother with Alzheimers, taking her and she could barely walk. Cutting parking would be a problem. Park varies fr day to day, sometimes busy or not
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 3 - Barbara - Happy to talk to HUB and other groups, focus groups, climate change etc to come to common solution. Park provides oxygen, trees, nature for all, has friends who come from quite a distance in cars. Reducing to 1 lane would be harder for them too.

No questions
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 5- Peter Armstrong - Reps self, WE resident. Supports this motion. Reasons self evident, should be open to all, support businesses in there, large number of global tourists come. All people, creeds, colours, etc come and use the park. Accommodate everyone not limit people
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 5- Peter - notes that this meeting is not accessible for many [e.g. blind, deaf, language etc]

Giesbrecht - Stop speaking to this and speak to the motion specifically.
@seesthedanger @vanparks No questions
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 6 - Woman (didn't catch name) Gives stats on children in schools and cyclists stats. Too crowded currently sharing the park. Children stuck inside, need active transport, safety. Adults using scarce space. Speaks that there is no dedicated lane for bikes.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 6 - Speaks that Stanley Pk should just be for people, not cars. Children and youth should be priority and are forgotten.

So, Oppose.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 7- Gilian Rosenberg: Rep self & family. Live in Vancouver, against this motion. Closed 2 months ago, 2 young kids. Use bikes as main transportation. No car. Rent a car when need one. Love riding S.P. Generally do not ride in SP b/c stressful and dangerous. Dislikes bike gate
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 7- Office in Coal Harbour and jogs. Park is very busy. Stanley Pk never managed this well. 1 lane is enough for cars. Encourage them to reduce cars. Not true that people can't get to places without cars. It is much more accessible to us now.
@seesthedanger @vanparks PB not asking anyone any questions. Just rolling it along
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 8 - David Chen - Vice Ch. NPA but speaking for self. Supports the motion. Became partially disabled last year, was a cyclist and has a family with small children. Cycling is much harder now personally, very difficult for his children. 1 child hearing loss, 1 has disability
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 8- Chen - Car Share doesn't work too small, has a hybrid van. Speaking to various people in similar situations.

Now speaks to PB revenues, budgets and parking revenues. Cites various stats.

Worked at Prosp. Pt Cafe - most rev comes from mv visitors. How will PB make up $
@seesthedanger @vanparks Giesbrecht Q? for Chen (Spk 7):
Difficulty with changes of traffic, your family transport. If your ability to access were not to be impeded by traffic flow, would it change your position.

Chen: Tries to answer. Cut off by Giesbrecht
@seesthedanger @vanparks Chen: I would disagree that my access would be impeded.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 9- Nancy? Not present.

Spkr 11 - Phyllis Cain (sp?) - Reps self but aff. w/ a party (NPA?). Have grown up and enjoyed SP. Brings up Emergency vehicles being impeded. Brings up mother who's had a transplant. Would like her to have access.

Sorry, Giesbecht looking bored
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 11 - Phyllis - Wants family to enjoy and her parents to get fresh air. Also discusses businesses in the park.
@seesthedanger @vanparks No questions again.

Spkr 12 - Rick Hurlbut - Reps self. Motion troubles him. Implies that staff are not doing their job. Staff should be empowered without political interference. This motion has populist whiff about it. Not leadership. Jumps the gun on permanent changes.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 12 Hurlbut - Speaks to the temporary measures, and that there is no report yet. COVID doesn't meet up with Father's day. COVID wants new hosts. Reopening will bring crowds. Wouldn't let father near the park right now. Feels the process has been politicized.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 13 - Colleen McGuinness - City Seniors Advisory Committee - letter June 8. No reply from PB at all. Seniors not included. Many self isolate right now and need access to the park. Concerns with accessibility to park. This meeting not accessible.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 13 - McGuinness - Not all seniors have computers and may have other limitations. Any reduction to access incl. cars that some seniors may need, needs full consultations. Decision of this magnitude needs everyone to make better.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Barker Q? to Spkr 13: Do you know any other people who were not able to do it on the phone or could come to PB office?

Spkr 13: 1 person yes - only telephone not allowed at office. Are a huge number of people - took you 30m to set up the first speaker. Disenfranchising ppl
@seesthedanger @vanparks Coupar Q? to Spkr 13: letter re: any change or consideration for change should include and have people able to attend in person.

