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🚨 GPT-4 has outperformed human entrepreneurs in a pitch competition! Investors and business owners found GPT-4 generated pitch decks to be more compelling, convincing, and of higher quality than those created by humans. #GPT4 #pitchcompetition

A quick recap👇 Image
🤖🤯 This game-changing solution not only saves time in creating a pitch deck but also has the potential to be a highly lucrative option. Entrepreneurs should consider using GPT-4 to increase their chances of securing funding and impressing investors. #AI #investing #funding
💡The implications are clear: if you want to captivate investors, you should reconsider writing your own pitch decks. GPT-4 has unveiled a groundbreaking opportunity to disrupt the traditional approach to securing funding. #Pitching #Investment
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@MikkoVapa @ECHR_CEDH @osce_odihr @anticorruption @RSF_inter @oikeusasiamies @oikeusmin @anna_maja @STM_Uutiset @MFredman #UnitedNations #Convention Against #Torture
- The text of the convention was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1984[1] and, following #ratification by the 20th state party,[3] it came into #Force on 26 June 1987…
@MikkoVapa @ECHR_CEDH @osce_odihr @anticorruption @RSF_inter @oikeusasiamies @oikeusmin @anna_maja @STM_Uutiset @MFredman #Finland again reprimanded by the committee against #torture | 20/08/2015
- there is much room for improvement in the #conditions of #Finnish #policeprisons.
- previous recommendations have still NOT been #implemented, even made 20+ years ago.… Image
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A thread On • @OnInnsaei
" Innsaei Ventures Pvt ltd "
Founders - @itsSSR and Varunmathur
#Innsaei #SushantSinghRajput𓃵
1/n ImageImage
What @OnInnsaei actually Is
" Innsaei, an ancient Icelandic word for Intuition, is a first-of-its-kind venture that is working on the convergence of Intellectual Property and Emerging Technologies .
#SushantSinghRajput𓃵 #Innsaei
2/n Image
The Intellectual property represents an important financial and legal asset for companies, including startups. To protect its IP, a startup need to take several measures.
#SushantSinghRajput𓃵 #Innsaei
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"Find me & #mycompany in #Massachusettsspecializinginexpense reduction services for small, medium, & large businesses near Boston & Marlboro:

Schooley Mitchell: Brian Plain & Joe Gifford
225 Cedar Hill St
Suite 200 D117 Marlborough, MA 01752
"#ObtainLowerExpense for Companies near Westborough, Shrewsbury, Northborough, Hudson, & Marlborough:
Schooley Mitchell: Brian Plain & Joe Gifford
225 Cedar Hill St
Suite 200 D117 Marlborough, MA 01752
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"Find our "Cost reduction consulting in Northborough MA", #online at:

Schooley Mitchell: Brian Plain & Joe Gifford
225 Cedar Hill St
Suite 200 D117 Marlborough, MA 01752
508-266-5814……" "Find our "Cost r...
#Mass, #Save on Your Business Program & #Get Lower Company Expenses #for Marlborough Waste, Telecom, & Credit Cards:

Schooley Mitchell: Brian Plain & Joe Gifford
225 Cedar Hill St
Suite 200 D117 Marlborough, MA 01752
508-266-5814" #Mass, #Save on Your Busine...
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one of the sillier manifestations of right-wing ideology in this era of electronic mass communication—which seems to have dissolved all political discourse into a soup of memes and buzzwords—is the oxymoronic "anarchocapitalism", or #AnCap. it's big with computer geeks.

surely a large fraction of the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @ShellenbergerMD right-wing Twitter clique—which attracts mostly people who enjoy the luxury of "passive income" through non-productive means, like management or cryptocurrency—fancy themselves "anarchocapitalist".

why not? the average @elonmusk / @mtaibbi fan has a purely emotional and aesthetic appreciation of political and economic terminology. they don't think of "anarchism" as a body of political theory, but as a mood or a pose—being rebellious, breaking all the rules, etc.

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imagination is life. imagination is central to thought.

it's also vital to the _tokusatsu_ show "Ressha Sentai ToQger", vide infra. "ToQger" is a favorite of ours—the heroes' greatest strength is their imagination, which their enemies hope to snuff out.

in Western society, only a few persons are allowed to have #imagination. it's true. imagination, in most persons in "the West", is punished.

consider the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi cult: the reason that Elon Musk is so adored is that he's allowed to have a free imagination.

there's nothing very much *original* about @elonmusk's imagination, which has an antique quality about it. it's not merely a question of advancing years, although Musk (despite his babyish personality) is getting old. Akira Kurosawa was imaginative till the day he died.

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"It is finished.

"It is finished.

