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14 Sep, 60 tweets, 14 min read
"It is now more than seven months since this country left the EU on January 31, and since then we have been working hard to build what I am sure will be a great new future relationship."

Oh, really!
"We want a deal like the one between the EU and Canada; and since we currently conform with every jot and tittle of EU regulation, and since we have been loyal and paid-up members for more than four decades,..."

Define loyalty and what of saying, "EU could go whistle for bill"?
" strikes me that if the EU is willing to offer these terms to Canada then it makes sense to offer the same to us."

Aside from possibly offending Canada, the UK is literally on EU's doorstep and has shown willingness to violate international law to get what it wants!
"Our partners know that, whatever happens, the UK is their friend, their biggest single export market and committed forever to the peace and security of the European continent."

With friends like UK, who needs enemies!
"As I have never tired of saying, we have left the EU, but we have not left Europe. But they also know – or at least they know now – that leaving the EU means the UK is serious about its new-found sovereignty."

Perhaps #EnglishIndependence might have suited Brexiters better!
"In forging our new relationships, we can't have our lives or our economy regulated by the European Court; we must have the right to devise our own laws and regulations."

In all partnerships there is oversight by law applicable to both parties.
"So I have become anxious in the last few weeks to discover that there is an obstacle. Our negotiators believe that there may be a serious misunderstanding about the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement that we reached last October."

Really, only in the last few weeks?
"We were negotiating with one hand tied behind our back, since Parliament had voted to deprive the UK side of the right to walk away."

As I understand it, Parliament; elected representatives of citizens, were acting to safeguard interests of those citizens.
"MPs were in a state of constant turmoil and recrimination."

This is hardly surprising since #LiarJohnson illegally prorogued parliament and silenced the voice of the people's representatives!

UK Government lied to HM Her Majesty, showing no respect nor regard for constitution.
"We excised the baleful presence of the Northern Ireland "backstop", which effectively kept this country locked in the EU's legal orbit, forced to accept EU laws, unable to do free trade deals."

#LiarJohnson could think of no other "alternative arrangements"
"We agreed that, in some limited ways, Northern Ireland would continue to conform with EU law for four years."

The use of the term, "limited", suggests with hindsight, that perhaps #LiarJohnson had in mind to renege on "backstop" when noone was looking. 🔍👀
"And on the basis of that excellent deal we left the EU – and so it is deeply regrettable that what seemed so simple and clear to us is seen very differently by our EU friends."

EU acts with integrity to safeguard Single Market, and interests of all member states and citizens.
"We are now hearing that, unless we agree to the EU's terms, the EU will use an extreme interpretation of the Northern Ireland protocol to impose a full-scale trade border down the Irish Sea."

It was widely understood that this is what #LiarJohnson agreed to push through WA+PD.
NI is NOT "holding up Brexit", the fault rests solely with not one but THREE Tory UK Governments for failing to consider the unique needs of NI communities and also, Scotland and Wales too.

"We are being told that the EU will not only impose tariffs on goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, but that they might actually stop the transport of food products from GB to NI."

Sound familiar?…
In truth, food shortages may result from logjam of trucks carrying goods to/from EU to UK and NI.…
"I have to say that we never seriously believed that the EU would be willing to use a treaty, negotiated in good faith, to blockade one part of the UK, to cut it off, or that they would actually threaten to destroy the economic and territorial integrity of the UK."
"By actively undermining the Union of our country, such an interpretation would seriously endanger peace and stability in Northern Ireland."

The risk again rests solely with the failure of Tory UK Governments to consider the unique needs of NI in post-Brexit UK - mere details?
"We want an agreement in the Joint Committee on how we can implement the protocol."

If only...everyone else would help UK Government figure out the "hard stuff" or even better, carry out the necessary implementation; delegation is a much overused concept.
"But we cannot leave the theoretical power to carve up our country – to divide it – in the hands of an international organisation."

"Theoretical" power does not require legislation to permit acts in violation of international law, without fear of retribution or accountability.
"We have to protect the UK from that disaster, and that is why we have devised a legal safety net – in the UK Internal Market Bill – to clarify the position and to sort out the inconsistencies."