Giesbrecht Q?: Surname pls. [Doesn't seem to know who Colleen McGuinness is. Weird. ]
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 14- Robert Levine - n/present

Bad audio connection.

Spkr 15 -
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 15 - Virginia Richards- Rep self. Supports motion.
Small biz owner, active in West End. Husband not well and concerned about park. Was open, he has mobility problems. Could enjoy views, walks. Cannot go anywhere now. Rely upon the park to space
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 15 - Virginia - now speaks to all the businesses in the park as a major concern. When you take the cars out, you don't have the eyes on the park. Raises wild fires in the trees. Need all eyes.

Speaks to financial crisis, PWD, and no consultations.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 15 - Virginia - Very limited if any consultations. Seawall 5M, new bikelane installed.

No questions
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 15 - Virginia - Can you fix the technology on this?
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 16 - Ryan War[...? - didn't catch this] West End resident. Support this motion. Lives on Robson - very busy and hard to distance. There's a new parklet that puts more people around. Speaks now to busy parks, very difficult to socially distance.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 16 - Ryan - This has been hard on ALL residents. Doesn't own bike, has car, takes transit & walks. Transit is not an option right now, b/c COVID. Is using parks more now...Everyone is. If PB wants to save VanAqua & biz in the park, they'll support. Cites statistics
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 16 - Ryan - Cycling and walking is only for able bodied. Car break downs in 1 lane? We should be fighting gridlock. Politician noted that being in a car alone is dangerous more than walking outside & distancing?

Irwin: Video Freeze.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Irwin: 30% of emisisons cars...

Is there a question to Ryan?

Dumont: Ask a question.

Irwin: Aware of Climate change & driving?
@seesthedanger @vanparks Ryan: Absolutely. If SP is not open, however, will have to be driving further to access parks like Whistler etc., so can distance safely.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 17 - Feedback/ needs to turn off the computer speaker.

Spkr 17- Harold C. Vancouverite, in his 70's, Rep self, family & friends. Supports the motion. Personal loss, not reopening... missed taking grandmother who is immobile to park & grandchildren Metrovan & Van
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 17- Harold C. - doesn't live in WEnd. Longer the delay, the longer the access not easy for his family. Speaks to budget and would need to cut other PB expenses and make up parking. Would like to see leadership on this.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 18- Phil Rankin - Senior, lawyer, diabetes, wife has hip replacements. Supports the motion. Quarantine. This violates the Cdn Charter of Rights and wrote a letter. No response from PG. Mentions NPA, COPE, politics. Climate change not solved by closing this park but streets.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 18- Phil Rankin. Doesn't support closing lane without notice and consultations. Not good politics.

Any questions for this lawyer Rankin? NOPE.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 18- Automated caller. LOL
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 20 - Graham Anderson, reps self, supports motion. 66 yr old disabled man. Only walk short distances, want the park reopened. Many people from all over use the park. Already a seawalk bike way and on the roadway. Not against other bike infra but not lane closed. No consults
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 20 - Graham - as disabled, fails to accommodate my disabilities. Wants to access the park.

No questions.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 21 - Nancy __ - Rep self and employees at Pavillion. Owns Prospect Pt and Pavillion. Have invested a great deal of money. 25 year lease and expectation on the investment. Pkg lot 60 cars, road access. Reopen the 2 lane roads, works fine. Also a bike lane that runs parallel
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 21 - Nancy - no parking = no business. Mentions some percentages (missed that). Also emergency vehicles. Where do you get revenues? Why now? Request to reopen as it was pre-pandemic. My 120 employees want to get back to work.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Coupar Q? to Spkr 21 - Nancy: Amount of consultation with the staff? Any consultations, well engaged with staff?

A: Not included. Called a few times, did finally get a zoom meeting with park staff. Surprised me. There would be a barrier. Only contacted 1 time
@seesthedanger @vanparks Coupar Q? to Spkr 21 - Nancy - 87% of people by car - how did you get that number.

Spkr: We have a counter and also survey our customers on number of issues.

Coupar - Did you share with PB staff?
A: Yes.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Irwin Q? to Spkr 21 - Nancy:
Will you have to limit customers, you'll get 1 lane to every parking spot. Hope you'll realize must deal with COVID.

