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Looking at the Winter/Spring plans from various #edu institutions, I'm increasingly aware of the (often bad) assumptions being made about face-to-face and online teaching and learning. We need to start from a place of care -- for students and teachers, otherwise there's no point.
"Make sure to teach your courses at your scheduled times. We expect courses to be synchronous unless previously scheduled otherwise."

My online courses offer opportunities for synchronous engagement but don't require it. Asynchronous has distinct benefits, especially right now.
Even if you're trying to closely replicate the work of face-to-face on-ground courses, synchronous online isn't the thing. Asynchronous with optional opportunities for synchronous engagement does a better job of "simulating" what we do in regularly scheduled face-to-face courses.
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2/2 via @YouTube
#KäptnBlaubär #CaptainBlueBear #HeinBloed probiert #nachzukochen was mal in der #Maus gezeigt wurde. Aber es geht einfach, wie wimmer: #ALLES schief.
@TerryGilliam Now, is this the meaning of ?
Hurz! via @YouTube
#HURZ #TENOR #MIRO #WIESE und da @tim_kocht mit @TimCook NICHT soviel zu tun hat, hier das #Endergebnis #SPOILER NICHT FERTIG HAHA!

@MartinSonneborn Kommt ihnen bekannt vor, was?
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This afternoon @tdsb Planning & Priorities Committee begins at 4:30 Agenda - Staff Report on Indigenous Land-Based Learning, Staff Report on Implementation of a Mandatory Vaccination Procedure & Staff Update on Return to School - Watch here… Will live tweet
The "Implementation of a Mandatory Vaccine Procedure" is now posted with the agenda for today's @tdsb P & P - look forward to the staff presentation…
Meeting begins with @OPSBA Director's Report - highlights Vaccination advocacy, #AboveandBeyond social media campaign; Transitioning from COVID Experience and student survey… and more...
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FTSE China A50 Index futures open 2.6% higher on Thursday morning following the 3% gain overnight.
Sources said China's authority had a hastily call with major intl banks in a bid to restore the market calm after the recent rout.

#China #StockMarket
Hang Seng Tech Index up 6%, #Meituan jumps 10%, #Tencent rises 7% and #Alibaba gains 5%.
$BABA #Hang #China #HongKong #StockMarket
SSE Composite Index +1.26%
Shenzhen Component Index +2.16%
SZSE ChiNext Price Index +2.75%
#China #StockMarket $ASHR
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@tdsb Today's update from Director @TDSBDirector
@tdsb @TDSBDirector .@Singhpeter updating us on the switching survey data
@tdsb @TDSBDirector @Singhpeter Response broken down by grades - by learning centre
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#Thread on K-12 funding in the Covid relief bill, which also prevents a government shutdown by funding the federal government. $900 Billion. 5,000+ pages, nobody read, except whatever each congressm@n contributed, for sure. via…
$82B for education, $54B in particular for #K12. Quadrupling what was set aside on the first round of the #CARESAct
CA expected to receive about 10% of the monies (CA is Pelosi's and VP elect Harris' turf). Makes FASFA easier to fill- IDK, it was never that hard... The entire bill voted by 92-6 in the Senate. That is a majority, not to exaggerate, if you know how Congress has operated recently
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1/Thread: Let’s play a game #bced!

The MofE has stated that they are following the Denmark school model.

Game: Truth or Lie

I will place some quotes, from articles, about the Denmark #Edu model and you will guess whether you think this is actually happening in BC.

2/ Remember that the MofEd has promised British Columbians that after the Exam debacle, that they would ensure that every statement that comes out of their office would be vetted by a top Ministry official and be honest. #bced #bcpoli
3/ Here we go:

“She credits the success in Denmark to the co-operation between the government and the teachers' union, and said they were in constant communication and addressed staff concerns early on.”

#bced #bcpoli
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25/30 I responded to the tweet/thread negatively and included a link to a Kahn Academy lesson about the topic, not bc anyone in the thread needed the lesson, but bc Twitter is performative & public and the average reader should see that this is *not* an absurd or off-base Q.
26/30 Anyway, @jennthetutor, since you threatened me about DMing you, which I'd never have done anyway bc nothing personal/private is going on here, I’ll reply publicly: my response wasn’t intended to be directed at you. I see your name was first in the list. Sorry about that.
27/30 Context clues would still show that my @ was directed @akilbello. He’s the one who posted the Q. I figured he would have picked up on that and that you/Jon would want to see because we’re all pro's having convos on Twitter re teaching and students, who we all stump for.
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1/30 One of the major points of confusion about the #SAT and the #ACT specifically is what exactly is on the test. It’s always worth discussing the content of assessments, especially assessments that are so high-stakes.
2/30 When I started teaching shortly after college, I got into it as a part time job. I was a subject tutor, designing curricula and teaching math. I had always been comfortable with standardized tests, so it seemed (at the time) like that, too, would be straightforward work.
3/30 I’d never “prepped” for the tests myself when I was in HS, so I didn’t perceive/approach them as arenas that required strategy. It struck me that they were simply testing what I’d learned in school and my understanding of language and mathematical reasoning. #edutwitter
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This is the worst justification for discrimination and bias. How does this sh*t get published?

