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A #Tory billionaire bankrolled ‘herd immunity’ #scientist who advised PM against lockdown
Exclusive: Johnson ruled out lockdown 24 hours after meeting with Sunetra #Gupta – resulting in ‘1.3m extra #COVID infections’
#Johnson effectively side-lined his official medical and scientific advisers to rule out a lockdown
A #scientist who advised Boris Johnson against introducing a lockdown last autumn was bankrolled by a billionaire Tory donor, openDemocracy can reveal today.
#Johnson’s apparent U-turn decision to not impose #lockdown, which experts say may have resulted in an estimated 1.3 million extra #COVID infections, came just 24 hours after meeting with Oxford epidemiologist Sunetra #Gupta. Last Year
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Replying to @mojos55

Again and again, he found, this money, though it might originate in #Russia, #Africa or the Middle #East, travels through #London. The murders and kidnappings don’t happen here, of course: our bankers have clean cuffs and manicured nails.
The National Crime Agency estimates that money laundering costs the #UK £100bn a year. But it makes the rich much more. With the money come people fleeing the consequences of their crimes, welcomed into this country through the govt’s “golden visa” scheme: a red carpet laid out
for the very rich.
None of this features in the official definitions of corruption. #Corruption is what little people do. But #kleptocrats in other countries are merely clients of the bigger thieves in #London.
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Evening Standard
New blood condition linked to AstraZeneca jab as J&J vaccine is investigated over blood clots
Another potentially fatal blood condition has been linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine, the EU’s medical regulator has announced.
The (#EMA) said five people who had the jab developed capillary leak syndrome on the continent.
The rare condition results in blood leaking from tiny vessels into muscles which can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. If left untreated this can cause organ failure.
The AstraZeneca vaccine has been restricted to the over 30s in the UK after being linked to serious blood clots that can cause brain haemorrhages.
Nineteen people have died from rare blood clotting in the #UK after taking the jab.
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“La vacuna Covid de #AstraZeneca ha estado marcada por nobles intenciones, errores de comunicación, juicios complicados, pesadillas de fabricación y rivalidad política y económica. ¿Cómo fue que todo salió tan mal? vía @BW #Bloomberg
“Mene Pangalos, jefe de investigación biofarmacéutica de #AstraZeneca Plc, se acostó el lunes 22 de marzo sintiéndose bien por primera vez en mucho tiempo. Después de trabajar las 24 hs del día durante el fin de semana, acababa de anunciar mejor que los resultados intermedios”.
“Eran resultados del gran ensayo de vacunación de la compañía en EEUU 🇺🇸: La inyección fue segura y 79% efectiva para prevenir casos de #Covid19 sintomático. Noticias positivas, por fin, después de meses de preguntas sobre todo, incluida la seguridad y la escasez de suministros”.
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The illustrated #Johnson timeline: Northern Ireland.

Or the depraved timeline of mendacious political deceit.

Both are accurate.

And while certainly, I have nothing but contempt, I believe the timeline to follow is verifiably factual

