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1/ With those who are what they appear to be, there's less to analyse & expose than there is of people who pretend to be something they're not. That #Johnson is a liar is part of his brand. Their sense of entitlement an explicit part of their ideology #partygate #beergate
2/ With regards to #Partygate/#Partygatefines is it really news that the dishonest, self-serving #Johnson Tory Government broke the rules they themselves and expected others to follow? #beergate
3/ More frightening, perhaps are those that package awful deeds in moral doublespeak - as if they are expressions of higher purpose. One example would be dressing up the disproportionate targeting of anti-war Jews as fighting "antisemitism"... #ItWasAScam #Partygate #beergate
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Whatever faces the UK, it's complex. To prosper we will need these:

Careful, long term thinking
Objectivity in difficult tradeoffs
Honesty, shrewd negotiation
Deep analysis and preparation
Dedicated ruthless planning

Meanwhile it's #Bodger #Johnson's Queens Speech.

Chances? ❌
This dichotomy is just weird:

Take #Brexit.

Imagine, if you can; your passion for extracting the UK from the EU was unpersuaded by any argument to the contrary.


But did you think doing it was so simple that Slapdash-cover-the-cracks Bodger was the guy to run it?
Out of the blue, we faced a Global #COVID19 Pandemic.

OK,caught a little short with the No 10 leadership. It happens.

But maybe reconsider when you found out he dodged all the scientific briefings at the start to write a book?

You wanted to #Bodger your way through?
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From earlier in the week
#Johnson has no idea about how to help those in poverty when there is so much he could do
~ Richard Murphy… #ToriesOut
/2 So what could be done for this pensioner, presuming we care, which Johnson clearly does not?
* The £20 a week Johnson took away from so many people when Covid was claimed to be over would help. This could be restored now for pensioners and those on #UniversalCredit.
/3 *Benefits including pensions could and should also be uprated now by the full current inflation rate, not the much lower rate of last autumn.
*VAT on domestic energy could be reduced to nothing. *Fuel duty on diesel and petrol could also be reduced temporarily
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My #keyword to show why "change through trade" works perfectly and how #Putin proved it to us.

#WandelDurchHandel refers to the idea of asking for broader concessions from the trading partner which are necessary for trade.
Such concession can be compliance with purity levels of raw materials, seals of approval for products (CE), but also of an order-theoretical nature, i.e. independent courts, recognition of the international court of justice, etc.
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Mein #Stichwort aufzuzeigen, warum "Wandel durch Handel" perfekt funktioniert und wie #Putin uns das bewiesen hat.
#WandelDurchHandel bezeichnet die Idee, dass man vom Handelspartner weitergehende Konzessionen einfordert, die für den Handel erforderlich sind.
Solche Konzession können die Einhaltung von Reinheitsgraden von Rohstoffen sein, Gütesiegel bei Produkten (CE), aber auch ordnungstheoretischer Natur, also unabhängige Gerichte, Anerkennung des internationalen Gerichtshofs etc.
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 62) - #URGENTE - Comenzamos el #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania con esta pasada a baja cota de dos aviones de ataque su-25 rusos en el #Donbass.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 62) - #URGENTE - En #Transnistria alguien habría atentado contra dos torres de comunicaciones, concretamente en la villa de #Mayak, sin que se hayan registrado heridos.

➡️ Geolocalización:
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 62) - Aquí otra imagen del supuesto ataque en #Transnistria que se uniría al de ayer en el Ministerio de Seguridad en #Tiráspol.
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#Biden, April 21, the day #Russia declared #Mariupol liberated: “There is no evidence yet that Mariupol has completely fallen”
#BorisJohnson, April 22, from India:"#Putin "is very close to securing a land bridge in Mariupol now...We just have to be realistic about that.”#Ukraine
"During his recent visit to #Ukraine, #Johnson had reportedly advised Pres Vladimir #Zelensky to make a retreat from and form a new defence line but Zelensky had no option but to follow American advice."…
"For President #Biden, of course, there is good enough reason why the war should continue as a forever war. The war rallies Europe behind the #US’ weakening transatlantic leadership."
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#Macron ha detto che non intende "seguire la moda" di alcuni politici europei di andare a #Kiev.
Se rieletto, ha spiegato, è pronto ad andare in qualunque città dell'#Ucraina, ma solo se "questa visita porterà qualche risultato, se sarà utile a qualcosa".

Fa bene? Sbaglia?👇
Rispondere non è facile. La cosa più semplice da fare sarebbe metterla così: pochi giorni fa #BorisJohnson è andato a #Kiev, francesi e inglesi non si prenderanno mai, ed ecco arrivare puntuale la stoccata di #Macron.

