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🧵re some new @VSB39 shenanigans that have a school community understandably up in arms. #vanpoli #vanre #bced
1. The VSB sent Ideal Mini School parents a letter yesterday telling them the school has to move to Churchill Secondary, since Laurier Elem is bursting at the seams. But wait, Laurier had an annex to accommodate more students but it was CLOSED in 2017 and leased out. ImageImage
2. Anyone who knows about the Ideal program understands that putting it in a very large high school will change so much about why it works for many students, who don’t thrive in a large environment. But let’s go back and ask why Laurier Annex was closed?
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🧵#vanpoli & #vanre. If you don't know this, then retweet because it's important.

1st of many VSB school dispositions is upon us; VSB to dispose of future neighbourhood school land and meeting is tomorrow:

6pm Feb 23:…

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City and VSB have a signed "data sharing agreement" MOU but all evidence says work is done in silos.

Ex: This chart that shows City forecasting significant growth and the VSB forecasting 5,000 fewer kids than today.

Did City break down its forecast by age? Where's that data?
The Ministry of Education & Child Care has an entirely different forecast for the VSB. Ministry's forecasting methods are newer than VSB's self-validation study (Nov 2019) and the swing is massive.

Next decade:

1⃣VSB forecasting 5,000 fewer
2⃣Minisry forecasting 10,000 more
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#Deloitte's new Vancouver offices in its namesake tower, the new Deloitte Summit, boasts an incredible outdoor rooftop terrace space for employees.

What a space, with a view. #vanre 1/5…
#Deloitte's new Vancouver office occupies the top 8 floors of the 24-storey Deloitte Summit tower.

There's a 3-storey atrium space within the uppermost floors, with a "Green Staircase" centrepiece. #vanre 2/5…
"Welcome to the Greenhouse"... the possibilities are "Limitless." #Deloitte #vanre 3/5…
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Canadian and Chinese anthems at Tsawwassen Mills' Year of the Rabbit-eve event, with Conservative Sen. Victor Oh, Burnaby Coun. James Wang, PLA veteran Tiger Yuan and Yang Shu, Xi Jinping's top B.C. diplomat. No Delta or Tsawwassen First Nation politicians. #LNY #vanRE #bcpoli
Tsawwassen Mills' parent company is Central Walk, owned by Weihong Liu, who is reported to be a billionaire and boasts membership in several #CCP entities. #vanRE #bcpoli #cdnpoli Image
Main sponsor Canadian Alliance of Chinese Associations is a Richmond umbrella organization that works hand in hand with the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office at the PRC consulate, which oversees #CCP activities in B.C. #ufwd #cdnpoli #bcpoli
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🇨🇦’s “major housing” announcement was $500 to pay your rent?

That’s just 2 months of the *increase* some tenants were hit.

… so really the announcement is that the landlords in government are getting $500 for each tenant. Score! 😬😂

#cdnpoli #VanRe
2. Also only applies to a person that makes less than minimum wage (less than $20k/year), or families that make less than $30k.

With the average rent of $2k for a 2 bedroom, those families would have $8k left after paying rent…

Wow. The gov is more delusional than I thought.
3. Honestly, the part that bothers me most here is they’re still pursuing Toronto community housing tenants that claimed a rental tax benefit that wasn’t clear they couldn’t collect.

How were they supposed to know the city negotiated to take the money?
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If you're buying real estate, there are only two kinds of Realtors you want.

The thing they have in common is they both understand long-term and non-monetary value. Here's what to look for.

<thread> 🧵👇 #ToRE #VanRe
2. The first is "buy when it's right for you" agents, that know you don't need to be convinced.

People will always want to own their own home, and need a secure anchor in a neighborhood, or a commercial property to conduct business.
3. These agents will explain that you should buy what you can afford, don't stretch yourself, and timing the market is *really* hard.

Would you gamble a slightly bigger home for a few bucks a month, or do you want to own a place now because you have kids or whatever?
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The second these things learn to flip houses and fill out mortgage applications, 🇨🇦's economy is toast.
Get results with Skynet’s #1 Realtor.*

*1% in volume for sales in District 9 when representing transnational money launderers washing local politician bribes. Image
[The year is 2050]

Announcer: Don’t miss a very special episode of CBC Marketplace, where our robots go undercover and take a look at 🇨🇦’s mortgage industry.

#ToRe #VanRe Image
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How fentanyl cash is converted to #vanre; homes seized as collateral from drug cash borrowers; property bought with cash through dirty lawyers/realtors; loan sharks sell seized homes into real estate invest cos, which build/invest #Vanre developments. #fintrac #wilfulblindness
2. The Canada Model is moving cash out of Canada for Triads and Cartels, but what isn’t yet understood by anyone outside Fintrac and RCMP, is wire transfers from the Triad networks in Hong Kong and Taiwan coming into Canadian banks, are material to real estate development.
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Ireland launched a campaign against greedy landlords with rent control, 52% tax, no deductions, no evictions.

