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💌 Message for #Scorpio #Sagittarius #Pisces #Aquarius #Capricorn ( s m r v ) 🤔❤️‍🔥✌🏾….🤩🎉

It took some time, but someone has re-evaluated their priorities. This person might’ve had a lot of responsibilities in their life that kept them from fully focusing on this connection…
but it looks like they’ve cut ties with those negative energies that have been taking advantage of their money and time. You might’ve felt like this person strung you along and played with your heart when you were in contact, but during this time of releasing old energy…
they’ve been staring at your photos. This person has been thinking a lot of about where things went wrong and they feel now is the best time to put work into this. They might’ve walked way from this connection, but they feel they left their heart with you…
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💌 Message for #Sagittarius #Cancer #Capricorn #Leo #Scorpio ( s m r v ) 💭

✨ “I will tell you soon that you are the one for me.”
✨ “You’ve been thinking about me, because I’ve been thinking about you.”
✨ “I want to be honest with you…”
✨ “I didn’t know what I had until you were gone.”
✨ “I want this so badly, but I’m afraid of getting hurt, so I self sabotage.”
✨ “Thinking about you makes me emotional, and I’m ready to open up to you.”
✨ “I have so much going on in my life, and I’m struggling to juggle it all at once.”
✨ “I’m secretly in love with you.”
✨ “I fantasize about our life together.”
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❤️ Love messages for #Gemini #Sagittarius #Capricorn #Libra #Scorpio #Taurus (s,m,r,v) “Someone caused a rift between us and I’m not sure why i was listening to them” there is definitely a third party in this connection. For some of you, this could be meddling friends, for a few
others, this seems to be like a baby mommy/ baby daddy who is trying to get children to affect your person’s connection/ with you. You person regrets giving their loyalty to the other party. The happiness that they thought they could get there was just an illusion they fell for.
For some of you, they’re wanting a future with you and they are being optimistic about their situation, however, their addiction is affecting their dedication towards your relationship. For a very few of you, they could be addicted to the rush for the thrill of chase and once
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🔮✨ A message for You

#Aries - You could be stalling sending an email/ text, send it at once, especially if this is about you getting the closure
#Leo - Start living your life the way you want to not the way others want you to
#Sagittarius - You are worrying over small matters, release
#Cancer - A change is happening for your best, ago with the flow
#Pisces  - Your friends are supporting you at the moment, have faith
#Scorpio - Don’t be so good that you are in your own way!
#Taurus - Careful of a Blonde you know
#Virgo - Trust those nudges, they’re pointing you in the right direction
#Capricorn - Someone has been loving you from afar, this is someone who has made it obvious, but you least suspect them and their feelings
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💌 Message for #Pisces #Aries #Leo #Scorpio #Gemini
( s m r v ) 🥴❤️‍🔥….💭👫

Someone is trying not to feel the passionate and intense energy this connection brings when you are in communication. This person might turn to drinking every time they begin thinking…
or daydreaming about you to numb their feelings. You seem to be the escape from this persons everyday life. This individual is discontent with the current circumstances they find themselves in and they feel a life with you would have the capability to take them…
away from it all. This person might have already been in the swing of life before you came along, but everything changed for them when you did. They are struggling to understand why the feelings with you are so intense, and why shaking them has become nearly impossible…
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💌 Message for #Scorpio #Gemini #Virgo #Cancer #Leo
( s m r v ) 👀😔❤️

There’s someone who’s acting cold and detached, but they are watching you carefully. They appear to be over this connection but they really want commitment. This person is hoping that you’ll begin to…
build again. They will be making an offer but they know you’ll be guarded. Spirit is asking that you soften your approach when it comes this individual. Right now your defenses might be up but this cycle of push and pull has to end. There needs to be some clear communication…
without the ego and pride involved. Your higher self wants to be in a more positive position with this individual, and if you’re being honest, you might be missing this person too. The communication coming in will be swift, and it may be a bit short, but someone…
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✉️ Message for #Taurus #Scorpio #Leo #Sagittarius #Aries
( s m r v ) 💰💰✨☀️

