1. It's been two years since I finished writing 'The #Sabarimala Confusion- #Menstruation Across Cultures: A Historical Perspective'. It has been one of the most satisfying projects to me personally. #BookBoost Image
2. What started as a series of articles under the title 'Hindu views on Menstruation' in 2016 grew into a full-fledged book by 2018 having 350+ pages with references alone forming 50+ pages. The book published by @Vitastapublish is currently in 2nd reprint. #BookBoost
3. The book examines the notions and practices associated with #menstruation in cultures and religions across the world. Two themes of special focus in the book are: Impurity and Sacrality. #Women #Sabarimala #BookBoost
4. Praise for Book:

"Nithin has approached this delicate subject with maturity and nuance"- @authoramish

"This book is a timely attempt to set the record straight (about #menstruation)"- @SVOjha

"This is an amazing book on an unlikely topic"- Dr. @bibekdebroy


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May 14
1. Adi Shankaracharya at one place writes "asampradayavit murkhavat upekshaniya"- those who are not learned in the teaching tradition are to be ignored as fools.
2. 'Sampradaya' here refers to 'teaching tradition' or the 'Guru-Shishya mode of transmission of knowledge'. This could be understood as an advice about how to approach and study Shastras. But that is not the only dimension here.
3. Sampradaya or teaching tradition not only refers to the direct transmission from Guru-Shishya but also to the textual tradition produced from such Sampradaya, most notably the tradition of commentaries.
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May 6
1. Abortion remains Adharma irrespective of context because it involves preventing a Jiva who was about to take birth from doing so. However, how it practically plays out is complicated. Some thoughts on this in this tweet thread.
2. When abortion is carried to save the life of the mother, then even though there is Papam involved in such abortion, in a larger scheme that was the Dharmic choice as the saving of the mother's life takes precedence.
3. Life is never black and white. We are often given with choices which are different shades of grey and this being the case we must choose the choice which is closer to white as much as possible.
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Jan 27
@ramas_cal @RajivMessage 1. Only a Rishi who has direct knowledge of Veda can create Smriti. Smriti for Kaliyuga is already there (Parashara Smriti). No need for new Smriti. What is needed is the contextualization of Dharmic teachings to today's needs and solving contemporary problems+
@ramas_cal @RajivMessage 2. Essential principles of Dharma are eternal, only application part is time-context specific.Smritis speak of Drishtarthas(perceived by senses),Adrishtarthas (imperceptible) & Drishta-Adrisharthas. Only subjects of Drishtarthas are purely this worldly & context specific+
@ramas_cal @RajivMessage The Adrishtarthas are eternal principles which are always valid. They form the heart of Dharmashastras. The Drishta-Adrishta is mixed of perceivable and imperceptible objectives.+
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Jan 8
In this thread, I will be sharing my fleeting thoughts & reflections on random topics related to life, family, spirituality, etc. I will be using the hashtag #MyRandomReflections for this.
Ahimsa as a personal virtue is almost impossible to practice without some degree of Titiksha. #MyRandomReflections
Even Viraaga has Raaga in it. Or stated differently, even dispassion has passion in it, only that in this case, the passion is towards Brahman or Bhagavan as the case may be, and not towards worldly objects.

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Jul 20, 2021
1. Are there historical elements in the Veda? If yes, how to reconcile this with Veda being Nitya and Apaurusheya?
2. My response: According to Mimamsa, Veda contains five kinds of statements: 1. Vidhi/Injunction 2. Nishedha/Prohibition 3. Mantra 4. Namadheya/names of rituals etc 5. Arthavada or sentences which amplify the message of Vidhi or Nishedha by praising them or denouncing them.
3. There are different types of Arthavada, one of them is 'Bhutarthavada'-which means a statement about an occurrence that happened in the past. Ex: ‘Indra raised his thunderbolt to strike at Vṛtra’. It has to be accepted as it is as there is no way to either verify or disprove.
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Jul 18, 2021
1. The problem with this tweet is multi-layered. While Pratyaksha is indeed considered as 'Jyeshta Pramana'- the Eldest of all Pramanas in tradition and hence is central to Hindu Dharma, below tweet can be described at best as a misrepresentation of what Pratyaksha Pramana is.
2. Pratyaksha refers to knowledge that is gained from the Manas-Indriyas-mind & senses. Contrary to modern theories of perception, Hindu Darshanas posit that Indriyas themselves go to objects and make the perception happen. Hence,Pratyaksha is Pramana- valid source of knowledge.
3. What is described above is conventional definition of Pratyaksha & by its very definition, it is limited to perception and gaining knowledge about worldly objects. It cannot reveal what is Atindriya or beyond the five senses. For ex. the notion of Dharma, Swarga, Moksha.
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