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If there is no ban on meat, ban on animal sacrifice is illogical.

It is ok to slaughter an animal callously for meat but not ok to do it reverentially?

The aim is clear—to kill a native practice while mass slaughter by the meat industry and on #Bakrid goes unchallenged.
The Tripura ban is simply one more Church attack on native traditions at par with #jallikattu and #Sabarimala. This must be reversed.

Hindu dharma has a diversity of practices. Enforcing one model is an Abrahamic commandment based idea. Respect different traditions.

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1. I had heard about #Sabarimala and Ayappa Swami when I was in school. But never knew much, or cared, except that some people took some kind of vow, wear a black dress for a few days before going to Sabarimala on pilgrimage. #SaveOurSabarimala
2. Even though as I grew up, I came to know more about them, there was never any kind of affinity as such. It was in 2015, which marked a turning point in my life on many counts: personal and professional, & it was then that I truly became emotionally connected to Ayappa Swami.
3. It was a time when the Sabarimala issue was taken to the court and there were all kinds of media narratives. We had Right-to-bleed movements of feminists and in response, we got the Ready-to-wait movement by @IchBinGorg and team. #SaveOurSabarimala
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A #thread on the rising encroachment of the #ChristoIslam Indian Judiciary on Hindu traditions in the name of #reform.

I'll be examining the judgement given by the Tripura High Court on animal sacrifice for Maa Tripurasundari, shared by @LiveLawIndia…
@LiveLawIndia Let's examine who were defending the religious practice.

Lo! IAS officers, or government officials! Not a single priest/Shakta practitioner was called in to defend.

This was rigged from the start.
#SaveOurTripurasundari #FreeOurTemples
@LiveLawIndia @ReclaimTemples @lobonkha @Aabhas24 @Swamijitweets Please read the part said "As a corollary...."

It says, "..not being an essential part of religion.."
Only when the #ChristoIslam Indian Judiciary confuses an umbrella religion consisting of thousands of practices with monotheistic ones, you'll see this. #SaveOurTripurasundari
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As we are nearing the 1st anniversary of the great resistance put up by Hindus in #Sabarimala, I have decided to put out a thread to make people know abt the unsung heroes who had a greater role to play in defending the sanctity of Ayyappa's abode.
After the success of #ReadytoWait movement in social media, prominent members of the movement in @kuvalayamala and @shilpamdas decided to join the Supreme court case for showing the perspective of Ayyappa devotees
.@Kuvalayamala who was a good friend of mine for about a year at that point of time approached me for help in joining the case. As a result, @Ravilochanan86 and myself brought together a group of like minded indivduals and formed @People4Dharma
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This we, in Kerala saw in run to last parliament elections. His book, 'Why I am a Hindu' and the @INCIndia projecting @RahulGandhi as Janeu-Dhari Hindu were not coincidental (3/n)
We have seen his flip-flops before. A good example was #Sabarimala Women Entry Issue. Note, what he said in 2010:…

He then said that "there is nothing sacrosanct about social practices...
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Thread to know why #ISupportMaridhas is trending? & why #DMK is rattled?

@MaridhasAnswers is Rajni & Modi fan, sane nationalist voice, YouTuber from Madurai who exposes DMK-Dravidian establishment, Anti-Hindu forces, Separatists, Conversion mafia.

@SwarajyaMag wrote article with proper details regarding bullying of 1 man army #Maridhas by #DMK-Dravidian establishment of Tamilnadu which he exposes.

DMK filed case on Maridhas for this video.

READ this…


After reading above article, You've seen how #DMK (claims to be a rationalist party) curbs FoE & even killed others in past & the threats faced by #Maridhas can't be ignored.

In the sea of Regional politics, He is refreshing for his Nationalistic stand.


