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Had Bing Thom not died prematurely, he would have gone after @AIBCconnected for its gentleman's agreement rule that architects can't criticize other projects. Reportedly a certain major arch'l firm in Vancouver reported Bing to AIBC for his letter opposing #105Keefer. #vanpoli
@AIBCconnected Bing Thom intended to go after AIBC's muzzling rule & publicly ask them:

"What is the point of architecture if there's no discourse? What is the role of the architect in society? Do we have a public responsibility or are we just hired guns?"

AIBC's rule is destructive.
@AIBCconnected Bing's death was a terrible loss for public discourse in Vancouver. BTW he also helped us with a fight I co-founded against the proposed downtown casino expansion (we beat the expansion partly thx to him). You could count on him to do the right thing. AIBC tries to block this.
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Yes #Canada has a problem with #China #CCP interfering in our elections but we also have a problem with foreign infiltration of the very institutions charged with protecting our elections from foreign threats. Case in point: this #RCMP officer … (1/7)👇🏻read on: Image
….this #RCMP officer works in a detachment in #BC . He makes videos promoting the #CCP and… (2/7) Image
…recruitment videos that he posts on Chinese social media encouraging nationals to join the #VPD and #RCMP . (3/7) Image
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🧵re some new @VSB39 shenanigans that have a school community understandably up in arms. #vanpoli #vanre #bced
1. The VSB sent Ideal Mini School parents a letter yesterday telling them the school has to move to Churchill Secondary, since Laurier Elem is bursting at the seams. But wait, Laurier had an annex to accommodate more students but it was CLOSED in 2017 and leased out. ImageImage
2. Anyone who knows about the Ideal program understands that putting it in a very large high school will change so much about why it works for many students, who don’t thrive in a large environment. But let’s go back and ask why Laurier Annex was closed?
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i spoke with @CBCGloria on the @CBCEarlyEdition about the Pivot position paper, the expansion of involuntary treatment in a time when voluntary support is mostly inaccessible & false solutions to the drug toxicity crisis:…
not always time to cover nuance. but to be clear: my view is that a regulated drug supply would need to be demedicalized to be accessible enough to undo the toxicity of the current supply. you can read the full paper here…
also, Nicole's framing below is important context. death rates, outcomes & summaries are easier to get across, esp. with time limits. but what is under those measures are the harmful and traumatic processes people have to live through
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🧵#vanpoli & #vanre. If you don't know this, then retweet because it's important.

1st of many VSB school dispositions is upon us; VSB to dispose of future neighbourhood school land and meeting is tomorrow:

6pm Feb 23:…

Urgent Asks (Sign Up & Retweet 🙏)
City and VSB have a signed "data sharing agreement" MOU but all evidence says work is done in silos.

Ex: This chart that shows City forecasting significant growth and the VSB forecasting 5,000 fewer kids than today.

Did City break down its forecast by age? Where's that data?
The Ministry of Education & Child Care has an entirely different forecast for the VSB. Ministry's forecasting methods are newer than VSB's self-validation study (Nov 2019) and the swing is massive.

Next decade:

1⃣VSB forecasting 5,000 fewer
2⃣Minisry forecasting 10,000 more
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Sometimes the relationships between climate change (CC) & needed city actions that can help prevent risk & harm from CC impacts isn’t clear to folks.

So here’s a bit of an overview of why climate action at the city level is critical & NECESSARY. #vanpoli

Long 🧵 Picture of a tweet from a climate denier / twitter troll com
Cities are epicentres of human life, behaviours and actions that have important influence on CC drivers and impacts.

Transportation use, energy use, waste generation, consumption patterns, natural and built environment influence, local food and water access etc.
Cities & towns are also epicentres of where ppl often experience direct & indirect CC impacts, but don’t always realize it.

And just bc you don’t realize it, doesn’t mean you aren’t still navigating impacts of CC.

