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If anyone has any other suggestions on games, I'm all eyes/ears ...

It takes two is only A 2 player game so i'm personally leaning towards something A bunch of us can play together.
We can go play COD.
I could care less.

I'll give it A minute.
THINK Deep on this please. ImageImage
The Jackbox Party Packs is something MULTIPLE people can pmay along ..

For example, anyone can download & play along on any device, not just PS ..
One game you can have from 1-99 players.

Do some research for A minute & #THINK about what you all would like to play. ImageImage
There is more than just 3 & 4 for the Jackbox series. There is 123456 & maybe 7 ..

3 & 4 put for A reason.
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@arendtiana @JohnnyVedmore @DenisS0rn @_whitneywebb Some 'jerk off' @CNN reporter finds & interviews #OsamabinLaden & his lesdership, and then @cnnbrk

"Bin Laden will attack
USA & #Israel"

#911Truth RIP #BillCooper
@arendtiana @JohnnyVedmore @DenisS0rn @_whitneywebb @CNN @cnnbrk #911Truth👆
#Bush #SkullAndBones

In Johnny's article, #KlausSchwab is having breakfast in NYC on the morning of 9/11 at a synagoge with a Rabi, ex- World Jewish Congress, or so, watching the scheduled
9/11 show

Carte blanche for #GreatReset & #NewNormal
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Why I say those who demean motherhood are misanthropic, and evil.
Even more evil, are those whose ideology literally defines evil as female, and thus insist that the "redemption" of humanity can only come through erasure of the female. #Judaism
Dot. Dot.

#Think #ffs
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@abhivyakti1_ N was a journo for India Today ...

Now he is on a Constitutional Post ...

Two things ..

1. Once you are on a Const Post in present ..u FEIGN ignorance about all injustice n frauds u exposed in the past!

2.Such a person who heads a Constitutional Post can NEVER n trustworthy
@abhivyakti1_ ..n don't forget He has been inducted as Information Commissioner Gov of India ...Will he do justice to his post ?

@abhivyakti1_ N when we raise these imp n pertinent Qs there are a few who label us Congi ,Anti Modi , Govardhan Math Followers ( as if in SANATAN BHARAT its a CRIME to be )etc !!

List those handles.They ARE those who don't mind cover ups n injustice being allowed to be buried #A_La_Mahurkar
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A thread👉What happened to Public Sector Undertakings since Mr. Modi took over the PMO

May 2014👉Total market cap of all PSUs was ₹19.1 lakh crore

Oct 2020👉Total market cap of all PSUs stands at ₹12.2 lakh crore

In 6.5 yrs👉Govt owned companies lost ₹6.9 lakh crore
May 2014👉PSUs accounted for 22.8 per cent of the value of all companies listed on BSE

Oct 2020👉PSUs account for 7.7 per cent of the value of all companies listed on BSE

In 6.5 yrs👉Govt owned companies lost nearly 15 percentage points
From May 2014 to Oct 2020

👉All BSE-listed companies added 89 per cent to their value

👉Sensex companies added 87 per cent

👉Small cap index of BSE risen by 365 per cent — from ₹4,83,000 crore to ₹22,44,000 crore, which is a four-fold increase
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Now that Supreme Court will suspend @narendramodi farm laws till a panel it sets up decides the way forward, what are other laws -- including tax ones -- we can get suspended?
Just keep in mind that, to be successful, we need to b able to gherao capital, so need tractors, etc
If agitating Punjab farmers don't go back home once SC suspends @narendramodi farm laws,will SC ask its police to force them out of Delhi? Oh wait, SC doesn't have its own police force!
& if farmers or govt don't agree to panel reccos? Will India be run by SC's panels now?
Supreme Court setting a dangerous precedent in wanting to put new farm laws in abeyance says @sarthakray

Disgruntled groups, with enough clout to gherao Delhi, can now challenge any law and get it kept in abeyance…
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1/5 Apophenia: the tendency to find connections between unrelated things. Just because someone tells you: "Check out Dems and paedophilia. I've already said too much..." does not mean that there is a connection, but it does mean that if you are looking for it, you will find it!
2/5 Everything you look for, you will find a result and when you start wondering why MSM is not reporting it, you forget about Occam’s Razor, namely that millions of entries not mentioning it should outweigh a few entries that could have been created by chimps using a typewriter.
3/5 Anytime you fall for “Do your own research!”, you are creating your own reality based on such a small subset of data points that make you feel great, because you get a dopamine rush for proving yourself right. There is something like objective and provable reality!
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Whenever someone tells you that Turkey and Russia are somehow competing for influence or against each other...just say:

1. S-400s
2. Turksteam pipeline.

And then begin the conversation again with "Astana process"...

