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7 Sep 20, 97 tweets, 48 min read
Today is day ONE of #100DaysOfCode! My goal for the day is to cont. through codecademy's 'Create a Back-end app with JavaScript' (maybe get to the 40% mark?), start Harvard's cs50 course, & get through a few of NetNinja's Node js tutorials. Yay! #BlackTechTwitter #WomenWhoCode
Good Morning, Good morninggg!! 🌞 Today is...day TWO of #100DaysOfCode I got through 30% of codecademy’s ‘Create a backend app with js’, week 0 of Harvard’s cs50 and watched a NetNinja video. I’ll post below the topics I covered in a few #BlackTechTwitter #WomenWhoCode
Yesterday I went over a couple of code challenges, I began covering express-react-views, and went over the game logic of Tic Tac Toe while trying to write a different version. Week 0 of Harvard's cs50 was very interesting and put me down a binary code & algorithm rabbit hole
Good morning!! today is day 3 of #100DaysOfCode!! My goal is to get through more backend with js on codecademy, week 1 of cs50, and @traversymedia's reactjs crash course...I have a feeling I'm embarking on a react rollercoaster...i guess today will be about setting a good primer
Hey hey hey day 4 of #100DaysOfCode today I want to start on building a todo list using react 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬... we are breaking from the comfort of tutorials and interactive lessons 👏🏾
Day 5 of #100DaysOfCode tonight I want to circle back on my tic tac toe game and see how far I can get with finishing it ... I also want to review higher-order functions with the backend Codecademy course yay yay
Day 6: class all day (more building with react&node)
Day 7 of #100DaysOfCode I want to keep working on tic tac toe with js/jquery and mayyyybe get to circling back on my API project
Day 8 of #100DaysOfCode continued through the back end course... I did a lot of reading today and less coding so hopefully tomorrow will be geared toward actually writing code and powering through more lessons
Dayyy 9 of #100DaysOfCode !!! Working on 2 react app projects for class...spent the day diving deeper into routes/middleware and started a high-level review on databases SQL/NoSQL. I think I am a little...infatuated?
Day 10 of #100DaysofCode today we covered more MongoDB in class and I'm drooling! It is an interesting process learning about big data and the cloud through a programmatic lense
Dayyyyy 11 of #100DaysOfCode today i spent the day going over connecting from node js to mongDB then building an app...things make so little and so much sense at the same time
Day 12 of #100DaysOfCode tonight I want to circle back on 2 game Homeworks from unit 1...game logic was super difficult for me the first time around. I am hoping after the material covered since then, I am able to get through this review much easier
13/100 #100DaysofCode today I’m working on making a functional crud app and understanding the flow of it...can’t wait to have fun with the css 💙
14/100 of #100DaysofCode the today and the past couple of days I have been working building simple crud apps...this week is project week so I'll be working on figuring out how to add some sauce to my heroku app super excited!!
15/100 of #100DaysofCode tonight I'm going to take an hour and a half to review this video () as an overview of MERN stack...and continue working on my app
16/100 of #100DaysofCode just finished the MVP of my MERN stack app and deployed it. Right now it has very simple styling, authentication, and crud functionality done. I want to finish up my wireframe so tomorrow I am ready to dive into my favorite part!! 👩‍🎨🖌️🎨
17/100 of #100DaysofCode today I worked on my project, and after listening to the syntax episode on git I decided to circle back on some really helpful and powerful git commands. I also decided to store them in my .................app!
