When you put a spoon or any object in a child’s mouth, it can cause the tongue to fall back and block the airway- Suffocation.

It can dislodge a tooth, child inhales it - choking.

Oil in their mouth? can enter the lungs- Aspiration.

The truth is, convulsion alone cannot kill the child.
It’s mostly complications from it that can, most of these complications arise from well intended harmful first aid practices that our parents of old have been practicing.

No. They have just been lucky
For everyone who you mention, it worked for, I can mention 2 who luck ran out on.

The thing about seizures is that, they eventually stop on their own. So whether you intervene or not, it’d still stop.

The fear is brain injury from prolonged and frequent seizures.
We advice that, when a child has seizures, even when it stops, take them to the hospital.
The Dr will identify the root cause and treat it.
Once treated, seizure will stop.
If it’s epilepsy, lifelong treatment to reduce incidence will be given.

If it doesn’t stop after 5 mins...
Take the child to the nearest hospital/emergency centre. The Drs there will give anti seizure medication which will stop it immediately. Then commence diagnosis of the underlying cause.

Don’t stay home cause the seizure stopped. It may come back again. Each time it happens...
It takes ‘a piece of the brain’. Consistent frequent seizures can impair brain function overtime. So get help. Don’t pamper it.

While you’re at it, stop every other unnecessary’first aid’; Onions, Cow urine, Mother’s urine,Palm kernel oil, foot roasting over naked fire😰

Ah ah!
These children, or affected persons don’t benefit from all those. It looked like it worked cos the seizure stopped abi. Well, that was because it was going to stop anyway. It’s an electrical event in the brain, it stops when it times out

I know how scary it is to watch. Very!.
However, here’s what can help:
When a child is convulsing:
- clear off any harmful objects around
- keep them on a flat surface
- Remove all tight clothing
- Fever? Use tepid (Luke warm) water to mop their body (Fever is the commonest cause of seizure in children below 2 years).
- Lay them on their side of they are foaming, so the liquid can drain out from the side, you don’t want them to choke on it. Don’t put your fingers in.
- Time it. Past 5 mins?
- Call your hospital/state emergency if you have the means.
- It could also be from poisons, so check.
Check to make sure your child didn’t ingest or even inhale any poisonous substance. If they did, look at the label to see any first aid tip. Take it with you to the hospital
- Rush to the nearest hospital.
Don’t introduce anything into their mouth, it will do more harm than good.
Most times, for Children, you arrive the hospital to find out they are having severe malaria which parents have been pampering at home.

Once that malaria is treated, baby will be fine.

I know it’s a scary episode, that’s why I’m encouraging you to go to the hospital.
Be safe 🙏🏽
What other Childhood emergencies would you like to learn about.
Safety & First aid tips.
Drop in the comments.

Tomorrow is another edition of #ConvosWithDrZobo Live Show on Instagram. Join us by 4pm. We have a Paediatrician joining us to give you tips.
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What other Childhood emergencies would you like to learn about.
Safety & First aid tips.
Drop in the comments.

Tomorrow is another edition of #ConvosWithDrZobo Live Show on Instagram. Join us by 4pm. We have a Paediatrician joining us to give you tips.
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“Congratulations o, natural or IVF?”

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Resist the urge to be nosy and insensitive.

Say your congratulations or skip.

No one owes you their medical history, and if they share it’s a privilege.
Note: I advocate for people to share their health/survivor stories (fertility, cancer, NCDs). This sensitizes & encourages adoption of helpful medical procedures.

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Ever heard that some women get blind after delivery?

Yes, it is called cortical blindness. However, It is also, reversible.

Hypertension in pregnancy

Who is at risk?
- Known hypertensives, before pregnancy
- Pregnancy-induced Hypertensives- PIH

#WorldHypertensionDay 👇🏽
How does this happen?
Rise in BP, from labour and the delivery process can affect blood vessels, causing damage to the brain’s occipital complex.

This causes partial or complete loss of vision. Most times it isn’t permanent, and patient may recover their vision after a while.
Hypertension, also causes other complications like Preeclampsia and Eclampsia. Which comes with raised BP, headaches, leg swelling, protein in urine, and in severe cases, seizures.

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The average Nigerian believes that the more bitter a food or drink is, the healthier it is.

Lori iro, you’re just an ‘aspiring cultist’, cos how do y’all drink this Agbo of a thing😩.

Seriously though,
Medically speaking... bitter doesn’t always equate healthier.

While herbs are therapeutic, the problem is the lack of regulation, and false sense of safety it provides.

You live recklessly, then fall back on high-dose herbs as a safety net. Risky.
I don’t advocate sugary foods. I just need to let us know that our bodies interprete “sugar differently”. So, yam, fufu, amala, eba... all are sugars. And healthy foods, can be tasty.

Though refined sugars are not so healthy...
Drinking bitters, doesn’t prevent diabetes either.
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