They are partitioning, cooperating...not in opposition.
Countries that compete don't buy weapons systems from one another, build pipelines rapidly and divide other countries like Syria, Libya, Nagorna-Karabkah. That's just not how competition works. For competition see Iran-Israel, US-China tensions, Pakistan-India, etc...
Now...does China buy US Patriot missiles? No.
Do the US and China build pipelines together? No.
Do they carve up countries with peacekeepers and deals? No.

Now do the same for Israel and Iran, Pakistan and India, etc, etc...

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Thread: Those who believe the destructive war against poor Armenia was about hurting Iran have bought into the narrative of Ankara entirely...there is zero evidence Iran was harmed by a war that basically harmed Armenians and Azeris...if anything Iran gained again.
The theory that all the minority groups in the Middle East have to be attacked by Ankara and its extremists and that somehow destroying Afrin...Armenia...Sinjar...hurts Iran is built on nonsense and gratuitous support for violence against innocent people.
Notice how the Ankara regime media never critiques Kataib Hezbollah, Hezbollah, Badr or Houthis...none of Iran’s real allies. We are constantly being lied to that Ankara “opposes Iran” doesn’t. It is allied with Iran and Russia.
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#Customer Service Officer?
d fol training threads on my timeline since March, 2020 will really help u RESET.
#Customer Care Skills
#Who is an Entrepreneur?
#How To Be An Entrepreneur
#Goal Setting Strategies

@threadreaderapp "COMPILE"
#Creating a Productivity Journal
#Entrepreneural Motivation.
#Think Business Not Jobs.
#Effective Communications for Entrepreneurs.
#Debts, Investments or Consumption.
#How to be indispensable @ work.
#A Basic Introduction To Customer Care.
#Entrepreneur Quotes
#What is Sales?
#Dynamics of Sales.
#30 Ways to become a successful Entrepreneur
#Entrepreneurs...Post COVID-19
#Niche Marketing.
#Tunnel Vision In Marketing.

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#Think - while we really, really hope Biden wins - and gets #orangeptus (totes racist I know) to stop destroying the Republic:

Twitter got MEGA hacked TODAY.

The Big tech company - that spends all their time on security - all of it.

But, some McConnell Cronie, who makes
voting machine - refused to give Supervisor of Elections passwords.

Machines, poll workers and canvassing boards have never used - are going to accurately reflect the will of every American people?

Voting in the election that will decide if we get a Leader or become a
part of the Russian Federation?

I have some bad news for ya.

Все кончено, но зато есть долгий путь к дому Пайлина, а затем в Сибирь. Мы офигенные.
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Michael Moore Presents Planet of the Humans (2020) via @YouTube
#Allah Ta’aala created this world and the entire system in which this tiny planet exists – the entire universe.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/19/2020-2

Podcast: Galileo and the science deniers, and physicists probe the mysterious pion…
#Science #Galileo
Meet the ‘psychobiome’: the gut bacteria that may alter how you think, feel, and act…
#action #gut #bacteria #feel #think
How do children spread the coronavirus? The science still isn’t clear…
#Children #spread #coronavirus
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Simulasi: Bila Tuhan Dan Agama Konspirasi
1. Andaikan Tuhan dianggap selevel legenda, maka otomatis agama juga tiada. Yang turut hilang adalah hari kiamat, pahala-dosa, dan pastinya surga-neraka juga ikut lenyap
2. Kehidupan hanya yang sekarang, dan keadilan hanya terbatas di dunia. Karena orang tak perlu berbekal untuk hidup yang lebih panjang, maka dia habiskan semua di dunia
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Leading in Crisis✊
"sharing & self reminder tentang bagaimana leader menghadapi krisis"