Per me però è più complessa. 👇
Partiamo proprio da BoJo. Nessuno sapeva niente del suo viaggio. Tutti i media sono stati colti in contropiede. E la passeggiata con #Zelensky per le vie di #Kiev è uno dei filmati più potenti dall'inizio di questa guerra:

Ok, ma è servito a qualcosa?👇
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Saying this slowly #Johnson #Ministerialcode

🔴 Broke the law
🔴 Conspired to conceal it
🔴 Lied to Parliament
🔴 Ignored Ministerial Code

You think he has the moral character to be a safe, reliable and conscientious pair of hands in a war?

You're no democrat.
He's a Nixon.
Seriously how ridiculous an argument is it, that we shouldn't change #Johbson during a "war".

THIS is the guy who can deal with #ChemicalWeapons?

You're going to need integrity and honour for that.


Nixon analogies are in great company.

@thatdanstevens makes the same point as this thread.

The One Show.
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🇺🇦 is ready for a tough battle with 🇷🇺 forces amassing in #Ukraine's east, President #Zelensky said Saturday.

This came a day after a #missile attack officials said killed more than 50 civilians trying to evacuate at #Kramatorsk rail station in the east.

@NRushworth reports⤵️
@NRushworth #Mariupol 🇺🇦 is a strategic port city that would let #Russia 🇷🇺 access the sea of Azov.

As Russian forces target the city, shelling has collapsed several humanitarian corridors, with residents living under constant siege.

Sinead McCausland reports⤵️
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 45) - Comenzamos nuestro #hilo 🧵 diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania con las primeras imágenes de un drone ruso Orion caído.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 45) - Una pareja de Su-25 sobre #Donetsk, ya casi algo rutinario.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 45) - Informe diario de inteligencia publicado por el MoD británico @DefenceHQ ⬇️
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"Britain is a nation that’s changed night and day since 2016. It was a quiet, prosperous nation that became a haven for Right-wing populists, a breeding ground for racism, and a hub for misinformation. None of which is a coincidence."
"It’s the byproduct of nationalism, racism, and demagoguery. And if it sounds similar to post-2016 America, that’s because it is. Both countries began their ascent down the black hole of authoritarianism at the same time for a reason."
"Actually, two reasons: Boris Johnson and Donald Trump."

"Two men who are similar in more ways than they are different. Two men who redefined Western politics for the worse."
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Now that Macron has finished, @BorisJohnson takes to the podium (🇫🇷🇬🇧 flags quickly swapped)

“I’ve rarely seen nations more United in recent years than we are now,” the prime minister says.
"We continue to see huge numbers of Ukrainians fleeing their homes," says Johnson after #NATO & #G7 summits.

But he makes no announcement of taking in more refugees as #Biden has just done.
Johnson asked if UK can grant #Zelensky's request today for tanks and jets.

"We’re looking at what we can do to help but logistically at the moment it looks very difficult both with armour and with jets. The equipment we think is more immediately valuable is missiles".
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🚨Femi Fact Checks #PMQ 🚨

What does Boris #Johnson lie about this week?

❌ Being on the side of working people
❌ Protecting British jobs
❌Getting it right in the pandemic

Forensic @Femi_Sorry strikes again 🙌🙏
And Johnson said in PMQs yesterday: "The chancellor who protected the economy, who protected jobs..." 🤔

But 👇

Lack of help from Rishi Sunak for struggling UK families will push 1.3m into poverty, @guardian…
While this govt dodges accountability for its actions, we are in court with @Foxglovelegal trying to fight for transparency, accountability and the public's right to information.

Follow our case on Government by WhatsApp here with @manasa_nara 👇
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While Ukrainians were being murdered in their beds, Johnson was hosting the criminals who pay for the Russian slaughter of innocents

We all knew about Colaberation with Russia for many years

We all knew that Russian money was perverting our Democracy Image


We all knew that #Johnson and Farage were being funded by Russia

We all knew we were in Putin's pocket

We all knew that Johnson, like Trump, had been compromised on Russian holidays with girls

Many in the UK just did not care



However, many profited as much as their Russian masters

Huge investments were being made in shares and property

We all knew about money laundering

The UK was known to take blood money from anyone, particularly if oil, gas or drugs were involved