Dumont: Question?
@seesthedanger @vanparks Irwin Q? to Spkr 21 - Nancy: You know you'll have to limit seating?

Spkr: Yes, we would adhere to all precautions.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Giesbrecht Q? to Spkr 21 - Nancy: Businesses from seniors, tourbuses, tourists may not be available. Have you had any consideration of that on your business projections?

Spkr 21 - Visitors will be down but hoping to see local guests that will come - Restaurant, cafe, ice cream
@seesthedanger @vanparks Giesbrecht Q? to Spkr 21 - Nancy: As business owner myself, we've seen huge volume of users (not buses) that you'll have other clients? Have you reflected?

Nancy: lots of local visitors but also from afar as well. Reopen roads for all, might see more locals, seniors, families.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Spkr 21 Nancy: It's a 5 km walk from Georgia St.
@seesthedanger @vanparks PB is now finished Group A. Will recess briefly to line up phone speakers for Group B.
@seesthedanger @vanparks Side bar: Phil Rankin is well known lawyer, and son of Harry Rankin who was a Vancouver Councillor under COPE
@seesthedanger @vanparks Barker asks, PB is now getting calls that people have been dropped from the call list. Wondering why and what can be done.

Dumont: They can call back
@seesthedanger @vanparks Reconvening for Group B, Speakers.
Spkr 21 - Lisa - Not present.
Spkr 22 - Lloyd ___ - Support the motion to 2 lanes, all pkg. Not just for physically fit, lots of bikelanes throughout Vancouver. Many people don't. Limited & delayed access.
In the 80's experimented w/ traffic, backed up all the way up Georgia
Spkr 22 - Lloyd - Various visitors. 12M visitors help businesses and the city... Miniature train, revenues of restaurants, millions of dollars, gift shops, jobs, taxes. Cites various stats that have been in news.

Questions? Coupar.
Coupar Q? to Spkr 22 - Lloyd. Coupar doesn't recall the study in the 80's. Rollerbladers & other conflicts on the seawall. Doesn't think that this has been thought through.

Coupar - didn't realize that happened before re: study in 80's. Good to know.
Spkr 21 - Lisa Carver - Reps self, support the motion to reopen. Decision to restrict is political, elitist, and without consultations. Park is for everyone, businesses need to survive. Decision w/o consultation is bait & switch, loss of public trust.
No questions
Spkr 27 - Aviva - audio problems for the speaker. Hello!

Ok - now working haha
Spkr 27 - Aviva Wasserman - Vancouverite WestEnd. Support the motion. Fortunate to live nearby but what about others? People with BBQs, gears, PWD... Wants to share the park with everyone. Strolls in the winter, can't have it on a shuttle. Not sure it attracts people, in pandemic
Spkr 27 - Aviva - TUTS patrons, involved in whole life & mother. Not going to wait for a shuttle late at night after a show. Who wants to wear masks on a shuttle. Safety w/ daughter on 3rd beach, calls husband can pick up if late. Give an inch, take a mile. Comments on cyclists
Spkr 28 - Connie Hubbs - rep self. Opposition to motion. Why was it closed for pandemic? Best features for pandemic, swift action for social distancing. Love this park and all its amenities. Vancouver has many parks. May be your favorite but you have other choices.
Spkr 28 - Connie - reopening to parks to cars a mistake. Everyone needs to sacrifice. Refers to Dr. Henry, "take response 1 step as a time... just not now". Largest new cases are young. Vote no.
Q? - Connie- We're biking more than we ever have.
Spkr 29 - Charles ___ - Against, oppose. People previously have not been able to access this park. People have been excluded, cyclists AAA not been able to use the road. Families have enjoyed cycling on the car free road. Cites anecdote of laughing young girl cycling
Spkr 29 - Charles - People don't feel safe in the park. Appreciate people who use cars but PB already has a plan. Park isn't closed to cars. Notes Fine's petition doesn't ask for 2 lane reopening and Fine is open to options.

[Um, no that's not what he's said]
Spkr 30 - Peter Brown: These are the most vulnerable people, who could benefit to maintain social distancing... in the park. Wrote the board.

