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“The beauty of #Women's/#girls#hair & #skin mostly depends on their menstrual health”

I hv been proving this #Ayurveda concept on many female patients.

As usual, this lady also came 2 me 4 her EXCESSIVE HAIR FALL problem from last 7-8 yrs ( & NOT

#ayurvedictreatment 🧵 Image
for her #menstruation probs)

I often ask about the menstrual health of a lady if she comes for any health probs.
On asking, she revealed

📌Excessively heavy bleeding 🩸 for 6 DAYS per cycle (at 33 days interval)
📌Around 30-40% clots
📌Blackish 🩸 colour
📌Foul smell

the above probs were present from last 20 yrs (just from the MENARCHE)

She had been taking #Hempushpa like OTC #Ayurveda drugs from last many yrs. with no improvement.

She also consulted several Gynaecologist, but no improvement in menstrual probs.
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Fleisch, Eiweiß, Eisen, Frauen, Vegetarier, Veganer, Hülsenfrüchte ... von wegen gesund, Gesundheit.
Ich komme seit etlichen Jahren nicht mal auf 2500 Kalorien am Tag. #Armut #HartzIV, Bürgergeld, Fleisch, Eiweiß, Eisenmangel, Anämie (Blutarmut), Eiweißmangel - krank.
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#publication die Bindung des #spike-Proteins des Sars-Cov2-Virus an den #Östrogenrezeptor identifiziert!

Hinweis: *ER = Östrogenrezeptor S = Spike-Protein

#Östrogene spielen nicht nur bei der Reifung der Eizellen und im weiblichen Fortpflanzungssystems eine Rolle, sondern auch bei der Immunität. … „

Insbesondere die ERα-Signalübertragung in #Alveolarmakrophagen gilt als Schlüsselkomponente der Immunantwort auf Infektionen.“

„We detected a specific [125I]S signal at seven proteins on the array, including neuropilin 1 (NRP1; table S1), a known S target protein (12). Unexpectedly, we also detected a specific and reproducible [125I]S signal at the multiple ERα sites (Fig. 1, G to I).“

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#pwME #LongCovid who menstruate (or used to):

*BEFORE* getting ill with #MECFS or long covid, did you have particularly painful #periods?

See notes below for some clarification

#menstruation #WomensHealth
1. Post vax long covid included as long covid

2. Realise theres overlap between ME and LC, please pick what you identify with

3. If you took meds which stopped the pain but without meds your periods were particularly painful, please select "yes"
4. Because i often get DMs telling me the problems with my polls (which is why I turn comments off): its a twitter poll with max 4 options, its not perfect, you dont have to answer, and i realise this doesnt capture the full picture, etc. Im just curious is all! 😊
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Educate your family about Myths regarding menstruation:
1. If u miss periods, u are pregnant.
2. Exercise during periods Increases pain.
3. You shouldn't wash ur hair.
4. Periods implies that u can bear babies now.
5. PMS is unreal.
6. By using tampons u loose virginity.
7. You can't get pregnant while on ur periods.
8. You shouldn't eat pickle/sour and starchy food.
9. You can't perform holy rituals.
10. You should sleep on floor/ separate room/outside house.
#menstruation #MenstrualHygieneDay2022 #tabooo #mythosworld
-Delayed periods can be due to stress, medical conditions like PCOD and hormonal disturbances.
-Exercise helps in reducing pain and better health.
-Wash hair, take a bath. Maintaining hygiene is most important to avoid infections.
-PMS includes headaches, bloating, mood swings.
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@katystoll Here are recent studies focused on menstrual cycle changes after Covid vaccination....won't fit in one tweet so I'll make a thread...🧵

I haven't read all of these yet.

#menstruation #menstrualhealth #menstrual #women #health #womenshealth #WomenEmpowerment #periods #period
@katystoll "Do the COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Menstrual
@katystoll "Web and social media searches highlight menstrual irregularities as a global concern in COVID-19 vaccinations"…
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OK, it's time to talk about #periods. #menstruation. #flow. What it is, what's normal, and what's NOT. Buckle up, friends! 1/
A period is the disposal or shedding of the endometrial lining, or the tissue of the inside of the uterus that grows approximately every month in anticipation of a pregnancy. 2/
A normal period occurs every 21 to 35 days and lasts 2 to 7 days in length. How much blood a person loses varies day to day, but it should not be heavy enough to cause someone to soak through a pad or tampon every hour. 3/
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Don’t miss a new accredited #tweetorial launching TOMORROW here on @cardiomet_ce. #Emergencymedicine researcher and devotee of deep understanding of drug mechanism of action @md_pollack will be considering why being #nonsteroidal means better #MRA. Don't miss it! @GoggleDocs
1) Welcome to a #tweetorial where we’ll explore the mechanism of action of mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists (#MRA) & consider why it's so #vogue to be #nonsteroidal. This program is accredited for 0.50 credits for #physicians #nurses #pharmacists. I am @md_pollack. #FOAMed
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The Disregard of #InformedConsent and Echoes of Nuremberg Part 2 - “The Great Pivot” - Jab hesitancy is informed, literate, and sophisticated, but government agencies, officials, and politicos pushed false narratives - by @TraderStef 4 #CrushTheStreet #ADE… Image
I am moving "The Great Pivot & Echoes of Nuremberg Part 2" #InformedConsent2 (the thread from @RWMaloneMD's gracious RT ) to my acct original here. Replies were breaking apart/not keeping continuity under his RT. Chronology is now intact. Apology for move. Image
Here is a link to PART 1 of “The Disregard of Informed Consent & Echoes of Nuremberg” (is hash tagged as #InformedConsent). That thread's continuity is intact and extensive, from March 31 to Aug 3.
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1/ This is a very, very long thread. 🧵
CW: medical issues, menstruation, blood

