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Give me 5 minutes and I'll teach you everything about object-oriented programming:

Documented by: @ChrisStaud Image
1. Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm in which programs are designed using classes and objects.

This design allows related functions and data to be grouped together in self-contained and reusable units.
2. A class is a template or blueprint from which objects are made from.

Classes define the properties and methods that an object can have, and objects are unique instances of a class.
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A short but necessary thread on how to Maximize your LinkedIn profile for success and visibility. LinkedIn works best when you realize that its a tool that most Recruiters, Talent Acquisition and HR Personnel use to find and recruit new potential employees. #BlackTechTwitter /1
You might not be aware but Recruiters have a different view on LinkedIn, this is by design to allow them to parse, narrow and target specific people based on the information provided. For recruiters it starts at this screen. Where they start the search off. /2 ImageImage
Our searches usually begin with Profile Job title, Location and a few different skills. The first opportunity you have to improve your profile's visibility and show up on a Recruiter's search is to put the Job title you have/want in your Headline caption. /3 Image
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There are still tech companies hiring for roles that don't require experience or a degree to get hired🎉 Here are 15+ roles paying up to $90K 🧵
Google, Accenture, IBM, HP, Cloud for Good & others have roles in Data Analytics, AI, Data Engineering, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Cloud, UX, Product Management, Product Design, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Software & Systems Engineering.

#jobsearch #Job #TechisHiring
The roles are in Data Analytics, AI, Data Engineering, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Cloud, Full-Stack, UX, Product Management, Product Design, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Software and Systems Engineering.
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Learn AWS with 10+ Cheatsheets free of cost 🫶

Thread 🧵👇

Documented by:@ghumare64
AWS S3 :
AWS Lambda :
AWS CloudFormation :
AWS API Gateway :
AWS Route 53 :
AWS Redshift :
AWS DynamoDB :
AWS Infographics:
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Here are 3 programs training 100 ppl to become a Software Engineers, Quality Assurance Testers & Data Analysts in the next 14-16 weeks. + offering roles paying avg salaries upwards of $100K+ 🧵
Shipt is giving 20, $13K Scholarships for a Software Engineering bootcamp!🎉
➡ US citizens/Perm
📆Apply by Jan 23, Starts Feb 27
🐍Gain #SoftwareEngineering skills in 14 weeks
💰Job Interviews

#womenwhocode #blacktechtwitter #codenewbie
Perficient is giving 40+, $13K Scholarships for Software Engineering, Quality Assurance & Data Analyst bootcamps!🎉

➡ US citizens/Perm resident
📆Apply by Feb 27, Starts Apr 3
💰Job Interview

#womenwhocode #blacktechtwitter #codenewbie
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Folks, there's some stuff going on with #BlackTechTwitter that's not my place to speak on- but some friends gave me a heads up so I'm on standby in case what I bring can be helpful.
I will say something on the overall issue of bootcamps and mentorship.
Years and years ago a Black-American woman DMed me about what frameworks and languages I recommended. I gave her good advice- for my ecosystem "Oh, start with what your friends are doing, they'll have access to work in those areas". Because in Shenzhen- we're all in tech🤦🏻‍♀️
"Waddya mean you don't know any programmers?" 😅Remember when I was getting started I could pop on WeChat and talk to engineers at Tencent, Huawei- you name it. I'm a Shenzhen girl I either knew someone or could get to someone. The idea of not having a *single* "in" blew my mind.
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Let's start with what a scam is:

It's dishonesty. What Mary did and has continued to do is be dishonest. Image
She lifted resources from other content creators and led people to believe they were her's based on "years" of experience. Image
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My quick and dirty list of not-so-obvious complementary skills for Detection Engineers. These are the things I study on my "low-tech" days. Most of these are mindset/procces centric and require minimal technology. #infosec #CyberSecurity #DetectionEngineers #BlackTechTwitter
First up, Statistical Analysis. Statistical analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data in order to discern patterns and trends. This is useful when establishing baselines and identifying anomalies.…
Second, Reasoning. Understanding the different types of reasoning and when you should apply them will allow you to efficiently analyze massive amounts of data.…
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Here’s my quick an dirty lab workout for Detection Engineers. I do this work out 2 to 3 times a week for about 2 hours. #CyberSecurity #infosec #BlackTechTwitter
First you’ll need a lab. I don’t romanticize the struggles of building a lab. Sure, you learn a lot but you’re trying to start building detections. So I recommend using an automated set up like this one.…
Next, you’ll need a way to simulate a text to your environment. My favorite for beginners is @redcanary’s atomic request team…
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Today's lab consisted of testing a theory from my @Fortinet NSE4 and NSE5: To connect FortiGates to FortiManager and FortiAnazyler from across the WAN using a VIP.


