Back in court at the Julian #Assange case, now awaiting the judge.
Judge Vanessa Baraitser enters court and proceedings begin.
Technical issues with the video link to the next witness causing a slight delay.
Proceedings resume with the next defence witness, Trevor Timm, via video link from the USA.
Timm tells the court he runs the Freedom of the Press foundation in the USA.

Mark Summers QC, for #Assange asks Timm about US press law and the 1st amendment as it applies to press freedom.
He quotes a former NYT editor, "without access to secrets there is no reporting." and notes the Supreme Court overuled the government over the Pentagon papers
Timm testifies that there has been a number of attempts by the US government to use the espionage act against journalists, none have ever been succesful.
Timm says that if the espionage act charges against #Assange it would "criminalise every journalist," and they were opposed by almost every First ammendemt supporter and major newspaper.
Timm tellls the court that if the rules being applied to Assange had been in place in the 1970s Watergate reposrters Woodward and Bernstein would have been criminalised.
The witness tells the court that if asking a source for classified information in illegal the the secure "dropbox" systems used by many papers for whistleblowers would also be illegal.
Timm "I myself have advocated for leaks in cases where the US secrecy system is hiding abuse, corruption, or illegal acts, and no-one has ever suggested I was committing a criminal act.
James Lewis QC for US Government now cross-examining Timm, begins by questioning his status as an "expert witness."
Timm agrees that his organisation has contributed $100,000 to Assange’s legal costs.
The prosecution QC says this shows Timm us not an unbiased witness, as he has a clear conflict of interest.
Lewis tells the court that the prosecution do not regard Julian Assange as a journalist. Timm replies that it is not up to the government to decide who is a journalist it is the right of everyone, and thet Assange was engaged in journalistic activities
Timm is asked if he has been watching previous witnesses give evidence on the video link, he says no, but he has been following the case via reporters on twitter and press reports.
Lewis points to a US justice department statement that #Assange was not being prosecuted for publication of classified material.
Timm says he makes his judgement "based on the facts, not US government press releases."
The prosecution counsel asks Timm is he has seen all the evidence in the case, he replies that if there is secret evidence he hasn't.
Timm says he has never said wikileaks had perfect editorial judgement, any more that the Guardian or New York Times have, but if bad judgment is criminal many other publications would be under threat.
Adding, "It shouldn't be up to the US government to decide if editorial judgment is criminal."
Timm, “The 1st Amendment is not a balancing act, it also covers unpopular speech, or a publication that touches on subject matter that makes some us uncomfortable.”
Lewis asks the witness, "Are you a lawyer? What expertise do you have to give legal advice?"

Timms replies that he graduated from law school in 2008 and was called to the New York Bar."

(The prosecution barrister, moves in to a different subject)
Lewis asks the witness why he thinks the prosecution is political, He says that Trump's hostility to journalists is well known and that a number of US prosecutors had refused to get involved in this case due to the 1st amendment issues involved
Bit of an argument in court as defence say that Lewis has reached his time limit of one hour.
He vehemenly objects to this, and the judge says he can have more time, he repliues that he was finished anyway.
Timms has ended his evidence, the court is now having a case-management discussion about time limits on examination and cross-examination of witnesses.

• • •

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8 Sep
Mark Summers QC for Mr Assange continues his examination of Professor Felstein.
The witness confirms he wrote a book about President Nixon trying to prosecute a journalist called Jack Anderson.
Feldstein says that an attempt by the US government to prosecute Anderson under the espionage act failed as publishing classified information was not a crime.
The administration then tried to smear him, and there was discussion in the White House of poisoning him.
Summers moves on to the charge that #Assange, "solicited classified documents," Feldstein says this "paints journalistic activities in a very nefarious light, we teach acquiring secret documents in journalism, school this in journalism school."
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8 Sep
In court now for the Julian #Assange hearing day 2, still awaiting the start of proceedings.
District Judge Vanessa Baraitser enters and proceedings begin.
Defence calls it's first witness of the day, Clive Stafford-Smith.
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10 Mar
Court rises as the presiding judge Lady Dorrian enters and day 2 begins.
Alex Salmond is in the dock, flanked by two court security staff.
The jury of 9 women and 6 men take their seats, and Alec Prentice QC, for the Crown, resumes his examination in chief of "Witness H," a former Scottish Government official
Prentice moves on to the day after the alleged attack and asks the witness if she attended a scheduled football event the next day, she says she did not "I felt sick, I wanted to throw up I didn't want to see him [Salmond]
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9 Mar
Back in court for the afternoon session of the Alex #SalmondTrial trial where we expect more evidence from the first Crown witness, who for legal reasons we are calling "Witness H."
(For those who are unaware, the jury and we are told the identity of the witness, so they are not "anonymous" in any sense, it's just that the name of alleged victim of a sexual crime is never allowed to be published)
Court rises as the presiding judge, Lady Dorrian enters and proceedings resume.
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9 Mar
Proceedings resume at the Alex #Salmond trial in Edinburgh
The jury now being selected, names are drawn from a glass bowl with those selected from the pool in court asked to enter the jury box.
(In a Scottish criminal trial there are 15 jurors, not the 12 you get in an English case)
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25 Feb
Mark Summers QC for the defence now rises to make a motion on extradition law.
Says he will be dealing with three specific pieces of evidence.
1.The allegation that #Assange helped Chelsea Manning crack a password.
2. The allegation of "theft," against him
3. The allegation he put people at risk.

All "Utter rubbish," he adds
"Lies, lies and more lies," Summers says of the prosecution case.
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