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THREAD to know about @MaridhasAnswers:

#Maridhas is fan of @narendramodi & @rajinikanth. He is a 🇮🇳 Nationalist, Writer & YouTuber from Madurai who takes on notorious Anti-Indian DMK-Dravidian establishment.

His YouTube channel:…


As a staunch Indian, @MaridhasAnswers is getting constant threats for exposing DMK-Dravidian establishment, Xenophobic Dravidian ideology, #Dravidanadu separatism, Tamil separatists, Anti-Hindu forces, Islamists & Christian conversion mafia of Tamilnadu.


Back in 2019;

DMK filed case on Nationalist @MaridhasAnswers for this video:

@SwarajyaMag wrote an article with proper details regarding bullying of 1 man army #Maridhas by #DMK-Dravidian establishment:…


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Shiv Mandir at Muthala Kadavu/ Crocodile Ghat on the bank of River Periyar, Kalady where Did #AdiShankaracharya ‘s father worshipped is under #ChurchMafia attack!
Note in video,pillars raised around the Temple. Watch this Church structure Christians dared to erect on the face of the Temple claiming it to be temporary for some shooting, where as its a clear case of grabbing Temple Land! Reported by
@BinilSomasunda1 of Hindu Helpline Kerala

#AdiShankaracharya ‘s mother Aryamba dreamt that Shiva Himself will be be born to her as her child. She he lost her husband when Shankra was 7, she taught him Veds & and Upanishads but his inclination towards becoming a monk scared her.
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Supreme Court Judge, Justice Deepak Gupta begins delivering his lecture on "Democracy and Dissent" in an event organised by the Supreme Cour Bar Association.

Justice Gupta says, "I will also add Dissent in Judiciary... To have a strong democracy, a fearless judiciary is important"

Justice Gupta: Just because you hold a contrarian view, does not mean you are anti-national or disrespect the country. You may disagree with the government, may not go against the country. There is a difference between the country and its government

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Justice AP Shah to deliver Fourth LC Jain Memorial Lecture on the Topic "Fighting For Freedom: Supreme Court in the 21st Century
Romila Thapar- had Jain been around, he would have been approving of the protests, especially the involvement of women. Underlines the ethics of what is happening today
Justice AP Shah is speaking now
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Today in SC : The 9-judge bench of the Supreme Court constituted to answer the questions mentioned in the Sabarimala review order will consider the preliminary issue whether a reference is possible in a review petition.
"Whether Supreme Court can refer questions of law to a larger bench in a review petition?" - this issue will be considered by the bench Today
In the hearing held on Monday, Senior Advocate F S Nariman had raised a preliminary objection to the proceedings by stating that the #Sabarimala review bench could not have made the reference.…
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A nine-Judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court will begin hearing today arguments on the issue of whether questions of law can be referred by the Court to a larger Bench in a review petition.

This Constitution Bench was set up to decide questions pertaining to women's rights under Article 14 vis-a-vis Religious rights under Articles 25 and 26 that were referred to a larger Bench by in #Sabarimala review judgment.

The first issue, however, to be considered by this Nine-Judge Bench will be the scope of review jurisdiction vis-a-vis reference.

The question of scope of review jurisdiction was raised by Senior Counsel Fali Nariman and will now be taken up as the first issue to be considered.
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SC 9-judge bench to consider questions of essential religious practices and fundamental rights has assembled.
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta making submissions.
He’s stating that the issues can be framed in the chambers.
Fali S Nariman : The questions should be decided on the basis of facts The scope of the review is extremely limited. Is the answer to the question correct or not correct ? It’s a limited jurisdiction.
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In Nov 2019, a narrow 3:2 majority of the #SupremeCourt decided to keep the #Sabarimala review petitions pending.

It held that overarching questions pertaining to #ReligiousFreedom & #GenderEquality must first be decided by a larger 9-judge Bench.
The 9-judge Bench of the #SupremeCourt will begin hearing arguments on the overarching questions next week, on 13 January.

#Sabarimala #SabarimalaReview #SabarimalaTemple
There are several key cases that will be effected by the outcome of this 9-judge Bench matter:

A) Yasmeen Zuber v. UOI - Do practices prohibiting the entry of women into mosques violate the right to #equality?