Difficult to transcribe b/c no closed captioning.
Spkr 31 - Gloria - Gerontology Ctre SFU, advocate for seniors. Consider seniors w/ mobility issues, can't cycle, walk or push self in wheelchairs. Think about seniors day like grocery stores for mobility, seniors, or off hours to be out in greenspace. Science shows health benefit
Spkr 31 - Gloria Gottman- benefit of outdoors cannot be duplicated indoors or for those isolated. Draw attention to seniors & disabled not w/c bound but frail. Cannot come by vehicle, can't access come to park. Husband, mother, other relatives enjoy the park, highlight of wk
Spkr 31 - Gloria - Restricted hours for seniors & PWD.
Supports motion, reopen the park.

No questions from PB
Spkr 33 Jacob - rep self. Opposed to reopen to pre-COVID. It's a gem, and 1 lane will be available, and 70% of parking Doesn't see any violation of human rights. TUTs still closed for 2020. Not out of the woods yet, no pun. Dedicated bikelane is covid-safe way. Fears resurgence
Spkr 33 Jacob - Says there'd still be $3M pkg revenue. During colder months could open both lanes. When out of COVID next year can revisit.
Spr 34 - Arthur Weinstein, - rep self. Support motion. Longtime resident, 3 generations born here, cyclist all around the world. Park is for everyone incl. visitors, all of us. Very enjoyable to picnic, Lumberman's Arch, weddings, etc. Can't get to with bicycles.
Spr 34 - Arthur - Traffic would back up if 1 lane. If limited pkg, there'll be limited people. Cycling - less stay [& linger] vs. car. All biz need to be supported. Artists, many sell their wares. 2 car lane the way to go
Spkr 35- Edie - senior brings many family to the park & 2nd beach, many visitors. 25 year long VanAqua membership is in jeopardy. Log jam in traffic won't help. Speaks of history and Lord Stanley - "to be used of all peoples... for all times". 100 yrs later, nat'l historic site
Spkr 35- Edie mentions tourists, cruise ships, Christmas time, Firefighter's burn fund. Keep the promise of Lord Stanley, for all people.
Spkr 36 - Fern Jeffries - Reps self. Support motion. Reiterates Lord Stanley's quote - all people for all time. Vehicular access & parking. Listen to all voices before they make a decision. A fulsome transparent process needed. now that Van a 'new normal'... notes various sites
Spkr 36 - Fern - would like to take granddaughter. Needs accessibility. Let's not limit. Notes concrete barriers.
Spkr -Daniel Wright - Rep self. In favour of motion. Why if it decision hasn't been made, why concrete barriers already purchased? Why is SP still closed, 16K people signed a petition. Would like to bring father to park, needs universal access. Frustrated that this is rushed thru
Spkr -Daniel Wright - Not the time to consider major changes to the park ( pandemic). Also many businesses, that will depend on locals to support them. Keep it accessible to all. Closing additional lane will not...climate change, more emissions.
Spkr -Daniel Wright - also worried about lawsuits against PB that may come
Group B done. Lining up Group C - will get to call in.

Group A & B that didn't get through or were missed. To be able to call in.

Short recess.
.Reconvening now #StanleyPark
.We're in the 30's, speakers will be cut off at 11 pm for debate. So about 90 people will be denied speaking to this. #StanleyPark
Next spkr - Support motion. Notes all people, all physical abilities. Human rts. No evidence of danger or obstacles by anyone. Temp restrictions for pandemic reasonable. Emerg. measures did not attempt to help disabled people at all.
No longer any reason to keep close.
Spkr - Consultations, let staff study, proposals, then and only then should PB change the status quo. Open the park
Last speaker, Mike
Spkr 41 - Douglas - rep self. Teahouse worker & some of staff. Support motion, open asap, waiting to get back to work. Think not the best time for changing. Next year can see how can change, [consult] all the people who need the park to survive. Don't change the park
Spkr - Peter Scott - rep self. Wife & I in 70's. In favour to open completely so everyone can enjoy. Open since 1888 for everyone. 2014 top park in the world. 1.5 pages of things to say but many things already said eloquently by others. 76% tonight have spoken to reopen to all.
Spkr - Peter - Support to reopen
Spkr - Vivian G___ - support. Belongs to all of Vancouver. Destination park not just West End. Recreation is more than sports: picnic, ride train, dine, seawall, make a living. Think of all Vancouverites, not just special interest groups.
Spkr 46- Shane Richardson- rep self - Support. Vancouverite, 2 lanes reasonable, congested during peak times already. Kids enrolled in cadets, 2X a week, would be affected. Many valuable life skills. Impractical to commute to park, commute times. Cyclists, aggressive, COVID19
Spkr 46- Shane Not against bikes - could widen seawall
Spkr 47 - Very interesting watching the nuance on video. Very passionate. Past elected official. Talking all citizens, not just some.

