Sex is just sex. It will never fill the vacuum of purposelessness. The sooner I learned this as a man, the sooner I stopped simping/'studding'. Try as you may, you will not sex that void away. There are not nearly enough pay-offs in sex for the male to warrant precedence.
Men lived many lives, and died a thousand more, searching for spiritual transcendence in women's thighs. And each time, much like the last, they came out empty. You'd think they'd learn from it, but no sooner were they out of one hole than they started digging the next.
I reserve no sympathy for the sex slave. Unlike Kinta Kunte, this slave is not led by whips & spikes. His slavery is not an act of compulsion, but one of ineptitude. His brain no more than a decoration to buttress his gonads. And even the woman he attracts, tire of him soon.
When women discover this truth about the man, as vacuity tends to be loud, they fasten an iron ring around his neck. They leash him like a mongrel. They sing him praise, and he does the tricks. Don't be this man. Don't be turned into a mongrel. Sex can wait. It really can.

• • •

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18 Sep
I think prevailing African literature suffers because every "author" is simply re-packaging hope; and staying correct for mileage. African books today are no more than trite motivational speeches. With regurgitated themes, & run-of-the-mill imagination.
We don't aspire to the expansion of language horizons; to choke the shit out of English until it poops new phrases that are more reflective of the African contexts. To explore and re-define the intersectionality of language as a tool of communication.
Because there is so much subtlety seeping out in chronicling our experiences through the English gaze. And none of this is ever recovered. " Unga umemwagika" inspires more poignancy - unarrests imagination - than "he lost his job" ever will.
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18 Sep
Eligible 30-year-old bachelors PREFERRING 23-year-old women is NOT a condemnation of their older agemates. When you LOUDLY preferred older men through your 20s, none of us wrote threads lamenting your condemnation of us. Let men VOCALIZE their preferences in peace.
Your parents tell you to study hard, are they condemning the illiterate? Equally, when we tell eligible 30-year-old men to aim for 25 yr old >>, we are not condemning older women (our agemates). We know there are successful illiterates, but would you normalize illiteracy?
And no, it cannot be predatory that which is sanctioned by law, and was the backbone of your romance for years. Men don't marry younger women as revenge to their older agemates who made it abundantly clear they preferred older men. Keep preferring the older men even in your 30s.
Read 10 tweets
15 Sep
Men afraid that if they truly cared for their women, they'll be abandoned for men who give less/or more: Women afraid that if they grew with a man, he'll leave for women who give less later. But they are both seeking true love & could swear people are no longer real out here.
How're you supposed to find real when your mind is made up that there isn't real? It's not that loyalty & commitment ended with our fathers/mothers. They say men from the past were so secure & women so committed. I think they were just risk-takers.
They had intention. Something that most lack today. We wrap insecurity in so many jargons: to help us sleep at night. The need to police the future comes from a scarcity mindset. Things happen; people leave. But you are living in the now, why are you so afraid, sister? Why, bro?
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7 Sep
Types of drinkers/drunkards:

1. Mike the Tyson

He'll even threaten his own shadow with a proper beating when drunk. Him & peace can't co-exist. He's the slenderest in the group, has a loud mouth & even quicker legs. The last time he won a fight he started was in Never B.C.
2. Luther Vandross

Turns singer when drunk. He'll sing anything from the national anthem to a lullaby within a span of five minutes. His voice is always terrible and his singing expedition almost always ends with tearful jams. He is unproblematic. Let him sing.
3. Sleepy Willy

He touches alcohol, he sleeps. He'll sleep anywhere when drunk. In the washroom, on the dance floor. At the gate, or on the bonnet. His sleeping is not complete without snoring. A tractor is no patch on him. Sleepy Willy is ever tired.
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29 Aug
How to Steal Legally:

Say in 2009, you were walking in Ngong Forest. Haggard from the day's pursuits. When you came upon a corrupt policeman & a drug dealer, squabbling over drug proceeds. And in the process, they shot each other, & left behind 20 million...
...Your first impulse was to flee & call the police. But you were afraid, and also poor. Greed got the better of you. Which we - the audience- will forgive. But if you take the money both the police and drug dealers will come after you. If you don't, you might die in poverty...
You settled on the former. So, you picked the bag, & rushed to your bedsitter next to CITAM. You quickly figured that you couldn't bank the money. And cannot invest all of it at once. Very soon the two bodies in the forest will be found. You need to run but to where?...
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28 Aug
No, I wouldn't encourage any man to court a woman who is above 25 years & still living with her parents. They have not had to contend with the responsibility of individual sustenance; they will not appreciate your sacrifices. Shit hits the fan, first thing they think of is "dad".
So men feel alone in a marriage. You went & housed a woman who has had her bedroom to herself from childhood in her father's compound, with all its conveniences. SHE DOESN'T KNOW SHARING: DOESN'T KNOW COMPROMISE: My daddy brought pizza every Tuesday, I'm not settling for less.
So if you have no daddy-money, you're toast: Have no daddy-patience, you're toast. Not knowing that her father had to start somewhere with her mother. If she had lived alone, she'd know to budget, know broke: that it's not the end of the world simply because we lack now.
Read 6 tweets

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