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#Customer Service Officer?
d fol training threads on my timeline since March, 2020 will really help u RESET.
#Customer Care Skills
#Who is an Entrepreneur?
#How To Be An Entrepreneur
#Goal Setting Strategies

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#Creating a Productivity Journal
#Entrepreneural Motivation.
#Think Business Not Jobs.
#Effective Communications for Entrepreneurs.
#Debts, Investments or Consumption.
#How to be indispensable @ work.
#A Basic Introduction To Customer Care.
#Entrepreneur Quotes
#What is Sales?
#Dynamics of Sales.
#30 Ways to become a successful Entrepreneur
#Entrepreneurs...Post COVID-19
#Niche Marketing.
#Tunnel Vision In Marketing.


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Dec 24, 2023
Earlier today @harvestFire Church, Ibadan.

Theme - Conflict of d chosen.

D life of a chosen is always a call into d life of conflict. A call into d unknown, into a life of d mysterious

Mary ws chosen for a "divine assignment"
An assignment dat brought"conflict" into her life
To be chosen creates conflicts.

-“Conflict” means a clash of two or more things. ,in this context, clash of two natures.

• Mary was not the only virgin of her day.

God could have called any of the virgins of her days, but God chose Mary.

She did not ask to be chosen
3. She had to face shame, misunderstanding, & confrontation with Joseph, her friends, parents

B4 this: She was happily engaged. She was lookin 4ward to her marriage. She was anticipatin a normal life, but nw she faced d challenge of conflict bc she ws chosen–she was troubled
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Dec 9, 2023

Theme-This woman turned up when it mattered most.

D way God works is unfathomable. Sometimes, He uses humour to achieve d ultimate goal.

D king was so bored & in a twist of d discussion he was havin with "Assistant Elisha" brother Gehazi, he asked in V4
📌 Image
2 Kings 8:4 MSG
The king was talking with Gehazi, servant to the Holy Man, saying, "TELL ME SOME STORIES OF d GREAT THINGS ELISHA DID."
The king had said, tell me a story
That woman's story was not d only story Gehazi knew.

Records have it that Elisha performed 16 miracles.
Parted the waters of the Jordan River (2 King 2:14)

Purification of the water source for Jericho (2 King 2:18-22)

Protection of the prophet by two she-bears (2 King 2:23-25)

Water for the army of Israel and success over the Moabites (2 Kng 3:16-25)
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Nov 24, 2023
A SHORT EXHORTATION (but a long read 😂)

Theme-The king who had gods for "breakfast"

He was d king of Assyria.
He was known as d "d great king"

He was so powerful nations feared him. He used d gods of d conquered territories as wood to flame the fire around him during winter. Image
He had other gods thrown into trash cans and burned with fire 🔥 (V19)

Mortals were no match for him.
gods too were "running" from pillar-post seeking for help from other manmade gods 😂. None could withstand him...none could stop him either.
On a day like this, he turned his attention on Israel and Israel's God. He had just finished dealing with Judah, Israel's sister.

Now, a king with such a RESUME would easily be on top of the world, after all, he had some gods behind bars, others, he used as firewood.
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Nov 1, 2023
30 Scriptures. 30 Days. 30 Testimonies in November.

Day 1
Deuteronomy 28:5 MSG
God's blessing on your basket and bread bowl;

Day 2.
Jeremiah 32:42b MSG
"Yes, this is God's Message: ' I will also usher in a wonderful life of prosperity. I promise. Image
Day 3.
Isaiah 60:20b MSG
Your days of grieving are over.

Day 4
Jeremiah 31:13b MSG
I'll convert their weeping into laughter, lavishing comfort, invading their grief with joy.

Day 5
Psalms 30:5b MSG
...The nights of crying your eyes out give way to days of laughter.
Day 6
Psalms 42:5b MSG
Soon I'll be praising again. He puts a smile on my face. He's my God.

Day 7
1 Kings 22:15 MSG
"Go ahead," he said. "An easy victory. God's gift to the king."

Day 8
Nehemiah 2:20a MSG
"The God-of-Heaven will make sure we succeed.
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Oct 6, 2023


When it's your SET TIME on God's clock, everyone that must be involved to make it happen "lose sleep", become "uncomfortable" become "restless"

When God sets the stage, d actors or participants suddenly drop all Image
they were doing to attend to your matter.

You see, the FAVOUR of God has been highly underestimated.

It has nothing to do with your efforts, it's unexplainable. Suddenly, men begin to perceive the AROMA of God's ENDORSEMENT upon you.

When the Butler/ Cupbearer forgot about
the promise he made to Joseph while he was a co-prisoner with him, it wasn't Joseph's set time then, but, when his (Joseph) set time came, no one on d stage of Joseph's destiny was going to have rest.
Gen 40:23 MSG
But the head cupbearer never gave Joseph another thought;
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Oct 5, 2023

Theme- WHAT IF PETER HAD JUST "Pepper 🌶️ Soup Joint" only kind of friends?

Acts 12:11b MSG
The Master sent his angel and rescued me from Herod's vicious little production and the spectacle the Jewish mob was looking forward to."
📌 Image
King Herod was playing to d gallery of d Jewish elders notably the Pharisees, Sadducees & d Scribes who were help bent on destroying d fast growing church

He had just decapitated James & this very much pleased d Jewish elders & most of d Jewish pple. He decided to raise d bar
He grabbed Peter, imprisoned him and was prepping him up for another show of shame before killing him too.

He so much as put Peter in a very helpless and hopeless situation, guards everywhere he turned. He had him chained and firmly demobilized. Stripped him of his sandals
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