Point of order raised, Commissioner feeling maligned. May have been Demers but not sure.

[ sorry missed some details]
Spkr 47 - Raises issue of revenues and COVID - wait until later.

Irwin Q?: What party did you represent on PB?

Spkr: Don't think that's appropriate. Citizen speaking

Dumont: Moving on
Spkr 50 - Jeremy __ - rep self. Opposed.
Why do drivers need 2 lanes. Don't understand. Don't feel safe w/ 2 daughters 9 & 6 cycling, not just around the seawall. Business - Capilano group can create ride destination.
Spkr 55 - Irma Severin - self. Support. Have used park many diff ways over decades w/ family. Do not divide Park Dr. into 2 lanes [separated]. Was for COVID, consider time rather than barriers to divide, a shared road. Notes previous speaker on seniors. Take 1 day/ week for bikes
Spkr 55 - Or opening for cyclists only, for portions of the day. Cars allow to keep distance and get to different parts of park that can't walk to/ cycle. Specialized vehicles access.
Spkr 58 - Reginald Fulmer - self, support. Return 2 lanes vehicular traffic. 2 spkrs spoke of concrete barriers. Frustrates that have seen COV road closures and restricted access to SP. Passionate, memories - 1st time 10 years old, regularly went. Love the park. Speak to kids
Can't bike from Rmd with 4 kids. Speak for PWD, businesses, workers, CoV finances - broke. PB have fiduciary duty. Concrete barriers raised again re: costs & [#donedeal]. Mgmt hasn't approved $ for concrete barriers yet.
Spkr Ted Lee - Acting CEO of ___ [Tourism?] Vancouver. Support to pre-COVID state. A big component of CoV, alot of jobs etc. It's a life support. Need your help. No int'l travellers, no conventions, cruise ships... tourism operators shuttered or needing help
Spkr Ted Lee - Wants to encourage everyone to get out and big part is Stanley Park. Give biz a chance to hang on, some level of normalcy. Metrovan 11M visitors, 2M to our region. 3M from Canada. Monitoring mkt & consumer signals
Coupar to Spkr Lee: You're connected w/ members doing biz w/ park. Received letter. Conversations on how to get back to business?

Lee: All struggling, look to us in order to drive local and regional tourism. 69% BC'ers intend to use car or RV to travel & visit BC places.
Spkr Lee: Looking to local and BC travellers to help sustain their businesses.
.Now moving to Spkrs that did not get a chance from Group A & B. No word on all the other speakers - over 100 total had registered. #StanleyPark #ParksForAll
Short recess
Mackinnon: Don't need an extension, was already open.

Dumont: It has been limited to 11 pm, then debate.

Coupar: It should be extended to allow speakers who want to speak.
COPE/Greens vote to deny extending to allow all speakers.
Coupar Barker/ NPA oppose denying speakers
Extend time to hear from speakers (10 of them)- will move to debate then. Other speakers, too bad.
Spkr - Neil - Oppose current motion. Feels prior motion was well thought. Increases in park use, a compromise. Relatively limited access to traffic, businesses.