I’ve been going through some uterus-related problems for awhile - I'm fine!! But I’ve found a lot of comfort in reading about other people’s experiences and wanted to share mine...
...just in case it can help someone else. Even if it’s only to not feel so alone. Obviously, I am not a doctor. If you recognize yourself or your symptoms in any of this, I recommend speaking to your doctor about it. (Which I know is a privilege in and of itself.)
In September 2019 I went to my doctor because I wanted to stop menstruating, or at least lessen it significantly. Since 2016ish, my periods had gotten: heavier, more painful, longer, and more frequent. Basically, worse in every possible way!
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Today we the Soroptimist, set the foundation for a friendly, comprehensible and easily accessible environment for our daughters and women generally at Toto Initiative, Bamburi.@SoroptiTweet @SIEurope @SIKenyaUnion @UGMParty ImageImageImage
We achieved a great step through coaching, QAs and some inspiration through the provision of sanitary towels and subsistence. @unwomenafrica @COEC_MSA @FemnetProg ImageImageImageImage
We seek to establish a positive impact and understanding of menstrual hygiene in our society for the betterment of the general public. #MenstrualHygieneDay #menstruation ImageImage
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1. This High court judgment is problematic at so many levels, and clearly illustrates how divorced are our legal system from religion, culture, & philosophy, in short divorced from Dharma of this country.… #menstruation
2. First, it presumes that the scientific paradigm alone is authentic knowledge and the rest- the religio-cultural knowledge- are branded as superstitions & myths. This itself is problematic as it cancels the rich religious & cultural knowledge traditions of India.
3. Second, judgment falsely equates distinct notions of menstruation prevalent in different religions into a homogenous category of 'ritual impurity' as if all religions perceive purity-impurity in same way. I have shown in my book #MenstruationAcrossCultures how this is not so.
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1. It's been two years since I finished writing 'The #Sabarimala Confusion- #Menstruation Across Cultures: A Historical Perspective'. It has been one of the most satisfying projects to me personally. #BookBoost Image
2. What started as a series of articles under the title 'Hindu views on Menstruation' in 2016 grew into a full-fledged book by 2018 having 350+ pages with references alone forming 50+ pages. The book published by @Vitastapublish is currently in 2nd reprint. #BookBoost
3. The book examines the notions and practices associated with #menstruation in cultures and religions across the world. Two themes of special focus in the book are: Impurity and Sacrality. #Women #Sabarimala #BookBoost
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As you may know I’ve a new book out 😊 so for today’s #FollowFriday I’m going to credit everyone on Twitter who helped, inspired or are a source of support listed in #BeingWellInAcademia

It’s going to be a marathon thread! Get ready and prepare to follow some amazing folk 🌟
Let's go! Beginning with a #FollowFriday for @DrHelenKara and @ThomsonPat who are the series editors of the Insider Guides to Success in Academia… of which #BeingWellInAcademia is a part
Who's in the acknowledgements of #BeingWellInAcademia? A lot of folk not on Twitter and @lindsay_odell @butlerceri who are here and who I've enjoyed working with for longer than I can remember 😊 #FollowFriday
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Thread on #PeriodLeave ~

Here's what I learnt from my research while drafting the Private Member's Bill on "Right to Menstrual Hygiene and Paid Leave Bill, 2019."
[PMB to be introduced in the Lok Sabha by @Jothims, MP]

Besides empathy, sharing this: 🧵 (1/n)
P.S.: I'm aware of "no uterus, no opinion", so I'll be focusing on the nuances of the topic (from my limited knowledge & gathering of various inputs) rather than participating in the debate. #MenstrualLeave
It is important to note that the 1st such legislation on menstruation benefits in India was proposed by former LS MP @ninong_erring (INC) in 2018, which provided for 4 days of paid leave.
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The Logic behind Menstruation Restrictions

A lot of people have a taboo about #menstruation, lot consider it as the impure time frame for females. A time frame when females are barred to attend any religious ceremony.

But do we know the logic behind the restriction? Image
It is the natural phenomenon in a female that is essential for female longevity as it frees the body from unwanted energy gathered during the whole month and charges the body once again with #positivity.