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📌#Thread about #Sabrimala and myths.
Real history of sabrimala.
Lord Shiva & Mohini had a child named Dharmashasta.
He ws born to fulfil the boon that Mahishi had acquired from Lord Brahma that only a son of both Shiva & Vishnu can kill her.
2. His name and the story of His birth is explained in detail in the Bhagavata Purana.
Dharmashasta manifested Himself in various forms - as Aiyyanar, as Ayyappan, and as Himself. Prince Manikantan of Pandalam (Sabarimala Ayyappan) was the specific avatar He took to kill Mahishi.
3. So while Dharmashasta finds a mention in the Puranas, it is unlikely that Ayyappa would also be mentioned as Ayyappa’s birth happened many years after the Puranas were composed.
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Watched Schindler's List last night. Can't stop thinking abt the History & Litt prof who's called "not essential" at the Jews camp.
The maid who can't prevent being killed even by following rules.
Schindler's failed attempt at convincing a murderous Commander "mercy is power"
Can't stop thinking abt the initial disbelief, even among Jews in captivity, abt gas chambers.
Can't stop thinking abt our own disbelief that govts can orchestrate mass exclusions & racist murders - "they mean nothing to him" - even when we see it over and over across the world
It begins with 'small' discriminatory laws: XYZ can't own businesses, Rohingyas can't join army/be civil servants, Sri Lankan Tamils need to score more marks than Sinhalese to be doctors.
Those it doesn't affect shrug it off.
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1. Here are the updates of hearing held on 28th March 2019 in the #padmanabhaswamytemple case.
2. Mr. Krishnan Venugopal continued with his submissions. He addressed the Court's query on whether the Thanthri was consulted by the Amicus while making recommendations w.r.t religious practices at the Temple.
3. He said that the Amicus had not consulted the Thanthri while making any suggestions w.r.t religious practices and observances in the #padmanabhaswamytemple .
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5 Million Hindus r supposed 2b caged4 their belief in Ayyappa Swamiye by anglo-jurisprudence of 'British sense of equality' using @BDUTT 2006 article as alibi & spurning religious belief of silent women majority is new normal for few "tukde-tukde" agents disguised as 'activists'
@BDUTT State is the biggest proselytizer misinterpreting 'Article 26' to every religious minorities who says 'I'm not a Hindu' & only Hindu educational Institutions r under state control misusing Article 15(5), 28(1) & 30(1). Borrowed anglo juris prudence of Thomas Babington Macaulay..
@BDUTT ..four males disregarding dissenting judgement of one female imposing western idea of equality walked into a trap laid by intl. moneybags of church 4 usurping sacred 18 hills belonging to Sabarimala in bed with
@cpimspeak @vijayanpinarayi & @RahulGandhi proposing Airport 4...
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Woman's day special thread.

Dedicated to one and only the hypocrite
@FeminismInIndia .......
Hijab- choice
Ghoonghat - patriarchic control
Islam- progressive
Hinduism- regressive
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1. Hearing in the Review Petitions in the #Sabarimala Temple case has commenced
2. Mr. K. Parasaran has commenced submissions on behalf of the Nair Service Society. Mr. Parasaran submits that the majority is liable to be reviewed for failing to consider critical factual and legal submissions.
3. Mr. Parasaran submits that while Justice Chandrachud and Justice Nariman dealt with Article 15, the former Chief Justice and Justice Khanwilkar did not refer to Article 15. Therefore, he submits there is no majority opinion.
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#Sabarimala : SC Constitution Bench will start hearing the review petitions shortly.
Listed today before the bench are 56 review petitions, 4 writ petitions, 2 transfer petitions filed by Kerala Govt, 2 Special Leave Petitions, and a petition filed by Travancore Dewaswom Board seeking time to implement the judgment #Sabarimala #SabarimalaReview
The petitions will be heard by a bench of CJI Gogoi, Justice Nariman, Khanwilkar, Chandrachud and Indu Malhotra #Sabarimala #SabarimalaReview
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#Sabarimala: Hearing in 65 petitions including 56 review petitions and 4 fresh writ petitions to commence in Supreme Court at 10.30 AM.

Will be tweeting the proceedings live.


@BJP4India @cpimspeak @INCIndia @BJP4Keralam @vijayanpinarayi
#Sabarimala: Bench of CJI Ranjan Gogoi and Justices Rohinton Nariman, AM Khanwilkar, DY Chandrachud and Indu Malhotra.


@cpimspeak @BJP4India @INCIndia @INCKerala @BJP4Keralam @vijayanpinarayi
#Sabarimala: Bench assembles, hearing commences.


