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A little comic relief 😂 A friend just sent me this joke!

"There were 5 passengers on a plane: Donald #Trump, Boris #Johnson, the Pope, Jacinda #Ardern (the NZ prime minister) and a schoolboy ...
The captain announces that the engines have failed and that there’s only four parachutes for passengers.

Donald Trump says, “I’m the cleverest man in America and my people need me to make America 🇺🇸 great again”, grabs a parachute and is out.
Boris Johnson says, “My 🇬🇧 people need me to deliver Brexit”, grabs a parachute and is out.

The Pope says, “I’m God’s messenger on earth. You two can fuck off”, grabs a parachute and is out.

Jacinda Ardern picks up the last parachute ...
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I have 66 million worries about #Johnson's top team. I'll start with four.

Detail from a man who can't spell-check his surname or be bothered to read the Good Friday Agreement.

Consistency from a man who promised CU and no trade checks and delivered no CU and trade checks
Probity from a man who secured food supply in meeting he didn't have and denies a reckless Government plan two days after it was lauded by his Government.

Strength in leadership from a man whose numbers can't possibly add up, so relies on people not noticing.

But the true disaster?

Leaders who delegate the worst crisis in our history since the black death* because they're bored after the 2nd daily press conference.

*yes it's worse than Spanish flu 1918, no they didn't tell you

Now. What else don't you know?
How many will die?
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Dealing with #covid19UK should be govt’s top priority.

I’ve called on #Johnson to pause Brexit trade talks and extend transition period so Ministers can focus.

Failure to prioritise is a recipe for disaster.

UK faces a gathering storm of managing #Coronavirus, dealing with ongoing #FloodingCrisis, whilst attempting most complicated negotiations and supply chain restructure for generations.

Govt couldn’t manage #floods crisis on its own, so how can they tackle all 3 massive threats?
#Johnson has been conspicuous by his absence during #flooding crisis and failed to show the leadership required over a threat as serious as #Coronavirus.

He’s out of his depth.
And we’re out of time.

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Britain should be championing human rights, not trashing them - and our global reputation along with.

After WW2 we helped create the European Convention & Court, with Churchill playing key role.

I love our country. This is not who we are.…
Written in 1950, the European Convention on Human Rights is supported by 47 states, stretching far beyond EU

It’s one of the world’s anchors for a free & fair society

We must stop #Johnson taking away the rights & freedoms of Brits under guise of Brexit…
Sadly this is not a new fight...

I’ve defended human rights before from Tory attacks, and I’ll defend them again.

And I’d hope the vast majority of the British people are with me.

Protecting human rights is who we are.
#BrexitDividend #ToryDamage…
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Who is Prasenjit Singh Kumar.? How is he connected to #Russia and #BorisJohnson is he a #RussianAsset .? What does he have to do with the #russianreport .? | Thread 🧵
More Connections Between #BorisJohnson Johnson and
#Russian Influencers Emerge #prasenjitsinghkumar
While Parliament’s Intelligence Security Committee report into Russian influence on British public life remains suppressed by the PM and his advisor Dominic Cummings, Byline Times has uncovered concerning new connections between Boris Johnson and a network of wealthy oligarchs.
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9-15feb 1
It's your #Bonkersbrexit weekly roundup of just how much #Brexitnotdone we've had over the past week.

And wow what a week it was. Crazy actually.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's not us they're trying to convince but themselves...

9-15feb 2
First, we had the endlessly entertaining Barry from Basildon. Who (un)fortunately is a parody

Then like a gift from #Brexit Gods, we got the very real (confirmed by Indy) clueless Colin reinforcing all stereotypes

9-15feb 3
Then we had Dr Sune's informative ad-lib history of populism, with a detailed description of the Danish Brexit and how they had managed to step back from the breach away from their Siren's call.

Sadly we looked painfully naive in comparison.
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🇺🇸🗳️ Demain c'est le début des primaires démocrates pour désigner le candidat qui affrontera #Trump en novembre. Mais au fait, lequel de ces candidats est le plus à même de battre le Président sortant ? #thread
🇺🇸🗳️ Un premier point dans une vaste étude du #VoterStudyGroup de @democracyfund : 2016 était la première élection qui mettait aux prises deux candidats rejetés par les Américains. Ce sera la même chose en 2020, ni #Trump ni les prétendants démocrates ne passant la barre des 50%.
@DemocracyFund 🇺🇸🗳️ Dans les sondages nationaux, #Biden est régulièrement le candidat démocrate qui obtient les meilleurs résultats face à #Trump. Idem dans les principaux #swingstates, et pas seulement dans ceux de la #rustbelt où l'aspect "local" de #Biden l'aide.
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The GLA investigation into the Johnson-Arcuri case is on hold pending completion of another inquiry by the IOPC which is itself suspended. Beyond that case here is a thread of other concerns about #Boris #Johnson conduct while #London #Mayor #Corruption
2. Marcus Ball reports that Johnson's lawyer, now Judge Supperstone, was paid £35,500 by the GLA in 2008.