Spirit is about to do some financial flexing in somebody’s life. You could be facing some financial constraints with no way out, but there’s always a way when spirit is involved…
There will be doors opening in ways you couldn’t even think up. The ways in which your financial prayers will be answered will be given to you in a manner only the divine could make possible. You’ll find yourself walking into financially stable period. No more…
borrowing or relying on others to help get things in order. There will be an opportunity, or a gift, coming your way that will allow you to rely on yourself and only yourself when things come about. This will bring back the forward movement you seek when it comes to growing…
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✉️ Message for #Sagittarius #Scorpio #Capricorn #Gemini #Aquarius ( s m r v ) 🥳📮✨🎁

You might be feeling on top of the world, and if you aren’t, you will be soon. There’s an offer coming in that’ll bring the happiness back where you’ve been feeling a bit heavy…
You might’ve had your eye on something from the past that you thought wouldn’t come your way, or you might be feeling like an opportunity was missed, but it’s here. It might be something you’ve given up on, or even forgot about, but this needed to show up at the right time….
This will be a victory for you and recognition will be given. There might be some temptation that suddenly arrives to try and deter you from accepting and entering this joyous time, but don’t fall victim to these lower vibrational energies. You haven’t gotten this far…
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💌 Expressions from their heart for #Pisces #Scorpio #Aquarius #Cancer #Capricorn #Leo ( s m r v ) 💭

• “I need you to help me understand what a divine connection is. I’ve never experienced such passionate chemistry, and it’s alien to me.”
• “We’ve crossed paths for a reason. To grow, evolve and learn valuable lessons. It’s not the end.”
• “I’ve projected so many things onto you that you didn’t deserve, but that only taught me things about myself.”
• “I’ve realized you are the person my heart longs for. I just couldn’t see it before because I was blind.”
• “We both need to remove our blockages instead of creating more.”
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💌 Message for #Sagittarius #Scorpio #Pisces #Libra #Aquarius ( s m r v ) 🕯❤️‍🔥💪😘

Someone is done keeping their love from you inside. This person has been keeping their feelings a secret and now the time to express them and build together has come….
There’s someone who wants to begin a beautiful connection with you. They’ve daydreamed of days spent with you and the love that they hope you’ll eventually share. This individual sees how independent and hardworking you are on your own, and they feel you can add…
significant love and value to their life. They have been preparing and readying themselves for somebody to come along and grow with them. They’ve built solid connections around them and have a circle of people that they can trust, but one thing they feel they are…
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💌 Message for #Leo #Pisces #Capricorn #Sagittarius #Scorpio ( s m r v ) 🙏🏾❤️☹️

Someone will be begging you to stay soon, if they haven’t already. There’s a connection that might’ve started online. The communication and chemistry might’ve been amazing, but once you met up in…
person the vibes just want there, or they faded quickly. You might’ve found some things about them that you couldn’t tolerate, but someone got bored and ghosted. There’s been some sudden clarity on someones part. They want to come forward again….
This person might be a bit shy and never really expressed themselves the way that they would’ve liked, but they are considering taking a leap of faith. There will be communication, and the choice to entertain this connection will be entirely up to you…
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💌 Message for #Scorpio #Cancer #Virgo #Capricorn #Gemini ( s m r v ) ……😳🥰🏡

This will be true love, and it will feel amazing on the inside when it arrives, but this person might not be exactly what you envisioned as your future partner. This individual…
will be different from what you’re expecting, and they’ll be everything you didn’t realize you need. Spirit is asking that when they arrive that you make an effort when it comes to growing this connection. This is someone you can build and evolve with, but it involves taking…
a risk, and having faith on your part. At times true love requires you to step outside of your comfort zone and this match will ask you to do exactly that. There is also a need to let go of whomever, or whatever you’re holding onto at the moment. There could be someone…
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💌 Message for #Cancer #Taurus #Scorpio #Leo #Taurus
( s m r v ) 🥺📱❤️‍🩹

