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10 FREE tech programs and bootcamps that will help you land roles in Data, Software or Web Development, Cloud, Project Management, Tech Sales, No-Code software and more!

All of the programs below have a hiring component involved. This means the program is invested in you completing it and getting to an interview at minimum and ideally hired with one of their hiring partners.
Anaplan is a no-code platform that trains you in data and project management together while building solutions to help company's plan everything from hiring, to sales, inventory and more. Average salary is $94K. (Glassdoor)
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#TimeZoneProtocols #BlackQuantumFuturism
@AfroFuturAffair opens the event with an extended discussion of time as a essential element of antebellum enslavement. Image
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Do you believe that your lack of college degree(s) is hindering your ability to get jobs and high paying positions?
🤥 Failed college, lied about the degree, nobody asked for proof, got the IT job

🤩 Duplicated my LinkedIn tips and the inbox is now blown up, messages every hour
🤥🤥🤥🤥 WE LIE TOGETHER, WE GET HIGH TOGETHER! Salaries that is.💸

Going from zero callbacks for months to getting 4 in a row!💅🏾
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Hey #BlackTechTwitter in Europe or willing to relocate: my company is looking for an Engineering Manager to come support my teams while I'll leave for my maternity leave ❤️ You will support a one of a kind diverse crowd, while participating in making this world a better place 🌿
We're very bad at sharing our work on making our workplace a diverse and inclusive one, but if data is your jam, in Engineering we are ~50% not identifying as men, ~15/20% identifying as bipoc, 50% women in manager position (yours truly too, who enters in all these categories!)
I don't touch about neurodiversity (hello, still talking about me! 👋🏾) and disability, but I'm truly proud of how my company embraces everyone's differences in a respectful way. We're not perfect, but we want to embody the values we also share in our work field and commitment.
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A Thread

Who is a Pen-tester!

A Pen-tester is someone who helps a business test their security posture through a structured attack simulation with a predefined and agreed scope, this is referred to as a Pen test.

#BlackTechTwitter #100Devs #tech
Required Skills.

- Solid understanding of all IT fundamentals (Networking Included).
- In depth Knowledge of administering Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems.
- Basic understanding of Web servers and their technologies.

#BlackTechTwitter #100Devs #tech
- Basic understanding of Database servers and their technologies
- Basic understanding of Application development
- Basic understanding of Mobile Application development.
- Expert in Report writing

#BlackTechTwitter #100Devs #tech
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A short Thread about Online Password Security.

More than 80% of the global population have at least two online passwords and more than 80% of that 80% use insecure passwords or simply reuse a single password for multiple websites/apps.

#BlackTechTwitter #100DaysOfHacking #Web3
That’s a problem in this age of modern cybercrime: The theft/exposure of one password could open you up to cascade of account breaches leading to data, identity, and financial losses.

#BlackTechTwitter #100DaysOfHacking #Web3
Talk to a cybersecurity pro about passwords, and they’ll tell you two things: Every password should be unique (You can hardly achieve that) and secure (The more secure it is, the higher the chance you will forget them).

#BlackTechTwitter #100DaysOfHacking #Web3 #CyberSecurity
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Looking to start a career in Tech?
Picking a Tech skill can be a confusing one, but advisably pick a skill based on your interest

For example

1. If you love playing games and want to start making yours
Your skill stack will be: C++, Java and C#

A Thread 👇
2. Love mobile apps and want to develop yours: For mobile app designs your skill stack would be UI/UX using wire frames and figma and Adobe, For the mobile app back end or dev; Andriod studio and kotlin for andriod apps Swift for Apple. Dart(flutter)for adriod and apple apps
3. If you love cyber security where by you enjoy when online informations are secured your skill sets will be
Cloud computing
Learning how to operate all types of Ubuntu os
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My Project Management journey!
I just stated the Google Project Management: Professional Certificate through Coursera and I have decided to update my learning journey, so this will be a thread of my progress. #BlackTechTwitter #womenintech #projectmanagement #baddiesintech
Day 1
Course: Foundations of Project Management
Now I have basic understanding of project management and what a project manager does (planning and organizing, managing tasks, budgeting and controlling costs).
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Kaggle is not just a competitive data science platform, it's one of the largest repositories for datasets, it is also a Cloud IDE where you can build and deploy a model.
Check details in this 🧵

RT Appreciated
#Kaggle #BlackTechTwitter
Visit Kaggle using the link below
Click on the "<> Code" menu option as illustrated in the image below.

This will take you to the Kaggle IDE Environment
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As a follow-up on these, here's some other sites to search for remote work opportunity. Do like, retweet and share with loved ones 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

#techtwitter #TechisHiring #BlackTechTwitter #BlackTech
Use Arc's smart remote job search engine to discover the world's jobs all in one place. The easiest way to findremote developer jobs.
Amazon Internships for students
Whether you’re graduating with an undergraduate degree, Master’s degree, MBA or PhD, Amazon teams have internship positions available globally.
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Good morning tech newbies 👶🏽

So glad you've come aboard. It's wealthy on this side and it smells like Rihanna. 🥰

Here's where/how to get started 👇🏽

#WomenInTech #BlackTechTwitter
First things first: mindset. Switching careers doesn't have to be the most difficult thing you've ever done (if done correctly) but keep in mind it won't be easy. It'll require time, patience, study, and humility. Keep that in mind now so you don't get frustrated later.
Now it's time to choose your path. This bot helps you figure out which tech career may be right for you. Remember, there are non-coding options as well as tech-heavy options. Don't be intimidated. There's a path for everyone. Website credit: @Girasol_Mary
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Remote Internships in any field/industry

With a remote paid internship, you can gain valuable real-world experience, with increased flexibility and freedom.
Ready to work from anywhere? 🇳🇬 Here is a list of internships below👇1/7

