Sunday, 6th September 2020

#Moon is transiting through Ashwani nakshatra whose lord #Ketu is near to Gandanta point in #scorpio and sagittarius axis.Moon will be forming conjunction with #mars in #Aries.#Saturn will also be aspecting the moon mars conjunction. Indo china clashes Image
can take a severe form as mars is 7th lord in Indian chart.Proper strategy formation should be done and over aggression should be avoided.

At individual level, you should avoid confrontations and mental frustrations. As moon represents mind, there is a high probability that you
might feel tensed or upset over things.Just relax and do meditation.

Offering water to shivling and praying to God Shiva will help you to remain cool and direct your energies in good direction. Chant Aditya hridya strotam during morning and offer arghala to sun god.

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May 25
NAUTAPA -9 days of excess heat

With the transit of Sun in Rohini Nakshatra on Sunday, marking the beginning of Nautapa, the nine days of reeling heat that will test everything around for its tolerance. Nautapa or period of nine hot days when the earth’s temperature rises
drastically will initiate today with Sun entering Rohini nakshatra.

Rohini -under in the domain of planet Venus (Taurus) is the nakshatra of moon and is widely known for soothing effect whereas sun is exactly opposite to it and represents burning effect. Therefore, when Surya
enters this nakshatra, it tends to take away all the cooling effect. Nautapa has been mentioned clearly in Srimad Bhagwatam and Surya Siddhanta. The scientific reason behind this is direct rays of sun on earth’s surface.

During these 9 days, you will be experiencing
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May 24
Combinations to Determine Napunsak/Gay native

Astrologers today are facing
interesting & challenging
questions by the parents. One among them is: "Is this Boy whom we are considering for an alliance to our daughter be able to take care of my daughter & keep her safe & happy.?
There is also a more intense focused question is being asked is, "Is he a normal man and capable of producing children to continue their respective family's lineage"? So, this is the background for this paper and I would like to share some combinations and principles to
determine a native is a Napumsaka (Gay or a Homosexual), have any remote possibilities and have abilities to have a progeny. I am giving below some combinations & extended principles to determining a native is an Eunuch.
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May 22
Mars in 2nd Bhava :
If Mars is in 2nd house from lagna:
- Cannot realise the utility of the wealth, inherits from relatives, squanders it away or hoards it.
Proud of bank balance, which is drained away in fines, litigations or lost to thieves.
- Hostility and stinginess stand
in the way of relations with everybody including own family members; the native would rather die than leave his money. If Mars is well aspected then the native will understand the philosophy of 'give and take'.
- Brings success through enterprise, legacies & inheritance but
soon lost due to careless and wasteful expenditure.
- Desire for sudden gain from lottery, game of chance & speculation. -Receives meagre and unsavoury food, serves dishonest cheats, disrespects the dead, debtor, hostile, cruel.
- Indicates journey, is blessed with sons,
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May 21
Cancer and Astrology

Cancer is a disease that the entire world fears. Scientists are still figuring it out the cause, prevention and cure. Cancers affect multiple parts of the body. The top ones today in the world are Throat cancer,Lung cancer, Stomach cancer, Skin cancer,
Breast cancer, Uterus cancer, Leukaemia, Liver cancer and Mouth cancer. Given below are the various body parts where Cancer can occur, mapped to the planets.

Sun : Stomach and intestine, heart, spleen, nerves inside the brain.

Moon : Blood, breast, lungs, food pipes, uterus,
varies, lymph.

Mars : Blood, bone marrow, vagina and uterus, genitals, rectum.

Mercury : Nose, nervous system, mouth, tongue, naval ribs, thyroid glands, spinal system, sensory nerves, ears, eyes.

Jupiter : Ears, liver, thigh, tongue, liver, renal, fat, throat, kidney,
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May 20
Kamdhenu Cow is the mother of all cows and is also considered as mother of 11 rudras. According to shastras, Kamdhenu cow has emerged from Samudra Manthan. We cannot see Kamdhenu cow physically but we can keep it in our home. According to Vaastu, keeping Kamdhenu cow idol at home
immensely beneficial as it is wish fulfilling. Kamdhenu mainly has body of cow and a female head containing several gods within her. Keeping this cow in home can assure happiness and wealth. Gods are associated with various body organs of Kamdhenu and it symbolize various
positive energies. It is believed that lord Hanuman resides in tail of cow that repels negative energies of black magic, ghost etc. Goddess Ganga resides in Cow's Urine. Goddess Lakshmi lives in cow dung hence brings luck, money and prosperity. Cow's milk carries Amrit therefore
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May 20
1st House :
Ascendant. depicts important aspects of your life; first impressions, personality, appearance, ego, temperament, new beginnings and outlook towards life. House of Self, has impact on health issues.

Rules core values and covers, material and physical world.
House of possessions, represents how well we manage finances, how you value and earn money and self esteem.

House of communication, rules all
communication: thinking, talking, deals with everything related to modern technology for
communication. Deals with everyday
activities and surrounding environment like local travel, schools, neighborhood etc.

House of Home, home environment, parents especially mother, impact of mother in
childhood, develop a sense of security in your private place.

House of creativity & pleasure,
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