Full list of Tory/DUP MPs most voted to lower our food standards.

Thereby creating the current fake situation being used a flimsy excuse for the #InternalMarketBill to break the legally binding withdrawal agreement

EU has not threatened a blockade, are simply asking questions
The #InternalMarketBill also breaks legally binding withdrawal agreement on EU state aid rules

And to add comedy

The new not yet signed UK/Japan trade deal has even harsher state aid rules, so the #InternalMarketBill breaks that before its even signed
Most of these MPs will vote to break international law

Some and small number have said they WILL vote against

Others who want to, are being threatened by the Tory Whips that they will be sacked

• • •

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15 Sep
Every single one of these @Conservatives MPs last night voted

Against their own "Oven Ready Brexit" pledge made to the UK

To break international law they created 9 months ago

To give Johnson/Cummings dictator level powers

I have removed those voted against/no vote recorded
They voted to restore the Direct Rules power to the NI sec which gives him the ability to override NI's MPs and Councils

This will retrigger the troubles

They voted against the will of the people of NI

Who voted over 71.12% for the GFA and 55.78% to remain in the EU
Chris Skidmore

Pauline Latham

Adam Afriyie

Gagan Mohindra

Philip Dunne

Paul Bristow

Peter Aldous

Andrea Leadsom

Elizabeth Truss
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11 Sep
This is different, a new development, I'll explain why

MEPs in European Parliament

Have voted to say if the UK breaches, or threaten to breach, the Withdrawal Agreement through the Internal Market Bill or in any other way it will not ratify a UK-EU deal
Why is this very different?

Because this is NOT the Commission nor the EU27 leaders, not Michel Barnier etc, its non of the people were read about in the press

These are the democratically elected MEP's saying this.

They are elected just like our MPs
The group Farage's lot was in failed to register so is now defunct

It has been replaced by the "Eurosceptic European Conservatives and Reformists" (ECR)

This is where Farage's Brexit Party would be with if still an MEP

And even they voted to do this
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10 Sep
What is #Moonshot ?

Moonshot is a £100bn dead cat distraction

Tory gov is trying to break the international laws they co-created with the EU in the Withdrawal agreement they voted for the 9th on Jan, having used it to win the Dec 19 election, and was ratified on the 24th of Jan
The Withdrawal agreement was a new agreement drawn up by the Johnson government in cooperation with EU late 2019

It is not May's deal

He could not get it through the 17/19 Parliament

Election was held in December

Withdrawal "#OvenReadyBrexit" agreement was his centre piece
Here is Johnson calling it a great deal Nov and Dec 2019

The deal HE co-created

He knew exactly what was in it back in Nov and Dec 2019
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9 Sep

The #InternalMarketBill is not a just alteration to the WA treaty

Read it again carefully !

It takes control of every single UK law every there has been ever

It will make Johnson/Cummings more powerful than any king or queen has ever been

Its total and complete power Image
More reading

This section is mostly to do with Northern Ireland

At the moment!

ERG are screaming & shouting this bill be made even more extreme

This bill if passed makes Northern Ireland Sec the supreme power in NI

This is the total destruction of the GFA we are looking at
Remember this Gov gave its self the power to amend bills with out parliamentary scrutiny.
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3 Sep
1 of 4

Right now the Tory Gov is pushing through 2 changes in UK law

1 put them above Judiciary review and thus immune from the courts and the laws of the UK

2 making it easy to charged with treason by just speaking ill of the Gov, right now you'd have to try do a Guy Fawkes
2 of 4

Giving them selves immunity from the courts and the law

3 of 4

Making being charged with treason for just speaking ill against the Gov made easy

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3 Aug
I see the

"undemocratic unaccountable Eu Commission president" line is still being played out
First things 1st

The Eu Commission president, which is a civil service job is not unaccountable

He/She is accountable

Subordinate to

The European Council

They are the 27 elected heads of the EU member countries

Until recently it was 28 as Johnson was one of the 28
EU Commission president (Top Civil servant) is selected & subjected to democratic approval

European Council (27 elected PM/President) of the EU member countries select who they would like as C-P

MEP's then vote x2 if they approve 3 months apart, basically a try before you buy
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