#Ayurveda combines five elements in Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha and
each body has a different combination of these that determines the personality traits. ’Apana Vayu’ is an outward energy flow, responsible for quality and quantity of the entire toxic outflow in the human body, including the monthly cleansing flow in females.
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1-Today is #Thursday – the day of #Jupiter.

#Jupiter is all about expansion,

..#Relationships, the #soul or the #Jeeva and #family and #Ayurveda. (1/25)
2-So, what does #Ayurveda say about man and woman coming together, producing children?

What are the healthy ways to do it?

In that spirit, we will discuss some bit of #Astrology as well as some bit of #Ayurveda. (2/25)
3-This also adds to #गर्भाधान and #Conception threads

..and the role #Astrology and #Ayurveda play in it

..what @shashankupadhy_ has been talking about (3/25)
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Women & girls in US #prisons & #jails are provided a limited number of tampons or pads monthly. The quality is so poor, women end up making their own, since products in commissaries are priced above retail & people in prison earn an average $1/day. >thread…
AZ charges prisoners $4 to see a doctor & requires women get a dr's note before providing them more than the basic limit of pads or tampons.

NC prisoners pay $5 to see the nurse before getting approval to see the doctor for $5 more.

Prisoners earn an average $1/day.
“When I’m making 9 cents [an hour] after tax, you really got to think if I want to put my whole month’s income into hopefully being approved for extra pads, if they believe I deserve them,” Adrienne Kitcheyan told AZ lawmakers (Mother Jones 2/2019).
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May 28th is #MenstrualHygieneDay & we have partnered with @my_hiccup to raise awareness on #Menstruation. Today, we will be tackling the misconceptions around periods!

Check out this #thread 👇🏽

@always @MHDay28May @WhisperIndia @ProcterGamble @Chavivohra @NCWIndia
* PMS is fake.

No, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) isn't a farce that womxn everywhere have collectively decided to participate in together. While not all of us are affected by PMS, it does affect about 75% (Source: @WomensHealthMag) of menstruators.

#Menstruation @my_hiccup
The symptoms include bloating, fatigue, breast tenderness. About 5% of us face a severe form of PMS called PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) which is characterised by severe mood swings, irritability and depression.

#MenstrualHygieneDay #Menstruation @my_hiccup
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Hello! I'm @busydot and I am part of @povmumbai, a feminist non-profit in #Mumbai. We work at the intersection of gender sexuality and digital technology, and today I'm going to tweet about data through a feminist lens.
@busydot @povmumbai So much to say, so little time. :) I'm going to dive deep into looking at how women's bodies have become part and parcel of digital data collection and processing. Think menstrual apps, period trackers, fertility apps, pregnancy apps.
@busydot @povmumbai In her @deepdives essay, Data Bleeding Everywhere, @nuqsh explores period trackers from the perspectives of women and girls using them. It's a fascinating exploration and here's what she finds.…
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Four of my books are doing exceptionally well on @amazon!

1. Samanya Dharma-Ranked 268 under #Hinduism
2. Sri Dakshinamurthy-394-Spirituality
3. #MenstruationAcrossCultures-556-Hinduism

CC @IndicBookClub @IndicAcademy @Vitastapublish @RithwikMangalo1
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1. With the newly constituted 9-Judges Bench of the Supreme Court taking up deliberation on #Sabarimala issue again, resharing my book '#Menstruation Across Cultures'… Image
2. The book was written over a period of 3 years from 2016-18 to address larger concerns that were raised regarding Hindu perceptions of #Menstruation in the context of #Sabarimala practice.
3. The study took me deep into not only the #menstruation practice of #Hinduism, but also of Buddhism, Jainism, & Sikhism; Abrahamic religions like Judaism, Christianity, & Islam, and ancient but long-extinct civilizations like Greece, Rome, Egypt, & Mesopotamians. #Sabarimala
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1. As we wait for SC verdict on #Sabarimala review petitions, resharing my work on #menstruation which basically started as a response to media narrative on Sabarimala and as a defense of Ayappa Swami.
2. Two articles on #Sabarimala issue:
a. Why Sabarimala controversy is religious issue, not women’s rights…

b. Sabarimala Debate: How Equality discourse is being used to undermine Adhyatmic practices-… #SabarimalaVerdict
3. Six-part series on Hindu views on #Menstruation-… #Sabarimala
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a thread about periods; buckle up.

Just wrote an article on #periodpoverty, #periodshame, and access to #menstruation products — regardless of gender identity.

#Brookline, MA is the first town to legislate FREE products, tamps and pads, all over town, starting in 2021.
I know firsthand was period shame and period poverty are — and how they can fuck with you. When I got my period at 11, I felt immediately broken and less-than. I'd internalized ideas that I was gross, smelly, dirty. I cried to my mother and she assured me I was still amazing.
Later in life, as things got harder and harder, period poverty crept in. The amount of times we had to use balled up toilet paper — or hope someone had a tampon or pad (tamps were often not used due to "virginity" issues) ... was a lot. Sometimes we just didn't have the money....
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