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Rich immigrants who moved to #Vancouver through Quebec's back-door investor program now own, on avg, $4.6m worth of housing. But they're only paying taxes on annual incomes of a paltry $100k. A gov.-enabled scam. Via @GoldinYVR, #vanre #vanpoli #cdnpoli…
2/ @Ayan604 says the system is failing new immigrants who’ve arrived to work and settle, if it also allows new immigrants who are here (simply) because they are wealthy and have an appetite for real estate investment. #vanre #torontorealestate #onpoli #Cdnimm #bcpoli #vanpoli
3 / And what's more ... Quebec gets 10 times more than B.C. and Ontario to settle immigrants. #ICYMI #BCpoli #Cdnimm #cdnpolitics #onpoli #abpoli #qcpoli #immigration.…
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Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates Solar & Wind are cheapest source for 90% of world’s electricity👀⚡

Being held back by misinformation & myths..

3 Myths About Renewable Energy & Grid 👉DEBUNKED
#bchydro #bcpoli #vanpoli #yyjpoli #cdnpoli #ndp…
Myth No. 1: A grid that increasingly relies on renewable energy is an unreliable grid

Myth No. 2: Countries like Germany must continue to rely on fossil fuels to stabilize the grid and back up variable wind and solar power.
Myth No. 3: Because solar and wind energy can be generated only when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, they cannot be the basis of a grid that has to provide electricity 24/7, year-round.
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I spoke in opposition Tuesday to #Vancouver City Council designating a SkyTrain station in the proposed Jericho Lands enormous luxury towers development in West Point Grey/#Kitsilano - unfortunately Council made the wrong decision... 1/ #vanpoli #bcpoli
Let’s start with the multiple 38 storey, 32 storey & 20 storey luxury towers planned for Jericho. This development for up to 20,000 people is completely out of all proportion to the neighbourhood & #Vancouver. #vanpoli #bcpoli
But this Jericho Lands development has not been approved by #Vancouver. And the proposed UBC SkyTrain extension has no business case let alone funding. But Council ignored that, except for Councillor @CllrHardwick, who was the only no vote. #vanpoli #bcpoli /3
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What is @JohnCCoupar and @NPAVancouver's plan for housing?

While the NPA is silent on their plan, their actions during the last election and at City Council speak volumes about how they would take Vancouver backwards on housing for everyone but speculators

#vanpoli #bcpoli

Will the NPA re-commit to 40,000 basement rental suites as “mortgage helpers” for owners of single-detached houses, as the NPA’s failed mayoral candidate @kensimcity promised in the 2018 election?

#vanpoli #bcpoli…
Will the NPA continue to favour the preservation of Shaughnessy mansions over the construction of new rental homes?

#bcpoli #vanpoli

June 25, 2019 - @rebeccaleebligh @sarahkirby_yung @CllrHardwick…
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BREAKING: All hospital workers in Vancouver have received memos from their health authorities telling them to hide inside and avoid showing any signs they’re healthcare staff during an anti-vaxx/restriction convoy tomorrow
@CTVVancouver #vanpoli #canpoli…
Mayor @kennedystewart is not mincing words about the planned event
Healthcare workers are now speaking out and I'm also getting private messages expressing frustration and disgust
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Mobility pricing is in Metro Vancouver, where workers have been forced out to the valley by #vanre greed with very limited public transit options, has 2 aims:

1. Keep the riffraff off the roads so the rich can enjoy a smooth ride from their suburban mansions to the core #vanpoli
2. Turn roads from public infrastructure to a "transport market" that can then be easily privatized for profit.

But to sell their project, the neoliberals will argue that congestion pricing is the only solution to funding better transit.

A pioneer of mobility pricing is British economist Alan Walters, who ended up being the economic advisors to the mother of callous neoliberalism: Margaret Thatcher.

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A developer forced them out of their building. Three years later, nearly half are dead.

@CityofVancouver has allowed #vanre devs to throw thousands of vulnerable tenants on to the streets to make way for empty condos.

How many are dead today?

@CityofVancouver Remember how @JonStovell evicted a whole bunch of vulnerable tenants at Berkeley Tower?…
And Avila Equities?…
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This week Vancouver Council will vote on a proposal for a new parking permit program & pollution charge, which would help fund equity-focused climate & transportation improvements across the city.

It’s stirred up a lot of conversation & misinformation. Here’s some more info👇🧵
Right now in #Vancouver not everyone has equal access to public transportation, safe & accessible pedestrian infrastructure, EV charging, street trees & other climate-resiliency amenities.

The parking permit program is a key part of how we would change that. #VanPoli 2/
The first part of the proposal is a *Pollution Surcharge*. It would only apply to new, higher emission vehicles, like a luxury SUV, purchased in 2023 & later.

Zero emission & hybrid vehicles, accessibility adapted vehicles, and lower-emission economy vehicles would be exempt.3/
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I was cut off at 5mins while MPBIA gets extra time with the question "is there anything else that you wanted to say that you didn't have time for?"

