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We need a forensic audit of #SNCLavalin's activities in BC. SNC has its tentacles deep into many BC crown corps, esp BC Hydro. Value of its Hydro contracts in last 15 yrs? What role did it play in the political decision to proceed w #SiteC? SNC Chair then was Gwyn Morgan! #bcpoli
Recall that Gwyn Morgan, the far-right former head of LNG gas giant Encana before becoming SNC Lavalin board chair, was tight w Gordon Campbell & Harper. Morgan became Christy Clark's chief advisor when Campbell stepped down in 2011 & Christy took over as premier. #bcpoli #sitec
There has never been a smoking gun, but many respected #bcpoli and #SiteC watchers have long questioned if there was lobbying from #SNCLavalin to resuscitate the oft-rejected Site C dam. #SNCLavalin was named as "prime consultant" to Site C in 2010. Timing is interesting...3/x
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Hey housing folks [does finger whistle] would you listen if the things I've been trying to say about housing design were written by someone in the New York Times? Or still ignore?


#vanpoli #bcpoli #Cdnpoli

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Features like open kitchens& spacious bathrooms appeal to nearly everyone. So why isn’t accessible housing more readily available?…
Yep. I've pointed this out every time someone tells me they can't design for accessibility bc 'ugly'

"The open kitchens, stall showers and spacious baths found in so many pricey new towers often have accessibility laws to thank for their existence."
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if you have some time tonight to change how you understandstand the Downtown Eastside, there are some perspectives i'd like to share. for tomorrow
#DTES #vanpoli This is @johannhari101 speaking last fall. via @YouTube
we are still doing #harmReduction but
>>>>>>we must expand our concept of HARM [because clearly we did not]
[because everything became much more harmful very quickly
fatal, in fact
HARM is actually dynamic, a shapeshifter.
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i'm aware Tim Stevenson is not on twitter. but this is bizarroworld over here. how and why would OneCity 'substitute' for Vision? this isn't a batting lineup #vanpoli… via @georgiastraight
new council: different people, different arrangement, new dynamics, and everyone is a BLONDE WHITE LADY. so look, Tim, just please stop explaining things, yeah? let these immortal words be your last public comment, echoing through the ages
or should we stick with these? (july 27 17)
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i've had to make this point several times when speaking to council.

