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Today - Special @tdsb Committee of the Whole at 4:30 - staff will present further revised models for #ReturntoSchool and a number of motions to come before the Board - Agenda here… Please join us here… I will be live tweeting...
In advance, sincere thank you to @TDSBDirector and senior staff... prioritizing health and safety to follow @TOPublicHealth guidelines without the necessary provincial funding makes this an impossible task... #onted
Special Committee of the Whole to discuss @tdsb Return to School Models and associated motions beginning at 4:30 - you can join us here…
Meeting begins with an oral delegation from a TDSB Secondary teacher who speaks to disappointment with provincial parameters as a teacher and as a parent in forcing a return to school
Report from the Chair @AlexBrownWard12 "jumped into the role" - welcomes people to contact him - pauses to thank @TDSBDirector and the rest of the staff for their commitment over the past months
Report from TSTG (Transportation) @RobinPilkey speaks to prioritizing students with special education during the first week and other students following week (except @DavisvillePS) - asks whether empty seat rule should be enacted this year - consensus to suspend procedure
Next report from @TOPublicHealth from @StephDonovan2 Thanks for collaboration - received letter outlining priority recommendations below and piloting saliva tests and supporting schools in Covid-19 areas. In addition new dedicated team of 70 nurses to support schools.
City of Toronto staff are identifying spaces for boards to use and all city parks available - and @TOPublicHealth will have a dedicated team to support; Emergency motion coming later…
.@rchernoslin reports on @TorontoPIAC special meeting discussing Return to School - over 5000 on the webinar - which is now available on-line - join the conversation series over the next month…
.@aarts_michelle providing #SEAC update - meeting last night - committee supports work being done to date but still have key concerns with some protocols to support students with autism - many unanswered questions - willingness to work with staff
Report from @TDSBDirector - staff will be presenting updated information on new strategies and approaches on Return to School plans - understand anxiety and frustration - health and safety of students and staff are paramount
.@TDSBDirector discusses we are following as many @TOPublicHealth recommendations as possible but funding is not enough to achieve all - risk based approach will be taken within guiding principles
Pre-registration survey results presented by @tdsb AD Witherow - school messenger (phone survey) completed 3 rounds of the survey - 67% response rate - on-line survey put on pause as understood models would shift
Analyzed results with LOI - highest area of need - overall high response rate from all neighbourhood elementary schools - more variability with secondary - @TOPublicHealth align with @TOPublicHealth list
Pre-registration will be used for @tdsb planning purposes - across LOI rankings there is a strong indication to return to school
With @tdsb secondary model - results are higher - adaptive model with smaller class sizes
With @tdsb adult students, lowest response rate - almost split vs in-school vs remote - waiting for responses from International students
Staff survey is launched through ServiceNow - we have about 1/3rd of @tdsb permanent staff responding during first day - 97% plan to return to work - 15% require accommodations and are having discussions with Employee Services - will help us plan - occasional staff survey next
Now @JSpyropoulos speaks to @tdsb Secondary plan and thanks team - landed on iteration - thanks parents and union partners @OSSTFtoronto and #EDU - in high schools - groups of students in classes of approx 15 wearing masks - one group in school/day alternating days - quadmester
Quadmester enables student to concentrate at 2 courses at a time - @tdsb model has been modified - this meets ministry parameters - synchronous - live virtual learning; asynchronous - homework; model built on 4 day schedule that repeats itself on the 5th day
Example - Math class divided into 2 cohorts A and B - A starts in school in-person 8:45-12:30; B is doing independent learning at home; at the end of the period - lunch break - staff and student dismissal - slide updated... stay tuned! Break at lunch is 90 minutes
From 2-3:15 synchronous learning for second course with both cohorts - model we believe meets criteria - 90 minute lunch provides extended period of time - new slide below
Remote Learning Secondary Model
Questions - @trusteemammo asks re transitioning back and forth for in-class and remote - @JSpyropoulos - best time is at the quad break - best for assessment - if there is an issue, connect with the Principal - individual issues will be worked through
Re 4-day timetable @ChrisMoiseTO asks difference between this @tdsb secondary model and the previous one - moves from 25% in-school - now we are at 40% in line with ministry expectations - 90 minute lunch - students can get home and teachers have flexibility
Re #EDU approval of model asks @MacLeanWard2 - @TDSBDirector responds that yes - Ministry has approved. Concern expressed that 90 minutes may not be enough travel time for some students - @JSpyropoulos responds there will be a local solution
