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Tools to get into tech without coding

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#nocode #100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfNoCode #BlackTechTwitter #Entrepreneur
Augmented Reality
- Snapchat Lens Studio
- Unite AR
- Roar AR
- Instagram Spark AR
- AWS Sumerian
Web Development
- Webflow @Wix
- Wix @Wix
- Squarespace @squarespace
- Wordpress @wordpressdotcom
- Shopify @Shopify
- Carrd @carrd
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UltiDez Business Friday
Free accounting software for small businesses:
Thread 🧵/1
#ultidez #ultidezbusinessfriday #smallbusinesstips #startups #Entrepreneurship #Durhambusiness
The best free accounting software should include the ability to track all income and expenses as well as produce basic financial reports like the profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow reports. 🧵/2

#DigitalSolutions #businessgrowth #business
Although, the best free software won’t be your most powerful accounting software options. As your business grows, you may want to pay to access state-of-the-art accounting innovations for your small business. 🧵/3

#Durham #torontobusiness #SmallBusiness
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Weekend time is a good list of movies yet again for you to enjoy

1. Trading Places (1983) -- Stock Trading Movie

2. Billion Dollar Day (1985) - Documentary

3. Wall Street (1987) -- Stock Market Fiction
4. Barbarians at the Gate (1993) -- True Story

5. Rogue Trader (1999) – Stock Trading Movie -- True Story

6. Boiler Room (2000) – Stock Market Fiction

7. The Corporation (2003) -- Finance Documentary
8. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005)

9. Gafla (2006)- True Story -- Stock Market Movie (Hindi)

10. Wall Street Warriors (2006) -- Wall Street Documentary

11. The Ascent of Money (2008) -- Finance Documentary
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Design Thinking A Funny Take, Coach’s Persona Study.
Life Coaches
They do what they do best! Makes you super motivated on every aspect of the idea. Everything seems.. (#designthinking #leadership #coach #management #business #agile #mentor #humancentered #startup #entrepreneur)
possible. Your heart pumps fast and you feel like an adrenaline rush. Occasionally gives you magic templates to fill. “Do now, Right now!” is the motto. High chances of passing out of extensive exhaustion if you are a normal human being and not on energy drink diet. By the end
of the session, you may silently contemplate to leave your current domain and take up life coaching design thinking as your full-time career.
Corporate Trainer
Take you through the whole syllabus without actual implementable learning. A Very relaxing session, you may topple
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RIP to yet another person I went to college with 😞

She’s not dead, just a forex trader on Instagram
“You can make money in MINUTES, and then SPEND IT”
I can respect the hustle of trying to trade and make a living on your own terms but bro you literally started 2 weeks ago I don’t think that qualifies you as an #Entrepreneur #investor
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#Customer Service Officer?
d fol training threads on my timeline since March, 2020 will really help u RESET.
#Customer Care Skills
#Who is an Entrepreneur?
#How To Be An Entrepreneur
#Goal Setting Strategies

@threadreaderapp "COMPILE"
#Creating a Productivity Journal
#Entrepreneural Motivation.
#Think Business Not Jobs.
#Effective Communications for Entrepreneurs.
#Debts, Investments or Consumption.
#How to be indispensable @ work.
#A Basic Introduction To Customer Care.
#Entrepreneur Quotes
#What is Sales?
#Dynamics of Sales.
#30 Ways to become a successful Entrepreneur
#Entrepreneurs...Post COVID-19
#Niche Marketing.
#Tunnel Vision In Marketing.

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Being an entrepreneur is often depicted as "loving to live in an emotional roller coaster"...

Let's talk about the cost of it
& what the ones we love, wife, husband, kids, parents, ... endure
I keep thinking that I am an operator, a builder,
that I've always been building right,
and that every move I did had a sense! #vision
But, after 5months far from my wife, my kids,
so close to join them back to France,

I got notified today that it will be impossible for me to board next week without a 72h covid test
- while it requires at least 5 to 10days to get the results in the US atm. #CovidTesting
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(Thread) Our small town #SouthDakota school just mandated #Masks for students and staff. So proud of them making that decision. The backlash on Community pages on #Facebook is already ramping up and I am sure will continue to get worse and worse. examples provided 1/9
" I wish we could all be exposed and get it over with it it's very low mortality rate." Gentleman talking about how he can't control show his Sophomore in High School sees and associates with. #COVID19 #badparenting 2/9
"My family and I don’t wear them and don’t go to places mandating we wear them." Man with very young children and lots of pics of Guns and Camo on his page. #ignorance #COVIDIOTS 3/9
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It's getting frustrating being a Nigerian..