Let's begin at the end and decide that students are not saplings.…
Truly, we need to stop looking at students as:
1. Data points;
2. Pigeons;
3. Objects for our deliberation.

Students aren't not people. They aren't not made from the same material that every underestimated genius has been made from.
Skinner was wrong. Behaviorism is wrong. Education is not made of buttons you do or do not, can or cannot push. Education is proof that humans are capable of doing and thinking in ways we never would have expected.

To think that some students 'just can't' lacks imagination.
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Today - Special @tdsb Committee of the Whole at 4:30 - staff will present further revised models for #ReturntoSchool and a number of motions to come before the Board - Agenda here… Please join us here… I will be live tweeting...
In advance, sincere thank you to @TDSBDirector and senior staff... prioritizing health and safety to follow @TOPublicHealth guidelines without the necessary provincial funding makes this an impossible task... #onted
Special Committee of the Whole to discuss @tdsb Return to School Models and associated motions beginning at 4:30 - you can join us here…
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Some working #edu thoughts:
'Schooling' in academic writing land is different from learning & education. Schooling works at many levels but especially through techniques of body management with the goal of internalizing this as self-control - the goal: maximal available attention
for learning. Doesn't mean learning will happen but tries to create an environment and amenable 'bodies' in the jargon, for this to happen. Some #TLAC techniques fall into this. The line between power as domination and power as empowering of students is a fine one. For some the
use of the techniques is problematic. Others are concerned with the ends to which the techniques are put. Others stress the context and culture that shift how the techniques are experienced (as dehumanising or vitalising). But 'schooling' has been often been critiqued as a means
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Currently upset by today’s piece about a professor who makes his students turn in cell phones at the beginning of class. (I am not going to link to the piece, because I have no interest in sending a dumpster fire of clicks at the irresponsible #edu publication.)
The basic thesis of the piece (not actually a direct quote):
“Others may have good reasons for treating students like human beings. I just decided not to.” The piece is so paternalistic and cruel that I wouldn’t have been surprised to read these exact words.
To summarize his method (and this is a direct quote), “What I have is a poster board at the front of the classroom with their names on it. The students leave their phones in the spot with their name when they come in; thus, I can quickly check attendance using the board.”
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My favorite “learning outcomes” apply as well to teacher(s) as they do students.

Together, we will:
1) have epiphanies
2) change our mind about stuff
3) sit comfortably (and uncomfortably) in our not knowing
4) share stuff we learn with folks outside the course
None of these presume students are receptacles to be filled. None presume teachers can (or do) know what students don’t know (especially before they’ve met them). None can be measured in quantifiable ways. You can’t neatly rank students against one another by these metrics.
I’ve been thinking more and more about @slamteacher’s excellent thread about learning outcomes, especially what he writes about the presumptions that come along with so much of #edu’s talk (and implementation) of outcomes.
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Here’s the thing about the faculty/staff divide at many #edu institutions. Or the tenure-track/adjunct faculty divide. Or the admin/faculty divide. Students are the ones most harmed by the hierarchical problems created further up the chain.
Much of the focus of my career has been on developing, championing, and advocating for the work of teachers in higher education. This work starts from my concern for (and marveling at) the work of students. And the potential for learning communities of teachers and students.
The labor crisis at most #highered institutions frustrates this discussion. With 70% of the work force adjunct or otherwise contingent, institutions are scrambling.
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Calling all teachers!!! What are your biggest challenges teaching Indigenous content in your classes? What would make it easier? Comment or email us:
Also, we are happy to hear amazing success stories!
Keep the ideas coming #teachers we want to hear some best practices or breakthroughs you’ve made! #education
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Great to see the biggest % increase in non-compulsory #GCSE subject entires this yr was in Biology, Chemistry & Physics (as part of double award)

@thetimes: "160,110 pupils in England took chemistry [in 2018] compared w 53,309 in 2008”

Go #stem #scicomm #edu! #gcseresults2018
However, looking ahead to uni, only “46% of [STEM] graduates pursued careers in science, with the rest preferring management, banking or teaching” - says research by Leicester & Warwick unis, quoted in @thetimes…

Which are great careers - esp teaching - but @Telegraph reports @NAOorguk as saying “there are particular shortages of STEM skills at technician level, but an oversupply in other areas, such as biological science graduates,”…

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