They succeeded & landlords left the market in droves

Now there are 716 homes available to rent in the entire country and 150 queued for this one bed yesterday.
#VanRe Image
If you want to make rentals readily available, make rental income tax free. It's unpalatable, but do we want readily available and affordable housing or do we want to crush greedy landlords.
Because people keep asking why landlords selling makes a difference to housing stock
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"Institutional investors...have squeezed residential markets in many parts of the world, can be expected to pick up a purchasing pace that has turned them into the world’s biggest private landlords and transformed rental housing into a go-to global asset class."
“Institutional ownership threatens to accelerate the trends unleashed by the financialization of housing”

"...automated digital platforms have made it easier and cheaper to track, price, acquire and manage large swaths of homes in multiple communities."
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Serous question about BC’s money laundering inquiry that demonstrates an odd bias for a judge.

How do you definitively state money laundering doesn’t contribute to higher home prices as a heading, and then state it needs more studying because you aren’t sure? 🤔

#VanRe #bcpoli
2/ TL;DR BC Money Laundering Inquiry:

- 🇨🇦’s resources are inadequate;
- FINTRAC only pursued 2 cases in BC over 5 years;
- Canada has 12.5x more suspicious money reports than the US per capita;
- housing is expensive because of a lack of supply.

They didn’t study supply…
3/ Okay, let’s use some estimates they came up with.

How does a country have full GDP points of money laundering transactions that don’t contribute to the aggregate demand of goods?

By that logic a housing crash has no impact on the economy. 5-6% isn’t noticeable. 🤷‍♂️
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Hey, I remember this money laundering case in 🇨🇦!

We mentioned it in passing on @BetterDwelling 8 months ago and @Facebook took away the ability to manage our page immediately after.

Still haven’t got it back but they admit no rules were broken. 🤷‍♂️

#VanRe <thread> 🧵👇
2/ The funniest part of my Facebook saga is they took away my personal account too.

I didn’t do the interview or even share it, but somehow they alleged I violated the terms of service.

A 🇺🇸 politician connected me to a mega media corp & FB finally responded …
3/ to a request for the details of the violation. Hey, look at that — no violations.

Personal account returned but they only kind of returned the @BetterDwelling page.

You see, there’s a darn bug in the FB platform preventing any management of JUST THAT PAGE.
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🇨🇦 should think twice a housing bailing out.

A drop in home prices will restore productive investment & over half of the largest voting demographic currently has no chance of homeownership.

Things like increasing the CMHC limit is a death blow to the future.

#ToRe #VanRe 1/
2/ Not everyone needs to own, but affordable shelter needs to be the alternative.

The fewer anchors young & skilled labor has, the more likely they’ll migrate to countries that will heavily outcompete 🇨🇦.

Live in a micro apartment to fund my retirement, isn’t a great pitch.
3/ we know increasing leverage allows people to borrow more future income to pay for a home, increasing prices.

Yet policymakers are hell bent on making sure you can borrow more.

They don’t limit 30% of your income for housing to save you, they want 30% perpetually.
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TV in 🇨🇦 is wild rn. 🤣

Don’t have enough cash to buy a house? Why not become a private lender & lend people money to buy a house. You can earn up to 20% interest. 🤷‍♂️

I made an obvious edit to trim the segment to fit on Twitter, but I’ll link the whole vid under.

#VanRe #ToRe
2/ btw not knocking CityLine or the guest.

They’re just presenting what everyone is suggesting right now. It’s just a wild climate to see daytime TV suggest becoming an unregulated lender as a side hustle so you can one day pay for shelter.

btw, you’d appreciate this

@BenRabidoux @AFernandes78 @ronmortgageguy @REWoman
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Rich immigrants who moved to #Vancouver through Quebec's back-door investor program now own, on avg, $4.6m worth of housing. But they're only paying taxes on annual incomes of a paltry $100k. A gov.-enabled scam. Via @GoldinYVR, #vanre #vanpoli #cdnpoli…
2/ @Ayan604 says the system is failing new immigrants who’ve arrived to work and settle, if it also allows new immigrants who are here (simply) because they are wealthy and have an appetite for real estate investment. #vanre #torontorealestate #onpoli #Cdnimm #bcpoli #vanpoli
3 / And what's more ... Quebec gets 10 times more than B.C. and Ontario to settle immigrants. #ICYMI #BCpoli #Cdnimm #cdnpolitics #onpoli #abpoli #qcpoli #immigration.…
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A few more to the 1927 Vancouver apartments' thread that were cut from the Twitter thread limit of 25... #heritagevancouver #vanre
CORONADA APARTMENTS – 1003-1023 Douglas Cresc., owners Mrs. Della Perry & Mrs. Pearl Dalton, designed by Franklin Cross, built for $22k #vanre 26/28
ST CLAIRE APARTMENTS - 1446 W 12th Ave (demolished), designed by R.T. Perry for owner H.P. Falls, built for $23k #vanre 27/28
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Checking out 26 Vancouver character apartment buildings ALL constructed in 1927, with their original names shown – a long thread... #vanre 1/28
ST MARGARET APARTMENTS – 1104 Haro at Thurlow, original owner John Joseph Perrigo, designed in 1927 by W.T. Whiteway, built for $85k #vanre 2/28
SILVERDENE APARTMENTS – Denman at Nelson (NW corner), designed in 1927 by Richard Thomas Perry, built for $86k. Building permit: #vanre 3/28
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In 2013, I had enough $ to put down for a #vanre detached home. Had I done that, I'd be able to cash out around $1.2M tax free and retire.