Eg. if you have cancer & don’t realize it—you still have cancer.
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1/ On Wednesday, the Croatian Cultural Centre is hosting Let Freedom Reign with Christian nationalist Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson. The event is a mess of bigotries and Convoys, but let's look at anti-LGBTQ2S+ "activist" and friend to neo-Nazis Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson! #vanpoli
2/ This story is a bit dark and depressing, so a warning that this thread features neo-Nazis, trans- and homophobia, racism, and a whole lot of hate. As a palate cleanser, here is the time Laura-Lynn was felled by, um, a single sign at @SportChek. Facebook screenshot of a photo of a sign with a Pride flag a
3/ In 2020, Laura-Lynn spoke with neo-Nazi Paul Fromm at one of his CAFE events in Vancouver. His introduction of Laura-Lynn includes homophobia and support for anti-LGBTQ2S+ "activist" Bill Whatcott, with bonus racism and white supremacy against @theJagmeetSingh.
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I'm still in a state of horror that the @VancouverPD would evict so many people from their tents right before a stretch of extremely cold weather, & that they'd embark on this the very day of a major snowstorm. Also, where is media? #bcstorm. #vanpoli #bcpoli #Vancouver
I hope everyone who voted for these ABC ghouls - despite warnings that they were backed by Chip Wilson & were Dickensian - feels some remorse now. They've been in power a month & we have cops back in schools, corruption with one of their School Trustees, & now this.
For those voters who really believed Ken Sim was a centrist, despite who his backers are: Jason Kenney is also now styling himself as a centrist. And if you believe that, I have a bridge &c.…
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March 2008. I had one kid and a second was on its way. 11 years living in a city with no family and the majority of my friends were grad students who - even then - couldn't afford to stay in Vancouver after graduating. #TwitterRequiem 1/11
Twitter was a way to connect with new people with similar interests. Most of them geeky, many of them outgoing introverts. Tweet ups. For whatever reason, GenX seemed to really embrace this medium. 2/11
None of my friends had kids. But I found a parenting community here, local, across Canada, and worldwide. @alexishinde @tjrossingol @Nicole013 @buzzbishop @Stv @anndouglas 3/11
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Sim on being first Chinese Canadian mayor in Vancouver: "The significance isn't lost on me. Make no mistake, I'm in this position because I stand on teh shoulders of others Douglas Chung, Kerry Jang, Raymond Louie, Tung Chan, others. I'm incredibly humbled. " #vanpoli
@CBCStephenQuinn: The first thing you mentioned as policing. What steps will you have to take? "First thing we need to do is work on a transition plan." Quinn: "Kareem Allam ran Kevin Falcon's campaign, right?" #vanpoli
@CBCStephenQuinn Quinn: "How will you hire all those new police officers?" @KenSimCity: "That's an operational challenge for VPD." Sim mentions Surrey police issues and how this might benefit Vancouver. "Situation might be more favourable." Sim mentions that he's already spoken to VPD about this.
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In a day of hot takes on the Vancouver election results, I'll attempt to raise the temperature, a lot.

The political centre carried the election, because the Vancouver electorate taken as a whole is centrist.

Ken Sim and ABC were the consensus choice of the centre. #vanpoli /
This was ground formerly held by Vision Vancouver, ground lost to the ether in the 2018 election.

With no clear home for centre voters in 2018, a mishmash of values and parties found themselves on Council.

And Stewart found himself Mayor, with a hot mess of a council. /
The extra hot mess NPA took little time to break into factions, and in this Sim, who barely lost to Stewart and got 5 councillors across the line, saw opportunity.

Rather than ride the baggage of the NPA a second time, or try to fix it, he created a new vehicle. /
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So Dix with his 'plan' to decant complex care hospital patients to LTCs (without consulting) in the face of an expected new wave of Covid and flu

Let me tell you why this is laughable, and BC Gov is making up policy on the fly

#BCpoli #BCed #Nanaimo #YYJ #Vanpoli #YVR
1: seniors, cancer patients, others with serious modals are in hospital for a reason - the need care that requires medications, physical movements requiring nursing and doctors at a level that cannot be provided at home or in long term care
2: Most LTCs are basically serviced by health aides, not nurses - there is be an LPN assigned for each shift for medications - but the aides are not trained or licensed for the care Dix expects - also holds for LPNs, mush of this type of care requires an RN
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1/ Live 🧵

Let's explore why the @CityofVancouver & @VSB39 plan separately. How did it end up being that a major city produces a blueprint for the future that does not include school & amenity planning.

First, let us set the stage for #vanpoli NIMBYs & YIMBYs.
2/ Simplified 🤗 take

NIMBYs have kids & grandkids
YIMBYs plan for kids & have kids

Let's reset & unite on the theory that you care about kids. How would you address the fact that our local governments are planning in silos? What impact will this have on your kids' kids? #bced
3/ What impact does this have on Vancouver's ability to attract and retain families? Does the City know who it is building for? Does the VSB know how to forecast?

Deep down, we all know the city is going to become dense; just debating the shape & speed.

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A 🧵on TEAM for a Livable Vancouver municipal party and its mayoralty candidate Colleen Hardwick – my take after watching Hardwick’s record on council over the last 4 years. #vanpoli 👇
Full disclosure: as many know, I am the husband of @OneCityVan Councillor @christineeboyle. Given Zoom meetings in our half duplex, this has given me a front-row seat during this last council.
For those progressive voters who are considering voting for Hardwick & TEAM, all I can tell you is – you haven’t been paying attention.
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Hey parents across BC - look out for these anti-mask, anti-vaxx, anti-protection, anti-everything candidates for your local school boards. Avoid avoid avoid #bcpoli
Teacher friend saying: "Trustees are in charge of the budget - which affects EVERYTHING. All programming, whether enough EAs or teachers are hired, what projects get prioritized...And they hire & fire board people. Advancement of either good or bad leaders comes down to them."
And everyone - don't respond to any anti-mask cranks who respond to this thread. I'll be hiding replies and blocking them. Don't give them the airtime or satisfaction of a response. Thank you!
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🧵x ten.
My son is starting grade 10. He didn’t go to school today because his ‘program’ doesn’t start until tomorrow. You see, he’s in a segregated program. He doesn’t have a homeroom class + doesn’t experience high school like his typical peers. 1/10 #bced
The program is called LifeSkills. Today I discovered all #LifeSkills programs in Vancouver will end an hour early once a week, for the ENTIRE school year. This is so program teachers/support staff can collaborate. That’s about 38 instruction hours lost. 2/10 #bced
Collaboration is vital + I fully support it but shouldn’t the district pay their staff for that time? Who decided to take school time away from disabled students? Also, why didn’t the district tell us about this change when they made the decision?
3/10 #bced #vanpoli
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@morganeogerbc is again seeking a position of public trust. This time, it’s COV Council on the @progress_van ticket, led by @mark4vancouver. I have questions.