Concerns expressed by @rchernoslin re long period of time - @JSpyropoulos responds similar to summer school - admits it is a long period - students with teachers can divide time up in creative ways - this iteration is the best they could arrive at
With all models @TDSBDirector responded - you have to give up something - this mode gives up some synchronous learning to increase face-to-face learning
Reminder @JSpyropoulos - school is on - assessment and attendance will be taken
For students who choose remote, @NunziataPatrick asks how will they be selected - virtual school will be created and will be discussed shortly - different for secondary and elementary
As soon as we know who is coming back remotely and face-to-face we can communicate @TDSBDirector - @Zakir4TDSB asks if IB will be the same - response is depends on numbers
.@JamesX_Li thanks staff - if we need to pivot in-class to remote, students will continue to be supported by same teacher; remote cohorts connection to the school is important; asks re specialized programs; can they choose remote learning? @manonjgardner says wherever possible
For live virtual learning @YaliniR_Ward21 asks if teachers will be at school for synchronous - answer yes; will WiFi in school be able to handle that? @Singhpeter response infrastructure will deliver on expectation; students can switch courses and options
Final question for secondary @TrusteeSmith asks re teachers readiness for synchronous learning - @JSpyropoulos speaks to professionalism of teachers to be ready and meet expectations
Another question @TrusteeSmith re safety for students - @JSpyropoulos speaks to ensuring students understand procedures and protocols during this Covid period - then asks as we get closer to start of school, are we ready? Yes schools have been cleaned; PPE & supplies delivered
Quick question @jenniferstoryTO re vocal music & specialized courses built around courses - AD Witherow says yes - using guidelines by prov and national organizations - details will be put in guidelines for schools - will be shared next week
Presentation for elementary continues - looking at spaces within schools - working with City of Toronto and Science Centre and working with @TOPublicHealth re configurations of schools
This is the latest list provided by @TOPublicHealth
We do not have sufficient funds to keep distance - critically important comment
AD Snider speaks to reserves - "these are not rainy day funds"! He explains each of the reserve funds and our liabilities - described below - total @tdsb reserves are $130.8M
Critical point re all proposed elementary models redeploy central, itinerant and school-based teachers - approximately 400 teachers to support smaller class sizes
Option 1 leaves total defit at 1% - total 486 teachers
Here are the risks re Option 1 - if we go to remote sites supervision may be an issue - transportation is a risk in of itself
Option 2 brings our deficit to 2% - Option 1 plus use of reserves described below - would add 766 teachers to support smaller class size
Risks for Option 2 - increase from Option 1
Option 3 - 3% overall deficit - key difference here we would need to also use Long-Term Disability - liabilities increase - total 1,046 teachers to support class size
Risks increase for Option 3 - significant impact of financial position of the board
This slide self-explanatory
Summary of Options
Optional Attendance - finalizing messaging - wherever we can we will accommodate
Technology - communication is coming tomorrow
Staggered start re Transportation (Davisville will be transported first week because of special circumstances)
Delayed start and staggered entry - (really support this!)
Next Steps AF @kgfalcon speaks to @tdsb families being surveyed again - many changes - updating documents - and program and operation guidelines will be posted so Principals have the most up-to-date information - and we'll talk about what we don't yet know! Supporting as we can.
Principals will engage School Councils and parent communities on local context - Principals will be supported to ensure families - students and staff are welcomed back. Break at 7:30...
Question @Zakir4TDSB asks re if we transport at lunch - answer is secondary use TTC - question re high-risk areas - @TDSBDirector speaks to health and safety protocol - details being worked on - will be very public
Asks who will be monitoring asks @Zakir4TDSB? @TDSBDirector speaks to collaboration with teachers, Principals and Vice-Principals with @TOPublicHealth nurses - collective responsibilities - seats will be assigned - facilities looking at all inventory of space - options explored
Director @TDSBDirector speaks to @tdsb efforts re contact tracing - there is an outbreak protocol that will be in place that we will be following closely - she clarifies it won't be medical screening
Question re use of reserves - AD Snider asked by @Zakir4TDSB re risks - there could be financial impact on the bottom-line immediately and in the future - clarifies no volunteer teachers - but faculty students
Question re ventilation - staff worked through the summer inspecting systems - maximizing fresh air - HVAC brought on line 2 hrs - exhaust fans running to clear air - filters changed more frequently but reality is old systems - working with @TOPublicHealth; fans can be pointed up
Can children go home for lunch? asks @Zakir4TDSB - elementary students to stay at school for lunch - we will be limiting ability of parents to bring lunch! Students need to bring with them! Who supervises? We are assessing right now...
