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11 Aug
Back in court for the judgment in today's High Court hearing on the Julian Assange extradition case.
Court rises as judges enter
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11 Aug
For background, today's hearing in the Julian Assange case is a point of appeal by the US government, who are challenging an earlier ruling that they cannot contest the conclusions of the previous judge over psychiatric evidence.
Mr Assange is attending via video link from Belmarsh prison.
Proceedings begin.
Claire Dobbin QC, opens for the US government.
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11 May
Writer and activist Craig Murray due to be sentenced this morning after being found guilty of Contempt of Court over articles he wrote about the Alex Salmond case.
Hearing set to commence at 9.45 am.
The hearing is a virtual one with all the participants attending by video link
The presiding judges are Lady Dorrian, Lord Pentland and Lord Turnbull. The Advocate Depute, Alec Prentice QC represents the Crown, Roddy Dunlop QC is representing Mr Murray.
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9 May
I was at this trial and surprised that Mr Kavanaugh would know about any "audible admiration," from the judge," as that judge threw him out of court on day two for making faces at the jury and "clearly not being engaged in reporting." ImageImage
Still one of my favourite court moments.
Also, as Mr Kay was found not guilty, there never was an appeal. So not sure what the Lord Chief Justice has to do with anything
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8 May
Everyone having a fun time Image
Enjoy meeting our friendly bar staff. Image
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7 May
Proceedings begin in the Craig Murray sentencing case.
Ruddy Dunlop QC, for Mr Murray, opens with his statement in mitigation.
The QC opens by saying Mr Murray does not accept he is in contempt and is planning to appeal
Dunlop says there has been no finding that Mr Murray intended to indentify the complainers in the Alex Salmond case, Lady Dorrian, one of the three judges, questions this
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23 Apr
Back at the Royal Courts of Justice for day three of the "Tommy Robinson," libel trial.
Court is considering some matters in private just now, will start reporting when I can
The private hearing is over, now awaiting the return of the judge so proceedings in Jamal Hijazi v Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson) can resume.
The judge, Mr Justice Nicklin, enters and proceedings commence.
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22 Apr
Proceedings resume in the libel case Jamal Hijazi v Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson)
Barrister, for the claimant, Catrin Evans QC resumes her cross-examination of a defence witness who was involved in the violent incident, a video of which led to these proceedings.
Evans challenges the witness account that he was not present at a previous incident that left Jamal Hijazi ended up with a broken arm.
He says he was not present.
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22 Apr
Proceedings resume in the case of Jamal Hijazi V Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson)
Mr Robinson calls his second witness, (again as it's a younger person I'm choosing not to name them)
The witness confirms that he had a "troubled time at school," says he is not a supporter of the English Defence League but thinks is was an organisation that "tackled grooming gangs," and wasn't a racist group.
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22 Apr
Back at London's picturesque Royal Courts of Justice for day 2 in the libel case against Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson.
Proceedings due to commence at 10.30 am.
The judge enters court and proceedings begin.
The judge now dealing with a request for an anonymity order for two witnesses.
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21 Apr
Proceedings resume in the libel case between Jamal Hijiza and Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson)
The next witness is Jamal's father, Mr Hijazi, who is giving evidence via an interprer.
He confirms his witness statements are accurate and signed by him.
Mr Robinson rises to cross-examine the witness.
He asks Mr Hajazi about health problems he mentions in his witness statements and asks if he has any other relatives here, he says no.
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21 Apr
At the Royal Courts of Justice for the expected start of a libel trial involving EDL founder "Tommy Robinson," (Being heard under his original name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.
Proceedings due to begin at 10.30
Robinson is being sued for libel by the family of Jamal Hijazi, who was filmed being pushed to the ground and threatened with drowning at Almondbury school in Huddersfield.
Robinson made a number of remarks about the case on YouTube which led to today's trial.
Mr Robinson is representing himself in court.
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20 Apr
Verdict imminent
Count one, Second degree murder, Guilty
Count 2, third degree murder Guilty
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10 Apr
This is the "evidence" for the "They want to lower the age of consent to 10!" trope
Stuart Campell (aka Wings over Scotland) takes this paragraph from a declaration from a group called "ILGA world" (who he admits he's never heard of.
He then notes that the World Health organisation defines adolescents as people aged between 10 to 19 and concludes, from apparently nowhere, there is only "one possible explanation"
He then whips out a partial list of groups who have signed up to this declaration and lo and behold, there are two Scottish organisations on it (in amongst The Labour Party, various trades unions and London councils)
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7 Mar
As I'm having a wee Twitter spat with Stephen Daisley (.@JournoStephen ) I thought I'd share a story of the only time I ever saw him in action
I went to a Scottish Conservative party conference in Glasgow, thinking there might be a story there, there wasn't really.
But, anyway, was in the press section of the 2/3 empty hall beside Mr Daisley as, then leader, Ruth Davidson gave her keynote speech.
It was kind of embarrassing, the small and mostly elderly audience weren't really that engaged, the loudest sound was of sweet wrappers bring rustled
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11 Feb
Virtual proceedings begin. The presiding judge is Lady Dorian, The Crown is represented by the Advocate Depute, Alec Prentice QC, The Spectator by Ronald Clancy QC
Counsel for the Spectator is applying for changes to the court order, passed during the Alec Salmond trial, to prevent the identification of the complainers in that case.
(I'm not going to tweet too much detail about this for obvious reasons, I've also limited replies for the same reason)
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7 Feb
My wonderful goddaughter lost her job in the theatre Royal because of the virus, and has now went to work in a care home for older people.
I'm so, so, proud of her.
She works night shift, helping the older people when they need assistance during the darkness.
She got her vaccine last week.
She's always made me proud of her, top student at her school despite lots of bad things happening to her, she came to visit me in hospital when I was sick, despite the memories that must have raised for her.
She is the most wonderful young woman (but don't tell her I said that)
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6 Feb
Had a flashback there I thought I might share.
In the late 90s, for reasons that don't really matter, I ended up travelling across America on Greyhound buses.
A guy in New York sold me this pass for cash, and I could ride the bus wherever I wanted
Anyways, after three months, which was the length of my visa, I was heading back to New York, after being most everywhere, but I was so, so tired, and arrived in Boise, Idaho at midnight, just gone to the world.
Then someone sat beside me on the bus, stroked my head, and I went to sleep with my head resting on her shoulder.
I slept properly for the first time in three months.
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6 Feb
Out of interest, does anyone know why the rugby trophy between Scotland and England is called the "Calcutta Cup"?
Calcutta is in India, so.i don't see the connection.
Turns our the cup is made from stolen Indian silver.
Thanks Twitter.
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27 Jan
Craig Murray contempt of court case has begun.
I'll post updates on this thread.
Court now dealing with some preliminary matters,
The Advocate Depute, Alec Prentice QC begins his submissions for the Crown.
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25 Jan
From whom?
There's a certain; "It's that kind of attitude that lost us India," feel from this piece.
Interestingly every single example he gives is English, Glastonbury, girl bands and an event that took place at Wembley.
The tone deafness is almost embarrassing.
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