Nice little earners
. Image
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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The segment in the @BBC feature below is taken from a longish interview @BBCChrisMorris recorded with me about #Russia #sanctions last week. I don’t blame journalists or producers but worth mentioning that perhaps due to editorial issues it omitted the following (see thread):
1) That I began by saying this was an opportune moment to discuss #sanctions against #Russia. I was on strike supporting #UCUStrikes and colleagues on precarious contracts and protesting against #USS pension cuts.
2) That I thought the Lincoln's Inn Fields backdrop of striking #UCUStrikes LSE campus was symbolic. Some of the things I said were:
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[Thread] Suivre les infos sur la crise #Ukraine avec la #Russie de #Vladimir #Poutine Image
Vladimir #Poutine déclare que les accords de paix avec l’#Ukraine n’existe plus (BFMTV)
#Poutine indique que la Russie reconnaît le droit aux séparatistes de réclamer le #Donbass tout entier
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@chrisriddell50 My first thought when I saw this today was whether your colleague @MartinRowson might regard these events as, 'a storm in a fur cup'!

...evidently, there are agendas but, some are too quick to impose their interpretation on events - they hear but don't LISTEN! Image
"In the last few weeks, the benefits to Russia from its sabre-rattling must have far exceeded the Kremlin’s expectations. It has produced a traffic jam of presidents, prime minister and ministers making their way to Moscow."
"They may be issuing warnings against a Russian invasion of Ukraine, but the reality is that for the first time since 1991 Russia is once again being treated as a superpower to be feared, cultivated and never disregarded."
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I report delle agenzie di intelligence occidentali, il cambio di registro dei governi nella comunicazione verso le opinioni pubbliche, i piani di Mosca per prendere Kiev. Mai come stasera la guerra tra #Ucraina e #Russia è stata vicina.…
Boris #Johnson agli alleati: "Temo per la sicurezza dell’Europa". #Ucraina #UkraineCrisis #Ukraine
Il presidente #Biden è diretto a Camp David. La portavoce Psaki: "È completamente attrezzato per avere impegni di ogni tipo, anche con la sua squadra di sicurezza nazionale e le controparti europee".

#Ucraina #Ukraine #UkraineCrisis
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1/ Been an awful week for #Tories in Westminster but in real elections in the real world #Labour has been crashing and burning. OK, so local by elections aren't individually representative of national trends...
2/ But taken together, the results show a clear swing AGAINST #Labour that isn't being picked up in opinion polls between them.
If you have to choose, go by the actual results cast in real elections.
3/ How to explain the discrepancy? Could be that a lot of the Tory "don't knows" who've given #Starmer his lead are in fact voting Tory when they turn out. Of course, young people are traditionally more likely to vote #Labour and less likely to vote in by-elections. That said...
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1/ To call this "full fact" is misleading. It omits that, prior to the conclusion of the investigation #Starmer commissioned into his own CPS, he claimed he'd been assured that that "the decisions were the right decisions based on the information and evidence then available"
2/ Later, investigations concluded this claim to have been incorrect and that "mistakes were made".…
3/ Moreover, the report makes clear that there were "no insurmountable barriers to prosecution" and that an explanation as to why charges were not brought as only been offered "in part", laying the most of the blame on police...
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You want to know why I'm so intent on seeing #Johnson face accountability?

Back in 2020 my aunt fell Ill with Covid. She was a kind, sweet and incredibly generous woman who helped raise me. She always had a cheeky smile and didn't have a single malicious bone in her body.
She died, alone in a hospital. No family or friends allowed to be with her in her final moments. There was hardly anyone at her funeral. Again, gatherings for such weren't permitted. The rules at the time, of course, to prevent the spread of Covid.
Meanwhile, those very people creating said rules were holding parties, believing themselves above the rules that we - the little people had to abide by - did not apply to them. While my aunt died alone, they were getting drunk. "Ambushed by a cake".
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[A LA UNE A 18H]
La #Russie et les Etats-Unis ont commencé à se déchirer au Conseil de sécurité de l'ONU au sujet des troupes massées par Moscou à la frontière de l'Ukraine, les pays occidentaux intensifiant leurs efforts diplomatiques pour éviter un conflit militaire #AFP 1/5 ImageImageImage
[A LA UNE A 18H]
Les autorités maliennes dominées par les militaires ont décidé d'expulser l'ambassadeur de France, dans une nouvelle escalade abrupte de la brouille entre Bamako et Paris, a annoncé la télévision d'Etat #AFP 2/5 Image
[A LA UNE A 18H]
Le Premier ministre britannique Boris #Johnson s'est excusé au Parlement, en excluant de démissionner, après la publication d'un rapport administratif qui tacle des "erreurs de leadership" dans le scandale des fêtes à Downing Street durant le confinement #AFP 3/5 Image
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