2015 - 2021 #Johnson's Ulster Lies in full Image
#Johnson on Northern Ireland

2015. Leaving the EU would be a crazy decision for our Economy.
'16. Brexit is not about leaving the single market or customs union
'16. Leaving the SMCU is incompatible with maintaining the UK
'16. We will not leave the SMCU⏬ Image
'17 We voted to leave the Customs Union and Single Market and all EU institutions.
'17 There's no need for a border; there isn't one now.
'17 We need a border between NI and Ireland
'17 The border obviously will be down the Irish Sea
'17 No borders, technology instead Image
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What went through David #Cameron’s head? Was it just a giant dollar sign, or did the former prime minister think #lobbying was his remaining calling in life?
Cameron’s work for disgraced banker Lex #Greensill tarnishes a legacy already darkened by misjudgments over #Brexit
& #austerity. We thought he was hiding in a shed in #Oxfordshire. In fact, in early 2020, he was camping with #Greensill and Crown Prince Mohammed bin #Salman in Saudi Arabia.
Then he was texting chancellor Rishi #Sunak to ask for #Greensill’s now collapsed financial group to get more #coronavirus support.
Former prime ministers earn enough for speeches to banks; they should not have to speak for them too.
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Mollie Collins
There is a lot to learn and little we can do against power. If Blair and Prescott had fully devolved GB we would have had a devolved England Parliament. However they wanted the advantages of First Past the Post in England which would allow them to draft in
career politicians to safe seats. They made specious arguments about the size of England so offered instead Regions. This of course avoided PR. Think if the job had been done properly we would never again have had the 2 party system. Never have had #BREXIT.
Never had had a #Johnson government with an 80 seat majority.
It is possible since England is the only so called democratic country without its own Parliament. Arguably this should be illegal???
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Infektionsrisiken in #Kitas #Schulen
Eine Zusammenfassung von Meldungen und Warnungen in chronologischer Reihenfolge, damit niemand sagen kann, man hätte von der hohen Infektionsgefahr -für #Kinder #Schüler #Lehrer und #Familien- keine Kenntnis gehabt
#twlz #KMK #Laschet #Giffey
20.01.2021, Ergebnis der #AITask-#Modellierung zum #B117 Infektionsrisiko: Höchste Infektionsgefahr in Luftströmen die durch #Lüften und #Klimaanlagen enstehen. Verbreitung an/über #Aerosole (0,25 bis 0,5 μm) kann nach 2 Minuten atmen zur #Infektion führen
22.01.2021, PM #Johnson warnt, dass die #Mutante #B117 „möglicherweise mit einem höheren Mortalitätsgrad assoziiert ist“ und "zusätzlich 50-70% übertragbarer ist" #twlz #kmk
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Wasted Opportunity

Once upon a time Government would harness any spare resources to do things that benefited all:

A waterwheel
A mill
A school
A doctor
National Grid

What's sickening isn't just #TeamJohnson's waste
It's why they waste
To cover up failure.
They fail us all
Did you think about how they managed to get the 1% for the NHS so wrong?

1% is worse than 0. It's what you give a member of staff to show you think they should be leaving.

Explaining (a theory of) how this happened will need a little context.
Northern Ireland:

Let's think about how much time, effort, and expense have been spent failing to resolve the Northern Ireland issue...

What could have been achieved if they'd instead solved it?

At every point, #Johnson has promised solutions while providing none at all.
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A High Court Judge has exposed Boris #Johnson as a calculated liar who has misled the #UK Parliament and all it’s citizens in order to cover up the extent of illegal awarding of #PPE contracts to friends and #Tory’s donors without justification or contract award notices.
The stench of the most rancid hypocrisy and double standards which pollutes the #Tory party is foul and overpowering but yet again their hired poodles in the mainstream media fail miserably to hold them to account.
Not a single mainstream media press outlet has demanded Johnson’s resignation. What a woeful media we have.
Literally billions of pounds worth of contracts have been awarded to #Tory mates and associates without proper notices, transparency or accountability
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New #UK science body could be used as ‘cover for cronyism’
Advanced Research & Innovation Agency will be exempt from existing procurement rules for ‘maximum flexibility’, says #government
Kate Bingham of the UK Vaccine Taskforce, cited by business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng
as a model for Aria.
A new £800m #government #science and #defence research agency will be exempt from existing procurement rules, prompting warnings from #Labour that it could be used as “cover for #cronyism”.
Originally the brainchild of Dominic #Cummings,
the Advanced Research & Innovation Agency (#Aria) will be more lightly regulated than a normal #government body.
A press notice released to accompany the publication of the bill needed to set up the body said it would imitate the long-established #US agency #Darpa,
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The Judge confirmed:
“The Defendant BorisJohnson has published 608 out of 708 relevant contracts for supplies and services relating to COVID-19 awarded on or before 7 October 2020.
In some or all of these cases, the Defendant acted unlawfully by failing to publish the contracts within the period set out in the Crown Commercial Service’s Publication of Central Government Tenders and Contracts: Central Government Transparency Guidance Note (November 2017).”
Remarkably, the Judge’s Order is based on #Govt’s own figures at the same time as #Johnson was falsely reassuring #MPs, Government #lawyers were preparing a statement contradicting him revealing 100 contracts dozens of Contract Award Notices were missing from the public record.
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On 24 March 2020, the Financial Times claimed that as much as half of the #British population may have already been infected by the novel #Coronavirus, according to a new model by #Oxford University’s Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Disease group.
The conclusion, according to the FT’s science editor Clive Cookson, suggested that the country “had already acquired substantial herd immunity through the unrecognised spread of #COVID-19 over more than two months”. If true, this would vindicate the Govt’s “unofficial
Herd immunity strategy – allowing controlled spread of infection,” he stated
Although numerous #epidemiologists and #scientists had questioned the validity of the #Oxford model – which had not been peer-reviewed – it was promoted to the press by a PR agency with ties to the #Gov
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En México hasta el 21/02/21, se han autorizado 5 vacunas: #Pfizer, #AstraZenaca, #SputnikV, Cansino y Sinovac.