CC: @VakashaS @apurva_hv
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1. The three Judge Bench headed by the Hon’ble CJI Shri S A Bobde clarified that in view of the questions raised in the Review Verdict in the #Sabarimala case, the balance of convenience lies in favour of the practice of the Temple which has existed for over a 1000 years.
2. The CJI observed that while it could be argued that there is no stay of the 2018 verdict, the Court is exercising its discretion to not pass orders allowing entry until questions raised in the Review Verdict are finally decided by a larger Bench.
3. The CJI also observed that the majority view in the Review Verdict deemed it fit to entertain the Review Petitions as well as refer to a larger Bench since the 2018 verdict merits reconsideration.
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If there is no ban on meat, ban on animal sacrifice is illogical.

It is ok to slaughter an animal callously for meat but not ok to do it reverentially?

The aim is clear—to kill a native practice while mass slaughter by the meat industry and on #Bakrid goes unchallenged.
The Tripura ban is simply one more Church attack on native traditions at par with #jallikattu and #Sabarimala. This must be reversed.

Hindu dharma has a diversity of practices. Enforcing one model is an Abrahamic commandment based idea. Respect different traditions.

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1. I had heard about #Sabarimala and Ayappa Swami when I was in school. But never knew much, or cared, except that some people took some kind of vow, wear a black dress for a few days before going to Sabarimala on pilgrimage. #SaveOurSabarimala
2. Even though as I grew up, I came to know more about them, there was never any kind of affinity as such. It was in 2015, which marked a turning point in my life on many counts: personal and professional, & it was then that I truly became emotionally connected to Ayappa Swami.
3. It was a time when the Sabarimala issue was taken to the court and there were all kinds of media narratives. We had Right-to-bleed movements of feminists and in response, we got the Ready-to-wait movement by @IchBinGorg and team. #SaveOurSabarimala
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As we are nearing the 1st anniversary of the great resistance put up by Hindus in #Sabarimala, I have decided to put out a thread to make people know abt the unsung heroes who had a greater role to play in defending the sanctity of Ayyappa's abode.
After the success of #ReadytoWait movement in social media, prominent members of the movement in @kuvalayamala and @shilpamdas decided to join the Supreme court case for showing the perspective of Ayyappa devotees
.@Kuvalayamala who was a good friend of mine for about a year at that point of time approached me for help in joining the case. As a result, @Ravilochanan86 and myself brought together a group of like minded indivduals and formed @People4Dharma
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This we, in Kerala saw in run to last parliament elections. His book, 'Why I am a Hindu' and the @INCIndia projecting @RahulGandhi as Janeu-Dhari Hindu were not coincidental (3/n)
We have seen his flip-flops before. A good example was #Sabarimala Women Entry Issue. Note, what he said in 2010:…