Before we open schools @Zakir4TDSB asks how do we ensure they are safe for return? AD @kgfalcon speaks to discussions at committee re confidence of the system - local principals will be key - communication will be key
Screening questions from @YaliniR_Ward21 re if a student has any symptoms they need to stay home! Key ways to prevent the spread - re deaf/hard of hearing - and students with other identifications - purchased see-through masks and shields - differentiated PPE available for staff
And for students - AD Witherow also speaks to transition plans for classrooms - providing comfort for parents - mindful that some students still might not tolerate them well... how have we communicated with students with IEPs? SEAC is supporting - helping with guidelines
All teachers will be reviewing IEPs during first few days of school - in relationship to accommodations now during Covid - they will be updated to meet new learning conditions AD Witherow comments - @YaliniR_Ward21 follows up - communication will be going home - will transition
Concerns re timing - @YaliniR_Ward21 asks re staggered or delayed entries - @TDSBDirector confirms ministry has provided approval for the first two weeks
Now @RobinPilkey speaks to Options - teachers per school - would need 2500 teachers to minimize all classes; @TDSBDirector confirms idea is to send teachers to hot-spot areas only working with @TOPublicHealth; looking at approaches - ranking of elementary schools in terms of risk
.@TDSBDirector speaks to options - highest risk areas to least risk areas or mitigate throughout - @RobinPilkey reiterates cannot build expectations of parents that we can mitigate all class sizes
Question @RobinPilkey - finds it hard that ministry wants us to spend reserves - after they required us to fund reserves for our liability? @TDSBDirector reports ministry is aware of options - they noted us using our reserves... @RobinPilkey finds it "astonishing"
Worried about children staying for lunch - @RobinPilkey speaks to enforcing that - @TDSBDirector clarifies - preference to stay but will be permitted to go home for lunch! Important clarification!
Now @ChrisMoiseTO speaks to not calling funds reserves as they are put against items - especially concerned re school budgets and long-term disability - if we do use these funds, do we need to pay them back? We need more money from province now... more than ever before!
Feels we are crossing line - need to push back - province should fund reduced class sizes - concerned with double-standard - AD Snider responds - we will not limit schools using budget carryovers; we have been prudent fiscal managers, but would have to build up liability again
Break now until 8pm
.@Steph4schools asks when local principals can answer local school questions? Response is as soon as possible but most elementary are on back on August 24 - and then asks that school councils can be true partners and just not inform plans
Slides are now posted @tdsb website - here is a link…
Question @rchernoslin asks for clarification on remote learning - virtual school - K-12 - only way to do it is to centralize - classes will be put together - they will lose the connection to the local school - but they will be part of a group - needs revised communication
AD WItherow confirms we will be doing @tdsb pre-registration survey again - models will be described - so decisions can change - and may change our planning numbers - but need to ensure parents are informed with accurate information
With respect to #teachers - @rchernoslin asks high-risk priority and if teachers left would be target specific grades? @TDSBDirector speaks to yes - may target specific grades across the rest of the system - will have further clarity for FBEC on Thursday
Frustration expressed @trixiedoyle that we had a plan that was safer - these options were not the best option - now it is about risk - ministry is not putting safety first - we cannot follow @TOPublicHealth guidelines - worried about middle grades
Director @TDSBDirector speaks to the fact that @TOPublicHealth suggested adapted model for middle school students but it was rejected by the Ministry - @trixiedoyle expresses frustration
Re remote learning and # of minutes re synchronous - @trixiedoyle asks for clarification re PPM - AD Witherow responds this will be shared - last question re D&HH students - did we look at technical aids? AD Witherow noted will be working with facilitators on how to support
Now @AlexBrownWard12 asks re first week - is it possible to have no students but teachers in the schools for Tue and Wed? ES Gold - confirms we can decide how to use that time; now asks re next pre-registration survey - AD Witherow - e-mail link School Messenger & phone w/o email
Question @AlexBrownWard12 asks - will we have videos to tell a story what school will look like? EO Parry speaks to virtual walk-through videos - working on it - elementary and secondary
What about ventilation asks @AlexBrownWard12? Can we remove limits on how much windows can open? AD Snider speaks to looking at windows and that we do not know our allocation re HVAC funding - how fast can @TOPublicHealth close down schools? TBC
Now @TrusteeSmith asks if we have asked province re videos - @TDSBDirector says can suggest - @TrusteeSmith asks re using reserve funds - clarification staff will bring forward recommendation to special FBEC Thursday
Plan re open-concept schools? AD Snider is looking at space to look at how to address; and clarifies will work with @TOPublicHealth re supporting schools in hot spots; @TrusteeSmith asks are Principals coming back early? Secondary back already and Elementary are coming on the 24
Trustee @JamesX_Li asks whether students on remote learning remain with their home school? AD Witherow clarifying - they will be registered to virtual school but they will go back to their home school - and creating guidelines re guidelines
AD Witherow speaking to optional attendance and specialty programs - spots will be held; @JamesX_Li speaks to furniture and response is they are looking - re if teacher teaches remotely what happens to their position at home school - EO Gold speaks to teachers internally seconded
Without knowing details, EO Gold says not clear what is possible but will discuss with unions - after Covid year, EO Gold looking at assignment of teachers as temporary
.@MannaWongTDSB expresses gratitude to staff understanding they support as safe a return as possible... re elementary models & notes that no option provides what is needed - disappointment in government - wants protocols shared with parents ASAP - with details on self-screening
Asks what is differentiated PPE? AD Witherow notes teachers will be given surgical masks and other equipment like gowns, gloves and shields for those who require - @MannaWongTDSB asks if students will be provided with masks - answer is yes
.@aarts_michelle gets clarification from staff that they are looking at all possible spaces working with partners in City, BIAs, Science Centre, etc.
