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1/ Today, the CCC is hosting an online event on the #internalmarketbill and devolution, with video available on Youtube on Friday with Michael Keating, @AileenMcHarg @McEwen_Nicola and hosted by @MureDickie
2/ Michael Keating begins, the internal market is, in many ways, a way of replicating what exists to faciliate the European single market. Two options are available: a single standard or principle of mutual recognition
3/ No internal market covers everything, how do we determine the exceptions? The EU operates under a very broad principle, allowing governments to override for public policy objectives. The UK Bill is much more narrowly defined.
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Our BRAND NEW report on what no deal would mean is out today

Our experts are giving a briefing on the report this morning...

. @jillongovt: "No deal now is not the same as last year because the financial settlement, citizens' rights and Northern Ireland were dealt with in the Withdrawal Agreement."

. @jillongovt: "There could be extensive disruption at the UK-EU border."

"Lots of #Brexit officials were redeployed to #Covid_19 and some things are running late."

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It's patently obvious that "Brexit" has become a dangerous cult with an unknown aim. Embracing it is now a ritualistic test of loyalty to ideology. KS seems happier to pull the trigger & join the gang, than to say "I will not go along". Tactics over principle? #InternalMarketBill ImageImage
Tactics is of course important. But this cedes to this dangerous ideology his ability to fight it with credibility: however much he embraces Brexit, he will never be embraced as a Brexiteer, because he isn't one.
Now the US is attacking the cult of Brexit. And yet nobody can even now agree on exactly what it means or what they voted for. Yet even to state that obvious fact is also to attack the ideology of the cult of Brexit: Image
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Chomsky comes out with a lot of mad, overly confident and wacky ideology. But consider this: democracy is on the decline, we've had two massive global financial crises in the last few years. NATO is weakened. Russia is belligerent. China is assertive. Xi and Putin are /1
now rulers for life (possibly a preparatory but nevertheless ominous step). Turkey is a dictatorship, Ukraine was invaded, Belarus is collapsing, the USA, Poland, Hungary and UK are lurching towards varying degrees of authoritarianism. India is turning its back on democracy. /2
Climate change is an increasingly urgent threat. The last time all this sort of upheaval happened there were two devastating world wars. This time, all the main players have atomic weapons. Not at all looking great is it? Did I miss anything out? #InternalMarketBill /e
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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 oh my sides - the #InternalMarketBill as seen by ScotsNats (utter bollocks of course) 😂😂😂 #SNPOut - I think he might be gonna burn the flag 😏
😂😂😂😂😂 mebees no 😂😂😂
If you want the full show 😂😂😂…
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1. Methinks the Tory no deal plan B involves junking the WA with a view to weakening Ireland's place in the single market. The #InternalMarketBill essentially grants the UK government licence to place goods on the EU single market without authorisation. ...
2. It is assumed Ireland is then forced to put controls along the border - but it won't, invested so much politically in saying that can't happen. Instead it will institute certain behind the border controls notionally for the entire union, but in practice only for Ireland.
3. More than likely this will result in more stringent checks for goods travelling between Ireland and the mainland EU, instituting a market surveillance system where trucks will be inspected on the basis of risk. They'll soon work out which regular loads are kosher.
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The fullest defence yet of #InternalMarketBill (contingent powers only; Brandon Lewis wrong) was given by Lord Keen at the start of today's @LordsEUCom Justice meeting. Video here,… transcript in a few days. A court commitment stopped me attending, sadly.
He took the same line as at today's PNQ…, but had more time to set it out. In short #IMBill gives UK powers that may be needed to respond to a fundamental breach by EU of the WA or to exercise our rights under Art 16 of the NI Protocol or Art 62 VCLT.
Those conditions are not specified in the Bill (which is far broader than Keen's explanation could justify), and there was no evidence that HMG's fears are realistic or that this is a wise negotiating strategy. But intellectually, an improvement on previous defences (a low bar).
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The #InternalMarketBill is a legal, political and geopolitical wrecking ball, that is crashing through the devolution settlement with one swing, the rule of law with another, & the UK’s international reputation as the pendulum takes it through for a final pass.
The main purpose of the Bill is to ensure barriers to trade do not emerge within the UK after it has left the single market and customs union. This is the right thing to do.
I recall Spanish colleagues telling me that the overarching framework of EU law was critical in making Spain’s internal market function properly and the UK is no different. So there is work to be done.
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Every single one of these @Conservatives MPs last night voted

