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Hello! I'm @busydot and I am part of @povmumbai, a feminist non-profit in #Mumbai. We work at the intersection of gender sexuality and digital technology, and today I'm going to tweet about data through a feminist lens.
@busydot @povmumbai So much to say, so little time. :) I'm going to dive deep into looking at how women's bodies have become part and parcel of digital data collection and processing. Think menstrual apps, period trackers, fertility apps, pregnancy apps.
@busydot @povmumbai In her @deepdives essay, Data Bleeding Everywhere, @nuqsh explores period trackers from the perspectives of women and girls using them. It's a fascinating exploration and here's what she finds.…
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Most doctors (males) don't know (or give a hoot) about Period Pains and this simple truth. Your PP's are equal to the Second Stage of Labour - and >>that<< darlings, is not just a Panadol to take the pain away...…
@kavsmaina @shecyclesnbi @CarolmNyaga
@kavsmaina @shecyclesnbi @CarolmNyaga Mothers, TALK TO YOUR DAUGHTERS - we're in 2020 for crying out loud. DO NOT under any circumstances put this responsibility on your husband, teachers, or the internet.
Aunties, talk to your nieces and make sure they KNOW the truths about their bodies, so that the patriarchal..
@kavsmaina @shecyclesnbi @CarolmNyaga does not body shame us and create stupid myths.
And NO - daughters shouldn't be told about their menses by MEN - NO - Men don't have wombs and don't understand finer deets about our emotions and cannot divulge information about cleanliness, hygiene and indigenous
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Live tweeting re-watch of #MainPremKiDiwaniHoon henceforth to be referred to as #MPKDH

First 5 minutes, and this college clearly never had a #POSH training because a student has plopped into a professor's lap and the professor is telling the girls they'll clear the exams
And of course the #electricguitar is connected to

When I see a puppy
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a thread about periods; buckle up.

Just wrote an article on #periodpoverty, #periodshame, and access to #menstruation products — regardless of gender identity.

#Brookline, MA is the first town to legislate FREE products, tamps and pads, all over town, starting in 2021.
I know firsthand was period shame and period poverty are — and how they can fuck with you. When I got my period at 11, I felt immediately broken and less-than. I'd internalized ideas that I was gross, smelly, dirty. I cried to my mother and she assured me I was still amazing.
Later in life, as things got harder and harder, period poverty crept in. The amount of times we had to use balled up toilet paper — or hope someone had a tampon or pad (tamps were often not used due to "virginity" issues) ... was a lot. Sometimes we just didn't have the money....
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A tragic death, and instead of justice and closure, the case is fueled by #ignorance. According to the inspector, "Pramila could not have been raped because she was on her #period." Excuse me, what? #menstruation #rape #nepal
If there is evidence to support the fact that women are never raped when menstruating, then we should just change directions and support #chhaupadi as a safe practice for women, because apparently no rapes happen when women are #menstruating.
@NFCC has put out a statement on the story. Please read. And please, for the sake of women and girls everywhere, we must stop making blanket assumptions that perpetuate violence against women and girls. #VAW #menstruationmatters
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Menstruation is a natural process, but can be challenging for millions of women worldwide. My new paper in Global Public Health explores the role of caste/ethnicity in #menstrual knowledge and practices in Nepal. Join me in a thread... #MenstruationMatters
First, I want to credit my fantastic co-authors: Jessica G. Burke (@jessgrifburke) of @PittPubHealth and Pema Lhaki of @nfccint.
Nepal is a geographically small yet diverse country of 125 caste/ethnic groups. Given the complexities of caste/ethnic roles and beliefs in the country, understanding how they impact menstrual health is critical.
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I'm fed up because lots of people have done the #RSE consultation - sex ed experts, menstruation researchers, womb-related illness charities, fertility experts, PSHE teachers, student charities, school pupils, parents, you name it. 2/?
I am so cross I have not threaded my tweets properly. And even the consultation response document acknowledged loads of ppl mentioned periods, yet the guy who presumably wrote it does not understand menstruation enough, because he 'limited' teaching of it. 3/?
Like... does @DamianHinds understand that menarche and menopause bookend the menovulatory lifetime? Is he punking us and making a 'limits' 'end of menstruation' 'menopause' joke? Sorry - I need a cup of tea. 4/?
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You must have heard the word "quantum mechanics" before, and most of you may have probably heard the phrase in the popular @CBS show @bigbangtheory.

What does it mean?

Quantum Physics describes nature at the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles.
In simple words, as opposed to 'Classical Physics', the Quantum Theory suggests that everything in the universe has both particle and wave nature, at the same time.


Simply put, matter consists of "invisible energy fields" that can pass through solid things, at random!
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