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Rust versus C++ is a recent trending topic for developers.

There are many similarities between Rust and C++, and many developers wonder which is better to use.

In this thread, we will be comparing Rust with C++
#100daysofcode rust vs c++
At a high view, C++ has a larger community, wider use cases, more frameworks, and is well recognized by any coding company. Rust, on the other hand, is better for safety, speed, and preventing incorrect/unsafe code due to its statically-typed features.
Rust is great at preventing data races that can lead to undefined behavior, whereas C++ cannot do this work for you and opens up vulnerabilities.
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Day 73 of #100DaysOfDeFI 🚀 Learned about Self Destruct vulnerability in #Solidity 🦹🏼‍♀️ Selfdestruct deletes the contract from the blockchain and and sends all Ether to a designated address 💸  In some scenarios it can lead to unexpected problems ❌

How it works 🧵 Image
1/ Let’s see how it works with an example of a simple game 🎲  Players send to the contract 1 token 🪙 the one who deposits the fifth token wins 🏆
Game code 👇 Image
2/ Attacker smart contract 🦹🏼‍♀️ Image
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Cases of Mokeypox by Location (Casos de Viruela del Mono por Lugar) #MonkeyPox #RStats #IDtwitter #ViruelaDelMono #VirueladelSimio #VarioleSinge #VarioleDuSinge #DataScientist #elcarteldeSINADEF #Analytics $BAVA $BAVA.CO $SIGA #AI #100DaysofCode #AWS #TensorFlow #Python🧵(1/2) Image
Cumulative Cases of Monkeypox per Day (Acumulado de Casos de Viruela del Mono por Día) & Statistical Trend in the Count of Cases (Tendencia Estadística en Casos) #MonkeyPox #ViruelaDelMono #VirueladelSimio #VarioleSinge #VarioleDuSinge #IDtwitter $BAVA $BAVA.CO #RStats 🧵(2/2) Cumulative Confirmed Cases ...
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Day 72 of #100DaysOfDeFI 🚀  Today I looked at arithmetic Over/Under Flows in #Solidity 👾 This vulnerability been secured by the current Solidity version 🦸‍♂️ Nevertheless, it is important to understand what it is and how to avoid it 👩🏻‍💻
#womenwhocode #100DaysOfCode

Summary 🧵 Image
1/ An overflow in Solidity occurs when a number is incremented beyond its maximum value. For example, if we have a uint8 with a value of 255 and increment it by 1, it will “reset” and set a value to 0. Remember, the maximum value for uint8 is 255❗
2/ Similar thing happens when we decrease a value beyond its minimal level. Taking the same example, if a uint8 is set to 0 and we decrease it by 1, it will set to 255, since 0 is the minimal value of uint8❗
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Day 71 of #100DaysOfDeFI 🚀 looked at Re-Entrancy vulnerability🦹🏻 It is one of the most destructive attacks in the #Solidity smart contracts 💸 The untrusted contract that exploits the vulnerability is able to drain all user's funds 🚰

How it works 🧵
1/ To make it happen, there should be 2 contracts: a vulnerable contract and an attacker’s contract 👺
2/ The attacker should deposit some funds into the vulnerable contract 💰
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"Do Not Reinvent The Wheel" if you are building a SaaS or any Product

Concentrate on solving "the" problem rather than spending time trying to build solutions which already exist to be reused

Some classic examples below(feel free to add more) 👇👇

#100DaysOfCode #100Devs
{ @Uber @Olacabs }

✅Solved transport🚗
⛔Did not waste time building Geolocation, Payments, SmS/OTP sending solutions
{ @Airbnb }

✅Solved : Temporary housing/renting🏡

⛔Did not waste time building hostels, hotels, motels, payments infra etc.
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Let's talk about creating our own Custom Hook in React!🪝🪝

#100DaysOfCode #html #ReactJS
Hooks were introduced in React 16. Hooks allow us to manipulate state in Functional components. "useState()", "useEffect()", "useMemo()" are some of the hooks in React.
But above this React allows us to create our own custom hook. You can create your own hook and use it across your application.
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Day 68 of #100DaysOfDeFI 🚀 Today I worked on the Factory smart contract that is a part of the decentralized exchange architecture 💱  Factory creates and keeps track of all Pair contracts 👩🏻‍💻
#womenwhocode #100DaysOfCode