(Starts at 10:19)

Just tracking the unfairness and racist behaviours of City of Vancouver's city council.
Call me petty but BIPOCs really don't get the same treatment as white folks.
#vanpoli has so much work to do such as honouring the equity framework they approved before this motion.

If you thought an equity framework could change councillors' behaviours and approaches, just watch how many more times they treat poor, disabled, queer folks.
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This is shocking from the @bccla, and complete cowardice.

Sandbagging @HarshaWalia over a tweet — one which is certainly within the realm of progressive discourse, now & always — is unbelievably terrible.

#IStandWithHarsha #IStandWithHarshaWalia #BCpoli #cdnpoli #VANpoli #BCCLA
For the @bccla to force @HarshaWalia, by far their best Executive Director and staffer in decades, bar none, to resign over a tweet is shocking.

The credibility of #BCCLA has been shaken to the core.…

#IStandWithHarsha #BCpoli #cdnpoli #VANpoli #BCCLA
As @MatthewGreenNDP aptly says: “Burn It All Down” is a call for decolonization, not arson… not an ignition of actual, literal fires... but burning down structures of injustice to create better futures.

#IStandWithHarsha #BCpoli #cdnpoli #VANpoli #BCCLA

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Former NPA city councillors have published an open letter on Facebook, detailing "the events that have led up to where we are today."…

There's a lot the letter doesn't spell out, so here's a refresher thread of local media stories. #vanpoli
From @fumano on Nov. 27, 2019: Ex-Rebel Media figure Christopher Wilson among newcomers on NPA board…
More detail on who Christopher Wilson is and his past work at Rebel Media, by Darryl Greer for @CANADALAND…
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Yes it's a weekend, but I still find it very odd that mainstream media has not covered the catastrophic flood in Westbank's Vancouver House luxury tower. Just this Daily Hive post. Big story given Ian Gillespie's hold on City Hall, no? #vanpoli #vanre…
..Silence, & it's been 2 days. A Niagara of water pouring from the 29th floor down stairwells, into condos, thru elevators. 9 floors flooded, water flowing all the way down into the carpark... This is the developer who stands to be involved in the city's biggest upcoming redevts.
Media outlets afraid of Gillespie's notorious litigiousness can't get their lawyers on the phone on the weekend?
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#vanpoli Vancouver's Non-Partisan Association will have a general meeting to elect a new board. Angelo Isidorou has stepped down.

But if the NPA really believes "in an inclusive, compassionate and caring city free from hate, stigma and discrimination," 7 more also have to go:
1. NPA president David Mawhinney

He oversaw Isidorou's addition to the board and signed off on a "Trumpian" press release that reads like Isidorou's work for far-right propaganda site The Post Millennial. He has refused to answer pertinent questions about extremism in his party.
2. NPA director Wes Mussio

He's an outspoken Trump & anti-mask supporter who called Dr. Henry "Dumb Bonnie." He challenged a reporter to a fight "if you are a man" & encourages people to join a far-right social media platform. He claims to be in the process of moving to Florida.
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1/ To all those that care about active transportation & safe routes to/from @VSB39 sites in @CityofVancouver.

In October, @VanDPAC sends a letter to the Trustees on what parents would like the see in the VSB #LRFP as Vales & Vision.

W/ @invancouber help, we send over:
2/ The Trustees @CarmenCho17 @janetrfraser @fishtron @awong39 @estiemgonzalez @reddyforchange @Frasergb @OliverHanson @bard1952 take it and add it to the VSB #LRFP Strategic Vision.

Parents are generally happy with this when the Strategic Vision is announced in November. Yay!
3/ This week, we see the VSB draft #LRFP & parents look for the Strategic Vision...

It's not actually in the plan...

It's an appendix...

OK; that's mighty odd but let's continue...