Hey hey 18/100 of #100DaysofCode these past few days I have been working on styling my home, signup, sign in, & create pages using a combo of bootstrap and vanilla css...naturally, I had a blast!! Today I want to work on adding an API and more functionality as a whole to zi app
19/100 of #100DaysofCode today I spent some time reading through some react docs (they are so good btw!). These two specifically helped me gain a better understanding of breaking down components of a page and differentiating props and state reactjs.org/docs/thinking-…
20/100 of #100DaysofCode circled back on @traversymedia Flexbox Grid videos! It was super helpful and I am excited to go back to the landing page of my hw tomorrow! Shoutout to the code peeps who create these frameworks that make our lives *so* much easier 🏆
21/100 of #100DaysofCode tonight and the last night I circled back on react concepts like lifting state...I'm currently working on using API and rendering array.map() I am definitely a little confused but I think react may be my fave so far
22/100 of #100DaysofCode finally caved & started
@moshhamedani's Mastering React course. Got through the ES6 Refresher, Components, and Composing Components sections as a refresher. I also read through reactjs.org/docs/react-com…
23/100 of #100DaysofCode today and yesterday I switched things up a little bit. I began reading Cracking the Code and started on HackerRank. I am excited to pace my way through the book and exercise some good old problem solving old school style
24/100 of #100DaysofCode more more more MERN stack apps! Today I circled back on some components in my react homeworks and updated them to arrow functions, I also spent sometime breaking the codes to see how I could make small *working* changes to the code...who even am I
25/100 of #100DaysofCode after class tonight I spent a little time with cracking the code. I also rewatched half of and with more familiarity with the material this time, the tutorial definitely hit different so much gems! Excited to continue tomorrow!
26/100 of #100DaysofCode built my third mern stack (very simple) crud app today and it feels like something clicked today. It does help that every line of code is followed by a comment. Tomorrow I want to do git/github tutorial/learning lab to gear up for project 3!
27/100 of #100DaysofCode tonight is project week eve! Circled back on git learning labs and finished up my full stack express backend/react front end app hw...let the fun begin!!
28/100 of #100DaysofCode just finished up my figma wireframe (and yes figma is the sht thank you TL)...tonight I will start on building the front end components. I and also going to work on deploying the mvp on heroku and netlify...hopefully we can deploy on AWS amplify later
29/100 of #100DaysofCode ...another day another component #projectweek
30/100 #100DaysofCode need to read a nice article on jwt auth on a full-stack app 🙃, I also want to circle back on my react course and get through more of it. Now that I've been spending the past few days on the practical application I think the theory will make a lot more sense
31/100 of #100DaysofCode today I started #javascript30 and spent a little time on the JS course on front end masters. A bulk of today's work and frustration went into GitHub merge conflicts, frustration and all I think I got a few really good take away lessons
32/100 of #100DaysofCode just presented Project 3 with my team!! Woohoo! Github you have been a *treat*! Today we start Ruby in Rails! Plan on doing day 3 of #js30 and getting through more of the Front End Masters JS course
33/100 of #100DaysofCode completed day 4 and 5 of #javascript30, I also reviewed programming fundamentals with ruby. I will spend a little time reading, reviewing, and comparing snippets of js and ruby in hopes to better understand the application of ruby
34/100 of #100DaysofCode completed day 6 of #javascript30, I am thoroughly enjoying these exercises they're super fun and effective! I also got through the higher-order function section of the functional js course. Tomorrow I think I'll play around with using them with datasets
35/100 of #100DaysofCode today I started day 7 of #javascript30 && read up on .flatmap(). I took tailwind out for a spin by going through the docs and going back to my previous class project and redoing some buttons and cards! Plan on having an early morning tomorrow!!