Summary 🧵 Image
1/ The Factory will include:
🔷 createPair - create a Liquidity Pool;
🔷 adjustAmount - adjust a number of tokens using a formula;
🔷 getReserves - a getter function;
🔷 addLiquidity - add liquidity to the LP;
🔷 removeLiquidity - withdraw liquidity;
🔷 trade1for2 - swap tokens.
2/ First, initialize contract and define the state variables 👩🏻‍💻 Image
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Day 67 of #100DaysOfDeFI 🚀 Today I continued creating a basic DEX 👩🏻‍💻  and focused on developing a Pair smart contract 👾  Pair represents the Liquidity Pool 🪙 it is in charge of swapping 💱 managing the liquidity pool and burning 🔥
#womenwhocode #100DaysOfCode

Summary 🧵
1/ In this example of the Pair smart contract I’ll implement the following methods:
🔶  getReservers - get quantities of each token;
🔶  updateReserves - update the tokens’ quantities;
🔶  swap - exchange two tokens;
🔶  withdrawTokens - send the tokens back to the LP.
2/ First, initialize the Pair contract. We’ll need to import some contracts from OpenZeppelin and a Tokens contract from the day 66 of the challenge. Initialize state variables and constructor, too👩🏻‍💻
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Day 66 of #100DaysOfDeFI 🚀  Today and the following days I'll dive into DEXs implementation in #Solidity ⭐️ I’ll review the Uniswap smart contracts and create a decentralized exchange protocol 👩🏻‍💻 
#womenwhocode #100DaysOfCode

Summary 🧵 Image
1/ Uniswap smart contract architecture consists of Core and Periphery:
🔹 Core is used for storing and swapping the tokens, adding funds, getting rewards, etc;
🔹 Periphery interacts with the Core.
2/ Core stores the following smart contracts:
🔹 Pair - swaps, mints and burns tokens;
🔹 Factory - creates pairs of tokens;
🔹 ERC20 - keeps track of ownership of pool.

Periphery has only 1 smart contract:
🔹 Router - interacts with the Core.
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Content Ideas are unlimited but only if you look in the correct place.

Here are 5 awesome websites that help you generate unlimited content

{ }

🟠 Helps you write roadmaps for various paths as a software engineer be it FrontEnd, Backend, Devops. Image
{ }

🟠 Cheatsheets are a good way to generate content, headover to Overapi to find cheatsheets for tons of technologies Image
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Do you use VSCode daily?

This list of VSCode shortcuts can save you a lot of time. Spend less time writing code and more time thinking and understanding your code logic. 👨🏻‍💻

Become a better developer by learning the tool you use daily. 🧵👇

#100DaysOfCode Image

1) Ctrl+Shift+P, F1
- Show Command Palette

2) Ctrl+Shift+N
- New window/instance

3) Ctrl+Shift+W
- Close window/instance

4) Ctrl+P
- Quick Open, Go to File...

5) Ctrl+,
- User Settings

6) Ctrl+K Ctrl+S
- Keyboard Shortcuts
Basic editing

1) Ctrl+X
- Cut line (empty selection)

2) Ctrl+C
- Copy line (empty selection)

3) Alt+ ↑ / ↓
- Move line up/down

4) Shift+Alt + ↓ / ↑
- Copy line up/down

5) Ctrl+Shift+K
- Delete line

6) Ctrl+Enter
- Insert line below
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Day 63 of #100DaysOfDeFI 🚀 Today I learned how to deploy an NFT collection on a testnet 🤖  and uploaded a collection of watermelon houses generated with AI on OpenSea 🐳  special thanks to @javilop for creating these cute houses! 🍉
#womenwhocode #100DaysOfCode

Summary 🧵
1/ First, upload a collection of images on Pinata, I described it in detail on day 56 of the challenge 🔙
2/ Now create json files for each image and add CID to “image” 👇
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⚡️ Day 85 ⚡️


- Made a little progress on my project using react + tailwindcss.

- Studied npm(Node Package Manager).

Let us basics npm.

A Thread 🧵


What is npm?

-> npm is the world's largest Software Registry.

-> Open-source developers use npm to share software.

-> npm is free to use.

How to install npm?

-> npm is installed with Node.js.

-> This means that you have to install Node.js to get npm installed on your computer.

-> Download Node.js from the official Node.js web site:
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Day 62 of #100DaysOfDeFI 🚀 Today I continued deploying smart contracts on Ethereum testnet Rinkeby and uploaded a duck 🦆 NFT on OpenSea 👩🏻‍💻
#womenwhocode #100DaysOfCode

Summary 🧵
1/ First, prepare the jpeg file and metadata for the NFT. We’ll use Pinata platform for hosting files 🦙 A jpeg is an image we want to deploy as an NFT and a json file is the metadata. So, create an account in and first upload the image.
2/ There will be a CID generated that we have to add to the json file. In name section add “” and the image CID. Upload the json file too 👩🏻‍💻
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⚡️ Day 84 ⚡️


- Made a little progress on my project using react + tailwindcss.