#tech #TechIsHiring #BlackTechTwitter
The Michigan University Global Remote Internship Program enables students to secure a virtual internship with an international company or organization. You must first check out their eligibility criteria and deadline before you apply. 2/7
Facebook University
Facebook University is unique hands-on paid internship program that provides college students an inside look at Facebook’s roles while offering hands-on work experience in the tech sector.
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Here are some opportunities to explore for international education (thread):
1. UK Chevening Award
2. Berea College
3. Free Norway Public Education
4. The University of Michigan
5. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
#urbannomads #techishiring #blacktechtwitter (1/6)
The Chevening Award —UK Government scholarships & fellowships that enable future leaders to study & work in the UK. Applications open in August ’22 👉🏾 #urbannomads #techishiring #blacktechtwitter #academictwitter #academicchatter #techtwitter (2/6)
Berea College in Berea, KY is a 100% tuition free school that is also free for international students. App timeline is Summer-November 2022 👉🏾… #careerfireside #urbannomads #techishiring #blacktechtwitter #womenintech #academictwitter #academicchatter (3/6)
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😁😆 why did i tune in right at the moment @IOHK_Charles starts whining about wearing a mask in a sushi bar... fam, its about courtesy & limiting spread... to say its not real
Bruh has no concept of airflow or projected dispersal

Charlie is back on topic…
I'm hoping the concept of NFT efficacy is revisited as opposed to the wide array of tangents.

If the concept is new to you, here's an article that encapsulates things more concisely…
dude has had his hand raised patiently while others in the space has had the ability to jump cue.... god damn

🙃 inclusive space indeed...
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I have thoughts on #blacktechtwitter but I’ll leave it alone
Black tech twitter seems to value appearances over substance, clout over career and imagery over impact
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Why African Americans left the Republican Party

"This decline can be attributed to a general upswing in Lily-White challenges across the South – initiated with President Herbert Hoover’s blessing ."
Republican Party Politics and the American South, 1865-1968…
On The Lily White Republicans

"He spoke with no bridled tongue of the political OUTRAGES in Arkansas and FortBend County, #Texas, and stated that he recognized the fight was to OVERTHROW the Negro Republicans in the State."


- Maud Cuney-Hare
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Now it’s my turn - thank you to the countless Microsoft employees, Most Valuable Professionals, community people and most of all family (first ones I told) and friends that have supported me on giving back! #MVPBuzz
1) Biggest lessons I've learned (MVP edition) there is still a 5,000 limit on following people on Twitter until you have that many followers, (see reference here:…) but no limit to followers on LinkedIn. 1/13
2) besides your profile bio (limited characters) you only can "pin" one tweet which stays at the top of your profile, but you can add others to this 1st tweet & they stay up there as well. Use the + in the lower right to add tweets & they are treated as one or a collection 2/13
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To the Black Tech Community. They call me "The Jobfather" because I get people offers they don't want to refuse.

I have a personal mission to help as many Black people get new jobs in Tech as possible.

It's an amazing industry where we are severely underrepresented.
I've put together some resources you can use to help you on your Tech Job search.

A Spreadsheet of all the Remote Job Boards I could find:
A free resume template for download:

A cover letter template for free download:

#Careers #TechJobs #BlackLivesMatter #DEI #Recruiter #TechisHiring #JupiterHR
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Set a reminder for 01.22.22 @ 2 PM Negotiating your Worth: Salary & Benefits #careerfireside hosted by @akin_oluseun and I. Come get practical tips & strategies to effectively negotiate your next offer! #TechIsHiring #blackinfinance #blacktechtwitter #womenintech #negotiation Image
(1/7) Here is a thread of reasons why you should #negotiate your WORTH:

#didyouknow women in the U.S. who work full time, year round are paid $0.82 for every dollar paid to men? ( @EqualPayToday )

#womenintech #womeninbusiness #techishiring #careerfireside #diversityintech
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Anyone interested in salary comparison & negotiation tips with resources, similar to the below LinkedIn one below?
Ok, let’s go.

Here are things I have negotiated & got increased:

1. Salary

2. Sign on bonus (if they can’t increase salary any further, ask for a sign on bonus, it’s usually easier to get & is a one off payment with your pay check

#BlackTechTwitter #BlackInTech #TechTwitter
3. Relocation budget - if you are relocating, the company should be providing you with funds to do an initial discovery visit (flights & hotel) to see potential areas, then flights, moving costs for when you move, as well as 2-3 months of living expenses to get settled
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THREAD: languages to learn in 2022 and what they are used for ✨💗
#BlackTechTwitter #TechTwitter Image
JavaScript, the most common language, is used in web, game and mobile-app development. JavaScript is known for it's front-end frameworks and libraries.
Ironically, the language has no affiliation or relation to "Java".
Python is a very flexible programming language that can be used for data science, analytics, back-end programming and application development. Its simple syntax makes it easy to learn. 🐍
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When hiring managers read your resume, they`re looking for more than just an overview of your experience. They`re also looking for growth, specifically:

#BlackTechTwitter #womenintech
1. Career progression

Experience is one thing, but if you’ve stayed in the same role for the past 10 years without moving up, hiring managers are going to want to know why .
No career growth = a possible red flag .

Being promoted or taking on different roles at the same company shows that you’re capable of professional development .
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Reaching out to Linkedin recruiters

Majority of us recruiters spend ample time on LinkedIn searching for candidates. Connecting with us directly is one of the fastest ways to get your profile front & center .


#BlackTechTwitter #womenintech
It also means you`ll show up more often in our search results when we look to fill roles .
A sample template to use when asking recruiters to connect with you on LinkedIn:
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