it would be great if nobody has to do this in the future. i'd like that. if i don't have to point this out, that would indicate to me that we've made a significant change
#vanpoli #vanelxn18
if we refused to wait until the obituary before acknowledging that people have inherent dignity, worth, humanity, all that
if the motivating impulse is resentment, the consequences can never be productive. it seems to me that this is a big reason why the #DTES is so utterly messed up. an endless spiral of resentment & blame & regret, such fierce desire for a past that never was
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No one should read meaning into this re my op on duplexes but I'd pay $ to have someone say, gee maybe instead of applauding ourselves constantly for how super good we are at engaging, we might want to examine systemic causes & barriers that prevent the full participation of some
Some people decided to read my thread from yesterday about some of those barriers as about *a* policy - because they can't consume a single word in #vanpoli without trying to slot you into whether you are for or against the dot in the i they want. Bias impedes comprehension
In addition to things mentioned in this thread. Let me give you an example of a public consultation and some of the barriers I faced participating in it.
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First question in mayoral debate tonight on housing: More than 50 per cent of Vancouver residents are renters. What measures will you implement at the city level to bring relief to renters? #vanpoli @vanelxn18
Bremner: Three-year action plan, 50,000 to 70,000 new units on the books. Drop the red tape, get rid of the CACs that were turning rentals into condos. "We cannot wait." #vanpoli #vanelxn18
Kennedy: My plan is to build 85,000 units over 10 years, 60 per cent for renters, 25,000 would be market rents. Also have to look after current renters: I would bring renters' advocate to city to help with legal problems. #vanpoli #vanelxn18
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Saturday #JustCity installment and thought it’d be helpful to fact check “poor doors”. Something is wrong about it, just not what you think. Follow me for a sec. #vanpoli #vanre /1
As many point out, poor doors are actually the entry to a separate building. Its a vertical subdivision w 2 air space parcels: one containing a strata condo development, the other a rental bldg. Each bldg has its own separate components & systems to run the building functions /2
And are paid and maintained separately. This is critical because strata fees cover the common area maintenance for the condo bldg, while the NP operator of the rental bldg covers these expenses w the rents being collected. NPs can’t can’t afford to share in condo bldg expenses /3
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Delightful! note that the province committed over 30mil. the nonprofit developer, vancouver chinatown foundation, raising the same. city contributing land, & more, & headaches. #vanpoli after oct, pls ask why the gov't won't meet w/ you. (can't wait.) #homeless ppl need homes,
idiots,. they can't live in your millitant post-post-modern dissent. you're using people you've coerced to be there as props. and none of you read the RZ report or attended subsequent meetings. you are not actually interested in housing at #58WHastings. clearly. #HousingJustice
you'll weaponize the whole project, and THIRTLY MILLION DOLLARS from the province, they are willing to try something here. you do this shit, do you think they'll spend another dime in the #DTES? its ok for you, b/c then you can Fight the Government! so hardcore radical.
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Thank you Kathy Shimizu (of @WePress_YVR) for introducing that idea about a new definition of social housing! appropriately doing so in the context of this #ChinatownYVR session at council. i can explain #vanpoli
(i was hoping to be there today, but i'm still really sick.) 1/..
at present "social housing" can include a rental range from $375/mth (the "shelter rate" portion of bc social assistance) to 30% of income at the HiLs rate - for one person, that's an annual income of $38,500. @BC_Housing @selinarobinson…
which would mean rent for a studio would max out at $962/mth. world of difference between $375 and $962. i understand that HILs represents the low end of average incomes - but how is that measured? $962/mth doesn't feel like "social housing"
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Tweet storm: re Making Room as Chainsaw Massacre of the city oped Elizabeth Murphy – The delicate scalpel surgery she advocates for is actually the Chainsaw Massacre she fears so much. #vanpoli… @VancouverSun
First, she misleads in the very first sentence. A committee passed recommendations to council. They started the conversation that we are having now. We are currently in the public debate and engagement period for this proposal.
Second sentence – straight up false. Council hasn’t pursued a policy of rezoning over the last decade. It's done policy changes. Most community plans, notably Cambie Corridor, have lacked any city initiated rezonings. Every development in Cambie Corridor has a been spot rezoning.
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"Based on the agenda of the City of Vancouver’s Urban Design Panel on Wednesday (June 27), the development will have 38 housing units as well as 12 micro dwelling units above commercial spaces on ground level." Those are the only details about the 'development'. #dtes #vanpoli
cw: the thread that will undoubtedly ensue may contain various not-exactly-on-topic freak-outs, references to harsh things, bitter yet nuanced literary allusions, & images i spend too much time making (gifs gifs gifs). Because this is worth it. #ThisIsWhy
This 'development', the article does not note, is beside this capital-generating structure, and an important public space. Good thing I checked, because if you read @tlupick's article, I am already pissed off about this!…
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1/ Dear #vanpoli & #vanre folks who are using "historical racism" as a reason to abolish zoning in certain parts of town: Please don't. It's wrong. It's white saviourism where you're using people of colour (PoC) as pawns for your own agenda. Thread on why.…
2/ By advocating for liberalization of zoning using historical racism as a reason, you are essentially trying to position it as a form of reconciliation. But is it actually reconciliation?
3/ 1st Q on whether this is reconciliation: Who's going to benefit most from this & how? Is it folks who're historically discriminated against? Will the result be more equitable? Is there fair redress/actions involved that affected ppl recognize or has agreed on? No in this case.
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As April 20 approaches, questions about "high costs" of 4/20 are coming up again. I have been looking into issue of @VancouverPD policing costs for public events in @CityofVancouver, and I've discovered there's a much bigger story here which needs to be discussed. 1/X #vanpoli
Soaring @VancouverPD bills have been forcing @CityofVancouver's public events into bankruptcy for years. For instance, St Patrick's Day Parade was forced to cancel in 2016 & '17 because they couldn't afford city's high bills, mainly for policing. 2/X…
Another example is Vancouver's Santa Claus Parade, which almost shut down in 2017 because they couldn't afford soaring costs of policing. They were saved at the last minute by a big corporate sponsor. 3/X…
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1/ Quick thoughts on City's Housing Strategy, presented at Council this morning. (Only had 4 days to read report & 5 min to speak so could only cover the basics.) #vanpoli
2/ Delighted City picked up on our idea of a #MansionTax which you call “applying differential property tax rates on residential properties." This is a fabulous way to get money for housing! #vanpoli
3/ City report says to strengthen rent control by tying rent increases in SROs to the room, not the tenant. Why o why not call for that same protection for tenants in the West End, Grandview, Mt. Pleasant, Fairview, Hastings Sunrise, Marpole..the whole city?? #vanpoli
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#thread abt my feels re: #105keefer
my heart is overflowing with joy! + I'm still very overwhelmed by this week's happenings 💗💗💗
this week was a busy DPB sandwich 🍔 - DPB last Mon, @PaintItRedDoc #screening ytd, & DPB #vote today
lol we got branded as #disrespectful & #divisive as usual, so I'm happy we were able to uphold tenets of #democracy. #105keefer #vanpoli
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The BC government's credit cards have certainly been put to use at River Rock, including cards at the Ministry of Justice.
#bcpoli #vanpoli #casinogate #cdnpoli
Here are the charges with key events inserted. It's not so much about what some of the charges are for, as it is the ministries. Justice and Finace should have shown far more prudence, particularly after 2012.
Ministries need to worry about appearances and genuine conflicts of interest. From a Times Colonist editorial that touches on the subject from a different angle.

Just sayin'…
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