Instead, I launched a start up, created a bunch of jobs, paid taxes, and contributed to the economy.

Thread 🧵

#cdnpoli #vanre
While many companies imported cheap labour or offshored work, I hired and trained kids straight out of universities and colleges. I gave many their first job, and many have gone on to do great things. I'm incredibly proud of that.

But what has been my reward?
I have earned less than the house I never bought earned. I've paid a metric ton of taxes that the house would never pay.

Canada punishes entrepreneurs while rewarding real estate speculators like @Taleeb. There's no incentive to invest one's time and money in a business.
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EXCLUSIVE: Billionaire Chinese oligarch Xiao Jianhua dealt with CCP elite‘s fortunes before he vanished from Hong Kong. We have traced an estimated $1.5 BILLION in TORONTO real estate developments to Xiao’s family empire National |…
1. I've been chasing XIAO's story for five years with Access to Information requests. Where is he? How did he get Canadian citizenship while dealing with the fortunes of CCP princeling clans including XI Jinping? @PekingMike NYT's and @DavidBarboza2 did incredible groundbreaking
2. work with corporate documents and sources to reveal how Xiao made his fortune, they established ties to Xi's family wealth, and how Xiao Jianhua rose from student leader to boss in China's financial system after supporting the PLA elites' atrocities in Tiananmen.
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TL;DR Canada’s money laundering problem.

#ToRe #VanRe
There are 4 stages to a Canadian money laundering case.

1: Allegations. Say they launder $200 million per year.

2: Seizure. Take their Starbucks gift cards.

3: Abort. Guess we screwed up, sorry about the inconvenience.

4: Loose ends. Alleged money launderer dies.
3/ The government is right. We need to follow the money!

Oh, crap. It led to the police. This is awkward. 😬…
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Here's a look at Canada's absolutely insane housing bubble:… by @wolfofwolfst $EWC #VanRE
The spurious global economic boom since 2009 is largely based on bubbles like this. It's happening virtually everywhere at this point.

Asset bubbles create a wealth effect, lending and construction booms, and new jobs. Unfortunately, it's a mirage.

One of these days, the ruling elite (which I am not a part of) are going to say "pull it" and let the global bubble implode, resulting in an economic collapse and 40%, 50%, 70%+ unemployment.

They will then use that crisis as a pretext to force us into a global communist system.
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Mobility pricing is in Metro Vancouver, where workers have been forced out to the valley by #vanre greed with very limited public transit options, has 2 aims:

1. Keep the riffraff off the roads so the rich can enjoy a smooth ride from their suburban mansions to the core #vanpoli
2. Turn roads from public infrastructure to a "transport market" that can then be easily privatized for profit.

But to sell their project, the neoliberals will argue that congestion pricing is the only solution to funding better transit.

A pioneer of mobility pricing is British economist Alan Walters, who ended up being the economic advisors to the mother of callous neoliberalism: Margaret Thatcher.

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A developer forced them out of their building. Three years later, nearly half are dead.

@CityofVancouver has allowed #vanre devs to throw thousands of vulnerable tenants on to the streets to make way for empty condos.

How many are dead today?

@CityofVancouver Remember how @JonStovell evicted a whole bunch of vulnerable tenants at Berkeley Tower?…
And Avila Equities?…
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Exclusive: International students and offshore banking flagged in Canadian real estate money laundering |… @CullenInquiryBC #cndpoli #bcpoli #vanre
2. Buying a $2.1 million mansion was only one of Zhang’s many multimillion-dollar transactions while attending Coquitlam College. From about 2012 to 2015, Zhang would funnel at least $33.75 million in electronic funds and cash through Canadian and Hong Kong bank accounts.
3. It was one of at least five properties Zhang purchased in B.C., including a mansion in Richmond that Zhang bought for $3.15 million, land titles filed in Federal Court show. And his parents, wanted for an alleged $200-million fraud, bought at least seven properties in Ontario.
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