Against their own "Oven Ready Brexit" pledge made to the UK

To break international law they created 9 months ago

To give Johnson/Cummings dictator level powers

I have removed those voted against/no vote recorded
They voted to restore the Direct Rules power to the NI sec which gives him the ability to override NI's MPs and Councils

This will retrigger the troubles

They voted against the will of the people of NI

Who voted over 71.12% for the GFA and 55.78% to remain in the EU
Chris Skidmore

Pauline Latham

Adam Afriyie

Gagan Mohindra

Philip Dunne

Paul Bristow

Peter Aldous

Andrea Leadsom

Elizabeth Truss
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MPs now voting on @UKLabour amendment to reject #internalmarketsbill at second reading because it ‘undermines the EU withdrawal agreement’ and ‘breaches international law’.

This is seriously gripping stuff for UK law, constitution & politics fans.

.@UKLabour amendment to reject #internalmarketsbill at second reading because it ‘undermines the EU withdrawal agreement’ and ‘breaches international law’ DEFEATED.
MPs now voting on #InternalMarketBill at Second Reading.
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A point about the @neill_bob amendment to the #InternalMarketBill.
That amendment essentially stops the offending clauses (the clauses that give the govt power to make regulations that infringe international - and domestic - law) from coming into force until the House of Commons agrees.
That would be better than just passing the clauses outright. But passing the #InternalMarketBill with that amendment would still be a breach of international law.
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In the interests of my mental health, and an acceptance that getting angry over the #InternalMarketBill debate won't help anyone, least of all myself, it's time for another cooking thread. First up the most important thing, booze. We're on mead for now. Image
Got to have some corn on the cob with a BBQ. Best way, and to try and minimise waste through using tin foil, we're cooking it with the husks on. Step one though is soaking it in ice cold water to give it some moisture. ImageImage
Should probably warn that that bottle of mead was new today, so already starting cooking on the back foot so to speak.
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Thread: With the #InternalMarketBill up for debate today it's probably worth looking at why maintaining rather than breaking international law is important if the UK wishes to have any serious place in the international community. 1/
First off it can reasonably argued international law reinforces rather than undermines sovereignty. Even in cases, such as EU, where majority of States make binding decisions individual states have voluntarily agreed to be bound by them, and, as shown by Brexit, can leave them 2/
It's not an easy pitch to make for some people, after all how can you be "sovereign" if bound by laws beyond your own government's ability to amend. Sovereignty does not equal autonomy though. That's kind of crucial to this. 3/
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Full list of Tory/DUP MPs most voted to lower our food standards.

Thereby creating the current fake situation being used a flimsy excuse for the #InternalMarketBill to break the legally binding withdrawal agreement

EU has not threatened a blockade, are simply asking questions
The #InternalMarketBill also breaks legally binding withdrawal agreement on EU state aid rules

And to add comedy

The new not yet signed UK/Japan trade deal has even harsher state aid rules, so the #InternalMarketBill breaks that before its even signed
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Hello! It’s Thursday. Which means it’s time for another #ThursdayThread

Any guesses what it’s about this week?

That’s right, the #InternalMarketBill

If you found it all a bit confusing, you’re in the right place – here’s everything you need in one thread
Want to know what the #InternalMarketBill means for #NorthernIreland?

Our senior fellow @hayward_katy explains in a 2-min video…
For those who prefer things in writing, @hayward_katy also wrote a short piece for @BelTel…
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I want Indy as much as you do, & I want it to be a peaceful, democratic event.
I can't overstate that.
We've only started to show a consistent majority for Yes in polls this year, & the argument that an earlier campaign would have succeeded is false. It would have been a gamble
with no guarantee of success.
Just imagine where we'd be if we lost 2 Refs within 10 years.
I know it's become fashionable to accuse the FM of inaction, & to complain about increasingly fantastic numbers of "wasted mandates," & maybe some folk actually believe that, however,
I've been here watching too, & I remember her saying, on more than one occasion, that her preference would be to go for a 2nd Ref when Yes is at 60%, ie, when Yes is practically nailed on, & that it's up to us to talk, & to convince folk.
I also think a lot of what politicians
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What is #Moonshot ?