36/100 of #100DaysofCode spent today starting #freeCodeCamp's Ruby Programming language course. I also circled back on some small unfinished projects from class...game logic has been a little tricky for me but circling back with fresh eyes is definitely making more appreciative
37/100 of #100DaysofCode finished the Ruby course with #freecodecamp tomorrow I will work on building a simple crud app. I also built a simple calculator...feels good to be circling back on programming fundamentals! Does this happen every time u learn a new language? Ruby is 👏🏾
38/100 of #100DaysofCode today I went through some of the Ruby docs to help me enumerate (in a variety of ways) through my dataset at a high-level. Tomorrow I want to see how much deeper I can go w a larger dataset🔍 . I also touched on Linked Lists data structures& parsing files
39/100 of #100DaysOfCode finished up day 9 and 10 of #javascript30...I am currently playing around with parsing a .csv file with Ruby
40/100 of #100DaysofCode working on 11&12 of #js30, still working on parsing my JSON data with ruby out of curiosity decided to do some parsing with jquery and vanilla js. Today I started the full-stack js track with @treehouse, tested out of the first couple courses yay
41/100 of #100DaysofCode today I got through a few more modules got through a refactoring challenge...fun to work on making code drier. Tomorrow my main focus is to dive deep into rails, my goal is to start and complete @Codecademy Ruby on Rails course
41/100 of #100DaysofCode completed 9 mini projects with @Codecademy's rails course. Project week is 2 weeks away & I want to gear up for the react/rails app I will create then! Tomorrow I have a date w/ continuing through @treehouse's JS full-stack track and some #js30 exercises
42/100 & 43/100 of #100DaysofCode I have been getting through more @treehouse full-stack JS modules and challenges! Feels really good to go back over once challenging concepts with a more high-level understanding!
44/100 of #100DaysofCode earlier today took a jab at CSS Art, it was such a treat! I want to work on animating it with plain CSS. Also, I did a couple of DOM manipulation challenges today with @treehouse ... and worked on a video player/controls mini js project today 👏🎉 Image
45/100 of #100DaysofCode today I completed a 4 hour JS and the DOM course with @treehouse along with some challenges and a mini-project. Really happy I got to review traversing the DOM bc I totally forgot how powerful it is! ...JS you're looking better and better by the day 💙
46 & 47/100 of #100DaysofCode I dove deeper into promises...personally, I am not sold on async/await *yet* regular promises make so much more sense to me and they're totally readable! Worked on a mini dog API project and on string reversals & palindromes
48/100 of #100DaysofCode finished up the OOJS module and library project with @treehouse today and I just started building a Connect 4 game...I really want to finish the game tonight so I can do a SASS deep dive tomorrow and Saturday. Image
48/100 #100DaysofCode soooo excited to start this course as my intro anything css related is super fun and rewarding 👏 codecademy.com/learn/learn-sa…
49/100 of #100DaysofCode today I used regex to parse an unreasonably structured 'json' file, can't wait to do more fun stuff with it. I also worked on updating my first Bootcamp project. Tomorrow I want to move on to my second one. I will also try to sneak in a #js30 day tonight
50/100 of #100DaysofCode finally got to use Promise.all today and it was a treat! I also finished all the JS modules and practices for the frontend @treehouse track...I am going to pause before I circle back to Node+databases and spend some quality time with codewars& algorithms
51/100 of #100DaysofCode tonight I'll be covering interger reversal and MaxChar interview questions. I also want to spend a little time updating the design of my tic, tac, toe game...perhaps give it a "The Office" theme? Dwight V Jim? and maybe some codewars katas
52/100 of #100DaysofCode today I circled back on my tic, tac, toe game and made it "The Office" themed! Check it out! 🙂 Now it's back to @codewars and @treehouse #BlackTechTwitter #devlife #WomenWhoCode
53/100 of #100DaysofCode tonight I plan on graduating from the 8ku (easiest) coding problem sets (this will be a self-declared graduation and the credits required are 20 more problems), I also want to finish 2 more sections of my Algos& Data structures class
54/100 of #100DaysofCode tonight I am going to take @MarshaCodes suggestion & start @treehouse's Javascript Array Iteration method as a primer for more @codewars tomorrow! I'm genuinely enjoying these problems so far...interested to see how things go as the level of difficulty++
55/100 of #100DaysofCode tonight I finished 2 mini projects from #50projects50days and got through some more of the Array iteration course. I think I will spend maybe 30 more minutes tonight on the class before I circle back on @codewars! Happy coding! :)
56/100 of #100DaysofCode today I felt less productive than usual, but, I managed to finish the Array iteration course with the practice problems. Tonight I want to do some #codewars to cement what I learned in the course. If I can sneak in the #50projects50days I will #devlife Image
57/100 of #100DaysofCode getting thru the #7kyu level problems on #codewars this week is project week in my Bootcamp so as a primer for the rails backend/react front end app we have to build, I will follow a tutorial for building a simple crud app and start tomorrow!