written by @HandryGE
#dirumahaja #COVID19 #Leadership
Photo by Jehyun Sung via @unsplash
1a/ #Leader dlm situasi krisis harus mulai dengan asumsi bahwa #problem is worse than it appears. Sehingga langkah mengatasinya dan plan A, B, C, D nya kuat.
1b/ Bukan untuk menjadi pesimis dan #negativethinking, tapi realistis dan berhitung dengan cermat, sehingga aksinya jadi cepat dan tepat. Jangan menyepelekan sesuatu ketika krisis datang.
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Social distancing..... try 6am in Tesco when you need to try get one of your safe foods to try and keep on track for #recovery please #think of those who are vulnerable. I have a depleted immune system so have put myself at risk so I can eat today.
And to all the elderly who were there looking so upset and putting themselves at risk, I am truly sorry for what humanity seems to have become. We should be looking after you at this time.
It may only be a minority but it seems there’s enough to take away vital supplies from out most vulnerable. Please everyone #think and be compassionate to others
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(1) Thread: June 5th #earthquake near #Ridgecrest CA

I'm an earthquake survivor from NZ (2011) who will provide reporting & commentary below, just as soon as I can load the USGS pages properly.

This was big, shallow, & the city has 28k people.
(2) OK, have given up on the USGS website for now. Current USGS-sourced assessment of this EQ is:

Mag: 7.1 (severe)
Depth: 0.9km (half a mile, v. v. shallow)
Location: 17km NNE of Ridgecrest, CA (very close to city)
(3) I would be very surprised if there is no loss of life from this EQ.

185 people died in the Christchurch NZ EQ of 2/22/11. I was thrown across the room, but was fine, compared to others.

Ridgecrest: 28,000 + rural areas is a lot of people affected.
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1/ "If doctors and nurses #clocked out when their paid #hours were finished, the effect on patients would be calamitous. Doctors and nurses know this, which is why they don’t shirk.

The system knows it, too, and takes advantage." @danielleofri
2/ "Increasingly, though, I’ve come to the uncomfortable realization that this #ethic that I hold so dear is being cynically #manipulated.

With mergers and streamlining, it has pushed the #productivity numbers about as far as they can go."
3/ "By now, corporate medicine has milked just about all the 'efficiency' it can out of the system."

I often think about this from an educator perspective too. My residents often say 'I just don't know how I can be any more #efficient" #MedEd
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To the unfortunate souls drowning in the war of the acronyms, realize that in 2011, Nigeria had 65,000 internally displaced people (IDPs). Today in 2019 there are an estimated 3.75m IDPs literally & figuratively over 100million IDPs under this admin’s weaponized poverty. #BeWise
In a country where the truth is seen as a poisonous hate speech, there is no telling how deep the plunge into the abyss would be. But should this be a legacy to our children and unborn generations? Millions trapped in these camps & abused by known VIPs stealing from them...
...would one day break out in their numbers into your beloved streets and make your sheltered kids pay for a crime they never committed. Those plunged into economic hardship & job losses will justify their transmogrification by living a life of crime. Shame has lost its meaning.
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While we tried as much as possible to avert major disasters in the past 48hours, we can’t but be grateful to patriotic officers within the @PoliceNG structures that allowed the Spirit of the Yuletide influence their actions. We have recorded far less casualties in 3years.
We are however concerned about the 100s of @PoliceNG officers dismissed for desertion. We are concerned about the selection process and this will be lookied into as we proceed. The low record of oppression, abduction & extortion of our youth this Christmas shows we can do more.
This doesn’t take away the fact that citizens have a who,e lot of thinking to do in their decision towards the realignment of leadership to purpose in 2019. All our institutions are under great pressure & stress by the enemies of our democracy. We are all Victims.
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(1) Forget the headlines from the lying, leaking, liberal MSM. Read the official statement here:…
(2) The MSM critiques of the President's statement focus on peripheral aspects like his use of exclamation marks. Reflect on that, against the incredibly serious points made about Iran, international terrorism, global oil prices etc.

Which side is talking about what MATTERS?
(3) Every point POTUS made was already known to me, & to you, if you've been following actual events & trends, instead of the MSM spin.

YES the murder of Mr Khashoggi was AWFUL & it is NOT condoned by Trump, the US, or me, or you.

A President must consider the whole picture.
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