He then said that "there is nothing sacrosanct about social practices...
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📌#Thread about #Sabrimala and myths.
Real history of sabrimala.
Lord Shiva & Mohini had a child named Dharmashasta.
He ws born to fulfil the boon that Mahishi had acquired from Lord Brahma that only a son of both Shiva & Vishnu can kill her.
2. His name and the story of His birth is explained in detail in the Bhagavata Purana.
Dharmashasta manifested Himself in various forms - as Aiyyanar, as Ayyappan, and as Himself. Prince Manikantan of Pandalam (Sabarimala Ayyappan) was the specific avatar He took to kill Mahishi.
3. So while Dharmashasta finds a mention in the Puranas, it is unlikely that Ayyappa would also be mentioned as Ayyappa’s birth happened many years after the Puranas were composed.
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Watched Schindler's List last night. Can't stop thinking abt the History & Litt prof who's called "not essential" at the Jews camp.
The maid who can't prevent being killed even by following rules.
Schindler's failed attempt at convincing a murderous Commander "mercy is power"
Can't stop thinking abt the initial disbelief, even among Jews in captivity, abt gas chambers.
Can't stop thinking abt our own disbelief that govts can orchestrate mass exclusions & racist murders - "they mean nothing to him" - even when we see it over and over across the world
It begins with 'small' discriminatory laws: XYZ can't own businesses, Rohingyas can't join army/be civil servants, Sri Lankan Tamils need to score more marks than Sinhalese to be doctors.
Those it doesn't affect shrug it off.
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1. Here are the updates of hearing held on 28th March 2019 in the #padmanabhaswamytemple case.
2. Mr. Krishnan Venugopal continued with his submissions. He addressed the Court's query on whether the Thanthri was consulted by the Amicus while making recommendations w.r.t religious practices at the Temple.
3. He said that the Amicus had not consulted the Thanthri while making any suggestions w.r.t religious practices and observances in the #padmanabhaswamytemple .
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5 Million Hindus r supposed 2b caged4 their belief in Ayyappa Swamiye by anglo-jurisprudence of 'British sense of equality' using @BDUTT 2006 article as alibi & spurning religious belief of silent women majority is new normal for few "tukde-tukde" agents disguised as 'activists'
@BDUTT State is the biggest proselytizer misinterpreting 'Article 26' to every religious minorities who says 'I'm not a Hindu' & only Hindu educational Institutions r under state control misusing Article 15(5), 28(1) & 30(1). Borrowed anglo juris prudence of Thomas Babington Macaulay..
@BDUTT ..four males disregarding dissenting judgement of one female imposing western idea of equality walked into a trap laid by intl. moneybags of church 4 usurping sacred 18 hills belonging to Sabarimala in bed with
@cpimspeak @vijayanpinarayi & @RahulGandhi proposing Airport 4...
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Woman's day special thread.

Dedicated to one and only the hypocrite
@FeminismInIndia .......
Hijab- choice
Ghoonghat - patriarchic control
Islam- progressive
Hinduism- regressive
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1. Hearing in the Review Petitions in the #Sabarimala Temple case has commenced
2. Mr. K. Parasaran has commenced submissions on behalf of the Nair Service Society. Mr. Parasaran submits that the majority is liable to be reviewed for failing to consider critical factual and legal submissions.
3. Mr. Parasaran submits that while Justice Chandrachud and Justice Nariman dealt with Article 15, the former Chief Justice and Justice Khanwilkar did not refer to Article 15. Therefore, he submits there is no majority opinion.
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#Sabarimala : SC Constitution Bench will start hearing the review petitions shortly.
Listed today before the bench are 56 review petitions, 4 writ petitions, 2 transfer petitions filed by Kerala Govt, 2 Special Leave Petitions, and a petition filed by Travancore Dewaswom Board seeking time to implement the judgment #Sabarimala #SabarimalaReview
The petitions will be heard by a bench of CJI Gogoi, Justice Nariman, Khanwilkar, Chandrachud and Indu Malhotra #Sabarimala #SabarimalaReview
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#Sabarimala: Hearing in 65 petitions including 56 review petitions and 4 fresh writ petitions to commence in Supreme Court at 10.30 AM.

Will be tweeting the proceedings live.


@BJP4India @cpimspeak @INCIndia @BJP4Keralam @vijayanpinarayi
#Sabarimala: Bench of CJI Ranjan Gogoi and Justices Rohinton Nariman, AM Khanwilkar, DY Chandrachud and Indu Malhotra.


@cpimspeak @BJP4India @INCIndia @INCKerala @BJP4Keralam @vijayanpinarayi
#Sabarimala: Bench assembles, hearing commences.


@BJP4India @INCIndia @cpimspeak
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I got this complete list with names, phone numbers and addresses of 51 women aged 10-50 years who, #Kerala govt claims, entered #Sabarimala temple Friday afternoon. Two points on this: a) Why is the state's @cpimspeak govt leaking such details to the local media?... 1/n
2/n: Shouldn't the government be held responsible for such an act? Whether these women are 10-50 yrs old or actually even visited the temple is still a secondary issue. Leaking such lists puts them/ their everyday lives in danger.
3/n: I randomly called 2 phone numbers on the #Sabarimala women list leaked by #Kerala govt. In both the cases the individuals claimed they were over 50 years. In one case, 59 yrs and 50+yrs in the other - when both of them were listed in 40-50 yr age group. #electionsarecoming
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