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Jul 20, 2020 47 tweets 85 min read
WATCH/FOLLOW ALONG: I will be live-tweeting our documentary “Pandemia: Latinos in Crisis” that starts at 9pmET on CBSN: cbsnews.com/live
Up first: @MariaESalinas reports on Latino essential workers on the front lines: The farmers, the waiters, deputy Wrokers. “Only 1 in 6 Latinos has a job that lets them work remotely. ... They are the ones that keep the economy going while risking their lives.” #PandemiaCBS
“People of color, throughout the world, really have been disproportionately affected.” - Aileen Maria Marty, @FIU #PandemiaCBS
Given how social Latinos can be, our frontline jobs and our underlying health issues all make it “more likely that we end up in the ICU,” Marty says. #PandemiaCBS
“Latinos suffered the most death of any ethnic groups in New York City.” Doctors said some families worried whether a patient’s immigration status could be affected if they are hospitalized too long. #PandemiaCBS
“The virus really doesn’t care if we feel fatigued or not,” Dr. Marty of @FIU warms. #PandemiaCBS
First celebrity appearance: @rosieperezbkly: “Wear a mask, wash your hands, let’s practice social distancing and move on from this thing.” #PandemiaCBS
Up next: @OmarVillafranca on how “mixed-status families” are balancing the risk of #coronavrius and their immigration status. #PandemiaCBS
“We live day by day” — many mixed status families have to pay health care expenses out of pocket since they can’t qualify for government entitlement or aid programs. #PandemiaCBS
UP NEXT: @cbsmireya with "practical advice on how to navigate through this pandemic." Her conversation includes the thoughts of @DoloresHuerta. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta Huerta says that protecting against #COVID-19 needs to include legislation protecting farmworkers, some of the most essential workers. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta "80 percent of the jobs in America are jobs created by small business owners, and we form 60 million people living in America and we are doing... all of the direct-labor jobs." #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta Only 61% of Latino households have access to high-speed Internet access, @cbsmireya notes. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta One expert tells @cbsmireya that some students are driving to parking lots to try to use public wi-fi in order to participate in classes and complete assignments. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta "It's going to be devastating to our Latino families," @DoloresHuerta says of the #Coronavirus.
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta Having issues with paying bills? Latino families should reach out to utilities, cable companies, landlords, etc. to ask for extensions. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta WATCH "Pandemia" LIVE at cbsnews.com/live. Catch up or watch later at cbsnews.com/pandemia. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta NEXT CELEBRITY APPEARANCE BY @iambeckyg: "Don't confuse self-distancing for self-isolation. ... Reach out, be in touch with your loved ones and please, please please be kind to yourselves and others." #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg UP NEXT: @camiloreports takes us inside an immigrant detention center, where detainees are sickened, dying from #Coronavirus. A REALLY important report. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports "We are not treated like human beings here. We're really not," one detainee tells @camiloreports. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports "The detainees we spoke to say they're sitting ducks." - @camiloreports. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports "ICE says it has released hundreds of at-risk immigrants since the start of the outbreak." - @camiloreports. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports UP NEXT: @BojorquezCBS on migrant farmworkers working despite the pandemic. "Undocumented became essential." #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS "If you think of the virus as a wildfire, we are dry tinder in a way," one migrant farmworker tells @BojorquezCBS. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS Notably, @BojorquezCBS reports that @MSF_USA is set up in Central Florida assisting migrant farmworkers with #Covid19 testing and treatment. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA (Side note: @BojorquezCBS is a MASTER at reporting bilingually. He simultaneously interviews someone in Spanish and translates it quickly in English. Nobody does it more smoothly.) #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA UP NEXT: How are Latino politicians responding to the crisis? I speak with "those running towards the fire," @marcorubio and @CatalinaCruzNY. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY More than $600 billion is being distributed to aid small businesses thanks to the Paycheck Protection Program, a bill written by @marcorubio. Critics say not enough $ is reaching minority-owned businesses. Rubio understands. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY The PPP "is not a bailout," Rubio tells me. The hope is to keep companies aloft as long as possible. "When you have something like this happen, there will be harm done." #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY "You don't realize that the impact isn't just economic. It strikes right at the heart of what gives your life purpose. ... We're working on it, we're doing the best we can." - @marcorubio. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY "We are the epicenter of the epicenter." @CatalinaCruzNY has transformed her New York Assembly district office in Queens into a food and diaper bank for needy constituents upended by the pandemic. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY Assemblywoman @CatalinaCruzNY is the first "dreamer" to serve in the NY Assembly. Today, her office hands out 2000 meals a day. They've teamed up with @WCKitchen. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY @WCKitchen "When it came time to help my people, they left us alone. They left us alone, I had lines of people, there were like 2,000..." @CatalinaCruzNY told me, her voice breaking. "They left us alone to fight. And there are still days where we feel very alone." #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY @WCKitchen "Society is individuals who've agreed to live together mutually. ... And you can't have a successful society if a significant percentage of that society feel it's not working out for them." - @marcorubio #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY @WCKitchen CELEBRITY GUEST: @OscarDeLaHoya. "Let's just make sure we stay safe. That's most important." #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY @WCKitchen @OscarDeLaHoya @adrianasdiaz @EvaLongoria @WValderrama @chefjoseandres "Outside of this crisis, farmworkers work at poverty wages, they have substandard living conditions... they have lack of access to healthcare," @EvaLongoria. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY @WCKitchen @OscarDeLaHoya @adrianasdiaz @EvaLongoria @WValderrama @chefjoseandres "We need to make sure that we're showing up for them. Because showing up for them is showing up for America," @EvaLongoria says of helping farmworkers. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY @WCKitchen @OscarDeLaHoya @adrianasdiaz @EvaLongoria @WValderrama @chefjoseandres "We need to pass immigration reform. This is a way to be recognizing them," @chefjoseandres says of how to help Latino essential/front-line workers. "Let's start looking at their eyes, their hearts." #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY @WCKitchen @OscarDeLaHoya @adrianasdiaz @EvaLongoria @WValderrama @chefjoseandres "Outside of a crisis, the Latino community already suffers from inequity" @EvaLongoria notes, struggling especially with issues like lack of Internet access. #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY @WCKitchen @OscarDeLaHoya @adrianasdiaz @EvaLongoria @WValderrama @chefjoseandres FINAL CELEBRITY APPEARANCE: Rita Moreno! "Please, take precaution around your family members who have a preexisting condition." #PandemiaCBS
@cbsmireya @DoloresHuerta @iambeckyg @camiloreports @BojorquezCBS @MSF_USA @marcorubio @CatalinaCruzNY @WCKitchen @OscarDeLaHoya @adrianasdiaz @EvaLongoria @WValderrama @chefjoseandres That's a wrap! BIG thank you to executive producers @luisgiraldo & Lorna Jones. Plus @CBSNews president @szirinsky and VP @KimGodwinTV for commissioning the project. And the great folks at CBSN: @NancyLane @christytanner @robjgifford & Darius Walker. #PandemiaCBS

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THERE IS A DEAL: @POTUS Biden announces a deal between railroad companies and unions to avoid a national strike: “These rail workers will get better pay, improved working conditions, and peace of mind around their health care costs: all hard-earned.”
MORE: The deal follows 20 consecutive hours of face-to-face negotiations to lock up a deal, according to federal officials.
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@PressSec @POTUS @FLOTUS In response, @PressSec said the president has maintained a busy schedule and "It worked out best for him to vote on Tuesday. He thought it best for him" to vote in person.

(But the president was home in Delaware Saturday and had nothing on his schedule besides afternoon mass.)
@PressSec @POTUS @FLOTUS On impending #Railroadstrike, @PressSec says @POTUS has been in touch with the railroads and unions "multiple times" and that the administration has been engaged in the talks since the Spring.
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Most voters describe @JohnFetterman as saying what he really believes, more so than they describe @DrOz doing so. A big majority describe Oz as just saying what he thinks voters want to hear.
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