Hoy les hablo de cada una de ellas: mecanismo, eficacia, seguridad, etc, para que tomes la mejor decisión.

Abro hilo
De acuerdo a datos de la @WHO, el #SARSCoV2 ha infectado a + de 110 millones de personas en el mundo, provocando casi 2.5 millones de defunciones 😷🦠⚠️

México 🇲🇽 ocupa el tercer lugar en muertes a nivel mundial 🌎
De ahí que actualmente existan más de 100 distintos tipos de vacunas desarrollándose contra este virus.

Además de las ya mencionadas, existen otras fórmulas que se están utilizando alrededor del mundo tales como #Moderna, #Novovax ó #Johnson & Johnson.
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With too many firms are struggling to adapt to post-Brexit trading arrangements, critics fear that the Boris #Johnson administration is burying its head in the sand over the reality of the BREXIT situation.
The Prime Minister has called the difficulties no more than “teething problems”, but Adam #Marshall, director of the British Chambers of Commerce, said that is unlikely to be the case.
“Yes, some firms are facing adjustment … But others are seeing their entire business model up – ended, and their ability to trade successfully undermined. “What’s more concerning is the govt’s gaslighting. They don’t admit that there’s a problem; they play it down;
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High Court urged to overturn PM's decision to stand by Priti Patel
The High Court must overturn Boris #Johnson's decision that Home Secretary #PritiPatel did not breach government rules on behaviour, a union says.
The prime minister decided not to sack Ms Patel last year
after a report found evidence of "bullying" and "some occasions of shouting and swearing"
Mr Johnson backed Ms Patel, saying she had not broken the Ministerial Code
The #FDA union, which represents senior civil servants, said this reaction had "undermined" disciplinary procedures
And Labour called Mr Johnson's decision the "sign of a broken system". Bullying inquiry head quits as PM backs Patel
In full: Summary of Patel bullying report
Home Office Permanent Secretary Sir Philip #Rutnam resigned in February last year,
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#Covid-19: Social murder, they wrote—elected, unaccountable, and unrepentant

After two million deaths, we must have redress for mishandling the pandemic
Murder is an emotive word. In law, it requires premeditation. Death must be deemed to be unlawful.
How could “murder” apply to failures of a pandemic response? Perhaps it can’t, and never will, but it is worth considering. When politicians and experts say that they are willing to allow tens of thousands of premature deaths for the sake of population immunity
or in the hope of propping up the economy, is that not premeditated and reckless indifference to human life?
If policy failures lead to recurrent and mistimed lockdowns, who is responsible for the resulting non-covid excess deaths?
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Another Suppressed Report: Facebook and the Brexit Data Breach – Byline Times…
Facebook & the Brexit Data Breach
Ian Lucas
Former Labour MP and Digital Culture, Media and Sport Committee member Ian Lucas
looks at diluted parliamentary oversight after two landmark reports on dirty data and dark money
The Unresolved Investigation
The Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham was questioned last week by the Commons’ Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee –
specifically, its Sub-Committee on Disinformation – and, thanks to dogged, well-briefed questions by particular MPs, we learned a lot.
We learned, for example, that #Facebook’s secret deal with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in October 2019
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The Role of the #Press in #Election rigging
This is the third part in a series about the rigging of the 2019 Dec #UK general election
where we focus on the role of the #British press in delivering the extreme right wing govts of Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, the United States
The Role of the #Media
I have no plans to relive any of the most despicable media output ever to disgrace the name of the 4th Estate. One of the main functions of an active, intelligent and questioning press is to hold those that govern us to account.
The #British #press have not only failed miserably to do that, but they have aided and abetted the very liars, fraudsters and racketeers who have taken over #Parliament and stolen the nations cutlery.
Wherever great power and wealth accumulate, corruption, bribery and fraud
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Ich glaube, es ist es Zeit, für einen kleinen Rant:

Gestern 25 Infizierte mit #Virusmutation in Kita in #Freiburg.

Heute mutiertes Virus in vier Kitas in #Köln.

Zeitgleich lese ich diesen Fall einer 56-jährigen Mutter eines #Grundschüler|s:

Wir reden uns seit Monaten den Mund fusselig über die Infektionsgefahr, die von Kitas und Schulen ausgeht.

Ich habe das vor ein paar Wochen in einem Thread/Artikel zusammengefasst und mit diversen hochwertigen Studien belegt:…

Jeder, der nur ein kleines bisschen Ahnung von Kindern hat, weiß dass sie selbstverständlich wichtige Überträger von Atemwegsinfekten sind.

Nur völlig verblendete, verbohrte Ideologen konnten je etwas anderes glauben.

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They should Not Sit in Judgment of Trump


#Hawley #Cruz #Graham #Johnson and others who pushed the big lie are co-conspirators and should not sit in judgment of Trump, rather they MUST BE DISQUALIFIED!


Are the Senators who voted to overturn the election results and particularly Hawley and Cruz who helped incite insurrection going to be permitted to vote in the trial to convict Trump?

#MOG Image

So many of the GOP Senators (e.g. #Graham #TedCruz, #Hawley, etc.) were complicit in Trump's Big Lie and the instigation and provocation of insurrection, we need to DEMAND their recusal from the Impeachment Trial.

If they won't, we need to charge as conspirators.
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£100 Million Deals for School Laptops
Awarded to
Sam Bright

Our leading investigations include #Russian Interference, #Coronavirus,# Cronyism and Far Right #Radicalisation.
Prime Minister Boris #Johnson chairs the morning update meeting on the #Coronavirus pandemic
As a shortage of #laptops ostracises children from education, Sam Bright reports on new contracts awarded to a company with Tory ties
A series of #Government contracts worth £99.4 million for the provision of #school technology devices during the #Coronavirus crisis have been awarded to a firm co-founded by a #Conservative Party donor.
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The Daily Politik

2nd Dose of #Vaccine Controversy**
Baroness Betty Boothroyd, former Speaker of the House of Commons has spoken out about politician’s crazy new plan to delay the second dose of the #Covid vaccine for three months after the first dose is administered...
and she pulled no punches!
Tony #Blair advocated for this approach in the media two weeks ago, and it has since been adopted by the #govt, with support from Boris #Johnson, Nigel #Farage, and as of yesterday, Labour leader Keir #Starmer.
Boothroyd makes clear that neither developer of EITHER of the vaccines available in the UK, recommend delaying the second dose. As Boothroyd points out, Pfizer even say the first dose of vaccine is not effective protection after more than 21 days have lapsed between the first
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The wife of Vaccine Deployment Minister
#NadhimZahawi is the owner and director of a newly-established medical company, Companies House records show.
Lana #Saib is listed as the owner, with a 75%+ shareholding, of a firm called ‘Warren Medical Limited‘.
The company was incorporated on 10 June 2020 under the name “#Zahawi #Warren Limited”, before being changed a day later to its current title.
On its Companies House page, #Saib’s firm is listed as trading in real estate, yet its name clearly indicates a healthcare specialism.
The company does not appear to have a website that could provide more information.
The two other directors of the company – Ahmad #Shanshal and Jaafar Shanshal – are the sons of #Zahawi and #Saib.
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