3. Save Britain's Heritage investigated 15 decisions where Johnson personally intervened against a local plan or a Borough planning decision
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Today, I have been thinking about last Thursday.
And I want all sides to read this..
Process it..
And draw your own conclusions.
This is not “lefty tears”.
Nor is it “typical remoaner”.
Read on..
Think back to last summer.
#Maybot resignation.
#Conservatives have a leadership election.
Tory #leave get their candidate #Johnson
That’s the Stall set out.
It begins..
The “die in a ditch” sound bite.
Four losses at #meaningfulvote
Twenty one expelled Tory #remain.
#LibDems taking Tory overspills.
Parliament is shook, but it isn’t finished yet troops.
#c4news starts to creep into being partisan.
The BBC go full on.
#Peston sells his soul to Diablo.
A corporate takeover.
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Many of us have known this for a while now but it's quickly becoming apparent that, especially after the recent #GeneralElectionResults2019, #Racism in the UK is, not only going to increase, but become even more brutal, widespread & acceptable, as #racists become emboldened by /1
the fact that the Gov itself & those right in the heart of it, not only don't *effectively* condemn #racism but are, in fact, guilty of it *themselves*.

Get ready to see A LOT more (and a lot WORSE) than the examples below, in the future (near & otherwise) against *every /2
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🇬🇧🗳️ Résultats presque définitifs des élections au #RoyaumeUni :

Conservateurs 43,6% (+1,2) / 363 élus (+47)
Travaillistes 32,2% (-7,8) / 203 élus (-59)
LibDems 11,5% (+4,2) / 11 élus (-1)
SNP 3,9% (+0,8) / 48 élus (+13)
🇬🇧🗳️ En termes de voix, c'est la meilleure performance des conservateurs depuis 1979.
🇬🇧🗳️ La principale évolution d'un point de vue électoral, c'est l'effondrement des travaillistes dont l'électorat est parti de tous les côtés :

➡️partis pro-#Remain (LibDems, Verts, SNP, PC)
➡️partis pro-#Leave (Brexit Party, Conservateurs)
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Analysis: #NYSE $JNJ

Case 52 #Johnson & Johnson

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#JNJ 1/5
After hitting highs in Jan 2018 conditions turned messy with choppy price action in a $30 range.

JNJ 2/5
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: The #SMAs 100 and 50 have supported the up trend since June 2012. The SMA 50 sits below #trendline support at 125.02

JNJ 3/5
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#Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

01 - #Tories admit and apologise for a doctored, misrepresentative video of Kier Starmer. Tory MPs like @JohnnyMercerUK leave it on their feed and actively continue to spread.
@JohnnyMercerUK #Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

02 - #Tories Boris #Johnson gets booed out of Addenbrooke Hospital by staff and patients alike, unmentioned by #BBC, who were right there.
@JohnnyMercerUK #Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