Historically handled traffic well compared to other cities.
Would like to see access for those denied but [1 lane]
Spkr 66 - Petra Vanderly - Support the motion. Wife & I recently retired, lawn bowler club members, use various other park areas. Quarantined after a trip, fitness rooms closed. Normally go to Prospect but a bit far now. Photography in park, walks. Mobility challenges options
Spkr 68- Sayles [?] - self. Support motion. Concerned how some are framing this issue. Avid runner almost every week & cyclist. Was never an issue to access by bike. More dangerous now - those barriers in there now. Cyclists on the road, weaving around, almost crashed himself
Spkr 68 - concerned about rising costs in this city and rising taxes. Support the motion
Spkr Haiko Van_- Support motion. Discovered it in 1952, and same when people come from elsewhere, show them around. Don't have 1/2 day to tour, use a car. Pandemic excuse to lock people up longer than necessary. Would be disappointed, sneaky opportunistic.
Spkr 72 John Whistler- self, West End resident. Against motion. Local residents can socially distance. Significant improvement with cyclists gone from seawall. Better for cyclists with cars gone. Numbers increased (visitors). Hardship for car users & biz. Oppose b/c COVID
Spkr - John wants a segregated bikelane keep cyclists off the seawall. Numbers of cyclists will decline if road reopen. Media and others speaking badly. Driving not an option for poor seniors. Dr. Henry supports. MV's less before 1950s
Spkr John - Make it the best experience
Spkr 73 - Daniel Rotland [sp?]- Millenial, West End. Oppose. Pollution and carbon emissions. Much needed step forward. Climate change. Don't understand "Cars = business". Why Prospect Pt not open? Lots of cyclists thirsty hungry. Bike sales high. Innovate & not just car customers
Spkr 73 - PWD and elderly will still be able to access.
Will volunteer for rickshaw to transport people.
Spkr 74 Anthony K - West End Seniors Network. Oppose.
Support separation lanes. Excited about new options with transportation options like tri-cycles for seniors. Some members express concerns about access. Larger threat to pedestrians than cars. BC Hydro - less park space
Spkr 74 Anthony - SP not a local WEnd but is used by WEnd. Suggest ID & address for car WestEnd/ Coal Harbour accesss seniors. Offer shuttles, community buses, Handi-Dart. Dr. Henry cited this week closed to vehicles.
Spkr 75 Anthony Cotter - Self. Oppose motion. Support last week's motion. Renter, no back yard. Most parks in NH are small. Quality SP space, healthy environment. Been 10X since March. Lists various cyclists and ages. Stats of up 50%. Prov says 2.5M people to recreate locally
Spkr 75 Anthony - Rhetoric - nobody's closing the park. Will take 63 year old mom on an e-bike. She has mobility problems.
Spkr 76 Alicia Designé - Millennial, N.Shore. Support motion. Feels opportunistic last week. Reiterates seniors and others who want to access the park. Can cycle but not want to cycle to park. Likes to take bike to park. Traffic disruptions anywhere can [stop] traffic. All users
Spkr 76 Alicia - Increase Charging stations and other initiatives.
Spkr 64 Joanna ___ - Self. Support. Resident Vancouver 40+ years. 1000 acres belongs to all. Large space for all to enjoy. Denying is almost discriminatory. Notes Arbutus Greenway - Social distancing not happening. Should return to former condition [2 lanes shared].
.That's it. Group C is denied. PB is going to now move to debate the issues.

Dumont notes that he is "sorry that others could not talk".
Reiterates that the reopening & covid context, figuring out. To [hear more speakers] will delay the process more.
Dumont: Any more delays, like reconvening will delay the park reopening.
Short recess for break. Will debate next.
.Reconvening now #StanleyPark
Comments on the motion fr. Coupar & Barker

Demers: Substitution amendment proposed. To reflect staff work and safe reopening. Give our trust to staff. Image
Demers: Temporary 1 lane closure, will allow for adjustment, will be no added difficulties for vehicles or emergency vehicles, not limit accessibility. Could have park open on this Monday.
Irwin: Question - raising Fraser Health with largest COVID outbreak, is this motion on COVID?

Demers: Yes.
Coupar - Asks question, incl. letters from Park partners, a legal letter, which all PB Commissioners have received. Says they were not consulted.

Demers: There was 2 hours spent discussing with partners today. Uncertainty is warranted for situation under development...
Demers: probably as good as it gets. Conversation is ongoing...
Barker: Colleen McGuinness, Seniors Advisory said she was not contacted at all, after her letter. We're hearing different versions of what's been said. Dealing not with West End but city of Vancouver. Not being vetted from many people, seniors.
Barker: How can we approve something, we got the report that people were included in discussions. People have said they have not been contacted.

Demers: If meetings not happening, we have to request staff have the meetings. Staff has been in meetings for weeks on this.
Barker: So we make a decision when people say they have not been contacted?