Moonshot is a £100bn dead cat distraction

Tory gov is trying to break the international laws they co-created with the EU in the Withdrawal agreement they voted for the 9th on Jan, having used it to win the Dec 19 election, and was ratified on the 24th of Jan
The Withdrawal agreement was a new agreement drawn up by the Johnson government in cooperation with EU late 2019

It is not May's deal

He could not get it through the 17/19 Parliament

Election was held in December

Withdrawal "#OvenReadyBrexit" agreement was his centre piece
Here is Johnson calling it a great deal Nov and Dec 2019

The deal HE co-created

He knew exactly what was in it back in Nov and Dec 2019
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A light read to start your day.
When I woke up this morning, my mind turned immediately (yep, that's how sad I am) to the events of the last few days in Brexit land, and in particular to the publication yesterday of the #InternalMarketBill.
(Part 1)
The beginnings of a Linkedin post formed in my head but when I began to write it, I discovered it was too long for a post, so it became the article below.
(Part 2)
Despite being an article, its (in my view anyway) an easy light read and something to consider as you make your way into work on your morning commute or enjoy a cup of coffee or some breakfast before starting your day.
(Part 3)
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The #InternalMarketBill is not a just alteration to the WA treaty

Read it again carefully !

It takes control of every single UK law every there has been ever

It will make Johnson/Cummings more powerful than any king or queen has ever been

Its total and complete power Image
More reading

This section is mostly to do with Northern Ireland

At the moment!

ERG are screaming & shouting this bill be made even more extreme

This bill if passed makes Northern Ireland Sec the supreme power in NI

This is the total destruction of the GFA we are looking at
Remember this Gov gave its self the power to amend bills with out parliamentary scrutiny.
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Some preliminary thoughts from humble political scientist on #InternalMarketBill. I'll restrict my comments to impact on devolution. In its current form, the Bill suggests a significant recentralisation of power 1/ @CCC_Research @UKandEU
EU exit poses challenges for goods/services trade across UK. But instead of building structures to make governments work together on challenges, #InternalMarketBill all but cuts devolved governments out of process. Even harder now to reach agreement in ongoing IGR review 2/
#InternalMarketBill adds state aid/subsidies to list of reserved powers, where only UK parliament can make laws. Ability of devolved parliaments to pass laws on devolved matters in a way that can make a difference to the societies they serve is also undermined. Why? 3/
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From a swift reading of the #InternalMarketBill it appears Ministers will be taking powers to make up the rules & the law almost at whim the much-lauded oven-ready deal now appears to have been at best half-baked when it was signed with a flourish as an achievement by the PM 1/6
I fear that while there are some necessary provisions in the bill there will be many on the Conservative benches that, like myself, will be unable to support it without radical revision that allows it to comply with the International agreement that we have signed up to. 2/6
Put simply, I will not vote to break the law.

Post – December 31st the UK will be seeking trade deals with nations around the World. One of the arguments to leave the EU was to allow Britain to trade freely with countries around the world. 3/6
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And so the fog clears.

For those unfamiliar with #CPTPP, it's essentially #TPP (which @realDonaldTrump pulled out of in 2016) with all of the bits the US alone had demanded removed:…

Though how the UK expects to satisfy the 11 existing members...
...that it will respect the rules of any international agreement at this point is beyond me.

If the Government won't honour an Agreement it negotiated with its closest neighbours, why on Earth would a bunch of sovereign nations on the other side of the world choose to trust it?
N.B. This isn't just about what some Minister said in the Commons yesterday; check the extraordinary - some might say #extrajudicial - wording of the UK #InternalMarketBill today:

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Forgetting for a moment that the EU itself is a serial breaker of international law (see the recent German Constitutional Court decision) & the fact we haven’t actually seen what the #InternalMarketBill says there are plenty of justifications in the WA /1
Firstly there’s Article 184 of the WA that commits the UK & the EU to negotiate in “good faith” on the future relationship. /2

Over the past year the EU has done anything but negotiate in good faith.

They’ve held things up.

Refused to discuss areas of that could be agreed quickly until they got their way in other areas.

And claim they had a right to an office in #Belfast /3…
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