03 - #Tories MP Jacob Rees Mogg blames #Grenfell victims for their own deaths. It takes him four days before he's forced to retract and apologise.
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November 1st, and we’re still in the #EU thanks entirely to the @Conservatives (Brexit means #Brexit, Deal or No Deal, Do or Die, No Ifs No Buts, blah blah) who have been in power every day since the referendum. They could have taken us out at any time, but they chose not to.
@Conservatives The #Tories brazenly reneged on the core promise of their last manifesto, and they’ve got the nerve to behave as if it’s not their fault. It is entirely their fault that the UK is still in the #EU after more than three years. It was entirely in their hands after the referendum.
@Conservatives The #Tories had a majority and they squandered it. They refused to remove a leader who had no intention of delivering independence until she became such an embarrassment they had to. #Johnson took up where she left off. His #FakeBrexit is her sell-out deal with a lick of paint.
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A vote for the #Tories in this election is a surrender vote, a vote to stay under #EU control. #Johnson’s insistence on pushing his #FakeBrexit shows he has no intention of delivering independence. He won’t even try. The #BrexitParty is the only vote if we want #Brexit delivered.
#Johnson has broken trust with the people. He could have been a national hero, but has stayed loyal to his own tribe. He’s hoping we’re so worn out by 3 years of lies and obstruction we’ll settle for anything. His #FakeBrexit is an establishment trap to keep us under #EU control.
#BorisJohnson has a large majority in the palm of his hand if he makes a ‘no deal’ pact with #Farage and the #BrexitParty, but he refuses to do it because, like most #Tories, he doesn’t want the #UK to be independent.
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Das hat ja nicht lange gedauert: #Erdolf ähhh #Erdogan, Möchtegern-Sultan der #Türkei, nimmt sich ein Beispiel an #China: Entweder die #EU schweigt zum geplanten Genozid in #Kurdistan/#Syrien oder er schickt die Geflüchteten los in Richtung Europa. /MS…
Einmal mehr zeigt sich: Appeasement gegenüber rechtsradikalen Kräften (nichts anderes war der "Flüchtlingsdeal" mit der Türkei) hat immer langfristig katastrophale Auswirkungen. Um #Pegida & die #AfD ruhigzustellen, hat Kanzlerin #Merkel einen Pakt mit dem Teufel geschlossen. /MS
Ebenso ist die gesamte #EU gescheitert. Gescheitert daran, ihre eigenen Werte der Mitmenschlichkeit und der Hilfe in der Not zu verteidigen - sowohl im eigenen Gebiet als auch weltweit - , und gescheitert daran, mit den Autokraten der Welt fertig zu werden. /MS
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BREAKING. European Parliament president Sassoli very disappointed with Boris Johnson after meeting him: “I am sad”
BREAKING. EU Parliament president Sassoli: “PM Johnson didnt provide any element that can be concretely considered in order to get a deal that can be rediscussed or carried through. You can draw your own conclusions”
BREAKING. EU Parliament president Sassoli: “PM Johnson hasn’t present proposals. Ideas are not enough at this point”
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Much Twitter disappointment with @Peston fawning on #NotMyPM #Johnson. We must write him off until fall of J. They have Siamese tendencies: Balliol, Brussels, @spectator, @Telegraph. He’ll get 1st dibs on a few propaganda titbits, but u can forget objective reporting. @itvnews 1/
Remarkable how little known r these connections between #Peston & #Johnson. But it explains why Peston goes weak at the knees & offers his tummy when #Johnson winks at him. I’m sure @Peston wakes up determined 2b objective, but that resolve doesn’t make it 2 his first espresso.2/
@threadreaderapp unroll please
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Ahead of #Johnson's meeting with #Merkel today, there was a lot of curiosity (but no optimism) in Berlin on whether he would have any idea up his sleeve that would solve the #Brexit deadlock. The letter Johnson sent Monday rejecting the backstop suggests he doesn't. 1/3
Without any concrete propoal and the #Brexit Party in his back that seems determined to kill any deal, he is hardly a credible negotiation partner for continental Europeans anyway. That makes another extension of the Brexit date on Oct 31 unlikely. 2/3
Although Berlin sees huge economic & political risks of a no-deal Brexit for both sides & seeks a close partnership post-Brexit, it won't blink on the backstop. The ball remains in Johnson's field - while he sets up his arguments to scapegoat the #EU in case of hard #Brexit.
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So, how many quotes does anyone want from Thucydides and other ancient sources about Pericles dismissing the views of the people when he didn’t agree with them..? #PeoplesPMQs
Pericles, at least in Thucydides’ account, articulates a vision of democracy, true, but it’s one that is distinctly odd in a number of respects. And he is praised for *not* paying attention to the wishes of the people, unlike his successors, but for getting them to follow him.
Indeed, he was precisely the sort of elite politician who persisted in pursuing his own policy even after the citizens had voted against it, rather than accepting that he’d lost and should get over it.
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This @thetimes article on Dominic #Cummings is Cummings’ & #No10’s spin to rehabilitate him after recent media attacks. It may work, because, typically, it conceals well its aim... However, it reveals also worrying traits. See below 1/several...…
1. #Cummings was mentored at #Oxford by Prof Norman Stone.…
2. He had ‘an unsuccessful spell setting up an airline in post-communist #Russia.’
3. Cameron described him as a ‘career psychopath’.
4. His wife is @spectator writer Mary Wakefield. 2/several
5. He deliberately got himself, wearing T-shirt & jeans - in famous photo of #Johnson being welcomed by Sir Mark Sedwill in No10.
6. He is not a back-room operator. He loves the limelight. [hence the film ‘The Uncivil War’ and this article...] 3/several
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Let’s talk about Boris

One of most disreputable, toxic, selfish politicians I’ve ever met. As Tories choose between British Trump & ex-Health Sec who’s mission was to destroy health service, let's remember why #Johnson is #UnfitForOffice
[Many threads]
2018: Letterboxes
Wrote that women wearing niqab looked like “letterboxes” & “bank robbers”; triggering attacks on our Muslim community, “letterbox” graffitied on homes, and giving racists new language in hate speech

#Johnson is #UnfitForOffice…
2008: “Blacks have lower IQs”
As editor of the Spectator he was responsible for - and clearly condoned - this racist drawl. He and his racist worldview has no place in Parliament, let alone @10DowningStreet

#Johnson is #UnfitForOffice…
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1/Listening to the C4 Con leadership debate.

All “delivering Brexit”

#Gove. Opened his mouth and lost the first Q
#Stewart. Cleverer response “listened to Corbyn yadda”
#Raab. Kept his voice lower but Blah.
#Javid Same but at least talking about addressing issues.
#Hunt. Same
2/. Politics of fear re Corbyn.

Really pretty wet.

Hope it improves.
3/. #Raab didn’t deliver because resigned as a matter of principle.

This is reallyrather tragic.

At least #Stewart is saying they cannot reopen the WA and challenging #Raab on the HOW?

Especially HOW in No deal.

#Raab really is remarkably dim.
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