Demers: refers to staff integrity
MacKinnon - Not complete - plan is being developed... staff to continue with the development.

Demers: Not finalized, trust staff to bring to fruition, to reopen park as soon as possible.
Calls vote. Coupar would like to sever A, B, C.
Side bar. There are 9 staff on the video. 8 Commish.
Coupar - Not support B or C. Plan going ahead June 22 but people not consulted.
6 COPE/Greens support Demer's substitution amendment
Irwin - Shows gratitude to our staff. New outbreaks in Mission, Fraser Health region. Separation of cyclists from seawall. Cars allow people to isolate but they create accidents and deaths.

[ Uh, stats are low in the park]
Irwin - so much better with children without vehicles so separate lane accomodates everyone.
Irwin - well thought out plan and so will support it.
Coupar: Asking for motion to be severed. Will support A. Staff have done a great job through COVID. Cannot support a plan with no public consultation. Virtually all partners have stated that.

Vancouver's doing everything to help small businesses.
Coupar: Concerned about miles and miles of plastic barriers - the look. Haven't recently seen anything temporary in Vancouver. LIsten to Majority of speakers tonight - spend some time how it should be done properly. Now hear it's going up Monday. Oppose B & C
Motion being severed - A. Plus B&C together.
Will vote on Motion being severed - A. Plus B&C together.
Feed ended suddenly, Adjourned. Guess its the witching hour. Pushed through, no doubt. Image
Oh wait - it's restarting now.
Barker says will vote yes on A, no on B & C.
MacKinnon - Concerned about misinformation in media and social media. Not a ban of cars, temporary. We're in a pandemic. Will be a 2nd wave, don't know how big it will be.
Mackinnon - Think it's a prudent way to manage. We need to be careful.

[What does that have to do with a separated bike lane and reducing traffic for one mode ?]
Mackinnon - Returning to pre-covid is irresponsible. Allows separation on seawall, bicycles, cars. No one will be limited from the park. Hopefully businesses will... [?] No way we can return to pre-covid.
Giesbrecht: Unusual times. Support motion in its entirety. Thanks the speakers and staff. New way to enjoy Stanley park that wasn't available. References to COVID19 not being relevant. Not true. In a health emergency, our work our staff, to as much as possible, all our parks safe
Giesbrecht: Heard people talk about their pre-COVID experiences of the park. Feels many seniors have voiced their opinions. People adjacent to the park - they enjoy the park, it's their back yard. Density, small confined areas. Safely walk & cycle in the park. Didn't feel safe b4
Giesbrecht: We can manage that differently in future. But right now it's okay. We can manage traffic this summer differently. I support the staff's work, concrete real solutions. Unfortunate that groups have not been in public real, speakers... not the best option
Dumont: Start w/ common ground - felt genuinely people tonight, love the park. True of the rest of us at PB. Hearing speakers is informative. Didn't hear much about First Nations. Quoted Lord Stanley & accessibility. Own personal experience is special. Truly a green jewel,special
Dumont: Accessibilty no barriers to get to the park. Lots of people cannot. Should be no barriers. Common ground. Business partners are hurting, people are hurting from COVID19. We all hate it, scared of it.
Dumont: Our own PB system swiftly closed down. Epidemiology, if works [new normal]...cognizant how difficult. Cars need to happen but also need physical distancing. This is the core of what staff have worked on. To suggest pre-COVID conditions... discouraged on media
Dumont: False narratives floating around. Not banning cars. Thanking staff. Got an update on this process on last motion, how partnerships and priorities work. Troubled that we've spent this much time on this. Other priorities in our system & facilities. Asking staff [too much]
Dumont: Happily support the motion. As a Board we can come together, with hope of more safe, respectful community. Caution against any weaponizing our process. Difficult to do this process. Difficult work this week.
Dumont: Maintain decorum even if we don't [agree]
Irwin: Climate Change is an emergency. Acknowledge space distancing, enjoy the seaside. Transportation is public health issue. Repeats 350K cyclist stats.
Irwin: Pull together with businesses, washrooms...
Part A - Gratitude to staff - Unanimous.

Part B & C: 6 COPE/Greens Support. 2 NPA oppose.

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