You’ve made it clear to someone that you are done with this connection, but they’ll be back. Yes, this is someone from your past and they’ve put you on a pedestal. They’ve placed you so high up that…
their insecurities have been exposed. They don’t feel deserving and yet they cant let you go. This person might be a bit sensitive and right now could feel like you are being cold and rude towards them. They might’ve expressed how they felt as if this love was unrequited, but…
they felt you were their true love regardless. They might’ve lacked in other areas, and it wasn’t something you were willing to try and make work, but this person is determined to try again. If you haven’t moved forward this person thinks you have, and they believe someone…
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💌 Message for #Taurus #Virgo #Scorpio #Pisces #Cancer
( s m r v ) ….✋😣💭

Someone’s having second thoughts about staying away from this connection, but this relationship, or situationship didn’t seem to be the healthiest to be honest. Someone might’ve been texting…
other people in front of you just to try and make you jealous. This person might not have liked how you put yourself out there. You might’ve been talking marriage with them, but this scared them deep down. They might’ve dragged their feet when it came to committing too…
This person is moving towards you, and have been, but very slowly. They could be asking mutual friends or acquaintances about you, but they are planning on reaching out. This person still doesn’t seem ready for a serious commitment. They just don’t like the fact that you…
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💌 Expressions from their heart for #Cancer #Libra #Gemini #Aquarius #Capricorn #Scorpio ( s m r v ) 💭

✨ “Would you be able to handle loving me as I am?
✨ “I don’t mean to confuse you with my hot and cold behavior. I just wake up everyday with a different perspective.”
✨ “I know that you are bottling up how you truly feel inside. I can sense that you have so much more to say.”
✨ “I know you are just trying to look out for me and I honestly appreciate everything you do.”
✨ “I am not blaming you for anything. You are not the only person I’ve messed things up with.”
✨ “It triggers me when the universe bombards me signs and synchronicities about you. It makes me wonder wtf is happening.”
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✉️ Message for #Libra #Taurus #Sagittarius #Leo #Scorpio
( s m r v ) 🤝🤑✨

This next chapter in life that you find yourself walking into is all about successful partnerships in regards to your finances. You might be feeling stuck when you think…
about your stability, and negative spending habits and endeavors have never left you in a position to expand financially, but there will be an opportunity or offer presented to you that will help move you forward. This will bring in the right people that will see your…
worth as an individual with a lot to bring to the table. If this is in regards to a position at work that others are fighting for, you will stand out from the rest. The choice will be easy, and you’ll get it over anybody else who might feel like you’re competition…
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💌 Message for #Capricorn #Aries #Scorpio #Gemini #Aquarius ( s m r v ) …..🥺💻❤️‍🩹

There’s someone watching you online, and they are hurting from the last conversation they’ve had with you. This feels like a third party energy who felt this connection…
was right person, wrong time kind of thing. A door to this connection might’ve just opened and someone is racking their brain about how to return. They might be discussing this situation with others around them, but this person is contemplating settling down with you…
They want stability and consistency, but the feel it won’t ever happen when it’s supposed to if they don’t act quickly. In the past this person put up a wall, and has closed themselves off to this connection because of the feelings that are involved, and someone might’ve been…
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✉️ Message for #Gemini #Scorpio #Capricorn #Virgo #Aries
( s m r v ) 😅👣🌍✨

There might be what feels like a sudden upheaval in your life soon, but this is exactly what needs to occur for new doors to become available in your life. This will be the crumbling of…
all faulty circumstances, people, and situations. The blessings that are coming your way are hidden at the moment, but there will be a lot happening that rearranges things in order for them to get to you. The events that unfold in front of you will help build your…
confidence and will be the push you need to take action towards something you are trying to obtain. Your divine team wants to unravel the multiple ways that are possible in order to claim these blessings, but this does require a bit of action from you. Life might be…
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💌 Love Message for #Scorpio #Pisces #Cancer #Libra #Gemini ( s m r v ) 💭