We do a search for sustainability & find relevance in Table 3 but only actions 4, 6, 8 & 10...
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1/ The @VSB39 is working on a Long Range Facilities Plan that uses a "school enrolment" planning methodology. When you dive into it, you realize that this has nothing to do with "Where Kids Live & Will Live." Oddly, "school enrolment" does not even factor catchment waitlists.
2/ @VanDPAC is working with Trustees towards a foundation for a LRFP that incorporates "Where Kids Live & Will Live" as a planning methodology. Summary to: [@awong39 @janetrfraser @estiemgonzalez @reddyforchange @fishtron @bard1952 @CarmenCho17 @OliverHanson @Frasergb] in image.
3/ Also very important to use "Where Kids Live & Will Live" as this is aligned with the value of "Complete Communities" that will underpin @CityofVancouver's Vancouver Plan & is totally the right thing to do if we truly care about Equity, Fairness, Sustainability & Safe Routes.
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Despite an allergy to politicianese, I'm going to grit my teeth and watch this. 3,2,1...
Well, @ShachiKurl is doing a good moderating this bag of badgers
@ShachiKurl ..Good lord, did Andrew Wilkinson actually just say that allowing the free market to "create more housing will cause prices to come down"? Oh that has really worked for the past 20 years (pours self another drink) #vanpoli #vvanre #BCLeadersDebate #bcpoli
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"Vancouver’s housing cracks are showing.. What we are seeing on Vancouver’s streets is the result of policy-making that chooses supply of market-rate housing without understanding the consequences for vulnerable groups of people" - @Ayan604… #vanpoli #vanre
@Ayan604 .."the City played a role when it rezoned areas of downtown and helped drive those land values up further..The City wasn’t just greedy; they drove it in that direction." ..."Vancouverism, this concept that has been celebrated, is actually failing" #vanpoli
@Ayan604 Also at fault, "an urbanist movement in the past few years that has focused too largely on free market solutions without including vulnerable people in the equation. Downtown Van illustrates how such oversight can go so horribly wrong, leaving all members of community worse off."
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"#SiteC is sinking into old mud" - open letter to Premier @jjhorgan by Peace resident and long-time, well-informed Site C opponent Arthur Hadland. #bcpoli #cdnpoil #vanpoli…
@jjhorgan .."Please confirm the rumours of geologic instability at #SiteC or have an independent professional engineer refute these rumours. It is time to let this unsafe and uneconomic project die a natural death. Awaiting an answer sooner rather than later." - Arthur Hadland to @jjhorgan
@jjhorgan .."If these rumours are not true, please have an internationally accredited professional engineer provide the actual information. I have no confidence in anyone associated with #SNCLavalin, the BCHPA monolith (BCH insurance), the Assurance Board or the Minister for Public Safety"
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Premier John Horgan says the announcement today does not have to do with getting SkyTrain to UBC. The government has hired a contractor to finish the extension to Arbutus by 2025. #bcpoli
So the announcement today is the province has hired a company to build the already funded Broadway subway line from Commercial to Arbutus. It will start this fall and is expected to take until 2025. #bcpoli #covid19BC
On extension to UBC, Horgan says Mayor Stewart doesn't miss an opportunity to raise the issue. Says Phase 2 needs to be started before funding for Phase 3 is announced. #bcpoli
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VSB reports to BC Gov so it's "complicated" but wherever you stand on Broadway & Birch being 16 floors or 28 floors, you must advocate for @CityofVancouver to be responsible in ensuring that adequate amenities exist.

Let me try a @j_mcelroy type breakdown for 🏫. #vanpoli #vanre
Let's take the scenario of a young couple living at the future Broadway & Birch with a young child that is about to enter Kindergarten.

The point of this?

To ensure that everyone knows that @CityofVancouver & @VSB39 & @bcedplan need to START planning together & plan better.
L'Ecole Bilinque is just a 10 min walk away. It's a French Immersion School that has 40 Kindergarten spots which are hard to get - kids from any part of Vancouver enter a draw (better term than "lottery") to get them. Consider chances low.
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In light of @kennedystewart celebrating the approval of “social Housing” on Nelson. Here are a few key slides from my HVS presentation to council.
1. Housing Vancouver Strategy (HVS) targets don’t match the incomes of Vancouverites 1/N
2. “Social Housing” is an overly broad term covering annual incomes up to $100k. The 80-100k range of “social Housing” has an annual target of 20 units per year. 2018 approvals were 2310% of target. Which looks like this 2/N
3. When you remove the “over approved” units from the overall count towards “social housing” the city doesn’t meet their overall targets. 3/N
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For anyone interested in issues of fracking, LNG plants in the Lower Mainland, oil and gas generally and climate change, this Wed. June 24 webinar has excellent presenters from top orgs... #bcpoli #fracking #vanpoli
Lynn Armstrong: Council of Canadians
Peter McCartney: Wilderness Cttee
Dr Warren Bell: Canadian Ass'n of Physicians for the Environment
Marc Lee: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Eoin Finn: My Sea to Sky
Anna Barford:
Tracey Saxby: My Sea to Sky
BC's general public needs to question why it becomes more fired up about the #TMX pipeline than BC's fracked gas pipelines and LNG plants which are just as bad if not worse as #TMX. It makes no sense. #bcpoli #CoastalGasLink #WoodfibreLNG #TilburyLNG #fracking
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@seesthedanger @vanparks They are restarting now
@seesthedanger @vanparks . First Spkr - David Fine v. phone - Audio is not working #StanleyPark #ParksForAll #ParkBoard #vanpoli
@seesthedanger @vanparks . Spkr1 - David Fine v. phone - Audio is not working. Spkr 2? Audio #FAIL - What a joke #StanleyPark #ParksForAll #ParkBoard #vanpoli
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Dumont: Considering speakers until 11 pm (extended beyond 10 pm) and then go to debate. Monday would be earliest to reconvene.

Coupar - There's no limit on the meetings for Emergency meetings #StanleyPark #ParksForAll #ParkBoard #vanpoli
Dumont- Vote to extend beyond 11 pm - Mackinnon opposed, everyone else voted support.
Vote on 11 pm to move to debate section: COPE/Vision support. Coupar Barker opposed.
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