It's another annoying and frustrating moment.

Went online to purchase a product for my website. Guess what?

Nigeria is the notable only country deleted or eliminated from the list.

Now let's see how this affects me and us.
#1. It affects my business, completely confused on what next.

#2. It affects my immediate environment : if my fam depends on me and I can't purchase a product for my website - work - and make money then lack is on the way.
#3. It affects the economy. No flow of cash which starts from the immediate environment.

#4. It affects emotional health being.

#5. It affects moralistic living - how many times will one regret being a Nigerian?

I never chose to be a Nigerian...
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Dear Salesmen/Saleswomen, Marketer, #Entrepreneur, have u heard of NICHE MARKETING?

It is 1 of d most neglected,yet, impact oriented aspect of Sales & Marketing.
Ever heard d expression,jack of all trades,master of none?
It essentially means that a generalist can do everything decently, while a specialist does one thing extremely well. The same holds true when you’re selling online.

Carving out a niche market & positioning yourself as the go-to brand for a specific audience not only
establishes your credibility over competing generalists but also results in a more focused business, from your unique value proposition to your content marketing, that makes it easier for the right customers to say, "This is for me."
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Dear Salesmen / Saleswoman, Marketer, #Entrepreneur, have you heard of NICHE MARKETING?

It is one of d most neglected, yet, impact oriented aspect of Sales & Marketing.

Ever heard d expression, jack of all trades, master of none?
It essentially means that a generalist can do everything decently, while a specialist does one thing extremely well. The same holds true when you’re selling online.

Carving out a niche market and positioning yourself as the go-to brand for a specific audience not only
establishes your credibility over competing generalists but also results in a more focused business, from your unique value proposition to your content marketing, that makes it easier for the right customers to say, "This is for me."

(Join me here 2mrw morning for more)
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everybody shut the fuck up and don't ruin this for me Image
do anything to grow that subscriber base #hustle #entrepreneur #growthhacking Image
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The Harbinger - China Tech & VC Podcast

In a candid chat Shunwei VP Meng Xing, who founded his first start up while completing his MBA at MIT, talks about 3 fundamental differences between the tech startup scene in China and USA.

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Socio-economic environments:
China has large population segments (eg. factory workers) whose distinct needs make it possible to build unicorns that can scale in niche markets. Quick growth in US, on the other hand, can be challenging.
First-mover advantage or not?
In US, it pays to be the first in executing a groundbreaking idea. However, in China, companies have to deal with copy-cats. Therefore, it's imperative to keep innovating and improving gaps in existing products.
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To build BHARAT’Atmanirbhar’. We would need to change our mindset from Workers to creators. Would be starting a learning for #Entrepreneurs... are you in game for it ? Let me know, each day will share “Mantra” for success. Let us build a #NewIndia together 🇮🇳
Lesson-1 ( L-1)
It is the responsibility of every #Entrepreneur to add value to his customer.
3 “C” which are essential for any business to offer its clients
1. Cost
2. Convenience
3. Consumer/ Customer Experiences