Mapping a specific IP address to another specific IP address is usually called Destination NAT (DNAT). FortiOS calls this a Virtual IP address (VIP). DNAT, or VIP, is are used to map an external IP address to an IP address or address range.
The mapping can include all TCP/UDP ports or, if port forwarding is enabled, it only refers to the specific configured ports.
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📢There are still seats at the table for us in #tech in 2022!

Easiest way to transition to #tech is to start in a non-tech role.

Here are the most in-demand non-tech roles at tech companies👇🏾

THREAD #BlackTechTwitter #womenintech
Top 10 Non-Tech jobs at Tech companies:
1️⃣Product Marketing
2️⃣Sales/Business Development/Strategic Partnerships
4️⃣Content Management/Design
6️⃣Customer Support
7️⃣Brand Specialist
8️⃣Social Media Specialist
🔟Program Management
I bet you already have the skills you need to transition to tech.
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A few months ago, I got a promotion at #Meta with a $50K raise.

I immediately updated my resume b/c I knew I was worth more than that.

I landed a job at #Google that increased my compensation by over $150K.

#BlackTechTwitter #TechTwitter
Tech is one of the few industries where women and BIPOC can be compensated fairly without going to war with their colleagues and bosses.

That kind of stress will take years off of your life. (Google: Racism as a public health issue.)
So, how did I know that I was worth more?
By using resources like and TeamBlind.

Know your worth. Then, add tax!
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Thinking about a new career? #Customersuccess is one of the fastest growing sectors in tech. Keep reading to learn more about the CS role & learning skills relevant to the job #thread 🧵Pt.1

#techishiring #remotework #blacktechtwitter #womenintech #techtrends #technology
This is a role where you will engage w/ clients of your company to capture current engagement and usage, goals, & together determine how your company’s products & services may support in driving their goals & priorities & leverage your company tools to scale their team or brand
Customer Success is sometimes referred to as client success, customer experience or client partner. The main objectives are to onboard and engage with existing customers to drive customer objectives and increase customer satisfaction #techtwitter #tech #techtrends
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I thought this was common knowledge by now, but software engineers at “big tech” and in some of the major tech hubs in the US makes lots of money. I’d encourage you to look at to see the potential earnings at these companies. #techtwitter #BlackTechTwitter
That said this is about potential. This site doesn’t show how many people exists at these levels, let alone how many underrepresented people exist at some of these levels.
At Microsoft about 5.6% (…) of the population is black and I know, just by looking around that there are a lot fewer in the upper echelons of levels. The percentages are more abysmal the further up the chain you go.
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Here are some OSI notes that I took, courtesy of Mike Meyers.

Check him out here:…
Q: What is a model?

A: a simplified process that represents how networks function.

So not this diva. The other type of model.
✅There is the OSI model
✅There is the TCP model

( Image
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10 FREE tech programs and bootcamps that will help you land roles in Data, Software or Web Development, Cloud, Project Management, Tech Sales, No-Code software and more!