1st, do you even want a candidate who has lost every one of the 4 times they’ve run in the past? #vanpoli #nothankyou
Oger claims to share @mark4vancouver and @progress_van’s values so please let potential voters know if you share Oger’s values and if these tweets reflect the level of judgement you think is needed for a position of public trust. #vanpoli
Do @mark4vancouver & @progress_van support staging a counter protest flash mob at a Montreal Massacre Memorial event? An event to memorialize murdered women! #vanpoli
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Rich immigrants who moved to #Vancouver through Quebec's back-door investor program now own, on avg, $4.6m worth of housing. But they're only paying taxes on annual incomes of a paltry $100k. A gov.-enabled scam. Via @GoldinYVR, #vanre #vanpoli #cdnpoli…
2/ @Ayan604 says the system is failing new immigrants who’ve arrived to work and settle, if it also allows new immigrants who are here (simply) because they are wealthy and have an appetite for real estate investment. #vanre #torontorealestate #onpoli #Cdnimm #bcpoli #vanpoli
3 / And what's more ... Quebec gets 10 times more than B.C. and Ontario to settle immigrants. #ICYMI #BCpoli #Cdnimm #cdnpolitics #onpoli #abpoli #qcpoli #immigration.…
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Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates Solar & Wind are cheapest source for 90% of world’s electricity👀⚡

Being held back by misinformation & myths..

3 Myths About Renewable Energy & Grid 👉DEBUNKED
#bchydro #bcpoli #vanpoli #yyjpoli #cdnpoli #ndp…
Myth No. 1: A grid that increasingly relies on renewable energy is an unreliable grid

Myth No. 2: Countries like Germany must continue to rely on fossil fuels to stabilize the grid and back up variable wind and solar power.
Myth No. 3: Because solar and wind energy can be generated only when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, they cannot be the basis of a grid that has to provide electricity 24/7, year-round.
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I spoke in opposition Tuesday to #Vancouver City Council designating a SkyTrain station in the proposed Jericho Lands enormous luxury towers development in West Point Grey/#Kitsilano - unfortunately Council made the wrong decision... 1/ #vanpoli #bcpoli
Let’s start with the multiple 38 storey, 32 storey & 20 storey luxury towers planned for Jericho. This development for up to 20,000 people is completely out of all proportion to the neighbourhood & #Vancouver. #vanpoli #bcpoli
But this Jericho Lands development has not been approved by #Vancouver. And the proposed UBC SkyTrain extension has no business case let alone funding. But Council ignored that, except for Councillor @CllrHardwick, who was the only no vote. #vanpoli #bcpoli /3
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What is @JohnCCoupar and @NPAVancouver's plan for housing?

While the NPA is silent on their plan, their actions during the last election and at City Council speak volumes about how they would take Vancouver backwards on housing for everyone but speculators

#vanpoli #bcpoli

Will the NPA re-commit to 40,000 basement rental suites as “mortgage helpers” for owners of single-detached houses, as the NPA’s failed mayoral candidate @kensimcity promised in the 2018 election?

#vanpoli #bcpoli…
Will the NPA continue to favour the preservation of Shaughnessy mansions over the construction of new rental homes?

#bcpoli #vanpoli

June 25, 2019 - @rebeccaleebligh @sarahkirby_yung @CllrHardwick…
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BREAKING: All hospital workers in Vancouver have received memos from their health authorities telling them to hide inside and avoid showing any signs they’re healthcare staff during an anti-vaxx/restriction convoy tomorrow
@CTVVancouver #vanpoli #canpoli…
Mayor @kennedystewart is not mincing words about the planned event
Healthcare workers are now speaking out and I'm also getting private messages expressing frustration and disgust
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Mobility pricing is in Metro Vancouver, where workers have been forced out to the valley by #vanre greed with very limited public transit options, has 2 aims:

1. Keep the riffraff off the roads so the rich can enjoy a smooth ride from their suburban mansions to the core #vanpoli
2. Turn roads from public infrastructure to a "transport market" that can then be easily privatized for profit.

But to sell their project, the neoliberals will argue that congestion pricing is the only solution to funding better transit.

A pioneer of mobility pricing is British economist Alan Walters, who ended up being the economic advisors to the mother of callous neoliberalism: Margaret Thatcher.

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A developer forced them out of their building. Three years later, nearly half are dead.

@CityofVancouver has allowed #vanre devs to throw thousands of vulnerable tenants on to the streets to make way for empty condos.

How many are dead today?

@CityofVancouver Remember how @JonStovell evicted a whole bunch of vulnerable tenants at Berkeley Tower?…
And Avila Equities?…
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