.@MannaWongTDSB asks re map - and how schools are chosen that would run out of space - Andrew Gowdy - used schools projected enrolment, divisors on class sizes, number of staff and number of rooms - schools on map require additional rooms
re ventilation - @MannaWongTDSB - many schools have old systems that do not meet industry guidelines - AD Snider is ensuring systems in good state of repair, new filters, air intakes free and clear and changing volume of fresh air into the building; starting systems earlier
Looking for school by school report...
.@MacLeanWard2 asks is students can't wear mask will they wear shields? @TDSBDirector will discuss with @TOPublicHealth - another question - will adult schools be used to redeploy elementary students? @manonjgardner noted they will look at 5 sites and numbers and could repurpose
Lunch re elementary - @MacLeanWard2 asks if elementary students will be prohibited by going out to lunch but can go home for lunch - and secondary students encouraged to go home
Re central staffing asks @MacLeanWard2 - 3 groups of teachers may be repurposed - central and itinerant and already in school with no class list - still to be worked out - will try and maintain teacher and community - there will not be bumping of teachers in their own building
Will we be coordinating in-school teachers and remote learning teachers asks @MacLeanWard2? AD Witherow responds that teachers may teach different strands at different times - professional judgement - can we confirm with government that 3% model is a go before FBEC?
Trying to understand change of position of staff re using deficit funding @MacLeanWard2? @TDSBDirector clarifies
she confirmed it would not be prudent to use all reserves - but options include careful analysis on portions that have lower risk - but there will always be some risk
Now @ParthiKandavel asks re PD first few days - is any outdoor education? AD WItherow - 5 topics mandated by the Ministry - health and safety, equity & anti-oppression, mental health, math, on-line digital learning - but we also have a team looking at outdoor ed in school setting
Re staggered entry - does it affect instructional days? ED Gold responds no - it will not affect calendar days - school year calendar is not adjusted or adding days
Re portables? HVAC systems and filters are all checked. @ParthiKandavel asking again re capacity of schools - if staff can relook; asking re reserves - can you breakdown why we can access money already allocated? @TDSBDirector notes again, these are not rainy day funds...
... they are not contingency funds - they have obligations against them - @Carlenegannon1 $88M set aside, for example for future expenses for LTD - on an annual basis do not use budget - we draw from fund - good management - $59M actuary liability at this point in time
Will we see language on school budgets? AD Snider - we will supply PPE and plexiglass centrally on a district-wide basis - Can School Council spend more asks @ParthiKandavel? AD Snider says they will address
Beyond providing teachers are we looking at anything else asks @ParthiKandavel? @TDSBDirector notes only looking at reducing class sizes - looking at physical space driving numbers - portables are not solution for September - takes 8-12 weeks
Now @trusteemammo speaks to Options 2 and 3 - targeting high risk areas with fewer teachers supports following @TOPublicHealth - supports
Clarification from @Zakir4TDSB that students can still access devices - and asks re survey - AD Witherow confirms that we will be resurveying in-person or remote now that we have more details
Do parents have option of remote learning without technology asks @Zakir4TDSB? Yes - there will be non-digital resources provided - details to come. All students including gifted can opt for remote learning.