All of the programs below have a hiring component involved. This means the program is invested in you completing it and getting to an interview at minimum and ideally hired with one of their hiring partners.
Anaplan is a no-code platform that trains you in data and project management together while building solutions to help company's plan everything from hiring, to sales, inventory and more. Average salary is $94K. (Glassdoor)
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Do you believe that your lack of college degree(s) is hindering your ability to get jobs and high paying positions?
🤥 Failed college, lied about the degree, nobody asked for proof, got the IT job

🤩 Duplicated my LinkedIn tips and the inbox is now blown up, messages every hour
🤥🤥🤥🤥 WE LIE TOGETHER, WE GET HIGH TOGETHER! Salaries that is.💸

Going from zero callbacks for months to getting 4 in a row!💅🏾
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Hey #BlackTechTwitter in Europe or willing to relocate: my company is looking for an Engineering Manager to come support my teams while I'll leave for my maternity leave ❤️ You will support a one of a kind diverse crowd, while participating in making this world a better place 🌿
We're very bad at sharing our work on making our workplace a diverse and inclusive one, but if data is your jam, in Engineering we are ~50% not identifying as men, ~15/20% identifying as bipoc, 50% women in manager position (yours truly too, who enters in all these categories!)
I don't touch about neurodiversity (hello, still talking about me! 👋🏾) and disability, but I'm truly proud of how my company embraces everyone's differences in a respectful way. We're not perfect, but we want to embody the values we also share in our work field and commitment.
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A Thread

Who is a Pen-tester!

A Pen-tester is someone who helps a business test their security posture through a structured attack simulation with a predefined and agreed scope, this is referred to as a Pen test.

#BlackTechTwitter #100Devs #tech
Required Skills.

- Solid understanding of all IT fundamentals (Networking Included).
- In depth Knowledge of administering Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems.
- Basic understanding of Web servers and their technologies.

#BlackTechTwitter #100Devs #tech
- Basic understanding of Database servers and their technologies
- Basic understanding of Application development
- Basic understanding of Mobile Application development.
- Expert in Report writing

#BlackTechTwitter #100Devs #tech
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A short Thread about Online Password Security.

More than 80% of the global population have at least two online passwords and more than 80% of that 80% use insecure passwords or simply reuse a single password for multiple websites/apps.

#BlackTechTwitter #100DaysOfHacking #Web3
That’s a problem in this age of modern cybercrime: The theft/exposure of one password could open you up to cascade of account breaches leading to data, identity, and financial losses.

#BlackTechTwitter #100DaysOfHacking #Web3
Talk to a cybersecurity pro about passwords, and they’ll tell you two things: Every password should be unique (You can hardly achieve that) and secure (The more secure it is, the higher the chance you will forget them).

#BlackTechTwitter #100DaysOfHacking #Web3 #CyberSecurity
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Looking to start a career in Tech?
Picking a Tech skill can be a confusing one, but advisably pick a skill based on your interest

For example

1. If you love playing games and want to start making yours
Your skill stack will be: C++, Java and C#

A Thread 👇
2. Love mobile apps and want to develop yours: For mobile app designs your skill stack would be UI/UX using wire frames and figma and Adobe, For the mobile app back end or dev; Andriod studio and kotlin for andriod apps Swift for Apple. Dart(flutter)for adriod and apple apps
3. If you love cyber security where by you enjoy when online informations are secured your skill sets will be
Cloud computing
Learning how to operate all types of Ubuntu os
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My Project Management journey!
I just stated the Google Project Management: Professional Certificate through Coursera and I have decided to update my learning journey, so this will be a thread of my progress. #BlackTechTwitter #womenintech #projectmanagement #baddiesintech
Day 1
Course: Foundations of Project Management
Now I have basic understanding of project management and what a project manager does (planning and organizing, managing tasks, budgeting and controlling costs).
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Kaggle is not just a competitive data science platform, it's one of the largest repositories for datasets, it is also a Cloud IDE where you can build and deploy a model.
Check details in this 🧵

RT Appreciated
#Kaggle #BlackTechTwitter
Visit Kaggle using the link below
Click on the "<> Code" menu option as illustrated in the image below.

This will take you to the Kaggle IDE Environment
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As a follow-up on these, here's some other sites to search for remote work opportunity. Do like, retweet and share with loved ones 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

#techtwitter #TechisHiring #BlackTechTwitter #BlackTech
Use Arc's smart remote job search engine to discover the world's jobs all in one place. The easiest way to findremote developer jobs.
Amazon Internships for students
Whether you’re graduating with an undergraduate degree, Master’s degree, MBA or PhD, Amazon teams have internship positions available globally.
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