58&59/100 of #100DaysofCode built out my api with rails, seeded the data, tested my routes with postman and created my controllers...I am now ready to move on up to the bigger and the better (the react frontend). Excited to get some content on my page and keep the ball rolling!
60/100 of #100DaysofCode today I took a project week break and read up on CSS. Although this may be basic, I learned the specific use cases for the px, rem, em, and % unit measurements (i think i kinda threw them around before or just stuck to px)...now it's back2work
61/100 of #100DaysofCode took a project break today and got through a few more #50projects50days projects, additionally I got through the first few chapters of the Pragmatic Programmer it is so good so far. Tonight I am going to work on the front end of my restaurant app
62/100 of #100DaysofCode tonight I'm finishing up my react/rails menu app, this stack will definitely be my go2 for personal projects! It's so flexible&fast leaving more space4creativity. Also, read up on CI/CD&can I say the agile methodology strikes again? implementing asap!
63/100 of #100DaysofCode today in the Pragmatic Programmer it covered the ETC principle or "Easy to Change" code and how good code boils down to this...as I was listening I couldn't help but think of how much code I need to circle back on lol...but at least it works right?
64/100 of #100DaysofCode today in the Pragmatic programmer the concept for building and gaining instinct for technologies and techniques was a reoccurring one in the book and in my day 🤔 ...going to nightcap with a couple #50projects50days projects
65/100 of #100DaysofCode tonight I'm going to check the classic FizzBuzz, Array Chunking, and Anagrams off Udemy class list and then maybe circling back to some old projects...PM to the AM coder das me
66/100 of #100DaysOfCode working on picking and parsing a csv or json dataset today in preparation for parsing it and creating an API. I'm also going to check out canva tonight and see what I can put together
67/100 of #100DaysofCode read/thought more about Orthogonal programming esp working w React&the nature of components. Specific&independent components mean fewer bugs &more time coding. I plan on being more intentional w/ mapping out my components& their functionalities moving fwd
68&69/100 of #100DaysofCode I've spent some time the past two days circling back on Project 2 which is a MERN stack app. Let's just say I didn't know was styled-components were and I had one CSS file for the entire app. I circled back and fixed some of the structuring and styling
70/100 of #100DaysofCode circled back to project 2 a full-stack Mongo, Express, React, Node (MERN) app, that lets you conveniently store the command line and code snippets we devs forget on our day-to-day! functionalities include Auth&CRUD #WomenWhoCode #BlackTechTwitter #devlife
71/100 of #100DaysofCode tonight I'm going to work on further familiarizing myself with HTML canvas and all the cool things you can do on there. I am also going to try and squeeze in some codewars and algo problem time
72/100 of #100DaysofCode tonight I am starting my capstone project, it's due in less than a weeekkkkk! Super excited to read up on @phaser_'s many resources and possibly put together something really fun!
73/100 of #100DaysofCode decided to start building my 2D runner game in just vanilla JS...so fun to see what more JS can really do! Once I get my game fully functional my stretch goal is to circle back and use cool game assets to make the visuals of the game better
74/100 of #100DaysofCode for my 2d runner game I created an asset loader function that ensures all of my assets are loaded before the game is started...if the asset is marked as 'loaded' then the download process will take the asset and turn it into an object via an IIFE closure
74/100 of #100DaysofCode cont. tonight I want to work on animating my Spritesheet and understanding how creating a parallax background using scrolling effect works
75/100 of #100DaysofCode I have animated 2 spritesheets cant decide on who I want as the main character so I might do just one more tonight and move on to the physics aspect of the game...loved physics undergrad not sure if this will even be remotely similar but excited 2 findout
76/100 of #100DaysofCode I have a veerrrryyyy long js file and I'm going to spend some time tonight organizing and splitting up my code...Once split I may link the files in my index.html in order or just use a bundler like parcel to do the job to avoid future headache? we'll see
77/100 of #100DaysOfCode I’ve turned into a total PM coder, send help! (I will correct this soon) Tonight I will be working on my portfolio website and deploying my 2d platformer game. What I wanted to gain most from the project was drilling in programmatic logical reasoning &
Day 77 of #100DaysofCode cont. & seeing through breaking down a big operation like a platformer game into smaller parts to make it work. Although I followed an article series I learned so much! Excited to put it all together in my portfolio!