Let's all 'rally round the flag', against the imaginary foe; the EU as always! 🤪
You would think the implementation of Brexit would be complex enough without generating imaginary crises!
"This Bill protects jobs and growth across the UK by preventing barriers to trade between the nations and regions. It means that anything approved for sale in Scotland or Wales must be good for sale in England or Northern Ireland, and vice-versa."
WHY does any government seek powers, if not to use them!…
The seat of decision making at the ❤️ of Scotland 👇
So much progress has been achieved that UK can be proud of, particularly since "the people" have benefited considerably although perhaps not equitably; this is the REAL issue.

However, the unforeseen COVID-19 public health threat and pandemic threatens these achievements.
It is recognised, there can be no 'one size fits all' response to COVID-19 public health threat.

Whilst each and every nation benefits from sharing best practice examples of what works and what does not, autonomy is necessary to tailor those to individual nations & communities.
"If we fail to pass this Bill, or if we weaken its protections, then we will in fact reduce the chances of getting that Canada-style deal."

Surely, the focus of attention and efforts ought to be on reaching agreement on compromises in the interests of securing an equitable FTA?
"Sir Keir Starmer urged Mr Johnson not to "reopen old wounds" and to instead "get a deal, move on and concentrate on defeating (coronavirus)"."
#Johnson acknowledges this:

"So I say to my fellow parliamentarians that we cannot go back to the dark days of last year – the squabbling that so undermined our negotiators."
"In a democracy the government must do what the majority want. The current government’s “majority” is actually a minority of 43% of the electorate."

Yet, the majority of 80 seats allows Tories an unfair advantage in HoC votes, in terms of relative numbers of MPs in Parliament.
"They won their 80 seat majority with only 37% of the electorate vote! That means that 63% did NOT vote for them! I.e. a “huge majority” (nearly two thirds) of the UK electorate did NOT vote for the Tories, they either didn’t vote, or they voted for someone else!"
"In fact only 43% of those that actually voted, voted for this government, so that’s 57% of the voting electorate who don’t want this government in office."
"The fact is that the majority of the electorate actually voted for parties who would have given a second referendum on Brexit, but because of the First Past The Post electoral system we have, it was possible for the Tories to win the election with a minority of the vote."
Assurances that 'NHS is off the table in any US-UK deal', despite contrary statements from US, it seems that NHS Scotland may be 'on the table'!!

Are actions of UK Government in the national interest as UK responds to the COVID-19 public health threat?…
👆"John Drummond, founder of the Constitutional Commission and a Sunday National columnist, believes the UK Government’s Internal Market Bill, which has its first reading tomorrow, aims to “effectively centralise” power at Westminster – making the Scottish Parliament redundant."
👆"Drummond said the bill covered all the areas of devolved authority.

“This is just a way to say that Holyrood will effectively cease to exist in the present form."

‘‘It is rolling back decades of devolution – that is not an overstatement, that is a fact.”"

#indyref2 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
1 July 1999: State Opening of the Scottish Parliament

"The United Kingdom's Constitution is irreversibly altered"…
7 September 2004 - NEW Scottish Parliament
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This is an additional link to this article mentioned in above thread.…

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"Britain is in a lonely place right now. It resembles the scene of a bad traffic accident where shocked passers-by look away with pity and horror in their eyes. Alarmed by what they see, governments around the world practise their own form of social distancing."
"Once again, Britain is the sick man of Europe."

It didn't have to be this way...if only...Tory UK Governments had listened to "the people" instead of telling "the people" what they should think...

...and not least, pursuing Brexit based upon a corrupt and illegal mandate!
"The view of Britain as Europe’s “problem child” predates the pandemic but has been greatly reinforced by it."
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"Many people who lived through the last war - or whose parents have vivid recollections of it - will tell you that they are infuriated by any suggestion that our present emergency is anywhere near comparable to that experience."
"No, our lives now are nothing like theirs in terms of either scarcity of food and comfort, or actual danger."

Yet, we face perhaps greater uncertainty and dangers than any could ever have imagined during the Wars.

Wars are self-inflicted and enemies have physical form!
There are dangers in viewing and misinterpreting historic events through the lens of contemporary life as we know it today.

Individuals are influenced by contemporary societal norms, values and threats; tangible or simply perceived.
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