"it is THE MERCY"

those are the last known words of Donald Crowhurst, an eccentric and erratic man who had failed at several ventures and who finally risked his life on a contest to sail round the world, nonstop, in a one-man boat.

he was already in debt to a *successful* businessman, a millionaire named Stanley Best, who'd lent a few thousand pounds to one of Crowhurst's failed businesses. the loss was mere pocket change, to someone like Best—but enough to give Best a *hold* over Crowhurst.

that's the *real* power that the #entrepreneur has. #business and #technology propaganda is full of nonsense about how entrepreneurs, people of leisure who gamble on #investment and #cryptocurrency and other sources of "passive income", are the world's creators, but...

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What are the telltale signs that your biz is going the downward spiral? When biz is going the downward trajectory, there are usually early warning signals to look out for & can help you deal with the matter before it gets out of hand!
Courtsey image
1/11 When you realize customers complaints are on the increase, your are dealing with length queues, and worst case, you have lost some of your key customers that you heavily relied on. This is detrimental to the business cashflow!
2/11 Your sales are steadily declining, hence affecting your profitability. This is is a clear sign that things are not going well!
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#HustleGPT Announcement 🔊

We'll now be tracking which HustleGPT ventures have made at least $1 🟩

This can be from sales, donations, ad revenue, etc.
As long as its money it counts!

#buildinpublic #startups #Entrepreneur #ChatGPT
If you are participating in the challenge and your hustle has made money, feel free to DM me with proof.

It doesn't have to be anything crazy - a screenshot will do 💸

Its difficult for me to check in on everyone but I will keep my eyes on my inbox!

Lets turn some ⬜️ into 🟩
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Jumping on the #hustleGPT challenge - I gave chatGPT £100 on Thursday and asked it to instruct me to make as much money as it can - inspired by @jacksonfall Image
Its given me some instructions. Looks like it wants me to build a website. That I can do. #hustleGPT Image
And here is what it suggests I start with. Image
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Highlights from the keynote address made by Mr. Deepak Bagla, Managing Director & CEO of Invest India at the Standard Chartered Treasury Leadership Forum 2023.

A thread! (1/n)

#India #economy #GDP #highlights #thread
India is going through the most unprecedented transformation of human history in the free world today. (2/n)

#india #economy
This is the first time in the history of India’s 5000 years of existence, that the 3 pillars are going through a rapid transformation at the same point in time.

The 3 Pillars:
- Economic
- Social
- Political (3/n)

#india #economy #social #political
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we weren't *great* students in college. we maybe got as many Fs as As, if not more. we failed out of @Caltech completely! still we struggled and pushed our way towards our degrees. here's two of them.

as a result, we've seen a lot of people like @NateSilver538. *fakers*.

while we were at @SDSU especially, which was a very big and crowded school full of people studying every conceivable subject, it was impossible not to run into people like @NateSilver538, @mattyglesias, @mtaibbi, &c.—people who thought that "higher learning" was a crock.

likely they were there mostly out of a sense of family obligation: their parents had money and power over them and pushed them to get a degree chiefly because college degrees are vital to social status in "the West". #capitalism may hate education but it loves *degrees*.

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Après mes 3 années d'entrepreneuriat & des millions générés

Voici MES 7 CONSEILS pour que vous soyez ENFIN heureux & financièrement libre dans les 6-12 prochains mois

pas de BS sur comment devenir millionnaire en 3 jours, juste des faits que tout le monde peut appliquer

Il y a 3 ans, j'étais encore étudiant et terminais les mois avec 0€ sur mon compte.

Ouais la vie est chère aha

Aujourd'hui, j'ai mon propre appartement, je peux aider ceux que j'aime et leur faire plaisir, voyager partout dans le monde, acheter littéralement n'importe quoi
et je SURTOUT suis heureux de pouvoir faire ce que je veux, quand je veux

Je ne dis pas ça pour frimer ou quoi, juste pour vous dire que j'ai vraiment rien de spécial

je ne suis pas plus intelligent que vous

je n'ai pas non plus de parents riches, et que vraiment TOUT LE MONDE
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Startup founders, are you on a wild emotional rollercoaster?

Try these neuropsychology tips (by @nicolesneuroscience) to self-regulate and stay balanced. #startup #entrepreneur #mentalhealth

Need help regulating emotions? Neuropsychology has tips! When feeling stressed, try breathing using a physiological sigh (receive an inhale, but before you get to the top, take another inhale) #selfcare #mentalhealth
Did anxiety get you down? A walk can help deactivate your amygdala. #exercise #anxietyrelief also good to keep fit
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(1/5) We’ve received some really excellent applications for our inaugural #ScytaleAcademy and with just about two weeks left in our application window we’d love to talk to a few more teams!

Just to recap, here’s what’s what:
(2/5) Scytale Academy is a free 10-week program aimed at supporting early-stage Web3 projects through investments, mentorship, technical support and educational sessions.
(3/5) The educational sessions are aimed at helping teams improve their business models, revamp their product design (UI/UX), help with community building, legal structuring, assist with a sustainable tokenomics design, provide go-to market strategies and much more!
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