Day 78 of #100DaysofCode today was the last day of my 6 month long Bootcamp! It was such an amazing experience and I'm excited to spend these upcoming weeks checking out some hackathons and practicing code problems...definitely considering this to be my 4th trimester haha
79/100 of #100DaysofCode spending some time tonight circling back on project 3, can't wait to share it with you all! I am also going to do some #codewars! Happy coding!!
80/100 of #100DaysofCode today I want to share project three a MERN stack #ASL or American Sign Language resource that calls from the youtube API, uses twitter widgets, and has full CRUD functionalities. Check out the demo below #WomenWhoCode #devlife #BlackTechTwitter
81&82/100 of #100DaysofCode spent yesterday and will spend today on codewars! I’m going to make sure to continue inching through my data structures and algos udemy course as it is the perfect compliment to the problems
83/84 of #100DaysofCode were spent on @codewars problems and @ste_grider's AWESOME Data Structures and Algorithms course on Udemy. The problems and the course content complement each other perfectly! #devlife
85/100 of #100DaysofCode today I'll spend some time circling back on Project 4 a full-stack Rails/React app! Creating full-stack apps with React apps are becoming more and more comfortable with each project! Excited to build more personal ones!
86/100 of #100DaysofCode today I spent some more time on Steph Grider's Data Structures and Algorithms and working on my react/rails app...I have to put a cap on working on it because are projects ever finished???
87/100 of #100DaysOfCode tonight I am working on getting through more of my data structures course and maybe 3 leetcode problems
88/100 of #100DaysofCode today I worked on the Udemy data structures course and updating my resume! I really want to circle back on #50projects50days the exercises were super fun and great practice also some more CSS art...may reimplement those into tomorrow's work
89/100 of #100DaysofCode read some pragmatic programmer and worked on adding a component to my portfolio...gatsby is amazing!!
90/100 of #100DaysofCode today I read up on Big O notation and algorithm complexities. I also made some changes to my resume
91/100 of #100DaysOfCode tonight I'm covering Breadth-first search...my favorite part about learning different algorithms is looking at the cool and creative ways they can be solved!
92/100 of #100DaysOfCode tonight I am going to circle back on codewars! I am excited to finish up my mini goal for 7kyu and start on 6kyu!
93/100 of #100DaysofCode more codewars tonight! I'm also going to dive into reading about railway programming as a means for error handling
94/100 & 95/100 of #100DaysofCode the past couple of days I've been practicing hash mapping and more array mutation...I can definitely see leetcode becoming fun in the future, it just isn't now haha
96/100 of #100DaysOfCode tonight i'm covering the depth-first search algorithm and some leetcode...4 more daysssssss!
97/100 & 98/100 of #100DaysofCode the last couple of days I've circled back to the Pragmatic Programmer and Steph Grider's Data Structures and Algorithms course. Starting to categorize problems when introduced now and it's exciting! 🙂
99/100 of #100DaysofCode today I took more notes than usual in my engineering daybook. I did a lot of reflecting on problem-solving and the importance of thoroughly understanding the question first &pseudo coding. If you get these two things right the coding is usually a breeze!
100/100 of #100DaysofCode !! Yay! Finally done! I am proud of my github (github.com/ayninur) and finishing! The coming days will definitely include more codewars/leetcode/mini projects...I am also super eager to get back to #100DaysofCloud soon!

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