Best to achieve all, but min 2 are must to be successful. 👍
#Entrepreneurship not only about building great business(es), but also about building a great team. 4 characteristics needed in people.
1. Smart,not academically but otherwise
2. Hard Working
3. High Integrity
4. Grit
ability 2get knocked down but passion to get up again
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As you may or may not be aware, ‘SHABREE’ #Pune’s most loved & celebrated Maharashtrian restaurant is my primary family business. Like all businesses, especially in hospitality industry we too have been hit hard by the lock-down, impacting livelihoods of 100+ of our employees
I am happy to share that #Shabree is restarting operations, not yet as a dine-in Restaurant, but serving you via Take Away and Home Delivery orders. You can now order your favourite Maharashtrian delicacies, the ones you and your family have craved for over two months! Image
As India reopens, and we work towards re-building the #economy , the family and team will be working harder, participating proactively to ensure that our employees work in a safe & productive environment and also help re-build their lives
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"Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers
own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to
create deposits, and with a flick of the pen they will create enough
deposits to buy it back again.
However, take it away from them, and all
the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear,
for this would be a happier and better world to live in.
But, if you wish
to remain the slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery,
let them continue to create deposits."
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Love, LOVE @NicoleB_MD for doing this. Shout out to @DrToddWo & @DrJCoftheDC too for their savvy outreach to youth patients- am especially impressed with @DrJCoftheDC of @OHSUNews as a role model in communities of color. @AmerAcadPeds #TikTok #tweetiatrician #Pediatrics
*This* is what it means to create “safe space” - no shaming or judgement, only encouragement, kindness, affirmation from a #tweetiatrician who shares that she too was a #teenmom.
Meet patients where they are.
Be a role model.

@NicoleB_MD @AmerAcadPeds
Am learning so much from @DrJCoftheDC of @OHSUNews - on engaging youth through new forms of #socialmedia like #TikTok and being a role model for #BlackExcellence here in partnership with @NFL players @NFLPA
@AmerAcadPeds #blackmensmiling
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... disruption has also never been the focus of good #entrepreneurs. The focus of the #entrepreneur should be the people who cannot get paid, or travel, or furnish their home. 1/3
The entrepreneurs that succeed, and rise to the top of their industries set out to build, not destroy. If disruption occurs, it is merely a side effect. 2/3
The focus of the entrepreneur is on the horizon beyond the wall. If we glance at the system, it is neither to copy it nor to destroy it, but simply to see how much more can be done. 3/3…
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I turned an #entrepreneur 18 years ago. I was fresh from college with not much work experience and very little or no business sense. I struggled as a first generation entrepreneur and have learnt many lessons on the way while paying for those mistakes and learning. #thread
I have experienced many ups and downs in the business and the general economy so far. But nothing can be compared to the current #COVID2019 crisis. The entire world is virtually shut down and definitely the tremors shall be felt in every business.
But there are some lessons from this fiasco. I am trying to put a few and please add more learnings.
1) No business or work can survive a worldwide Pandemic. So you aren’t in the boat alone. Have patience!
2) Always keep a small fund aside irrespective of your turnover or size.
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#Corona benefits.

A thread (will be continually updated).
@pluralsight #FreeApril offer::
Build in-demand tech skills without leaving your house. Get free access to 7,000+ expert-led video courses and more all month long.…
@Codecademy #students offer::
Codecademy Pro for free to high school and college students across the world for the rest of the school year.…
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Let's get one thing straight, right now, OK? #JohnMaynardKeynes was not a #socialist. He was a conservative economist called upon to develop govt policy during the Great WWI 1917 & into the Great Depression 1929 - 1936 with British world #capitalist establishment & #USPOD #FDR
He came up with clear thinking on how to deal with #depression. His model called #macroeconomics had nothing to do with the masses, unless of course you are referring to the ability of the poor to spend money on their #Consumption, given to us be their need to survive.
.#Macroeconomics was(is) a model of the economy that says if you want2 take on the inability of #capitalism to destroy itself from its basic #ripoffmentality which we are seeing so clearly at present you have to stand back & look at the economy as a whole, not its various parts.
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It's a very very long weekend. Few good movies worth watching

~ Beer wars
~ Office Space
~ Risky business
~ Boiler Room
~ Working girl
~ The Founder
~ Wolf of Wall Street
~ The Big Short
~ The Social Network
~ Steve Jobs
~ Too Big to Fail
~ Money Ball
~ Floored
~ Arbitrage
It's a very long weekend. Few good movies worth watching

~ Pursuit of Happiness
~ Catch me if you can
~ Rogue Trader
~ The China Hustle
~ Margin Call
~ Inside Job
~ Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
~ Equity
~ Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

#entrepreneur #movies #learning
It's a very long weekend. Few good movies worth watching

~ The Italian Job
~ The Intern
~ The Shallows
~ Midnight Sun
~ Life is Beautiful
~ The Notebook
~ A Walk to Remember
~ Titanic
~ The Godfather

#entrepreneur #movies #learning #weekend
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