NOTE - @TDSBDirector says there will be a delayed start - we need time to ensure all schools are ready - will confirm 1 week or 2 and whether or not staggered ASAP but unlikely school will start September 8 for students.
Questions from @Anu_Sris - for remote learners - will kids from the same school grouped together? @manonjgardner wherever possible we will group students together; are we prioritizing staff at high risk to do remote learning? Yes -
Re BASP asks @Anu_Sris - @kgfalcon confirms they are being surveyed so we are clear on services to continue - too early to know if all 3rd party operators are returning
Will there be consistent policies re positive tests asks @alexandralulka? @TDSBDirector speaks to protocol being developed re outbreak management - there will be some consistency
Clarification re delayed start asks Trustee Tonks - @TDSBDirector confirm may be delayed start for both - but all back started within two weeks
Has there been any consideration re staggering elementary? Starting with JK or 8? EO Gold suggests potentially older first so they can help educate others with routines - timing of decision? Hope is to finalize elementary plan shortly - and will communicate ASAP
Trustee Tonks disappointed with government approach - @TDSBDirector spoke to ministry re DECE's - Education Act clarifies classes of 15 with 1 teacher and 1 DECE - if regulation is amended, we would need to engage CUPE and ETFO re - structuring FDK in partnership
Questions complete! Matter will be referred to @tdsb Special FBEC and Board on Thursday - aiming for noon. Will advise tomorrow.
Now moving Motions - @jenniferstoryTO @rchernoslin… Motion on Covid-19 Specific Needs - @jenniferstoryTO virtual unanimity of all of us re greater funding supports are required for a safer back to school - investment from government does not match
Important to be on the record - @rchernoslin adds that it is important to remember that just because it may not be done for the start of school does not mean it should not be done - @TOPublicHealth speaks to layers of mitigation - transparency is important = @trixiedoyle thanks!
We need ongoing support @trixiedoyle comments - now @ParthiKandavel seeks clarity on language - have we received replies from Minister on previous letters - @AlexBrownWard12 clarifies we receive replies and share them
Motion carried unanimously
Next motion @aarts_michelle and @rchernoslin re Masks or face coverings for all students, staff and visitors… @rchernoslin notes younger children can carry a viral load and important as can't guarantee physical distancing - mitigating risk
.@YaliniR_Ward21 asks evidence - @aarts_michelle notes sources referenced in motion and @TOPublicHealth supports motion - protocols will build in breaks - clarification that age-appropriate signage, education approaches, etc.
Now Trustee Tonks speaks - concerned re youngest learners wearing masks and hopes that teachers have flexibility - @aarts_michelle speaks to the article Myths About Masks by APA
.@Steph4schools notes @TOPublicHealth strongly recommends mask use indoors for all students - with mask breaks outdoors; @ParthiKandavel asks staff to comment - AD Witherow confirms support - @TDSBDirector confirms union/federation partners support masks for all grades
.@Anu_Sris sharing concerns re youngest learners - but will be supporting the motion - worried if kids drop mask on the floor - AD Snider speaks to teachers will have disposable masks
.@TrusteeSmith does not support motion for young children to wear masks
Amendment to motion 16-4
Question from @Anu_Sris asks re enforcement for mask wearing - AD Witherow notes there will be reminders and breaks in the day for mask wearing (following physical distancing or outside) Now @TrusteeSmith reinforces his support for ministry rules re masks and not over-ride EDU
.@TDSBDirector confirms Ministry will support Boards should they wish to make it mandatory; @NunziataPatrick concerned re teachers having to manage - asks when masks come off? @TDSBDirector notes again breaks and notes @TOPublicHealth will let us know when masks not required
.@JamesX_Li notes support for motion - @Anu_Sris worried about what happens in winter? AD Witherow notes direction from @TOPublicHealth - engaging in study with @SickKidsNews re mask wearing - winter will pose challenges but may have more answers by that time
Concerns re policing masks from @Anu_Sris based on experience with school uniforms; AD Witherow notes our own biases and how we deal with discipline; @AlexBrownWard12 comments re protocol for mask use needs to be very clear - vote - motion passes 16-3
Moving on to final motion - @Steph4schools @jenniferstoryTO More Nurses for a Safe and Staggered School Re-Opening…
Thank you to @Steph4schools and @jenniferstoryTO for this motion - @Steph4schools speaks to motion - and support for @TOPublicHealth re recommendations - asks for more nurses - and asks for piloting of saliva-based tests - regional approach for prioritizing resources
Moves right to vote - motion passes unanimously!
And that's a wrap! Thanks for following @tdsb
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