- Studied Controlled Components in React.

Let us discuss Controlled Components.

A Thread 🧵

What are Controlled Components ?

- Let us take an example of an HTML form.


<input type="text" name="name" />
<input type="submit" value="Submit" />

In HTML, form elements naturally keep internal state.

For e.g -

- If you type the name in the input section and submit the button then the value of name will be submitted. so this is all controlled by HTML.

- If we do the above process using React then the process is called Controlled Component Process.
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Day 61 of #100DaysOfDeFI 🚀 Today I learned how to deploy tokens on Ethereum testnet 👾  for this I will use Rinkeby testnet and Remix IDE for developing smart contract 👩🏻‍💻
#womenwhocode #100DaysOfCode

Summary 🧵 Image
1/ Use code from the day 57 of the challenge to create ERC20 tokens 👇 Image
2/ Then, create 2 additional accounts on Rinkeby testnet on MetaMask 🦊 For that, just choose the Rinkeby testnet and click “Create account” 👾 Image
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⚡️Day 83 ⚡️

Today -

- Continued my study with React JS.

- Made a hero section of my portfolio website.

- Studied how to use the typewriter effect in our project.

Let us discuss how to install the npm package of the typewriter effect in react.

A thread 🧵


First, we will install the react-typing-effect npm package using the npm command.

How to install it?

Step 1:-

- First, change PWD(present working directory) to my-app or my-project folder in your VSCode editor.

- command is - cd my-app or cd my-project.

Step 2:- Go to google and search "react-typing-effect npm package."

- Copy the npm command i.e `npm install --save react-typing-effect`.

- Paste this command in our VS code editor terminal.

- Now it is installed.
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⚡️ Day 80 ⚡️

⚡️ Let us discuss Components and Props in React.

⚡️ We will discuss each with examples.

A thread 🧵


What is a Component?

--> components are like JavaScript functions.

--> As function accepts parameters in JavaScript in the same way Component accepts props(properties) in React.

--> Components Return React elements describing what should appear on the screen.
--> Let us take an example.

function Greeting(props) {
return <h1>Hello, {}</h1>;
--> If you compare it with the JavaScript function then it is same.

--> In the above example, the Component is returning the JSX expression (markup + JS).
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⚡️ Day 79 ⚡️

⚡️ Let us discuss JSX and rendering in React.

⚡️ I tried my best to explain each term with an example.

A thread 🧵

1. what is React?

--> A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

--> React will efficiently update and render(make) just the right components when your data changes. (we will see it in the last of this thread).

--> we will study more about React in our coming threads.
2. What is JSX?

--> const element = <h1>Hello, world!</h1>;

--> In the above line, we defined a const and assigned a value to it.

--> The value is neither a string nor an HTML.

--> Then what is it?, it is nothing but JSX.

--> JSX is very much used in React.
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The popularity of Python comes from the fact that it has a rich set of libraries & frameworks available for numerous usecases.

Today we look at some realworld applications & the available Python framework/library for it

#100DaysOfCode #Python #MachineLearning #DataScience
{ Web Development }

1⃣ @djangoproject
2⃣ Flask
3⃣ @FastAPI
4⃣ Sanic
{ Machine Learning }
1⃣ Pandas
2⃣ Numpy
3⃣ Keras
4⃣ PyTorch
5⃣ Scikit-Learn
6⃣ Matplotlib
7⃣ TensorFlow
8⃣ Seaborn
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How to do #100DaysOfCode as a beginner and emerge as an in-demand programmer in the industry 🧵👇
1. Explore
Before starting your journey, explore your options. Don't jump into something (like web development) just because everyone else is doing it. You have a ton of good options.
A few good options to consider:
- Native app dev (android, ios, windows, mac)
- Web frontend dev
- Data engineering / machine learning
- Game dev
- Backend dev
- Database engineer
- Blockchain dev
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⚡️ Day 78 ⚡️

⚡️ Let us discuss:-

1. Mutability and Immutability in JavaScript.

2. Avdavtages of Immutability.

A thread 🧵

#100daysofcode Image
1. What is Mutability:-

--> It is the property to mutate (change) the data by directly changing the data’s values.

--> see the code snippet to understand it. Image
2. What is Immutability:-

--> In this approach, original data remains the same.

--> we make the copy of the original data and if want to change anything then we change in the copy of the data, not on the original data

--> see the code snippet to understand it. Image
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A lot of terms in web3, right?

Flashcards can help you deal with that.


#100DaysOfCode #100Devs Image
⚡️Blockchain Basics (26 Cards):…
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