@BJP4India @INCIndia @cpimspeak
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I got this complete list with names, phone numbers and addresses of 51 women aged 10-50 years who, #Kerala govt claims, entered #Sabarimala temple Friday afternoon. Two points on this: a) Why is the state's @cpimspeak govt leaking such details to the local media?... 1/n
2/n: Shouldn't the government be held responsible for such an act? Whether these women are 10-50 yrs old or actually even visited the temple is still a secondary issue. Leaking such lists puts them/ their everyday lives in danger.
3/n: I randomly called 2 phone numbers on the #Sabarimala women list leaked by #Kerala govt. In both the cases the individuals claimed they were over 50 years. In one case, 59 yrs and 50+yrs in the other - when both of them were listed in 40-50 yr age group. #electionsarecoming
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1/ Le 1er janvier, des millions de femmes du Kerala ont formé un “Mur des femmes” pour l’accès des femmes à un temple hindou. Un thread sur ce que j’ai appris sur #Sabarimala
2/ Je ne connaissais pas grand chose au dossier, mais travaillant sur #genre et #religion, ça m’intéressait, surtout que certain.e.s y ont vu des parallèles possibles avec l’accès des femmes au Mur de Jérusalem…
3/ ... comme la violence physique contre les femmes qui veulent prier dans un espace religieux très contrôlé, ou le recours à l’arbitrage de la Cour suprême
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At the turn of this year, @jsaideepak addressed a packed hall of 500 in Mumbai.
It'll go down as a most passionate & erudite talk in a long time by a young man of 33
It was 2 hrs long & extempore
Till you get to watch it, savour some clips in this thread
@jsaideepak: How India is the mothership of culture for the East and why we must not fail in our mission to remain that way
@jsaideepak: How our ancestors struggled to preserve for us our faith & heritage and how we would fail them if we do not answer the call to duty that faces us now. He refers most movingly to Dr Meenakshi Jain's book 'Flight of Deities'
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What happens when women defy patriarchy: Violent protests have paralysed southern Indian state of #Kerala after 2 women made history by entering a prominent Hindu temple.
One person was killed in clashes. Schools are closed & public transport suspended.…
The #Sabarimala temple was historically closed to women of "menstruating age" - defined as between 10 and 50.
The Supreme Court revoked the ban in September. On Wednesday, Bindu Ammini, 40, and Kanaka Durga, 39, entered the shrine around dawn and became the first women to do so.
The day before the two women made history by entering #Sabarimala temple, #Kerala had a historic protest for gender equality and against right-wing groups who oppose the Supreme Court’s lifting of the ban on women
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As a writer of history, I have been wondering whether it is possible at all to make an objective, non-partisan assessment of what has (and is) taking place at #Sabarimala, one of Hinduism's most sacred shrines? Let us try. To begin with, let us accept that in a world where, after
many centuries, the voices of women are being heard, a shrine that bars women of menstruating age, seems dysfunctional to all of us. The question arises, how can this even be an issue today - after all these years of battling for liberty? This is a vital and important question
that should never be disregarded or disrespected. It is one of the most important questions of our time. In a country where, worryingly, women's participation in the workforce is falling with growing prosperity (one would assume it ought to be the reverse), this is a critical
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Following #WomenWallKerala protest & entry by 2 women into #Sabarimala Hindu temple for 1st time since #Indian Supreme Court lifted ban on women of “menstruating age” I’m writing about time I prayed while menstruating (during Amina Wadud’s historic mixed gender prayer NYC 2005)
Writing about it in chapter on Power in my new book. I am not interested in “Who gave you permission?” I gave myself permission. I took it. Amina Wadud leading mixed-gender Friday prayer was revolutionary and I decided to pray behind her without a headscarf and on my period.
Menstrution remains a taboo and a source of at times deadly consequences of patriarchal notions that it makes us “impure.” I am not “impure.” I am just as I’m supposed to be. I am not interested in arguing with anyone about this. I own my body and I gave myself this permission.
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So, 2 women..came through the staff door.. & hung around for 2 minutes.

And this scares organized religion so much that Sabarimala has to saved !?
From the start, #SabarimalaTemple has been an episode of out & out war on women. There is no other way to look at this.

Women shouldnt have to sneak into temples at 3 am or wear helmets to pray to God.
This iconic photo of being escorted by police to a desegregated schools comes to mind every time I see police trying to escort women into Sabarimala. And failing.

Shame on #Sabarimala Devaswom board.
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#Hindu memories must’ve faded,
Christian aspiration to convert Hindus haven’t!
British supported Abdul Aziz Dahalvi, Ahmed Barelvi, his army of 80,000 wahabis in 1821 to get rid of Sikhs!

Supported Syed Ahmed Khan in creating the jihadi Aligarh Muslim University,Aligarh in 1875!
For your information #Hindus
Feb 1540, Papal Bull/ Government of Church Militant,promulgated by Pope Paul III established official institution of ‘Society of Jesus’
with mission of evangelisation/
SPIRITUAL CONQUEST & haven’t deterred from their path ever since!
#WakeUpHindus , do you know what the Sikhs did to the wahabi who was supported by evangelists to get rid of them?
The Sikhs beheaded Barelvi in the Battle of Balakot in 1831!
#SaveSabarimalaTradition #SaveSabarimala #Sabarimala
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Being a member of @People4Dharma and an active volunteer on ground for Pandalam nama japam procession which was organized on Oct 2, I can say that the role of BJP in supporting the devotees on the event conducted immediately aft the verdict was a big fat zero.
Only certain local congress leaders showed their solidarity with the devotees during that event while there were rumors throughout the day of the event that BJP and RSS had ordered their cadre to stay away from the procession as they were favor of the verdict
Only after witnessing the huge success of the Pandalam nama japam procession which gave rise to many similar peaceful processions across the state, BJP entered the fray to cash in on the political mileage of the issue.
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