✨ “Something you said lingers in my mind.”
✨ “I can’t imagine life without you in it.”
✨ “I feel your anxiety.”
✨ “I play the same song over and over because it reminds me of you.”…
✨ “I will do anything you want me to.”
✨ “I am grateful to have your love.”
✨ “I know the current connection I’m in isn’t right for me, but I haven’t found a solution yet.”
✨ “I’m waiting for you.”
✨ “I don’t feel ready for physical intimacy yet.”
[ Virgo / Libra / Sagittarius / Aquarius / Cancer might be significant. Only take what resonates.]
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💌 Water signs: #Pisces #Cancer #Scorpio ( s m r v ) 🔑

You’ve gained access to someone’s heart water signs! If you’ve recently entered a new connection than this person has genuine feelings for you. If you’re separated at the moment don’t worry, they can’t concentrate on…
anything but you. Every love song brings them back to you, and they find themselves longing to be close. This connection is blooming whether you see it or not right now. If you’re someones secret that wont the case for long. There’s no more hiding how they feel about you…
Their feelings will be expressed to you. I see some romantic surprises in store for you as well. Allow this connection to flow, there might be some bumps along the way, but nothing you both can’t handle together…
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✉️ Water signs: #Pisces #Cancer #Scorpio ( s m r v ) 😐

Seems like you have a thorn in your side water signs. Someone has a love/hate relationship with you. They love you for who you are, and secretly want to be you, but they can’t get over the fact that you’re doing much…
better than they are right now. This could be a “friend” or a coworker. There’s a lot of watching going on and a lot of pretending. They’re pretending they can do what you do and keep up your lifestyle, but that’s not the case. They’re confused as to how you do it!…
Always getting compliments and attention from others, and you seem to have you finances in order as well. I see you hustling, some future travel, and looking good. Don’t let this person get under your skin…
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💌 Love messages for #Taurus #Leo #Scorpio #Aquarius ( s m r v ) 💭

✨I’m afraid to tell you how I feel, but I’ve admitted it to everyone else.
✨I’m so grateful for your love.
✨Let’s take the next step in this relationship.
✨I like when you take control…
✨I’m ready to love again.
✨Can we have a new start?
✨I’m so attracted to you, I’m just holding myself back.
✨You’re perfect in my eyes…
[ A fire sign / Libra / Gemini / Pisces / someone returns / Pearls / Tall with brown hair / Panda / met at work / blue sweater / having a beer / Happy days ahead / Flirting / A baby boy / Wedding / 1010 / 30th / 27th / 333 / 24th…
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Hi! we are @InafOact and we're happy to join the #CataniaResearchShow. We'll present the latest results of our projects.
Follow the whole show, we'll then pass the baton to @lottabiolab next!
#SharperNight #EuropeanResearchersNight #ERN21 #MSCANight #ERNItaly #SharperNightCatania
#SolarPhysics These images show the latest Hα and continuum image of the Sun acquired at @InafOact with a quality index equal to 1 (1 =good, 3 = bad). They provide a view of the solar chromosphere and photosphere. The observations are carried out between 8:00 and 14:00 CET/CEST.

Unpacking #Juice, the world's first mission to orbit an icy moon. @ESA_JUICE
On board of the payload will be #JANUS, an optical Italian-led camera to study the largest Jupiter moons: #Ganymede, #Callisto and #Europa.
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Whys #NavPancham considered generally good?#NavPancham is #Genesis, #Progression, #CauseEffect relations. In #KaalPurush #Kundali, if #Jaatak is denoted by #Lagan, his/her progeny is denoted by the #PanchamBhaav while the father of this #Jaatak is the #NavamBhaav of the #Chart...
Many ancient #Astrologers have expressed that a #Bhaav can find #Catalyst 5 houses behind itself or 9 houses away from itself (same thing).

So in effect if there is any good connection of the #Navam #Bhaav with the #Lagan (or #Navam #Bhaav from any other #Bhaav) ...
the particular #Bhaav in question can get #SuPrabhaav. The #Lagan or any other #Bhaav is always the #PanchamBhaav from the #Navam.Hence the theory- #NavPancham, is generally considered #YogKaarak.

Basic theories apply as always...

Explaining #Shadow #Grah #Rahu...
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